Only a Child

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Chapter five- Pray for the universe

Son Gohan carefully watched his surroundings as he moved from his meditative position. His eyes then focussed on what was before him as he then watched Shin and Kibito both move into stances where he was instructed to pick out the faults within them. He had to learn that no one had a perfect stance yet they could have a near to perfect one which they could only possess if they were highly skilled and experienced. His lower stomach began growling loudly as he attempted to avoid it, his eyes moved down to it before they quickly returned back to Shin and Kibito.

"Both of you have left your left sides open, Kibito also has left his head vulnerable for a fatal attack," The boy said as he threw his body back up into the air. "They are relatively easy for attackers to find as..."

"Obviously not that easy with how long it took you." Kibito growled whilst Shin smiled and clapped his hands, Gohan stared at the pink guard as he smiled and put his hand behind his head. "At least you got there in the end."

"Exactly" The sovereign Kai responded. "That's the whole point of training him so we can improve how he fights and the way he approaches battle."

"Send me of where?" Gohan asked confused as he scratched his head. "I thought this was my home..."

"And it shall be Son Gohan but we have a job to do to keeping all of the alternate universes in line and you're not ready yet."

"And how long will that take?"

"Well with Kibito if was a couple hundred centuries but with the progress your at, I'm saying about one." The Kai responded as Gohan fell down to the ground in shook. On seeing his reaction, the kai quickly spoke up. "Or it could be less depending on how quickly you can pick things up."


Search for forgiveness


Goku was sitting down at a small table in the capsule corporation building; Bulma placed her hand on his shoulder as he released his tears. Gently his best friend attempted to sooth him however it wasn't working and the man still continued to cry.

"Chi Chi will want you back." Bulma comforted. "Especially if what you're saying about feeling a life form growing inside her is true. You know she needs you and she's only grieving the death of Gohan."

"But it's my fault; I forced him to fight that monster..."

"But Gohan knew what he was doing; he chose to die to save everyone he loves. He fought cell because he is a hero, and he will be save in the other world. Come on Goku, you've died before and you ended up returning."

The f yes as he lifted his head up. "Your right Bulma...maybe he is being like how I was... was this how people felt when I died?"

"Well not exactly" The blue haired beauty laughed. "We all knew you will come back, and I have faith in Gohan, one day he will return and things will go back to normal but for now you need to be there for Chi Chi, she needs you."

"But Bulma she was the one who chucked me out..."

"So what Goku, just go back, show her you care and that you'd be there to support her."


Training of a Kai


Gohan sighed as he sat down on the grass, sweat slithered down his face whilst the supreme kai and Kibito watched from a distance. Carefully he pulled out a few strands of grass, his breathing slowed down with each passing second as the two continued to watch carefully and eagerly. Within a few seconds the boy stood up once again, he went into a defensive pose as the Shin threw a dozen small capsules down onto the ground. Within a few seconds, each capsule opened up and a puff of silver smoke appeared. As the smoke disappeared, twelve bodies emerged and each had different shapes and structures.

"Gohan, you are to destroy each one of these robots. They were created by Kibito here and are based on different species of aliens which in your line of work, you are most likely to go against. They have the strength of the average one of there species but be prepared because this is only their base levels and when we deem it necessary, we will increase there power output so you will have to increase yours."

"Okay." The half saiyan responded as he continued to stay in a defensive position, unaware of when they were going to attack. "I'm not fighting all at once... am I?"

"Of course not." Shin responded with a chuckle. "That would be an unfair advantage on you, only three at a time."

"THREE!" The half saiyan yelped as the first three robots stepped forwards. The first one was rather short and plump, his skin was a pale green and he appeared to have no muscle tone on him. His face was soft and gentle, its eyes were a muddy brown whilst its lips were ruby red. Though the face wasn't crafted carefully, there was a sense of cuteness to this one. The first one defiantly appeared to be the weakest of them all but in the world of fighting, one is taught not to judge a book by its cover.

Fighters can have strength no matter what they looked like, some people naturally looked weak whilst they could be the strongest of their kind. He remembered how Krillin was the perfect example of how to now judge a book by its cover. He sighed as he remembered everyone, what he was doing was for the best but still he couldn't help but ponder how they all were. His thoughts drifted away from them all, he had a challenge and to identify some of the weakness of these robots he had to make a general analysis of their body types.

The second robot didn't look like he would be much of a threat, It held onto a tall and lean body. It's face had a gaunt look to it as it was a dull grey. Only one eye was present which was where the hybrid identified it's weakness. This robot wouldn't be able to have as clear vision however it could have superior hearing which could mean that it could hear each movement the boy made just as he began making the move. The third one was considerably different to the first two. This one was around seven feet eight inches and was of a female design. Though it was female, she appeared more threatening then the first two, her muscles were larger and were more carefully sculpted. Her face would have given him nightmares if he was a young kid. Her mouth was parted and he saw the razor sharp teeth the peachy creature possessed, its hair was wild and bushy and its eyes were read and piercing.

"Remember what you have learnt Gohan." Kibito spat out, a hint of anger and jealousy was within his voice as he snarled at the young boy. "If you pass this test, I will be surprised."

"I won't." Shin added in as he nodded his head three times, Gohan looked towards the Kai as he released a smile which caused him to lower his defence.

"Mistake number one." The third robot said in a cold but high pitched voice, before Gohan had a chance to regain his defence he felt a heavy weight get thrown against him. Knocking him down onto the floor as the first robot began to plough its fists into his stomach. He was startled slightly, the large build of this robot and how heavy it was on him shouldn't have been able to move that fast. He expected a few more seconds before he was attacked.

A few seconds after allowing this robot to pound his stomach, he gathered a small amount of energy from being in the stage of the strongest whilst in the weakest state mode and directed it straight to the heavy lump. The energy was enough to force the first machine back and allowed him to have enough time and move into a defensive stance. This time, both the lean and the female robot launched themselves towards him whilst the large one began to stand up.

This time because he was prepared for the potential attacks, the lean one reached him first as he raised an arm to block the attack. The female one disappeared from in front of him and reappeared behind him, he only had a few seconds to prevent her strike as he slammed his other hand back at full force. This caused the female robot to stumble backwards whilst the lean one continued his attacks. The first machine then ran quickly back towards the fight meanwhile the fierce female threw her body in the air, aiming to do an aerial stroke. The lean one quickly retreated for a few seconds thus allowing the other two to gain the upper hand on the attack and trapping the boy of guard.

Yet Gohan's reflex was quicker, a few seconds before he was able to predict their movements and was able to act a few seconds before they began. Though it was rough guess, his accuracy at it proved to be right as he raised his left arm into the air launching the larger robot into the air. By doing this, the robot in the air collided with the body of the female robot which caused both to come crashing down from the sky with a heavy thud.

A look of anger appeared on the other androids face as it went into attack again, going at it with full force. He continued to dodge each potential blow as he moved back a few inches at a time. It wasn't until he felt a sharp pain in his ribs did he remember the other two and by now it would have been a waste to have defended himself. So he decide to try and turn their triple attack around as he was attacked from all sides including the top. He felt slightly a bit over powered, in his current form he was unable to defeat them properly. Whilst defending his fatal areas he had to think of a way of pushing them of him. The two kais said that as time went, they would uprgraded the robots powers.

'Would it be now?' He thought as he kicked the fierce female away, the other two began to slam their bodies into his more frequently as he continued to try and push then back. 'They defiantly feels stronger then a few minutes ago.'

Meanwhile with Shin and Kibito, they watched the boy fight in amusement. Already he was showing skills and potential whilst being in the weakest level of a saiyan and being in a gravity which has been controlled to be twice that on his home planet. It took the boy a while to notice the enhancement in his enemy's power levels but as they felt him concentrate his energy more freely, they could tell he noticed and wanted to gain the upper hand within the battle.

Then the boy moved fast enough to throw all three of the robots of him, a smile was upon his face as he enjoyed doing it, his felt power running through his veins as his smile turned into a sly one. He returned his body into a fighting stance as he prepared for the three robots to attack him, he watched them carefully as they regained their positions. Now he waited as they continued to do a stare of at each other.

"Be prepared Gohan." Shin yelled out towards the boy who still continued to smile. The supreme Kai turned his head towards Kibito as he changed the tone of his voice. "Another mistake, already he believes he has won and beaten the bots."

Both watched carefully as they watched the three robots charge towards him, knowing that this time the robots were going to attack at a higher power level then the boy. Two of the robots disappeared on the spot as the boy quickly tossed his body around as he counter attacked one of the disappearing robots. Then he felt something slam into his stomach with great strength and speed, he gasped for air as he lowered his head slightly. The third and only female robot attacked from behind before she grabbed onto the half breed saiyan by his hair.

"Are you sure he is the one?" Kibito asked as he scowled down towards the boy who was currently being thrown about. "This boy can't be him."

"Just trust my judgement Kibito, this boy is him yet we just have to let him come out." Shin replied with a huge grin. "The answer to many questions is to come yet we must wait for him to emerge and come out from his shell. Son Gohan is the one and already you can tell yourself that this child has the potential, it's just a matter of time."

"And if your wrong?"

"Then we would have to pray for the universe."


Three years later, Planet Earth


英雄、戦士、息子。 どうか家に帰って来てください

The full blooded saiyan nodded his head as he lowered it, gently he wiped away they tears within his eyes as he looked down at a small tomb stone surrounded by trees by a small river. To his left stood his wife, her face appeared to be aged yet at the same time when the sun beamed down onto her face, a sign of youth re-emerged. Then to his right stood a boy who looked almost the same as the full blooded saiyan, he was still only a toddler yet his hair was identical to Son Goku's. The sound of the birds shimmered whilst the suns beams directed on an even smaller infant. This time it was a little girl who sat on the floor next to her mother. Her hair was thick, black and curly whilst her eyes were the same onyx as her fathers. She appeared to be only a year old as she carefully pulled pieces of grass out of the ground whilst the two adults looked down upset.

"Three years ago today, we lost Gohan as he sacrificed himself for humanity. A hero, warrior and son, please come home and return to your loved ones." Goku said as the tears continued to fall down his face. Chi Chi's hand attached to his and she held on tightly. The two toddlers sat there confused yet knew they had to be silent. "Since last year, we have been blessed with another child who will one day meet you. We just wish that you will return to us but we know you'd be training just encase someone like cell emerges once again and let me tell you my son, on that day I will be happy. Not for the fact the world will be in danger once again but because you will grace us with your presence and I will get to watch a true hero fight. I can watch the boy who exceeded both his father and the Prince of his species."

"To Son Gohan, defender of Earth, humanity's greatest yet unknown saviour."


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