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A Little Dessert

The Dessert

Kagome...was never so unhappy in her life.

"Behind!" hissed Ayame, who Kagome nearly crashed into when she took a step back. Narrowly avoiding the spill of hot food and burning plates, she flashed one last smile at her table before disappearing into the kitchen.

Today was a nightmare.

It had started out that way too. She woke up late and got to her morning job late. Her boss yelled at her and she spilled coffee all over a brand new sweater. She had to wear the damn thing all day – stupid 'no, I don't need a top under this' while she was rushing to get dressed – because of her lack of contingency planning. When she finally made it home, it was a huge sigh of relief. She cooked a small dinner and watched television. Her boss at the morning job had pitied her after nine hours in that damn sweater, so she actually caught a break before heading towardsBarrel's.

Of course, she fell asleep on the couch, woke up to her fire alarm because of the smoking saucepan and then had to calm all of the neighbours on her floor down.

But then she smelled like burnt food. So hungry and losing time fast, Kagome jumped into the shower. By the time she got out, she had ten minutes to be on her way to Barrel's so as to not be late.

She was late.

Her hair was wet.

Now that she was at work, her hair was dry and a massive frizz-ball.

Her makeup? Non-existent as of today.

She looked like crap, she felt like crap, and all Kagome wanted to do was go home and sleep.

"Hands!" Rin's familiar voice yelled in the kitchen, and Kagome went over to help. The younger woman smiled at her slowly, as if she knew something secretive. "You okay there Kaggie?"

"That's a terrible nickname, and I'm fine," Kagome replied, trying really hard not to roll her eyes. "Just a few more hours and I can sleep."

Rin nodded and the two of them headed out to table thirty-six to hand out the dinners. After asking if they wanted fresh ground pepper, the short black-haired girl pulled on Kagome's sleeve and dragged her to a corner of the restaurant. "Are you sure you're okay? I mean, your boy toy hasn't shown up and you've been a bit frazzled since."

Kagome frowned. No she had not. She distinctly remembered noticing her guest's lack of return, but it wasn't bothersome.

Okay, maybe it was a bit disappointing. The guy was attractive, nice and... She'd been thinking. She'd been thinking about Shippo's words, the fact that they were true and that maybe it wouldn't hurt to actually date again. Of course, then he never came back. It had been three weeks already. Normally by this time, she'd see him at least three or four times.

Realizing that Rin was still waiting for an answer, Kagome plastered on a smile and nodded. "I'm okay Rin, really I am. And it's not because of Inuyasha, I promise. He was just a recurring guest."

Rin looked at her funny before nodding slowly. "Right, a recurring guest. That's what they call it these days, huh?"

And really? Kagome was just too tired to argue.

"Kagome, there you are!" Ayumi said, rushing up to her with big eyes. "Your table – six – just spilled coffee everywhere. I dealt with most of it but you probably want to talk to them."

"Fuck my life," Kagome moaned, slapping her hand on her face. Why couldn't today just be a simple, easy night? It was Sunday night, that's why.

Sundays at Barrel's Steakhouse and Bar were the sketchiest by far. The restaurant could be as dead as a grave or busier than most Fridays. It was the variable that managers hated to deal with and servers hated to work. Currently, this Sunday was a busy one.

Hurrying over to the table, she saw the two guys and one girl looking rather sheepish when she arrived.

"Hey, is everything okay? Are you hurt?" Kagome asked, eyeing the balls of linen napkins and dripping glasses.

The girl shook her head. "No, the coffee went to the side luckily. I was just wondering if I could get another."

"Absolutely," Kagome replied, already grabbing the napkins and finished plates and glasses. When the table was mostly clear, she smiled and then cleaned up in the back. She placed the order in the machine and then went to work at pouring it.

Last time she saw Inuyasha, he had ordered a last minute coffee. It was probably because of the overwhelming amount of alcohol she had given him that night, and coffee seemed to be a universal cure-all for virtually everything. He had smiled at her when she gave it to him. Kagome wondered if the girl would smile if she gave it to her.

Grabbing a wet dishcloth from the back and with the coffee in a tray on her other hand, Kagome exited the kitchen and headed towards her table.

"You can't get me!"

Kagome's eyes widened. Those were never good words to hear at a restaurant while holding a tray of steaming liquid. It meant that children were around and on the loose. She tried to watch and pay more attention, but all of a sudden a small kid burst out from under an empty table and landed right in her path. So as not to crush him, she spun around sharply and hit the wall, the tray smashing into it and falling all over her.

"Fuck!" Kagome screamed, dropping the tray and ripping the dress shirt off of her body. Thank goodness she had been smarter than this morning and wore a top underneath. Suddenly a rush of bodies were around her – the parents of the children, one of the guys from the table she was bringing the burning coffee to and...

Fucking hell.

"Let me see." The words were quick and efficient and Kagome didn't even process before she realized Inuyasha – he was back – already had his hands on her stomach. A call from Ayumi was behind her, something mumbled about getting Kaede.

The coffee burned like a son of a bitch, so hot she wanted to curl up if she was positive it wouldn't make it hurt more. She was pretty sure it would hurt more.

"Are you okay?" an older man asked, his hands protectively around the little boy – brat – that made her spill the burning liquid all over herself in the first place.

Kagome opened her mouth to speak, but found that a deep, male and clearly pissed as fuck voice was already talking.

"What the hell do you think?" Inuyasha snapped, glaring at the man. "Maybe if you watched your kids at a restaurant that clearly isn't meant for them to run around in, this wouldn't have happened."

"That's enough," Kagome hissed, ignoring the flash of pain in her stomach when it clenched. "Sir, I'm fine, really."

Inuyasha scoffed. "Yeah, that's why you're going to blister on your chest where you only had one layer of clothing, damn wench."

"Excuse me?" Kagome's mouth probably dropped to the floor.

"What is going on here?" Kaede firmly interrupted, stepping between the concerned parents and Kagome. Inuyasha was awkwardly pushed aside, hands draping across her midsection as he backed off.

"Kaede, it's fine. I just need to be checked on," Kagome murmured, flinching when Inuyasha's hands touched a particularly painful spot. "I didn't want to hit the kid so I spun and the coffee spilled all over me." With the wet cloth she had in her hand before cleaning the mess, she dabbed at her chest. She was definitely going to be red.

"We're very sorry," the mother gushed, looking worriedly over at the waitress.

"Kagome, go to the back with Ayumi and get fixed up. I'll handle this," Kaede said, opening her arms to push the family back to their table. "Ayumi, can you make sure that Rin picks up her tables for the moment until I figure things out?"

Ayumi nodded, touching Kagome's arm lightly and tugging her back into the kitchen.

"Kagome," Inuyasha said, stepping forward with big brown eyes. "Let me help."

This was just too weird. "Uh, I'm not sure you can be back there," she said, frowning. "Look, I'll come find you, okay? Uh, yeah."

So maybe she was a bit dizzy right now. That had to be the reason she said that. Otherwise, why the hell would she come find him? She had been burned for fuck's sake.

The kitchen was busy with life, but Ayame stopped immediately the moment she saw Kagome covered in coffee. "Oh my god, are you okay?" the red-head asked, green eyes wide in horror. "You're burned."

"It's fine," Kagome replied, lightly pulling at the white tank top she was still wearing.

Ayame had none of it, following both Ayumi and Kagome to the back where the medical kit was. Ayumi wet a cloth with cool water, soaking it for a bit before lightly dabbing at her red skin. The burn didn't look that bad, but it certainly wasn't a small area. It covered most of her chest and small spots on her stomach that were mostly saved by her top.

"Can you bandage her up?" Ayumi asked suddenly, spotting Rin walking into the kitchen. "I need to tell her to pick up Kagome's tables."

Ayame nodded, removing the gauze from the kit and spreading it out to match the size. "What happened?"

"Some kid ran in my way and I was going to trip on them. So I spun around and managed to spill the coffee all over me," Kagome sighed, rubbing her face with the palm of her hand. "To make things worse Inuyasha's here and he snapped at the parents."

Looking up sharply, Ayame grinned. "He's back?"

"This is not the time to be thinking about my love life," Kagome pointed out.

"Or your lack of one," the red-head fired back, shaking her head lightly as she placed the gauze bandage over the red burn. Getting the tape, she gently attached it to her skin and patted it down for good measure. "Are you okay now? I have some ibuprofen if you'd like."

"I'd love some," Kagome replied. "What about your tables?"

"All of them have already got their entrées. I'll check on them in a minute, it's no big deal," Ayame said, smiling. "You're probably not going to work the rest of the night, you know."

Kagome nodded, figuring that the moment Kaede was free, she'd release Kagome from her duties. At least she could go home now and sleep like she planned on.

After you see Inuyasha, she thought.

"Here you go," Ayame said, snapping Kagome out of her thoughts as she placed the pills in her hand. "Just take it easy, alright?"

"Yes mom," Kagome joked, rolling her eyes and swallowing the ibuprofen. "I'll text you later."

The moment Ayame walked away, Kaede and Rin entered the kitchen, zeroing in on her. "Go home," Kaede ordered, giving her a stern look. "I've got all your tables covered and talked to them all. You're free to leave."

"Thanks Kaede," Kagome sighed, smiling a bit. "Will you punch me out?"

When the manager nodded, Kagome went into the back room and changed into a light sweater and jeans, groaning when she realized she had yet again no top to go underneath the sweater. With her bag and purse in hand, Kagome waved at a few of her co-workers, set at heading to Inuyasha's table.

When she got there, he was already gone.

It was a strange feeling, disappointment. She didn't particularly like it.

Don't be stupid, Kagome chided herself. Go sleep it off to a bad day.

"Kaggie?" Rin interrupted, stepping close into her space and grinning. "Table fifty-two."

Frowning, Kagome watched at the short black-haired girl walked away. Was Inuyasha at a different table? Why?

Probably for threatening to kill the customers. It seemed more than likely.

Table fifty-two was one of the more secluded booths in the restaurant. It was tucked in the very back and was used rarely because the air vents were strange in the area and it was always too cold or too hot. At first she was sure it was too cold, she could practically feel the difference the moments she climbed the two steps.

Of course, then Kagome saw him smirking at her and it was quite amazingly hot.

"What the hell are you doing back here?" Kagome asked, frowning and stepped towards the plush booth.

Inuyasha's smirked widened, flashing a bit of pearly white teeth. "Isn't the bad language for a server?"

"I'm not working," Kagome responded immediately, looking around nonetheless in case anyone heard her. "Seriously, why did you move here?"

The black-haired man shrugged, picking up a spoon and dipping it into the brownie-chocolate ice cream dessert. "Well since you're off work but I wanted to talk to you, your manager moved me so we could chat and it wouldn't look like you got off work solely to be with me."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I got off work because I was burned, you idiot."

Holding up his hands defensively, the man continued to smirk. "I don't make up the rules, your manager does. She's quite the stern thing I'll admit but man, she's wicked at getting shit done."

"I'll tell her that," Kagome said dryly. "Is that all you're having tonight – dessert?"

Inuyasha nodded, wrapping his lips around the spoon and eating the chocolate ice cream. "Here, I've got two spoons. Finish it with me."

He was inviting her to eat with him. That was like...a quasi-date like thing, right? He had to like her if he was inviting her to eat his dessert with him. Or was it pity because she just got burned because of uncontrollable kids?

No. Shippo said he probably liked her and he was guy, so he would know.


"I should probably get home," Kagome said weakly, watching the expression on his face. This wasn't a test; she wasn't trying to prove anything. If she was smart, she would head home.

Inuyasha had none of it, merely pointing the spoon at her and then the seat. "Sit down Kagome and eat the damn thing."

"You're bossy," Kagome huffed, placing her bags on the inside of the booth before grabbing the second spoon.

Inuyasha just chuckled. "No, I'm fucking awesome."

"When am I going to get cut?" Kagome whined, throwing herself on the host stand and flailing around dramatically. It was Monday. Monday's sucked. She was third last on the list of workers and their other manager – Totosai – had yet to release her from this place. She had zero tables. No one was coming in. There was an hour left.

Really, she should be cut so she could go home.

"I don't know," Yuka replied, grinning. "But to pass the time you can tell me all about your date last night."

Kagome smacked her head against the host stand. "It wasn't a date. We were just having dessert because he bought it and I was...hungry."

Yuka cackled. "Yeah right. It's obvious he likes you and you seem to have a little thing for him yourself."

"This is why I don't come up here," Kagome mumbled, keeping her head buried in her resting arms. "Honestly, nothing happened. We talked, we ate and we parted ways in the parking lot."

Kagome could practically hear the smile in Yuka's voice. "Did you get a goodnight kiss?"


"Did you want a goodnight kiss?"

"We're not discussing this."

"So that's a yes then." Yuka giggled then. Kagome wanted to strangle her.

Okay, so last night had been fun. It was probably the most fun she'd had in a long time. With two jobs, she never had time to hang out. That and between her best friend's wedding, things were nearly impossible. If she wasn't sleeping, she was working. If she wasn't working, she was wedding planning.

So eating dessert with a hunky customer that smirked instead of smiled and had these gorgeous deep brown eyes? It wasn't a hardship. It was amazing.

They had nothing really in common, so more often than not their conversations were heated or entertaining. He told her stories about his co-workers and the insanity that came with designing buildings. In return, she went on about outrageous customers and server horror stories. She didn't want the night to end. But when the restaurant was closing and she was starting to yawn, Inuyasha paid for dessert and said goodnight.

That was it.

"So did he ask you out for an actual date?" the hostess went on, obviously not deterred by Kagome's buried face and grumbled responses.


Yuka hesitated for a moment. "Huh. I wonder what that's about."

"I'll tell you what it's about," Kagome said, lifting her face only slightly to be heard. "It's about nothing. The guy just likes the dessert, or the food, or whatever. He brought a chick in every week – and yeah, his taste in women is terrible – but he's not interested. And yes, I'm sort of maybe interested but at least I can blame that on being so busy that it would be nice to get out once and a while!"

"Well, in my defence I didn't get to choose who I went out with," a deep masculine voice reasoned.

Kagome wanted to die. Snapping her head up, brown eyes wide in absolute horror, she then promptly glared at the hostess who was trying to hold back a giggle. "Inuyasha, what are you doing here?"

Inuyasha raised a brow. "Getting food?"

"You were here yesterday." Kagome was more than just a little surprised. And shocked. And elated. He's here.

The dark-haired man looked around the front entrance, examining the walls before looking right back at her. "Is there like, a quota as to how many times I can come?"

Yuka rolled her eyes. "Yeah Kagome, it's a free country. Would you like a table in the dining room or the bar?"

"Dining room, please," Inuyasha replied, smirking mischievously. "Kagome's section."

Kagome whined. "But I'm leaving soon."

"You're not working?" Inuyasha asked, tilting his head slightly. He looked pretty damn adorable doing that. Kagome mentally cursed him.

"No but–" There was no point in explaining to him how working at a restaurant worked, not many people got it. "Come on, I'll show you in myself," Kagome said, wanting so desperately to sigh out loud. She was glad he was back. She was actually really glad, but she wanted to sleep and she wanted time to think about things. Her last boyfriend had been almost a year ago and while things ended mutually, it was still a bit of a blow.

Kagome didn't want that with Inuyasha. "So why are you here so late? And how the hell do you know when I work? Do you just show up and see if I'm here before you ask for a table?"

Inuyasha chuckled, shaking his head. "First off, work was a bitch and I just wanted some coffee and pie. Secondly: no. I paid the bartender to text me your schedule."

The bartender... Hojo? "You didn't," Kagome hissed, unable to process the fact that Hojo – sweet, kind Hojo – was subject to bribery and he gave Inuyasha her schedule on a weekly basis?

She was going to murder him after thanking him.

Inuyasha nodded sadly. "Remember the day of the party, before all of the others arrived? You came to talk to me. Well, the bartender Hobo came and started a conversation with me."

"I think you mean Hojo," Kagome corrected, still trying to process the whole story.

"Hobo, Hojo – same shit, different pile. Anyways, he casually attempted to ask of my intentions and then lightly implied that you were...available?"

Pointing to a booth in her section, eyes closed and teeth clenched together, Kagome slammed the menu down on the table. "He pimped me out?" she hissed, desperately wanting to scream at the top of her lungs so that Hojo could hear and then FEAR for his life.

Inuyasha winced. "Uh, no? I kind of asked."

That didn't really make it any better. "You asked?" Kagome deadpanned. "Right. You with all those women coming in on your arm. I'm sure you asked."

For a long while, Inuyasha just stared at her with those dark eyes, until he burst out laughing. "Are you serious? Okay, well the first one was my girlfriend – kind of. Why don't you...sit?"

Kagome looked around the dining room. Her section was fairly isolated from the rest and there was no one in the area to see them. Shrugging and somewhat praying her manager wouldn't see, Kagome sat down on the other side and listened.

"Kikyo was the first woman I brought in and we dated for years," Inuyasha started, shrugging. "It technically ended three years ago. It was a series of misunderstandings... It doesn't matter. We broke things off, neither of us really happy but we couldn't move forward."

Nodding her head and feeling something weird settle in her stomach, Kagome wished for a brief moment that she hadn't been the server taking care of them that night. It was only reinforced when he continued.

"We had been together for so long it was hard to know what was apart. We just kept...coming back together," Inuyasha explained, wincing slightly. "We had the same friends, same social networks. It was hard to go a day without hearing something about the other. We tried...a million times to make it work again. Every time something would break it up – on her part and mine." Inuyasha sighed, rolling his eyes. "When you served us that first night, it was both of our faults. Kikyo had been seeing this other man – I knew about him, didn't want to really believe it. But it wasn't like I was all that faithful either. I didn't touch, like she did but I wasn't exactly..." He broke off, wincing.

"You took to the looking part," Kagome finished, putting her head in her hand. "Interesting, although that really gives mixed signals. I mean you were together for years, which is exclusive dedication and then after you were all...not dedicated?"

"We couldn't move forward," Inuyasha reiterated, like he'd said it a thousand times. "I don't cheat, I wouldn't–" Turning his wide eyes to her, he cleared his throat. "Um, can I have a coffee please?"

"Milk or cream?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha smirked. "What do you prefer?"


Laughing, he shook his head. "I definitely want cream."

"Did you want the pie too?" she asked, keeping her eyes down on the dark wooded table. When Inuyasha just shook his head, she nodded. Kagome got out of the booth, having strange mixed feelings about the whole thing. It made sense – his story made perfect sense. She knew a lot of people that did the same thing.

The problem was that she didn't want that to be her. Inuyasha told her – and she believed him – that he was the faithful kind. She just didn't know him well enough yet to figure out if he was really telling the truth.

The kitchen was quiet. Most of the servers were gone, already finished with their tables. There was only two cooks on duty and a salad boy, all of whom were yelling about some type of band. Rolling her eyes and pouring the coffee, she grabbed the porcelain dish with all of the sugars and then a couple things of cream before heading back out.

She nearly ran into her manager. Totosai was an older gentleman, with greying hair and a long beard. His eyes were kind but rather large, taking up most of his face and always making her feel rather small. Her manager smiled a bit, pointing a finger at her. "You're cut, so when your tables are finished you can punch out and leave."

"Thanks Totosai," she answered, smiling at him before turning to punch in the order and heading back to Inuyasha's table.

The man was leaning in the booth, eyes closed and an expression of pure relaxation on his face. Kagome slid the plate with the coffee on it before sitting down across from him. "So what about the other women?"

Cracking one eye open, Inuyasha sniffed the air before looking lovingly at his coffee. "My mother," he said offhandedly, big hands engulfing the cup. "She started freaking out a while ago and when she heard that Kikyo and I were finally done, she set me up with Nazuna. When that clearly didn't work out – not that I wanted it to since I would rather not even go near her – she tried to get me with Yura. I purposely pissed off Yura though."

Kagome frowned. "Your mom made you? How old are you?"

"Shut up," Inuyasha shot back, eyes flickering gleefully. "She just wants me to be happy."

Nodding, Kagome started to stand up, frowning the moment she felt a warm hand wrap around her wrist.

"Where the hell are you going?" Inuyasha asked, raising a brow.

"To do my job?"

"The restaurant is dead," Inuyasha pointed out.

He was right, obviously. It was nearly eleven now and only the strange people came in that late on a Monday. Glancing at Inuyasha, she sighed. "Why do you always come here? And for my section no less?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "There has to be a reason?"

"If there's no reason," Kagome started, feeling the tips of her mouth twitch up, "then it's probably stalking, in which case I'm calling the police."

"Okay, so there's a reason," Inuyasha finally said, taking another gulp of coffee before he could say more. Kagome just waited patiently. The man stared at her questioningly before tapping on the table. "Can I have the bill?"

Kagome balked, blinking. "Wait, what?"

"Can I have the bill?" Inuyasha repeated, a lot slower than last time.

Wasn't he supposed to be telling her a reason? Standing up, somewhat unsure, Kagome watched him even as she went back to the kitchen to get his bill.

When she returned, Inuyasha was gone. On the table was a smooth, pristine looking twenty-dollar bill with a happy face on it. While she couldn't imagine him actually drawing that, she really didn't think it was a coincidence.

Dear lord, maybe he was just a stalker.

Kagome shrugged, picking up the money. It was an eighty percent tip. She should be happy.

She really, really wasn't.

The next day, Kagome looked for him. She actually stayed and ate at the bar after, just in case he came in. Hojo looked at her funny and she desperately wanted to kill him but couldn't find the urge. She was too internally conflicted and the food that normally tasting so incredibly awesome was dry and bland.

She had the next day off, but on Thursday Kagome was so busy she didn't even realize Inuyasha didn't show up until she was driving away back to her house. She blasted the music after that, trying to drown out her thoughts.

The weekend was no better. Customers filed in as their menu included a brand new special, and pretty soon Kagome was so busy she didn't have time to think, never mind dwell on the fact that a certain hot, black-haired customer wasn't showing up.

The following Tuesday when she worked again, Kagome didn't bother looking.

Wednesday and Thursday she was too pissed off to actually care. What kind of guy said shit like that, loaded his whole ex-past on a girl and then leave? And the money, what was with that? At first it was generous. Then she thought it was a messed up way to catch her attention. Now, it looked a hell of a lot like pity money. Or some kind of money that wasn't good. Kagome had yet to make up her mind.

The week after, she just didn't give a shit.

That was probably why on the Monday exactly three weeks later she nearly tossed another table's dinner when she saw him sitting in her section. Dropping off the food and rushing through the pleasantries, Kagome practically jogged back to her section.

Yes, he was still there.

Looking right at her and smirking.

Damn him.

Gathering her wits about her and attempting to fuel all of her anger, she approached the table cautiously. "I'm sorry but I'm already cut. I can't get anymore tables, no matter what kind of crap you try to pull. I'm a free woman." Okay, so she could've done without the last part. Kagome still managed to glare at him though.

Inuyasha nodded. "Oh I know. You're not serving me – that red-headed guy is. I can't remember his name."

"Shippo?" Kagome asked, practically spewing fire. "Why?"

The dark-haired man looked up innocently at her. "Well you're not working."

"Oh screw it. You're just a pain in the ass anyways with the pity money and the–"

"Have dessert with me."

Kagome's rant halted rather instantly, her brown eyes looking down into his. "Pardon?" Not intelligent, but she currently wasn't going for that.

"Have dessert with me," Inuyasha said again, reaching out for a bit before pulling his hand back. "Please, let me make it up to you."

No. Say no and laugh. Point at him or something. Throw his money back in his face – wait no, keep that shit. You need to live. Say no. Say NO.

"Why not?"


Inuyasha smiled. It wasn't even a partial smirk or an attempt at something non-genuine. The man was actually smiling, rather brilliantly.

Kagome knew she was screwed. "I just...I have one more table but they're just paying the bill. When they leave I can join you."

"I'll wait, don't worry," Inuyasha said, talking like she actually would worry.

Kagome chose to take the high road and not mention his little escapade last time; rather she turned around purposefully and went to check on the other table. They had paid, left a twenty percent tip and Kagome soon found herself changing into normal clothes, getting ready to sit with Inuyasha.

"What are you doing?" Kagome hissed at herself, looking at the pale face in the mirror. "You're an idiot." She was an idiot. A total unbelievable idiot.

Taking a deep breath, Kagome snuck around the restaurant. She peeked around a half-wall that would give her a good view of the back of Inuyasha's head. He was still there.

That was a good sign, surely.

From the other side of the room, Shippo was smiling at her, holding up two big thumbs up. Go, he mouthed and Kagome smiled slightly.

Sometimes you just had to take a chance, right?

"I'm half-surprised you're still here," Kagome commented lightly, setting her bag down and perusing through the menu as if she didn't know it. She knew absolutely everything about it, but she didn't want to look at him, not yet.

Inuyasha cleared his throat, scrunching up his face. "Your question startled me," he explained, reaching out to tap on the back of her hand when she still didn't look at him. "I mean I knew I was coming to see you, and only you, but I never really thought about the why."

"Stalker," Kagome announced in singsong, smiling slightly.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Look I'm not–"

"Hello you two," Shippo said loudly, bursting in and leaning rather precariously against Kagome's side of the both. "How are you doing this evening?"

Kagome grinned, poking him in the side. "I want ice cream dammit, so hurry up."

Quickly ordering what they each wanted, Inuyasha waited patiently for the red-head to disappear before continuing. " know."

"No, sadly, I don't," Kagome replied dryly. "You talk a fair bit, but it's a lot of words and not a lot of meaning."

Inuyasha sighed. "Do you want me to finish?"

"Please," Kagome invited, gesturing between them.

Hesitating for only a moment, the man went on. "I like you. You're interesting to me – in a good way dammit. I mean, I want to actually talk to you not in a restaurant. Get to know you and all that shit."

"All that shit, huh?" Kagome asked, laughing. "You're so romantic."

"I'm really not."

"I couldn't tell."

"What, are you looking for fucking Casanova or something?" Inuyasha asked, raising a brow.

Kagome laughed, shaking her head. "You never cease to throw me for a loop. Honestly, you're here and then you're not here for weeks. When you are here I can't tell if you're flirting or friendly."

"Flirting," Inuyasha clarified, wincing. "I never really liked that much. I'm kind of new at it again."

Taking in a deep breath, Kagome figured it was now or never. "I'd like to go out with you, to a place other than this," she said quietly, watching his face for a reaction.

"Then let's go," he said, standing up rather abruptly and grinning. He reached out for her, hand extended and just waiting for her to grab.

Kagome stared at it for a moment before taking it, narrowing her eyes questioningly. "We'll miss our dessert."

Pulling her up, Inuyasha shrugged. "I guess it depends on what you define as 'dessert'," he replied, grin changing to a smirk while his eyes dropped to her lips. "Shall we?"

Kagome didn't really answer him, it was more of a noise or whimper than anything, but soon his warm lips were gently pressing against hers, pulling away far too soon.

"Then come on," he murmured, tugging on her hand.

Fleeing Barrel's Steakhouse and Bar, Kagome giggled as she ran outside into the dark night. For once, she was happy to be out, happy to be doing something other than all work and no play.

She'd text Shippo later that she'd pay the bill. He knew she was good for it.

With Inuyasha's fingers intertwined with hers, she smiled. Yeah, she was really good.

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