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Chapter 1

"Thank you Los Angeles! we are NLTR and we hope you had a great night!" Four young boys shout out to the crowd, bowing and waving a last goodbye before they rush towards the back exit for post concert interviews.

The screams of the fans and multiple 'I love you' and 'Marry me's' could be heard from the large crowd that had gathered at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. A young woman around 24, gorgeous with light brown eyes and long brown hair watched everything from her hiding spot within the V.I.P section.

"Ms. Swan this way please" She nodded following the big black security guy walking down a few deserted corridors, turning right; then left until they reached the back exit where Kelly her assistant was waiting.

"You ready for this?" She smiled at her

"As ready as I'll ever be" Kelly nodded giving the young women a few seconds to ready herself, watching her straighten her clothes while she took a few deep breaths. Once she was satisfied with her appearance Kelly gave the young woman a reassuring nod before opening the back door and walking out; instantly being blinded by the overwhelming bright flashing lights outside.

Bella glanced at Edward one more time as he manoeuvred the car and parked it in on the driveway. The months without him still fresh in her mind, they were probably more inseparable than before, but the feeling that he would just disappear at any moment was stuck in the back of her mind.

She had forgiven him a long time ago for leaving but living those months without him was the most horrible and dreadful feeling in the world and the last thing she wanted was to ever feel that way again. She knew Charlie was worried about her sanity, especially now after she recently ran away to Italy without a word to help the boy that claimed to love her for eternity but ended up completely abandoning his daughter; this only intensifying his dislike for Edward and to make things worse her sister was coming to visit.

She was not looking forward to her visit let alone spending time with her, Bella had a feeling her dad was behind her sister's visit; he always did wish she was a little more like her.

It wouldn't be so bad if they actually got on but being in a not so perfect world, they never had a tight relationship; in fact they where complete opposites. For one thing Aria was 7 years older than her, outgoing, talented and smart finishing University a year ahead of everybody in her class. She was everything Bella was not...but this wasn't the thing that was troubling her the most, what was troubling her was that she still needed to find a way to tell Edward she even had a sister and that she was coming to live in forks for a while.

"You okay?" Snapping out her thoughts Bella turned to find that Edward had already opened the car's door and was waiting for her to step out.

"Yeah, yeah sure. Just thinking" She replied climbing out of the passenger side.

He nodded closing the car door behind her, before following closely as she hurried up the garden footpath to open the house door, almost dodging the subject that he could tell she was hiding from him. Emmett and Alice were sitting on the couch watching some TV.

"Hey guys… what are we watching?" Bella asked.

"You want some food?" Startled she looked over at Edward before shaking her head in a silent 'no' "Water? Coke?"

"No, Edward I'm fine" She answered, giving him a smile.

"Yes Edward she's fine." Alice interrupted slightly mocking the couple; Edward frowned at his sister but sat down next to Bella. Bella patted his knee in reassurance giving him a shy smile; ever since he got back he's been overprotective and over attentive if that's even a word and he was in a way getting on everybody nerves.

"Oh...and we're watching E!"

Bella smirked; it was funny that being vampires and living hundreds of years, Alice and Emmett still loved to be on top of what the big celebrities were up to.

"We're here outside LA Staples Center where NLTR the newest pop band sensation just finished giving their last concert for their 2010 world tour. Now as we know the pop band will be taking a small break to record their second album- wait… the back door just opened..."

"Who's NLTR again?" Bella asked receiving an agitated sigh from Alice who then proceeded to roll her eyes at her friend's obvious neglect of Celebrity detail.

"Bella! Not like the Rest...the newest pop band sensation. Honestly Bella you need to watch TV more often, what do you and Edward do all those times you're in the house!" Alice asked sarcastically.

"Are you sure you want the answer to that question?" Emmet smirked glancing from Bella to Edward. Alice huffed punching Emmet's arm.

This wasn't the first time Bella had heard such a remark, not the innuendo Emmet just threw at them but her lack of any type of social life. Honestly all she needed was Edward and after his sudden disappearance it just felt that he could be gone anytime, it seemed as if the best way to calm herself of that insecurity was to spend as much time with him as possible.

"Oh right...sorry" She answered Ignoring Emmet's mocking.

"Oh my god… its songwriter and musical sensation Aria, let's see if we can ask her some questions."

"ARIA!" Startled Bella focused her attention on the TV; all she could think about was 'NLTR is Aria's project?' Edward seemed to sense her change from awkward to alarmed and focus his attention on the TV also…

As soon as the young women stepped out she was blinded by flash after flash. The big security guy rushed in front to keep reporters behind the red line and most likely to give the young women a bit of a personal space. She could see the band farther down the line signing some autographs and posing for pictures.

Aria... Aria... ARIA...Her name was being shouted and screamed from every direction but she stood and smiled despite the ongoing fight to get her attention. Kelly stepped up picking what network would be the first to ask a question, pointing to a guy from one random network.

"Aria, what do you think of the guys performance?"

"I think they were great, as always they have a lot of talent, each one with their unique style that just makes NLTR what it is."

"What can we expect for the second album?"

"You know, we just got the green light for that. I'm flying later today to a studio we had set in this amazing small town and we'll see what comes up. I can definitely say we're going for a brand new sound without losing what NLTR is."

She smiled and posed for a few pictures while waiting for the next question. Aria couldn't help but frown when she saw Kelly pointing to a girl holding the E! mic. She loved the E! Crew, she really did they were always nice and kind, and while there's no better promotions than that of the E!. The interview itself was always a double sword, on one hand great promotion, on the other they do then to dig a bit deeper and you gotta know how to dodge their personal and deeper questions or your screw.

"Aria, so putting together a hit sensation pop band, a new album on the works, world famous song writer, world tour...what's next?"

"Geez… when you put it like that, what can be next?" She smiled, earning a few laughs from the other reporters, "No seriously it's been great, I'm writing a few songs for um some big artist, of course I have the NLTR album to work on and maybe a movie soundtrack which I'm not allowed at this time to comment on until the deal comes through, but I'm really looking forward to it"

Aria posed for a few more pictures, said a few thank you's before slowly starting to make her way out of the mass of reporters and towards the company car.

"So then, why move to a small town to record the second album, when you have all this" She froze in mid step…double sword remember? That was definitely a question that without doubt she didn't want to be asked.

"Is not about what I can have, I grew up in a small town. And with all of these projects on the way I just need to take a little break from the city and really concentrate on my work. I happen to find that small towns work perfect for me"

"Care to share the name of the town?"

Kelly stepped up with a no comment and proceeded to thank everybody for their time, while Aria made a quick escape into the escalator waiting for her at the end of the line.

"There you have it folks, all you small town folks watch out you might get a surprise neighbourhood visit by the musical sensation Alexandria Aria Swan"

"I always think it's weird that her last name is Swan, you're not related to her are you Bella?" Bella grimaced at Emmett question; this was as good as any moment to spill the truth about her sister.

"Actually she's my sister" Bella murmured.

"What!" Alice exclaimed looking round at her.

"Bella dear you never told us you had a sister" Esme's sudden voice startled her causing her to turn rapidly to find Esme and Carlisle at the front door before making their way towards the couch "Well she's older than me, we're not that close"

"Is she now? Always a fan of her more classical music, well we hope we get to meet her someday" Carlisle smiled, patting Bella's shoulder gently.

"Oh... Um actually she's coming to visit for a while….um starting tomorrow"

As soon as the concert and interview were over, Aria rushed home to pack her bags and head towards the airport for her three hour flight.

She couldn't help but think back to the half-lie she told the paparazzi. Honestly small towns did work for her; she just didn't want or expect to ever be going back to 'Forks' anytime soon. But a night call from her father months ago was the decisive point.

It was no mystery that Bella, her little sister had a boyfriend. Her dad first thought that the guy was great, then it turned into "She won't separate from that boyfriend of hers" but her Mom thought it was normal being her first crush and all that.

Months later it turned into 'Bella won't go anywhere without Edward...', then soon enough she got a night call with her very distressed dad saying Bella had run back to her mom's, followed by a call hours later from both parents saying Bella had an accident and that she was at the hospital and oh by the way that Edward guy was there and she now was going back to Forks...

Aria had always found that weird. Bella was supposed to be in Phoenix and Edward back in Forks and in the span of less than a day that Edward guy was in Phoenix and Bella in a hospital supposedly because she fell from the stairs.

Bella was clumsy, but Aria just knew there was something weird about the whole accident. She even thought maybe the Edward guy was being abusive; she was even more surprised that with her dad being a sheriff and all thought nothing of it, so she let that allegation slide.

But little Bella's story doesn't end there; A few months later it was 'Bella and Edward broke up', everybody thought it was for the best, and then the daily night calls came. "Bella is in a great depression, she barely comes out of her room, she won't talk or hang out with her friends, she barely eats and screams like a banshee every night".

Her dad asked her to fly to forks and lend him a hand, even sort of talk some sense to her sister, and as much as Aria wanted to help her dad, at the time she was tied up with work. However she promised that if it didn't get better in the next couple of months, she'll drop everything and fly down to Forks.

By the fourth month the nightly calls ended to be replaced by just by one "Edward and Bella are back together". That call was supposed to be all is good, an indication to finally forget about the nightly calls from her dad.

As much as she loved her dad, she couldn't help but feel frustrated with the whole ordeal. Not only was she was miles away, so what could she possible do, but she also was getting frustrated with her sister's bratty behaviour especially towards their dad. But Aria knew it was her father's way to let everything he was thinking and feeling out.

And then when her dad explained that Edward was back and Bella took him with open arms, she just knew there was something seriously wrong with her sister. Her Dad thought Bella was being overly obsessive and clingy with her relationship to Edward and she promised that as soon as the world tour was over she'll be visiting forks for a while. More like working and visiting, of course that's not a story you tell the press...

So here she was on a three our plane to forks, to spend a couple of months and figure out the weird depression, obsessive, lack of self-respect, clingy behaviour her sister was projecting.

"Thank you for flying with us, have a nice day" Aria smiled to the flight attendant and stepped out of the plane. She could already feel the changes from the big city to forks, there were no fancy retractable gate tunnels and instead you had to walk from the plane to the terminal. No big round, hot sun weather but rather a cloudy about to rain weather that would sure make for great inspirational songs.

Despite it all Aria loved it.

"Alexandria!" there was only one person who called her by her full name without making it sound like she was being scowled, she turned around searching for source of the voice, beaming as she saw her dad waving at her in the waiting area.

As soon as she got in front of him, she dropped her bags and embraced her dad "It's so good to see you!"

Charlie smiled, embracing her even harder. He couldn't help but remember the first time he picked Bella up from the airport and all he got was a silent 'hey' and an awkward hug, then again Aria was always more outgoing. He had to stop doing that...comparing them, he loved them both equally. With everything going on it just felt like Bella didn't really want to be living with him anymore, the only thing still keeping her in forks was Edward. Ironic, how that was the only thing he could thank the boy for, keeping his little girl in forks.

"Let me look at you" Aria smiled, her father arms still holding hers lightly as she stood still, letting him do his little inspection.

"Well? Do I look older? Weird? You did get the picture I sent you last summer right?" She said with a little laugh.

"You Look great honey, don't care if you're a big hot shot now, you're still my little Alexandria" She smiled at his response, any other time she would have counterattacked; telling him that she was not a little girl anymore but she knew he needed some reassurance that he was not losing both of his daughter's.

Was Bella even conscious that her dad sometimes felt alone? Besides them he had nobody…

"Okay, let's get your bags and get out of here!" They picked all the bags up plus the one she documented and made their way to the car.

"Oh god dad, did you have to pick me up in your police cruiser?"

"Be thankful I changed clothes and didn't go all Sheriff on you" Charlie teased. She wasn't so sure; she probably would prefer the sheriff clothes with a normal 4x4 truck than the cruiser. Riding in the cruiser screamed two things: 'I'm in trouble, or I'm the sheriff's daughter'.

"Get in the car" Reluctantly she got into the car as they started their hour drive to forks.

"I hope you don't expect me to drive your cruiser around town, I'm gonna need a real car for that"

"Got it covered, you're gonna drive the jeep, it just need a few notches here and there. Jake can help you with that" Jake...Jake she was sure she had heard that name before "Until then, it looks like you'll be sharing Bella's truck"

"Who's Jake?" Aria asked curiously.

"Billy's son, you know the boy Bella used to play around as kids?" Jacob Black, sure the kid lost his mom when he was younger, he and Bella always seem to hit it off well "Oh yeah! I always thought he had a thing for Bella..."

"Oh he's has a thing alright, he's in love with her."

"Are you serious?" She exclaimed, when did this happen? Two guys after her sister it screamed love triangle everywhere.

"Yup, feel sorry for the guy. Bella spent all summer with Jake when Edward left, and then she's back with Edward. By the way and yes I know what that means we're rooting for Jacob, so you know, feel free to work some evil plan for getting them together"...

"And here we are, home sweet home"

Aria looked around the house, the last time she set foot in this house was five years ago when she graduated from high school and then went off to college but to Aria it looked exactly the same as how she remembered it.

"Well? Still as you remember it?"

"Yes, but your stalling. You do know I'm not staying here right?" She loved her house but the company had set up a studio house a few blocks down.

"I know, I know. Just wanted to see if seeing the house would change your mind on that one" He smiled

"Dad I'll probably be spending a lot of time here, like eating lunch and stuff. But I do have work to do, so I need space away from all the drama."

Charlie sighed "Fair enough, I supervised the arrival of your stuff; you just need to unpack it. I'll take you there later"

A door closing, followed by footsteps could be heard from the hallway, they both looked at each other, before looking in the direction of the front door.

"Looks like Bella's home, don't be surprised if he's with her" Aria glanced at her dad before focusing on the front door, the way his dad said 'he's' left little to no imagination that he really didn't like the guy.

"You really don't like him do you?" before her dad could answer, the front door opened...

"Dad! I-m…" as soon as Bella stepped into the kitchen, she froze. "..Home"

There were voices coming from inside the house, more specifically from the kitchen. Edward knew from those voices that as soon as he stepped into the house he would get to meet Bella's sister. He didn't know what was a bigger shocker the fact that he couldn't read her mind like Bella's or that Bella even had a sister and never mentioned it..She must have had her reasons right?

Countless thoughts ran through his head, most importantly to be careful around her. If she was anything like Bella she could easily figure out what he was.

Of course Bella reassured him that her and Aria were complete opposite, it still bothered him that Bella never mentioned her, so when he heard another voice almost as enticing as Bella's he figured it belong to Aria. He thought of warning her, warning Bella that her sister was in fact already home…but something stopped him, a mild curiosity to see a natural reaction to her sister presence, maybe then he would be able to understand why her sister was kept a secret.

As soon as they stepped inside, Bella headed for the kitchen and from the way she froze mid-step, he knew she had seen her.

Edward rounded the corner, entering the kitchen just after Bella, and there sitting on the counter swinging her legs without a care in the world, was her sister…?

She looked different than he expected, she had long brown hair that felt to the middle. Her eyes where light brown, gentle, enticing but there was a spark of something else that Edward couldn't quite place, and unlike his Bella, Aria possessed a fairer skin, coincidental to her Italian roots.

"Aria!" Bella greeted awkwardly, Aria stood up to greet her sister.

"Bella" In those five years since she last saw her, she hadn't changed much. She had grown yes, but she was still taller than her by a few inches.

She still was pale as the moon, but was certainly not a little girl anymore; of course she'd figured that out when she managed to captivate the attention of two different guys.

Her eyes then moved to the guy standing behind her sister, he seemed reserved, almost on edge but she could see a tingle of curiosity, this was probably the first he'd heard of her.

She shifted her glance back to Bella, to subtly show that she wasn't about to start staring at the love of her sister's life, she could further analyze this guy when Bella introduces them to one another.

"What no hug? Not even an awkward one?" Bella seemed to snap out of whatever she was thinking about by her sister's blunt comment. With her reaction, 7 years gap and 5 years of not seeing each other there was no way the hug could be anything but awkward.

"Oh yeah sure" They briefly hugged each other, more for their dad's benefit than theirs. It wasn't like they hated each other, she was her little sister after all but they were different in every possible way; both had their own opinions on just about everything and never have they really agreed on anything. It's just the way they were born and how they've grown to be...

"Um..." Bella started brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear and stepping aside, so Aria could get a better look at Edward "This is Edward...my boyfriend" She introduced, instantly stepping beside him so she could link her arm in his.

She narrowed her gaze at Edward quickly doing overview of the guy. She could clearly see the appeal and why Bella was so hung up on this guy. He was as pale as a ghost almost like her, and from what she could tell by the way he wore his clothes is that he had a toned body, but he wasn't exactly her type... He in no way could ever be compared to him...

But what caught her attention were his eyes, golden like a cat; there was something eerie about them. Still as to not be rude Aria nodded and introduced herself to him "Nice to meet you, I'm Alexandria or Aria, Bella's older sister" She could see a frown appear on Edward's face but was quickly masked by a smile as she shook his hand.

The moment their hands made contact, it took everything in Aria to stifle her gasp. His hands were cold as ice, and his mere touch send goosebumps from her arm to the back of her neck. She felt something...like death, unnatural, almost ghostly coming from him. Not necessary evil, yet it wasn't the same feeling she got from him, this was different.

Aria was always proud of her ability to always be a good judge of character, but she wasn't sure what to make of Edward – something about him, even from the way he touched her during a simple hello handshake was unnerving. Quickly she let go of his hand and took a step back.

"Okay…" Like an icebreaker both sister's turned to look at their dad, clasping his hands in excitement "Now that you two greeted and Edward was introduced, how about some lunch?"

"Oh no thanks Chief Swan I already ate" Edward answered quickly.

"Really? Is there something wrong with my cooking? I won't poison you, you know?"

Edward sniggered at the reply "No, of course not"

"Well it's just, you never eat when your here, you just watch us eat" Charlie replied passing a confused look in Edwards direction. Aria frowned looking over at Edward and then at her sister, she found it peculiar that the guy never ate with them, not even once.

"Mom really insisted on me eating something before I headed out, she's really…well she doesn't want me to be bothering other people…yeah" Edward said almost as if sensing her questioning glance.

"I-It's true Esme can make a bit too much…at times" Bella interrupted coming to his defense.

Aria nodded, the couple made a little bit of small talk and then excused themselves to Bella's room. Charlie then offered to take Aria to her place and order some take-out seeing as it was just the two of them left.

She agreed but it was clear to see that her mind was elsewhere on the ride home. It was obvious to Aria that Bella had interjected that comment about this 'Esme' in the hope to reassure her and her dad of Edward's excuse for never eating around them. But to Aria, Bella should've just kept quiet, because as soon as those words left her mouth and by the way she instantly came to his defense she knew she was lying.

There was something definitely off about Edward and if Aria was going to do anything - it was to uncover what is actually underneath all the shifty eye glances and obvious lies...

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