Finally! It feel god to be back with Chapter 14 :)! Many thanks to all of you waited patiently for an update. I hope you like this chapter and it meets your expectations. Enjoy! was raining again… that's the first thing Aria noticed when waking up at eight on a Sunday morning.

She sighed, rolling over so her back was facing the window to find an empty space next to her on the bed. Her fingers gently touched the pillow that remained untouched to the side of her, bringing it closer a small smile graced her face at the faint smell of cologne…his cologne.

Did he sleep in the bed last night? Maybe he stood by the window, just watching? No matter what was happening between them, she remained hopeful, she missed him more than he would ever know. It was ironic really, they felt so far apart right now but still, he remained at her side throughout.

Maneuvering, she turned, glancing up at the ceiling above. Coming back to reality slowly, her mind started to connect the dots, reminding her of what was about to go down today...

The meeting...the Volturi…Aria sighed, for some reason she felt restless. She glanced once more at the window, rain continued to strike down from the sky and it didn't seem like it would be letting up anytime soon.

As luck would have it, it seemed that anytime something big was about to happen it rained in Forks. The night of her car crash, the night they first learned of the Volturi and now today...

The sound of running water caught her attention. She hadn't heard it due to the rain, but now it was unmistakable. Lazily she stood up and made her way to the bathroom with just a t-shirt and short shorts on...

Charlie woke up to the sound of frying pans crashing together, or maybe falling to the floor? He wasn't sure at this point. What he was sure of was that someone was in the kitchen at a ridiculous time on a Sunday morning - the one day he had out of the week to have a much needed lie in, he got an even further shock to find a clumsy, totally out of place Bella.

He was expecting to find Aria in the kitchen as she was always the early riser, Bella on the other hand, was not.


Bella spun around, her father's sudden appearance catching her off guard "Dad? You scared me!"

Charlie raised an eyebrow and surveyed the scene "Are-are you um cooking? um wait trying to cook?" He asked.

"Um-yeah, yeah I thought we could have a nice breakfast?" Bella replied biting her bottom lip, while setting a medium frying pan on the stove.

"Whose we?"

"Oh.. um you, me..I invited Jacob and Billy, and I thought maybe you could…." She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Call Aria?".

Charlie looked at Bella with surprise, was she actually asking to invite Aria for breakfast? He wasn't naive, he knew all about his daughter's sort of awkward - if he could call it that - relationship. He of course always blamed it on the age gap and personalities, he had tried on several occasions to get them to bond more and when that failed terrible he just dropped it.

If the truth be told, he was surprised at the sudden initiative of his daughter, a breakfast with family, friends and no Edward in sight.. maybe he was making a breakthrough, maybe Aria being in town was helping in some way…or maybe, just maybe it was something else?

Regardless, Charlie knew one thing his little girls were growing up fast. He wouldn't be surprised if Aria suddenly announced she was getting married. His little girls were growing fast and he was damn well going to enjoy the rare moments like these, and so without further questioning he agreed "Yeah, yeah sounds like a plan…"

Aria entered the bathroom just as the water was shut off, she saw Damon's hand reach for a towel. Leaning on the door frame she watched him step out, his left hand holding the towel at his waist, while he reached for a second with his right hand.

"Hey..." Aria greeted him. To her disappointment, he barely glanced at her, ignored her and continued on with his routine.

She watched as his fingers combed his hair backwards, reminding her once more how astray things were between them, how she used to be the one to comb her fingers through his hair in an intimate caress. Now the mere thought of it, left her feeling uncertain and unsettled about the whole situation between them.

Aria watched him as he dried his hair with the extra towel. Biting her lip she approached him slowly. Silently she took hold of the towel and continued drying it for him. His hands to her surprise let go of the towel and allowed her to continue, holding onto the counter edge, inadvertently trapping her between the counter and him.

"Please talk to me..." She pleaded.

She watched his shoulders stiffen. One minute she was pleading her case, the next she found herself sitting up on the counter trap between Damon arms, his face inches from hers, his azure eyes searching her desperate ones.

Aria held her breath, wishing he would just close the small distance, kiss her senselessly and put her out of her misery. Of course Aria knew that was too much to ask as his eyes abruptly hardened, grabbing the towel, he didn't hesitate - he just walked away.

All she could do was watch him walk out of the bathroom, head resting back against the wall, tears started to run down her cheeks.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, feeling completely numb... Had it been seconds? Minutes? Hours?

The only thing that had awakened her from her stupor was an annoying ringing, it took a good couple of rings for her to realize it was the house phone ringing.

Sighing once more she finally willed her body to move, a small gasp of surprise left her as she walked into her room finding Damon's figure leaning against her window frame, drink in hand... Had he been there since he stormed out ?

Quickly she made her way to the phone "Hello?"

"You are being too hard on her you know?" Stefan said, as he watched his brother drown his sorrow and anger in bourbon while snooping around Aria's home recording studio.

"And you care why?" Damon asked, picking up a random album from the vast collection Aria kept.

"You're my brother, she's your girlfriend…those are reasons enough to care"

Damon just rolled his eyes "Right so I'm your brother when you want to, or better yet when it involves ME not going off the rails, but I'm the devil and black sheep of the family every other time. Fantastic, she made a deal Stefan! She wants to die? Then let her DIE!" He growled, his jaw clenching.

"You don't mean that and besides, the deal does not involve her dying" Stefan tried to reason with him, he truly didn't think Aria would be foolish enough to make that type of deal, especially since all she wanted was for her sister to be safe. In a matter of speaking get another chance on life.

"You don't know that" His jaw clenched just thinking about Aria's latest endeavor.

"Damon" Stefan sighed "You're hurt I get it, she hurt you… but she's hurting too Damon, and at the end you both did and said things that led you to this point."

"Meaning what?" Damon faced his brother, eyes hard, jaw clenched, everything about his posture screamed to Stefan that he was on the defensive, he had to choose his words carefully if he wanted him to see reason.

"Meaning that this is as much your fault as it is hers but we'll find a way out of this, I'll find a way" And he would, he owed it to her for saving Elena's life. He owed it to her for bringing even the smallest fragments of his older brother back.

"Please, you?" Damon scoffed turning his attention back to the rows and rows of music albums "Let me remind you brother… that I was always the one that ended up saving your girlfriend" His fingers glided along several albums, before stopping on a particular one.

His eyes softened when he caught the title "Black Hawk Down" pulling it out, his eyes landed on the cracked CD case.

To say that he didn't remember the last time he appeared unannounced at Aria's penthouse would be a lie. He remembered everything about her, every visit, every detail, every conversation, like, dislike. He remembered his last unannounced visit right after finding out Katherine hadn't been in the tomb, right after Elena's brown soft eyes watched him in pity. That's all everyone seemed to be doing lately, tip toeing around him, asking him if he was okay, that it was okay to be hurt.

'Hurt?' No… he had been beyond angry, he was pissed! He waited for her for 145 years only to find out she was out and living her undead life. What pissed him off more was that he let 'her' get away.

He so callously threw a future with Aria away. He realized that when the pity glances, the tip toeing, Stefan and Elena's watchful eyes became too much, he packed a bag and next thing he knew he was in front of her apartment.

Much as he was now, he knew he shouldn't be here. He really shouldn't after leaving last time, and the time after that…but she made everything better, she didn't judge, she was just there.

She was just what he needed. Ringing the doorbell he didn't have to wait for long hearing light footsteps approaching the door "Damon…" He was greeted by her soft surprised voice, probably wondering if he compelled the security guy to let him up to the penthouse without first informing her about it.

Clearly she had been working out, hair tucked in a messy ponytail, black short shorts and an old worn out long t-shirt, that left her long smooth legs uncovered.

"Hey" Something in his short greeting made her open her door wider, a clear invitation to come right in.

It had been two days since he had shown up at her apartment, two days of nothing and yet the best two days of his life. No mention of Mystical Falls, no mention of vampires, Stefan or Elena.

They laughed, they flirted, they went out like normal people to lunch or the park, and now they were enjoying a quiet night as Aria sat on the floor by the coffee table working. Damon sat on the sofa, legs spread out and drink in hand, watching her work.

"You know some people would consider your staring creepy…" She said not once looking away from her work, but a small smile appeared on her beautiful face.

"Do you?"

"Not really" Biting her lip she send a coy glance his way.

Smiling he stood up heading towards the kitchen to refill his glass, the black grand piano sitting in the living room caught his attention. It had been years since he last played, a decade probably and yet he found himself caressing the top and sitting, his fingers spread on the keys and a soft melody resonated in the apartment.

Aria watched him from the floor, surprised at the exquisite melody and his refined skills. She watched, enthralled as his fingers moved about the keys and boy could he play.

She loved learning new things about him, things most people probably didn't know. It make her feel like she knew the real him, she knew the bad, the good, the ugly and the human part of him.

She wondered if playing the piano had the same effect composing music had for her? Was it an outlet for him?

The melody started turning a sorrowful tune and his eyes hardened, standing up she made her way towards the piano. Resting one knee on the bench, the rest of her looming over the corner of the piano watching him.

As the melody came to an end with a few hard keys, Damon's eyes rested on her form.

"I didn't know you could play…"

"Mmm.. it's been a while" Grabbing her hand he pulled her towards him, so that she was straddling him as their eyes met once more "Why Ms. Swan was I that awful?"

"No, it was marvelous, you should play more often" She smiled, her fingers playing lazily with the short strands of hair at his neck. Their eyes never leaving each other and she marveled at the sight of him, this beautiful misunderstood charming man. Was she glad he was here? Yes, a twisted part of her love that he ran to her whenever things got tough and he needed an escape, but she hated at the same time for that to happen someone must have hurt him and got past that thick front wall he put up…. she needed to know.

"What happened?" She felt his shoulders stiffen immediately his eyes glazed with what she recognized as anger, betrayal… hurt and finally sorrow.

"You were right…" That did not make things better, the first time he visited she learned Katherine was never in the tomb, he was beyond angry but part of them knew that it was a chance for them. This time she knew he was referring to his last visit where he told her all about the tomb vampires and his kiss with Elena/Katherine… when he got a call from Elena but ignored it, when he then got a call from his brother telling him Elena was missing and needed his help.

After that he was pretty much out the door with a few final words from her that Elena wasn't worth it, that she would play him, and he shouldn't go running back like he of all people was at her beckon call but that she understood he had to go because of his brother.

And when he promised not to worry because he'll be back in two days… well two days became weeks… and weeks months. She came crashing out of her memories at the sound of his voice "….god deep down I knew you were right. It's always going to be Stefan she said" Aria's breath hitched hearing those words. "Then I snap her brother's neck, don't worry he's fine" but Aria didn't even register that, she understood what he was saying but she wasn't worried about Jeremy at least not right now "...but it was after that, when I still volunteered or got volunteered whatever for a trip to duke. Help her find the stupid book about Katherine's lineage that I knew she was playing me and it all came crashing down." His grip on her waist tightened, and his blazing blue eyes connected with hers "and I keep doing this!, pushing you away, hurting you, telling you things about her… and I thought WHY?!, why do I keep doing that, then I knew I was pining away for Elena like I was pining for Katherine." Aria could feel her breathe catching every time he mentioned them, her limbs where slightly shaking, but still she couldn't look away from his beautiful eyes.

"It's not real… not like it is with you. Katherine play me, Elena play me, plus both of them wanted me to be someone I'm not. And I'm done… I'm done with all of that because none of them compare to you…Even before opening the tomb you crawled your way into me… I remember thinking here's a beautiful,, gorgeous, smart and funny girl that wants to spend eternity with you and it scared the hell out of me…maybe that's why I kept running back to them. And- you're shaking" He frowned, his arm moving to cover her rubbing back and forth.

"I-I'm…." She inwardly cursed for sounding like her sister but she was speechless. After all this time… the waiting.. the hurt… the hope… was he "Are you…. saying what I think your saying?"

He smiled, kissing her cheek, then her jaw as he watch her eyes close with pleasure… he kissed the corner of her mouth before hovering over her lips "I want you…all of you….forever…" when a breathless yes left her lips he didn't waste time, he crushed their mouths together.

His arms wrapped around her tight as he picked her up and set her on the top of the piano as a "crack" resounded in the silent penthouse. "-Aw….oh no" Damon frowned seeing her reach behind her and produce a now cracked CD case "you broke it…"

"What's the big deal it's just the case that's broken, buy a new one"

Her awestruck look and open mouth told him he certainly didn't say the right thing "But it's my favorite one… don't tell me you haven't heard this soundtrack? He's one of my favorite composers."

He rolled his eyes watching as she stood up and headed towards the CD player "Fine, fine…but I'm going to make steamy, hot love to you with that playing the background…then we can see who you prefer the most" He said wiggling his eyes, her laughter was the only answer he got.

"So what do you say?" Stefan asked.

"What?" A confused Damon turned towards his brother.

"Let me repay the favor…" Stefan didn't miss the zoned out look his brother had a few moments ago, he watched as he put the broken CD case back in place and turn to him

"I don't need your help, saving my girlfriend. Compared to popular belief I am and will never be you brother. Therefore I'm quite capable of protecting what is mine. Besides I already have my sidekicks working on it."

"Meaning Rick" Stated Stefan

Damon grimaced, remembering the not so pleasant almost shouting conversation he had with Rick. He had a hard time coming to terms that Aria has so valiantly made a deal with Elijah for the safety of his sister and the sparing of Elena...

He kept going over and over if there was anything that bound her to the deal, had she promised him anything or giving him her word. But whatever, he was on board and all was on track as far as Damon knew.

"Didn't take a lot of convincing, but yes he's on board"

"See you got rick on board, why not me too?"

"Because I don't trust you not to involve the Scooby-doo gang" Damon Stated

"I promised brother, just you and me" and he meant it, surprisingly when it came to Damon and Aria…Damon was very private about their relationship. Rick apparently knew all about it, as for him well he knew most of it… he knew what she meant to him, how they were for each other, but he couldn't exactly say he knew all the facts. But somehow he understood why he didn't want everyone involved, especially since the few times Aria was involved in a conversation Elena was very quick to judge her. Still he waited and watched as his brothers resolve faded "Fine"

Aria parked her car in the driveway just as Jacob was helping Billy into his wheelchair. Spotting her car, Billy and Jacob smiled and waved at her; She smiled widely returning the gesture. Stepping out of her car, making sure to lock it she caught up to them, just as Jacob wheeled his father into the house.

"Aria!" Billy greeted her

"Hey Billy, Jake…"

"Aria" Jacob nodded with a small smile

"So… any idea what's going on?" Billy nodded towards her old house, out of the corner of her eyes he saw Jacob frown and a wave of dread and anger hit her. Aria's hand touched his shoulder making Jacob glance at her and she did her best to send him a comforting smile… which he barely returned before he continued to wheel his father towards the house.

"Your guess is as good as mine…" Aria answered. Her mind remembered the brief conversation with Damon before she headed out of the door.

After a very short conversation Aria found herself hanging up the phone not really believing the conversation she just had with her father. She and Damon were invited to breakfast per Bella's request, sufficient to say she was surprised perhaps more than her father after being informed that it would be a Cullen free breakfast.

Aria bit her lip, turning to face Damon who was still looking out of the window. Before she could utter a word about the breakfast invitation, he was already in front of her "So breakfast with friends and family by your sister's request… mmm.." Damon said

"Damon" Stefan suddenly appeared at the doorway, from the tone of his voice it was clear he was warning his brother to choose his words carefully.

"What?" He looked at Stefan, before turning his gaze to Aria "All I'm saying is that it sounds like last goodbyes to me…"

She really hoped her sister wasn't that stupid, a part of her was calm she knew Elijah would honor their agreement…. she just knew he will. But she couldn't help but think of her Dad and Jacob, and how what Bella was doing would hurt them eventually.

Although by the feeling she was getting from Jacob the teenager boy was already in distress, she wouldn't be surprised if he had come to the same conclusion Damon had. God, she just wanted this day to be over.

She watched as her Dad greeted Billy and Jacob, while they joked around the fact that Bella had actually cooked.

"Why is it that hard to believe? Bella asked the three men.

"We just didn't knew you cooked bells"

"Okay, fine! So dad cooked, but I helped, that counts doesn't it?" The way she said it reminded Aria of a smaller Bella always whining when she was made fun of, or didn't get what she wanted…same pout, same puppy eyes, same awkwardness.

Whatever confused emotion Aria was feeling from Jacob soon disappeared to be replaced by happiness, and she watched as the teenage boy full out laughed before wrapping one of his arms around her sister shoulders.

"Sure, sure… I'm starving what's for breakfast" Jacob said.

Aria sighed, god she really wanted this day to be over, this whole thing to be over. Her father's voice brought her out of her thoughts "You okay, there kiddo?"

Aria blinked, she looked at her father who stood waiting for her to come in, with Billy by his right side "What?" She asked

"Well you've been standing there for a while" Charlie said. Aria could see him looking at her probably to assess if something was bothering her.

"Yeah… yeah I'm fine dad."

"Well come in and give your dad a hug and let's eat." Aria smiled, she hugged him and made her way to the living room to drop her coat and purse while Charlie went off to the kitchen to start serving breakfast.

"Something on your mind?" She jumped, startled she turned round to find Billy leant against the doorframe that separated the living room from the kitchen "You scared me…um actually I do need to speak with you."

Billy nodded "After breakfast then" He said and Aria nodded.

Charlie and Billy's stories of when they were younger, of certain embarrassing moments on fishing or hunting trips filled up most of the conversation during breakfast. And if you didn't count the melancholic feelings Aria was perceiving from breakfast one could say breakfast went smoothly.

Of course Aria knew it was just a mere illusion, Damon was right Bella was in her own way, saying her goodbyes not aloud but more to herself.

Just as everyone finished eating Jacob and Bella announced they were going for a walk, Aria offered to help her dad clean the kitchen but he refused. And so here she was taking a walk with Billy and trying to voice all her thoughts and questions she wanted to ask him.

"Seems you got a lot on your mind" Billy's gruff voice snapped her out of her thoughts, she looked down at him sending him a small smile.

"It seems that way… the past few days have been, well hell"

He chuckled, wheeling himself just a couple of feet ahead of her. "I know you have some questions, don't know how much help I'm going to be but shoot away."

"What can you tell me about what I am? And what was that whole thing of the pack pledging their alliance? What about these new powers I seem to be developing and why would my grandmother lead me astray that I was an Empath when clearly I'm something else entirely, something more supernatural?" Taking a depth breath after her rant, she looked down at Billy waiting for some answer, any at all.

Billy watched her, scratching his neck, a trait Aria noticed he seemed to share with his son. "Well hell… that's a lot of questions. You are right about one thing you are certainly not an Empath… you are what they call a deity in other words Goddess."

"Dea.. that's what grandma used to call me"

"Dea means goddess too. I don't know much about your kind, I do know that just like vampire and werewolves exist so do other supernatural beings among them the deity. There are legends among the tribe that the deity were a source of light, a goddess among all. They use to rule, keep peace between the supernatural and human."

Aria listened closely, hanging on his every word, this was similar to what Elijah had explained to her. "Okay so what does that have to do with the pack and their allegiance?"

"Deities are bound to the earth and it's elements, to the sun, to the moon. Legend say they are the first supernatural being's to walk among the earth, then came the vampires, werewolves and so on. Have you ever wondered where they came from?" Billy asked.

The way he asked seem to have a deeper meaning, somehow the pieces started to fall together "You are not suggesting the deity had something to do with it….are you?"

Billy smiled at her, impressed that she was a fast thinker "Not suggesting, I am telling, the deity created them…all of them which is why every supernatural being has and feels this unmistakable bound, they are bound to respect and serve them."

"There's more to it, isn't there?" Aria asked.

"To the story?" Billy nodded "Yes, but that's as far as I can tell you."

Aria grunted which in Billy's ear sounded more like growl. She was frustrated that's for sure, so she had learned a little bit more of the story but why was everybody telling her she couldn't know the rest.

"You can't just not tell me the rest? I need to know! If I am a deity like you say then I need to know m-my story, history, whatever the hell this is!"

"Aria the rest can only be told by your kind, to tell you the truth even if I did know the whole story I'm not sure it will help you right now."

Aria felt an uncontrollable rage and she watched as her hand's started glowing white. She quickly clasped them together, rubbing, trying anything she could think of to stop the glowing, just like that the glowing stopped.

"You're powers have they been growing?" Billy asked a hint of concern in his voice. And it took every ounce of sanity she had left to not breakdown right in front of him. But to Billy, Aria looked like a deer caught in the headlights and managed a small nod.

"I can't seem to control them, or even understand them. I- this- I don't know what is going on."

Billy squeezed her arm trying reassure her everything would be fine "You're going to be fine Aria, this is completely normal… I'm not sure I can answer the rest of your future question's, but there is one last thing I can share."

Aria bit her lip and looked at him "Your grandma loved you very much, everything she did, even not telling you what you truly are was to protect you. The last thing she told me was that you weren't just any deity you were the 'one'."

"The one what? What does that mean?"

"She never said, she said that because of it…. you needed to be protected. And so she confided in me, told me if something was to ever happen to her I should tell you what she told me, so it could help you. But she made me promise not to tell you until it was time. She was stubborn, your grandmother, she thought the less you know the better until like she said it was time."

Aria was stunned… this was more than what she expected, what did her grandmother mean by 'the one' and until it was time for what?

"With what happened earlier with your hands I would say it is time"

"Wait what?" Aria looked at him, not sure what to think or even expect, it was all too much and now he was going to dump so much more on her already stunned mind…but god she needed to know what he was about to say...

"You see being a deity is something that's in your blood. It is passed down from generation to generation you could say it runs in the family. Of course it's also not as simple as that, your grandmother mentioned there was something more to it, something about pure bloodlines, and predetermined ones something like that. All I know is it's passed down, and sometimes they go to extremes to protect their bloodlines and make sure a new deity is born each generation."

Billy kept re-telling her grandmother's confession, he told her how deity got their power's from a very young age and it kept developing - much how hers have.

"But your grandmother told me that each deity reaches a point where their powers fully mature, when that times come… she said a deity will come to you and help you with the transition. I guess like in the pack when a new wolf wakes up someone from the pack or the leader is there to help them, answer all their questions, tell them their history, help them control their powers….."

"So… what? I'm supposed to wait until someone shows for all of this to stop? I- this is crazy… why didn't she tell me? This would all be so much easier!" She exclaimed, she was trying, really trying to remain calm. Taking it head on and accept that she was now officially a supernatural being, with powers she did not understand, could not control and knew zero to nothing of what she was capable of or who she was. But in reality… she was slowly but surely loosing it…

"Just breath Aria…" Billy's soothing voice did calm her down somewhat, and then a thought hit her…

"You said… that it was passed down through generation's? That it was in my blood, so then is it my father, or from my mother side? Maybe they can help me right?" She really hoped it was her father's side of the family that carried the deity blood , it would be easier to talk to him than track down her astray mother and ask her about their history.

Billy frowned, he could see the glimmer of hope in her eyes. Which made what he was about to tell her all the more difficult. "It is carried down through generation…but it's not from your mother's side."

Aria sighed in relief "So it's from my dad side? Is that why grandma Swan knew a lot about me right?"

"Aria…. yes it is from your father's side but Charlie does not carry the gene."

"I don't understand…. if Renee doesn't have it and my dad doesn't have it….. can it skip a generation? is that what happened?" Somehow she knew that wasn't it, the way Billy was looking at her reminded Aria of the time when her dad sat her down and explained to her that Grandma Swan was dead.

And then it clicked….

"No.. no, no, no no no….."

"Aria.." Billy tried to calm the erratic young woman in front of him that was pacing back and forth.

"My dad is not my dad?" She softly asked.

"If you mean biological…then no. Charlie is not your biological father." Billy said,

Just as Billy dropped the bomb, there were was a loud banging sound - they both immediately turned to the sound of Jacob repeatedly hitting the side of the truck enough to leave a dent.

"Jacob!" Billy shouted reprimanding and stopping his son's next punch on the truck.

Form his face, the lack of Bella by his side or nearby and the sudden wave of anger, desperation…Aria put two and two together. The Volturi were early, just like Elijah had said.

Billy wheeled himself next to his son asking him what was wrong, but all Jacob wanted to do was leave and go home. Much like she wanted to do to….

She carefully approach them "She's going to be fine Jacob I promise" She gave him a half hug and a small smile, before turning to Billy and mouthing 'thank you'.

A brief wave and 'see you later' to her dad who had come out to see what the noise was all about and she jumped into Damon's car and tailed out of there.

Damon found himself in the same spot in the middle of the forest much like he did a few days back. This time instead of being on a mission to getting back Aria's diary, it was all about finding out about this 'Volturi' persons and just what exactly all the fuss was about.

But of course, it was more than that. If he was being honest with himself, he needed to know what they were capable of and see if he could learn anything at all about Aria's deal or powers.

Like a trusty sidekick Stefan was hiding behind a tree to his right. From the corner of his eye he noticed him trying to catch his attention subtly pointing out that they had company.

He could see a group of people with long robes that covered them from head to toe. Three of them approached the Cullen's who seemed to shift with uncertainty, while the four remaining people stood a few feet behind.

It was clear who was in charge and who were the 'lackey's'.

"Ahh Carlisle my dear friend so glad you could join us" Damon almost flinched at the high pitch voice, the brother's watched as the good Dr. stepped forward to greet him.

"Aro" Carlisle nodded "Caius, Marcus…Welcome"

Aro smiled glancing at each and every Cullen before his gaze settled on Bella "Ah.. and the lovely Isabella"

"Shall we begin brother? I'm getting bored already" said Caius.

"Oh yes, yes! Let's, are we ready? who will do the honor of changing dear Isabella?"

Damon gritted his teeth trying to maintain his composure, all he wanted to do was run down and cut all of their heads off. No more Volturi, no more Bella having to change and no more Aria's life being in danger. Of course, that probably wasn't a one hundred percent solution, but it sure as hell was a start… so what was stopping him?

Whatever made him hesitate was enough time for Elijah to make his appearance and that only made him more tense.

How the hell did she manage to get to her house in one piece was a miracle to Aria. After the- well there was no other way to call it- the bombshell Mr. Black had dumped on her, Aria's head was spinning.

How had her life been turned upside down all of a sudden? Everything she believed to be the truth turned out to be a lie…. Her father wasn't her father, she had no idea what the hell she was or was capable of, her sister wasn't even her sister well half-sister and the list just kept on going...

Frustrated, overwhelmed, Aria barely made it to the first steps before sitting down. Deep down she could feel it, god she could feel the beginning of a breakdown. The feeling was so familiar the last time she had a breakdown was when Damon walked out of her life running after Elena.

But it was more than that, she could feel it. There was this pounding in her head, her sweating palms…and then suddenly she was standing in the middle of the forest...

She knew from the scene before her that this was the short span of a week, or more like lifetime the third vision she was having. Although unlike last time she was sure this time she wasn't dreaming - she hadn't even closed her eyes…

She was standing in a clearing, in the middle of the forest, front and center to a vampire showdown. The Cullen's and Bella were there, so were seven hooded figures who she could only assume where the Volturi.

But where was Elijah? or Damon and Stefan she knew they might be close.

'Focus.. you can see whatever you want to see'

Aria flinched, just like last time there was that voice again. She tried to do that to focus like it said, she looked around the forest trying to pin-point where Damon would be hiding.

Then she saw it a quick glimpse of his raven hair but she was sure it was him. It was so subtle, she was sure nobody noticed them. But something else, made her turn to her right. Somehow she knew something else was out there in the forest.. Elijah perhaps?

She could feel it…them? It? But she couldn't see them...

'Focus! you have got to learn to focus'

Why was she even listening to the voice, and suddenly as if she had vampire sight, her eye's focused on a part of the forest that was overcast with shadows. They were close, they were a couple of feet or more into the woods, but it was as if she was standing next to them….Werewolves.

Jacob and his pack.

Then she remembered the second vision she had. Bella asking Jacob and his pack to help, them attacking Damon…but they promised not to right? She had their 'allegiance' or whatever that meant to them.

No, they weren't here for them, they were here for the Volturi.

"Who will do the honor of changing dear Isabella?"

Aria turned watching as a very pale, wide smiled vampire asked "I am afraid you have come a long way for nothing" Aria's attention focused on the newcomer as well as the rest of the Cullen's and Volturi, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she watched Elijah step into the clearing.

"Elijah" Said the vampire next to Aro. Aria could see the look of bewilderment as well as some underlying fear.

Aria watched as Elijah looked around taking in the faces of each vampire before him before turning his harsh glare to the vampire who had spoken "It is lord Elijah to you"

"I-yes of course forgive me my lord" He was quick to correct.

"Who are you" Aria winced, oh.. Emmett should not have spoken right now...

"Silence! Show some respect you imbecile" Aro said

"I see you three are still up to your theatrics. Aro, Marcus, Caius" Elijah addressed the three vampires, which Aria was now sure of these were the Volturi.

"What brings you to our territory Lord Elijah" Caius asked.

"Your territory? Let us make something clear shall we?" He walked toward the three vampires, circling around them, none of them dared to move an inch. "Forks is no longer yours to see too. In fact none of Washington is. Understand that the only territory that was given to you was Italy and you are a long way from home. And even that, if I wanted to could be taken away from you…" Elijah stated matter-of-factly.

"My lord…" Marcus replied "We merely-"

Elijah was quick to silence him "You are kings..of nothing! The only reason you three are not dead is because you are useful in gathering information."

Aria watched, because really that's all she could do at this point. She watched as the Cullen's looked confused as to who this new vampire was, but Aria could feel an underlying satisfaction at seeing the Volturi be put in their place.

However Aria knew Carlisle was even more weary of Elijah than we was with the Volturi, after all to them there was no one who would dare cross the Volturi and live to tell the tale.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, anytime now Elijah would make sure that they stay away from Bella, her, Forks, her family and friends. But as soon as that thought cross her mind everything went to hell.

In a split second Elijah was standing behind one of the four vampires hanging a few feet back. He was tall, welt built and that was as far as Aria could figure out before he fell to the ground and all that was left was Elijah standing there with a heart in his hand.

Her sister instantly and discreetly glanced to where Jacob and his pack were watching, and Aria watched as they started to make their way to the clearing.

"No.. no damn you Bella, they're going to get killed!" Aria shouted, but at what? They couldn't hear her.

She could see the scene unfolding, as soon as they attacked Elijah would probably kill them all, while the Volturi fled. It would be chaos and death everywhere, she couldn't let that happen and she was angrier at Bella for even recruiting them into this mess.

Much like in her past vision she found herself talking as if they could hear her. If only she knew how to stop the vision, to get out of it. She could try and run, to get there in time to stop them, to do something. But she was stuck, in her mind...

"Stop it… Jacob stop!"

She watched as a brownish wolf paused mid-step, Aria frowned - did he hear her?

"Jacob you have to stop, you're going to get killed!" Aria shouted.

The wolf frowned, looking left and right searching for something, searching for her? His pack however continued to advance forward.

"Jacob, you have to stop. Bella will be okay I promise… but if you interfere none of you will." She pled again, the wolf stopped if only for a minute this time she was sure he heard her.

There was a whisper in the air and she could hear Jacob's voice, even though he was in his wolf form, somehow in whatever this dream/vision state was, she could hear him whispering 'I'm sorry'

Dread fill all of her bones, the only thought running through her head was that she couldn't stop them, they were still advancing towards the clearing any minute now they would jump out and attack "Damn it STOP! All of you just STOP!" She screamed; so desperate to be heard.

'All of you just STOP!' Aria screamed.

Damon frowned he could have sworn he heard Aria shout, but he knew for a fact she was nowhere to be seen. But he watched in amazement as the wolf he had been originally watching with interest stopped in their silent attack. They seemed to flinch and almost bow to a silent command before retreating.

"A warning… " He heard Elijah advise and his attention was pulled back towards the scene before him.

"My lord?" Aro asked.

"To leave and never come back to Forks. Whatever business you had with The Cullen's and the Swan girls is now over. You will not contact them, you will not talk to them, you will not even breath the same air as them… If not - well I think you are reading my message loud and clear " Elijah cautioned.

For a few seconds no one said anything, nobody moved a muscle…and then in a blink, actually for Damon it was two, the Volturi disappeared.

Elijah turned his attention to the Cullen's. With Carlisle taking the reins and being the first to speak

"Thank you for your assistance, Lord Elijah" Carlisle carefully said "My family and I are very grateful"

"Mmm..I am sure you are aware this little show was not for you and your family's benefit" said Elijah.

"What do you mean?" Bella interjected. Edward grimaced, stepping in front of her trying to stop her from saying anything else.

"Bella-" Warned Edward

"I do hope you will not turn her into a vampire for at least a couple of years, otherwise all that her sister has put herself through will be for nothing" Elijah calmly explained.

"My sister? Aria sent you?.. How do you- Why- She did this?!" Bella yelled - angry at this sudden revelation.

"Aria shouldn't have done that, it's Bella's choice whether she chooses to become a vampire or not and when" Alice said, quick to jump to Bella's defense.

"Is it now?" A bemused Elijah asked.

"Yes, I've seen it. In one of my visions" Alice replied.

"Why?! How could she do this to me? I hate her!" Bella screamed.

"Silence!" Elijah snapped, his command being enough to shut up an enraged Bella "My god why your sister would risk her life for an ungrateful, insolent, brat like you is beyond me."

Bella eyes widened, suddenly realizing her mistake at voicing her opinion in the presence of such a powerful vampire.

"You are but child, Aria is not far from the truth. Tell me seer, you are quick to decide her dead…you may see her indelible future with him as a vampire, however there is not a clear time stamp on that future is it?" Elijah queried.

"I- well" Alice stammered.

"That would be a no…. so perhaps her future is with him, but who says it has to be now. So do think wisely before turning her… who knows if you do I might decide to pay all of you a visit, again.."

"So what… that's it?" Stefan asked.

He and Damon were now making their way back to Aria's house after everyone dispersed from the clearing.

"Apparently…although I'm sure there will be more drama to follow. I mean did you see Aria's sister?" Damon said "She was like a banshee like 'Why?! o why does my life suck?'"

"You think she'll confront Aria?"

"Oh I'm betting on it, in fact we will probably get there to hear the end of it." Damon replied.

"Now what?"

"Now…we find a way to break Aria's deal and figure out what the hell she is" Damon said.

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