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"You're such a coward!" yelled one Gerudo.

"I am not!" Vesta yelled back. As much as she loved arguing, she hated the girl she was arguing with.

"I can't believe you, Ms. I want to keep every Gerudo tradition, aren't going to go with us," said another Gerudo.

"So, is that a crime?" Vesta asked. She was getting fed up with Cayra.

"Don't you want a boyfriend? Don't you want to further the Gerudo race?" questioned Cayra.

"No, I don't want a boyfriend and I don't want to have children," Vesta answered.

"Well, I want to have at least one daughter," Vesta's cousin, Nari, replied.

"I want to have many daughters, and they will all grow up and be the best Gerudo leaders ever," responded Cayra.

"My foot, sometimes you can't even lead your own horse to water," Nari said.

That got a laugh from the rest of the girls. Finally the laughter died down.

"Well, Vesta, you are so ugly, I bet you couldn't even pay a guy to be your boyfriend!" exclaimed Cayra as she and her friends stormed off.

"Don't listen to what she says, she's just jealous," Nari said.

"I don't care what she or anyone else says," Vesta replied. She really didn't; she only looked out for herself, and her cousin.

"Well, you wouldn't hate my daughter, would you?" Nari asked.

"No," Vesta answered. She couldn't hate Nari's daughter, because Nari was like a sister to her.

"And would you hold her at least once?" Nari questioned.

"I suppose, just once, just for you," Vesta responded. She would do pretty much anything for Nari and she knew Nari would do pretty much anything for her.

Nari smiled. "Come on, please go with us."

"No, I don't want to, nothing you can say can make me go," Vesta said.

"Well, what about this? While we are making a distraction, you could see if the guys have anything good," Nari replied.

"Tempting, but…no," Vesta responded. She really didn't want to see any man, or her sisters for that matter, naked.

"I'll share any loot I get," Nari said.

Vesta thought about that for a moment. "No," replied Vesta, but it really did sound tempting.

"What if you came and protected us?" Nari questioned as she winked.

"I don't know," Vesta responded.

"Think about it this way, a boyfriend is what every Gerudo wants, and you will be sacrificing that to protect your sisters in their weakest moments. Think about how that will look to other Gerudos, especially ones that have higher ranks," Nari said.

"I still don't know," Vesta replied. She did want to move up in the ranks, but she still wasn't sure if she wanted to go to Hyrule and wait around while her sister fooled around.

"I'll give you three-quarters of my treasure," Nari responded.

Vesta thought for a moment. "Fifty-fifty," Vesta said.

"All right," Nari replied.

"Fine, I'll go," Vesta responded. She couldn't believe Nari had convinced her to go. Oh well, it's too late to back out now.

"Great, now let's get going," Nari said.

~Several hours later~

Vesta was at her breaking point and she was miserable and bored. It was cold and rainy and the sun had set long ago. Vesta hated it. Plus she wasn't expecting almost every Hylian guy to make a move and almost all of her sisters on getting drunk.

I thought it was one boyfriend, not several in one night. Vesta thought to herself. About that time she saw a Gerudo coming toward her, after a moment she realized it was Nari.

"Hey," Nari greeted, her speech was slightly slurred.

"Hi," Vesta said.

"Are you sure you don't want to change your mind?" Nari asked.

"Yes, someone has to stay sober," Vesta answered seriously.

"That's why I've only had one drink….all right, maybe two, but that's nothing compared to how many Cayra has had," Nari replied.

"Oh, and how many did she have?" Vesta questioned.

"The last time I was with her, she had had fifteen….sixteen goblets, I don't know, odds are she has had more," Nari responded. Vesta looked at Nari. "What? So I'll be a little off tomorrow, at least I won't be passed out like the others," Nari said.

"I suppose you're right," Vesta replied. She couldn't stay mad at Nari, then again Nari was a bit older than she was and she knew Nari wouldn't put herself in any unnecessary danger.

"You look miserable," Nari noted.

"I am, it's cold, rainy, and almost every Hylian guy has tried to make a move on me," Vesta said.

"Why don't you leave?" Nari inquired.

"I think I'll do just that," Vesta replied. That sounded like a wonderful idea, she had thought about it, but now she was going to act upon it.

"Oh, but before you do…." Nari tossed Vesta a bag that was quite heavy.

"What's this?" Vesta asked.

"Open it," Nari answered.

Vesta opened the bag and inside was gold and jewels. "Thanks."

"What, I'm a thief, I didn't kill anybody. We'll divide it up later," Nari responded.

"All right," Vesta said.

"Oh, and one more thing," Nari replied.

"What?" Vesta questioned.

"Do you want to get in Lady Nabooru's good graces?" Nari inquired.

"Duh!" Vesta responded. Nari was very intelligent, but that was the stupidest thing Vesta had heard Nari say.

"Well, I heard Lady Nabooru is going to be sending a party to Lake Hylia soon to see how it is faring, she feels some-what responsible for it since our water fall feeds it. Why don't you go ahead of time and make sure everything is all right," Nari said.

"That's a good idea, I think I will," Vesta replied.

"Go on, go, chances are it won't be raining there, make yourself a fire and spend the night," Nari responded.

"All right, and I thought it was one boyfriend," Vesta said.

Nari wrapped one arm around Vesta's shoulder. "You have a lot to learn."

As Vesta rode off to Lake Hylia, she had no idea that come morning; her life was going to change forever.

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