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Vesta's POV

The following morning Vesta got up with the sunrise and headed back to Gerudo Valley. Nari was there to greet her when she arrived.

"Where have you been?!" Nari exclaimed.

Vesta jumped off Sand Storm and landed gracefully on her feet. "I went out for a ride."

"An unscheduled ride. Where did you go?" Nari replied.

"I just needed to get away for a little while," Vesta responded.

"You really had me worried," Nari said.

Vesta sighed in slight annoyance; in her opinion, Nari worried too much, and she didn't need to be worrying so much in her condition. "I'm fine. I am a Gerudo you know."

"I have a reason to be worried, you're the only family I have left," Nari replied.

"Yes, I know, but you can't protect me forever and I'm not a child," Vesta responded.

"Tell me where you've been or else I'll make you change all of my daughter's dirty diapers," Nari threatened.

"You can't do that!" Vesta squealed.

"I'll find a way; now tell me where you went," Nari said.

"Don't worry about it," Vesta replied. Nari grabbed Vesta's arm and sniffed it. "What are you doing?!"

"You smell like grass and...water. You went to Lake Hylia?" Nari answered.

"So...what's your point?" Vesta questioned.

"Did you kill any of those no-good Zoras?" Nari inquired.

"No, I didn't even see a Zora," Vesta responded. She hated lying to Nari, but if she told Nari the truth, she knew Nari would tell Lady Nabooru.

"Well, you best get going; you have stable duty today," Nari said.

"Wonderful," Vesta replied somewhat sarcastically.

"See you later," Nari responded.

"Bye," Vesta said as she led Sand Storm towards the stables. She placed Sand Storm in an empty stall and started grooming her. When Vesta was done grooming her horse, she fed Sand Storm. After her horse finished eating, Vesta led her horse out of the stall. As she was walking out of the stables to put Sand Storm in the paddock, she saw Cayra. Cayra was one of the last people she wanted to see at the moment.

"Have a nice ride?" Cayra asked.

"Go away Cayra, I'm not in the mood," Vesta replied.

"I can't leave, I have stable duties as well," Cayra returned.

Great, Vesta thought, just what I need. "Well, just stay out of my way then."

"So where did you go on your ride?" Cayra questioned.

"I said leave me alone," Vesta responded as she continued out towards the paddock. Cayra started to follow her. Vesta huffed in annoyance.

"Why are your horse's hooves all wet?" Cayra asked suddenly.

"What are you..." Cayra forced them to a stop and picked up on of Stand Storm's legs. Stand Storm's nostrils became flared, her ears became pinned back and her tail became swishing back and forth.

"Her legs are wet," Cayra said.

"So? Leave my horse alone, she apparently doesn't like you and I know for a fact she will bite you," Vesta responded.

Cayra let go of Sand Storm's leg. She got this thoughtful look before speaking. "You went to Hyrule, didn't you? More specifically, Lake Hylia."

"No!" Vesta exclaimed. First Nari figured it out, now Cayra. What else could go wrong?

"Then how do you explain your horse's legs being wet?" Cayra inquired with a look that Vesta knew all to well. It was a look that made Vesta uncomfortable; it said "I got you now".

"So what if I did go to Hyrule? And the ground was wet, so there's your explanation, now get out of my way," Vesta retorted as she pushed past Cayra and led Sand Storm out to the paddock. She let Sand Storm loose and then stood at the fence for a minute; she couldn't believe how careless she had been, she should have never gone to Lake Hylia. What if word gets back to Lady Nabooru? She stood there for another minute before heading back to the stable to take care of her duties.

Cayra's POV

As soon as she could, Cayra slipped out of the stables and requested an audience with Lady Nabooru. Two guards led her into see Lady Nabooru once the request was granted.

Cayra entered and gave a bow.

"What are you doing here Cayra, aren't you supposed to be working in the stables?" Lady Nabooru said.

"Yes my lady, but I need to speak with you," Cayra answered.

"What about?" Lady Nabooru questioned.

"I think we need to question Vesta's loyalties to the Gerudo."

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