Toast to the Secrets.

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New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year. Everyone is getting together with friends and family to welcome in the New Year. New Year's Eve is also a night for reflection.

On the bad…

"Duncan, wake up!" Courtney screeched as she slung a pillow across his head. Duncan popped his head up, gave her the evil eye, and promptly closed his eyes again. Courtney huffed and threw another pillow at him for him to wake up. He didn't budge.

She rolled her eyes. Lately, Duncan has done nothing but sleep. When he comes home he sleeps, on his days of he sleeps, whenever he's at home he sleeps. No talking to his princess, nothing. All he does is sleep, sleep, sleep. Courtney was about sick of it.

He says he's just tired from work. But really, how tired can you get from working at a cell phone shop and working at a Caribbean themed restaurant in the winter; not very tiring at all. So, Courtney thinks there's more to it than that. He's probably cheating again. I mean, once a cheater; always a cheater.

Gwen and he have been talking a lot lately and he hasn't been intimate with his girlfriend at all. To top it all off, this has been going on for two months. Now, let's just say neither Duncan or Courtney was a happy camper at this point.

Courtney jumped on her boyfriend's back. He groaned. "Courtney, just let me have ten more minutes." She shook her head and huffed.

"No, because that will just turn into you going back to sleep. Plus, I need your input on which bra and panties I should wear to welcome in the New Year." Courtney slurred making sure that her lips skimmed Duncan's ear. He hopped out of bed with his teal eyes as big as saucers searching for the lingerie. He soon saw what his girlfriend was wearing.

His eyes worked from head to toe. She was wearing an almost skin tight black dress, fishnets, and high, high heels. She hardly ever wore anything that wasn't work friendly. So he knew that this was a big deal. He looked down at himself and he was still in his "Cell Shack" polo, khakis, and crew socks. Man, did he hate that uniform.

"Well, babydoll my suggestion would be to wear no underwear at all. I would love to help you out of that pretty little dress to find out an—" Courtney shoved some clothes into his hands and pushed him into the bathroom to get dressed before he could finish his extremely suggestive "suggestion".

"You have seven minutes to get ready. I'm going to get the champagne and get the car warmed up. You better be ready by eight-thirty I mean it!" Courtney yelled from the kitchen as she pulled out a bottle of champagne.

The couple was getting ready for Mr. and Mrs. Turner's New Year's Eve party; Mr. and Mrs. Turner being Bridgette and Geoff respectively. The title Mrs. was something that Bridgette gained a little over three months ago. Yup, Geoff and Bridgette tied the knot in September and that put the pressure on Duncan to ask Courtney to do the same.

That and Courtney, her mother and father, his mother and father, their friends, his co-workers, her co-workers. Hell, basically everyone that they knew was putting the pressure on him.

Duncan skipped a shower and just sprayed some random cologne that Courtney bought him. She said that it was better than the drug store toxin that he used religiously. He cursed as he rubbed his eye. Courtney says what he bought was a toxin; this stuff almost burned his corneas. So, he skipped the contacts too; glasses it was.

He likes the glasses; he'd just rather not wear them. He looked down at his watch, eight twenty-seven. No time for a shave either. He guessed he would have to skip out on the nice tie and grab a clip-on. He did that, and was in the parking garage at eight twenty-nine.

Courtney looked over at him, "Cutting real close aren't we?" He laughed as he pulled out of the garage and went on the route to their friends' home. "I'm glad you're wearing your glasses and that you have this scruffy look going on. You look really… Gentlemen's Quarterly." Duncan furrowed his brows at his girlfriend's reference to the magazine. The last thing he wants to look like is some frou-frou model boy.

"I'm glad you like it, because that cologne you got me for Christmas damn near burned by eyes." Duncan sarcastically spat as he turned onto the interstate. Courtney huffed and called her friend, the hostess.

On the good…

The sounds of a blender and beach music filled the home of the blonds who were hosting a party that night. Bridgette was swaying her hips to the sounds of a mister Jimmy Buffet's Christmas album as she poured mango daiquiri mix into the blender. Her husband slowly crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She jumped.

"Chill babe, it's just me. Don't wanna' stress out the little Dude." Yes, they were expecting a baby that spring. But, their friends didn't know. The couple just got out of the woods, and they knew nothing was going to go wrong with the baby. They just wanted to wait a little longer to tell their friends, just so they won't jinx anything.

Bridgette turned around and gave her husband a quick kiss. "Boo-boo, I don't think that the baby can feel my emotions." She grabbed a spoon and scooped a little of the tropical mix. Geoff snatched the spoon out of her hand and stuffed it into his mouth. "Well, I was going to let you taste it before you snatched it, snatch-watchy." Geoff laughed and pecked is wife on the forehead.

He poured a bag of snack mix onto a cookie sheet to put into the oven. They were preparing the last finger foods, snacks, and drinks before their guests got there. Bridgette was making her famous virgin Tropical daiquiri that was made with mango, pineapple, lemon, and orange mixes. Geoff, well Geoff was making everything but the paper products. He just loved parties that much.

That's why he went into the business of party planning. He did a damn good job of it too. The Beach Bum event planning was the name of his company; Bridgette came up with it. Business was particularly up during the summer months. Bridgette was his secretary and assistant, she kept him organized.

Bridgette even had her own little business on the side during the summer. Blonde Betty's surf school was the name of her business; Geoff came up with it. She only had business during the summer months. But, she would probably have to skip out on this trip because of their baby.

Their child, they still couldn't believe that. They would have a little person depending on them in the next few months. Then, she would depend on them for the next eighteen years give or take. Bridgette was still surprised that their friends hadn't figured it out yet. She had gained at least fifteen pounds; this caused her to go up three dress sizes. She couldn't believe Courtney didn't realize it when they went shopping.

She didn't let a drop of alcohol hit her lips in the last four months, not even at their wedding reception. She couldn't think how Duncan didn't tease her for not drinking. He used to do it all the time when they weren't legal at Geoff's house parties.

What she couldn't even fathom was how DJ couldn't even figure it out. When she was in her first trimester, even the most delectable scents that he would create with his cooking would make her nauseous. To even top that, he was a doctor. Well, a physical therapy intern. But, he was still in the medical field.

Not one friend figured it out. But she was sure that at least one of them would tonight. One, because the zipper on her dress almost popped as she tried to zip it up; two, tonight was probably the biggest night for getting drunk and she wouldn't even take a sip of champagne. Finally, Geoff would probably get a little tipsy, or completely hammered and let it slip out.

Bridgette just prayed that her husband wouldn't do anything stupid and let their little secret get out.

The Confusing…

'You best be going to this party tonight, I need someone to keep me sane, we've only just left and Court's already driving me nuts!'

Gwen smirked at the text message she had just received from Duncan, this was just one of the many messages she received from him on a daily basis, it was normally about Courtney driving him mad and needing some words of wisdom to keep him level headed.

It was always Gwen that Duncan seemed to turn to, why? Because they used to be in a relationship, and they understood each other, years ago they used to be in a relationship, but then they both realized something, they were in love, but it wasn't the love that meant that they should be together, in fact Duncan had confessed to Gwen that he felt awkward kissing her, like he was kissing his sister or something, that led to their break up, however the two still remained good friends and nothing would change that.

Not even Courtney's attitude towards Gwen.

Ever since the day she found out that the two cheated on her, Courtney had slowly managed to forgive Duncan, but Gwen was another story, she still had a huge grudge against the Gothic girl, and both she and Duncan knew that it was going to take a while for her to come around again.

Still, she knew why Courtney was so angry with her, and to be honest she didn't blame her, in fact she kind of regretted it, but would Courtney believe her if she told her this? Probably not!

She started typing a new message out on her phone to answer to Duncan, she knew that Courtney had a slight incline that they had started talking to each other again and she knew it was probably making her pretty mad, but did she care? They were friends, and if she wasn't happy with that then it was her problem.

'Don't worry, I'm about to leave now, I'll be there in a few minutes, hang in there!'

Just as she sent the message she grabbed her bag on the table and looked back in the mirror to make sure she looked decent enough to go outside, she was dressed in a short, ripped black dress with laced fingerless gloves; her usual black chocker was attached to her neck and her comfortable boots on her feet.

After this she pulled on a coat and grabbed her car keys and headed out the door, she pulled open the car door to her midnight blue car and placed the key in her ignition.

She loved her car, she had it ever since she learnt to drive and refused to buy another car until this one either exploded or was smashed beyond repair, it was a small two door car that had scratches all over it, still it ran like a beauty and Gwen couldn't imagine having any other car.

In fact she nicknamed it 'Old Faithful' because it always seemed to get her around, however, 'Old Faithful' wasn't a fan of winter weather and today was particularly icy and cold, she knew it was going to take a while to get her old car starting.

She turned on the ignition to let her car warm up for a few minutes but unfortunately nothing happened, so she tried again, her car made an angry stuttering noise and refused to come alive.

Swearing angrily, Gwen paused for a second before starting again, but no matter how many times she tried to start her car, it refused.

Gwen angrily leant her head back on the seats with a sigh; she had guessed that she wouldn't be at Bridgette's in a few minutes because of her stupid car not working.

She climbed out of her car and contemplated her options, she could always call a mechanic to try and sort out her car, but then again, it could just be a case of it not starting because of the weather, and she didn't feel like paying out $200 dollars because of that.

Then she thought about getting a lift, she knew that she couldn't call out Bridgette or Geoff to come and get her because they were the hosts of the party and couldn't leave, plus they'd probably be too busy sucking face to do anything else.

Then she thought of Duncan, he was also out of the question because he had Courtney in his car, and that was just a fight waiting to happen if she called him to come get her too.

She tried to wrack her brains to think of who else that would be going that she wouldn't mind sharing a car with for a few minutes, she wasn't too sure if LeShawna was going or not and she didn't want to bother in case she wasn't going and she knew that sharing a car with Cody would give the poor guy false hopes, plus she was sure that Sierra would be hanging around and she didn't want to be involved in a fight with her tonight.

As she carried on thinking of who else she could get a lift of, she didn't notice a car driving by and the proceeding to stop when the driver saw her sitting in her driver, looking puzzled.

Trent was the driver of that car, he was also on his way to the party and had noticed Gwen sitting outside what must be her house looking miserable, he immediately climbed out of his car and called over to her.

"Gwen! You ok?" He asked kindly as she looked up at him and smiled.

"Trent?" Gwen asked, a little surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"On my way to Bridgette and Geoff's party" He explained, "I take it your on your way there too?" He asked noting her dress.

"Yes…but my stupid car won't start" Gwen moaned as she got up from the ground.

"That's crap" Trent said gently, "Hey…you need a ride?"

Gwen looked up at him and smiled, "You know what? That would be great!"

Trent escorted her over to his car and opened the door for her before jumping in himself; she started up his car and drove away.

Gwen had in fact kept in touch with Trent too, just as a friend though, despite that she knew that Trent really wanted something to happen between them both, but he knew that she just didn't feel the same way.

The truth was, Gwen never fell out of love with him, when they broke up her feelings were just buried deep under a pile of doubt and confusion, and now, shearing a car with him all those feelings that she once buried were trying to burst out.

Maybe tonight would be a good night for her after all…

On the so-so…

DJ checked his watch for what seemed like the millionth time. The party started in twenty minutes, and he and his fiancé lived twenty miles away. They should've left at least fifteen minutes ago. But no, she had to change her outfit for the fourth time so they wouldn't match; but so that they will be complimentary. She'd been getting ready since that afternoon. You'd think that she would have had this planned out by now. She had his laid out undershirt, cufflinks, every last detail. Why couldn't she do the same for herself?

"Baby, I'm sure you look good. Can we just get ready to go now? We have to pick up Katie, remember?" He yelled from outside of her massive walk-in-closet that was intended to be an office. She finally opened the door and his draw dropped. He wasn't as frustrated as he was earlier once he saw what she was wearing.

Her hair was braided and pulled into a bun. Makeup was flawless as always accenting her almond eyes and full lips. A long-sleeved olive toned silk dress caressed every curve and stopped at her lower thigh. Her already supermodel length legs were elongated by a pair of nude patent leather designer five-inch heels. She looked absolutely fabulous. "Deej, you have to realize that you can't rush perfection. And, fashion-wise I am perfection." Heather stated as she grabbed a trench coat off of the coast rack in her closet.

"Why are we picking up Katie anyway? She has a car doesn't she?" Heather bitterly asked as she set the alarm. DJ rolled his eyes, and sighed. Katie was a receptionist at the doctor's office DJ worked at. So, when she received an invitation to the Turner's New Year's party that DJ was also invited to, he innocently offered to carpool with her. Let's just say that Heather wasn't too thrilled with the idea.

DJ was so nice and sweet, that he could be oblivious to other people being overly nice and sweet; like Katie. She was always nicer and sweeter to him than anyone else in the office. Heather knew she was, she knew why too. Katie had a little crush on him. It's understandable. He is an attractive young man, inside and out. But, he has a fiancé and Heather was not going to let her forget that.

"Just be nice." DJ said as he passed Heather his delicious Tomato pâté. She quickly placed the container on the floorboard, and intertwined her fingers with her fiancé's free hand. She lightly ran her fingernails over his knuckles. DJ furrowed his brows. Why was she being so touchy-feely? Heather wasn't one for public displays of affection, and public was anywhere outside of their loft. Heather noticed his look of confusion, and snatched her hand away.

Heather huffed. "I was just trying to show some affection." Truly she was. Heather was just trying to put her New Year's resolution it to swing. Her resolution was to be sweeter to DJ; she was going to be with him for the rest of his life. So she would have to be sweeter and not as well… bitchy.

He smiled at her and grabbed her hand again, intertwining their fingers. "I'm sorry baby." She hummed. He turned into an apartment complex, and pulled out his cell phone. Heather heard a muffled yet chipper voice from the receiver. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, she disliked Katie's voice. It was one of the many things that made her dislike Katie.

Now, note that she didn't hate her. She just disliked her. Katie was just so adorable and cute like a kitten. Like a little kitten with claws that could steal your man. Heather shook the negative thoughts. "Heather you are a panther; you are the queen of the jungle. You can destroy any little sex kitten that comes in you or your man's path." She thought out loud.

"What?" DJ exclaimed with a look of complete and utter shock on his face. Heather turned beet red and shook her head. Her fiancé looked at her as if she had a large growth on the side of her head. She would have been preparing to chew him out for looking at her like that, but she was too preoccupied looking at someone else.

Katie. Heather watched as the headlights made her soft pink iridescent shine like a disco ball. Even though the dress had to be from a chain boutique and cost less than forty dollars, it was flattering; even cute.

Heather primped and preened as she got closer, and entered the car. She had to look better than her. "Hi DJ! Hi Heather!" Katie greeted her voice like a small songbird's. She thanked the couple for giving her a ride. She then went into some pick spiel on how her roommate's car was in the shop and how he had to borrow hers.

"So Heather, What are you going to for your New Year's resolution?" Katie innocently asked as she bobby pinned her curled hair. Heather looked over to her fiancé with a devious twinkle in her eye.

She let go of DJ's hand and suggestively grabbed his thigh. "I'm going to be better to my future husband."

Katie noticed where Heather's hand was. Tension grew thick in the air. The less dominant of the two women could barely muster a "that's nice", but she did. DJ just rolled his eyes as he approached the Turner's subdivision.

He just looked over to his right, then into his rear-view mirror. "This is going to be a long night."

The slightly worrying…

Cody, meanwhile was also ready to go to the New Year's celebrations, however he was terrified on leaving his house.

Normally he would have no problems and would be set and not had a care in the world, however, ever since a certain someone realized that he was going to the party as well he had feared for his life.

Sierra had found out from Geoff that Cody was attending tonight and needless to say she was very excited about it, so much she had somehow gotten a hold of his number and sent him countless amounts of texts and calls asking him what he was wearing, when was he leaving and most importantly, could she kiss him at midnight?

Cody was terrified, yes Sierra had helped him years ago but as soon as the show ended her stalker ways returned and begged him to come and stay with her instead of returning to his family and then proceeding to follow him and call his family for information about his whereabouts.

Cody was worried that she knew where he lived now and kept on nervously poking his head out the window to see if she was waiting outside for him.

After realizing that it was safe he breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed the jacket that he was wearing and walked out of the house and towards his car, all the while he kept checking over his shoulder and making sure that no one was around that might jump on him.

He heated doing this, it was like he was a convicted criminal being stalked by the police, he really did enjoy attention from girls, just not Sierra, she took it to a new level and most importantly, she wasn't Gwen, the one true woman that he actually liked in this world.

He sighed, he knew that he would never have a shot with Gwen in his life, she had too many suitors to even notice him, it was a pain but I was life, and he just had to man up and deal with it.

He unlocked his car door and slowly climbed into his car; he placed his jacket on the back seat and started his car.

"Finally! You know I was starting to wonder when you were going to leave!"

Cody jumped out of his skin when he heard a familiar voice, biting his lip she slowly turned his head and saw Sierra smiling at him, "W-what are you doing in my CAR!" He screeched loudly, causing Sierra to smirk.

"Oh, Cody!" Sierra purred as she stroked his chest, "You never replied to my messages, I thought something terrible had happened to you so I took it upon myself to make sure that you were ok, I followed you here this morning when you went to work and hid in your car".

"But…I locked my car!" Cody protested.

Sierra proudly held up a small hair pin, "You know, I didn't think this would work, but it did! It unlocked as soon as I pushed this into it!"

Cody frowned, 'has Sierra been taking lessons from Duncan or something?' he thought to himself as he shook his head and drove out of his driveway.

"Now that you're here…I take it you want a lift to the party?"

Sierra smiled, "I thought you'd never ask" She whispered sweetly as she lay her head on Cody's shoulder, causing him to wince slightly.

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