Go well by planet p

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Sometimes, the hardest things to see, are those clearest to others looking in, from the outside. In this way, it was nearly impossible for me to see, how you'd been a friend from the beginning, how you'd stuck by me and watched me grow, feeling proud and sad and happy, all at once.

I didn't see how much you loved me, and I took so long to admit, to myself, that I loved you just as much, but now you're gone I see what I didn't then, and I know you weren't the only one who grew up.

Nowadays, I feel better to know that you're still out there, somewhere, in the universe, even if it's not here on Earth, finding joy in the marvel of things, and I've come to see one other thing. I always had friends, there was always people who cared, only I was so wrapped up in the old me that the new me didn't even have a chance to know it.

I'll try that now; I'll try to be me and to see that people do change, just as the passing of time happens to us all, and it's not such a bad thing. It's called life and it's often the greatest gift of all, just to hold it, for a moment, in your grasp, and hold it close to your beating heart.

I still miss you, but I'm not unhappy for it. We had good times together, and for that, I want to say, just this moment, Thank you.

And I miss you.

Go well.