A/N: So, there's not much to say about this story, other than it is yet another fic focused on Whatsername's true identity. I know that RENT takes place in the 80s and AI takes place now, so you'll have to excuse the time paradox.

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It was Christmas Eve, and the power was out, leaving her nothing to do but struggle to push back the memories. It had been months since Johnny left, but it still hurt. She wondered what he was doing, if his Christmas was going as bad as hers. Probably not, she thought. I don't think he has a jackass landlord that shuts off the power on Christmas Eve.

She knew that she should stop thinking about him, should at least try to move on with her life. That Roger from the loft above seemed sweet, and, better yet, had never shown any signs of, what should we call it, 'psychotic tendencies.' Yeah, that pretty much described what went on with Johnny. And there she goes again, thinking about Johnny. She needed something to keep her occupied so she wouldn't think of him. And Roger was kind of cute . . .

No, she couldn't do that. Use him like that. Then again, she didn't have to actual start anything with him. She could just talk to him, as a friend, and maybe if there was anything there . . .

Well, she should probably decide soon, because she had the perfect opportunity to talk to him available. The power was out, she had a candle she needed to light. She could just walk up there, ask for a light, introduce herself. It was the perfect plan, now she just had to decide if she actually wanted to talk to him or not.

And there was so much to think about. What if it didn't work? What if she got hurt again? Would it really be worth it? She tried to shake the thoughts from her head. It's now or never, she thought. We'll just take it slow. Start out friends. Yeah, that'll work. She grabbed a candle a candle and dashed up the stairs. When she got to the door, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Roger opened the door, and she smiled and asked, "Gotta light?"

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