A fire year-old Beyond stared blankly and coldly at the two story house in front of him.

The house was the color of a lime green. Too bright for his liking. The house was located just beside a beautiful landscape in north London with spine-chilling woods sitting just meters beside it. His family was quite wealthy due to the fact on the house's condition and reference point.

Beyond sighed and shook his head in a disappointed manner and looked down at the three jugs of gasoline that sat silently before him. A smirk crossed his lips as he walked towards one of the jugs and grabbed the nearest one and flicking the tap open.

"...Seems like this house is no more..." he chuckled, walking towards the house and staring at it before shrugging slightly and spilling the jugs's contests towards the wooden wall, making sure he hit the side perfectly full with the toxin. Once the jug was empty, Beyond smirked and threw the empty jug at a random direction and walked back to get another gasoline filled jug and proceeding to do the same thing to the back of the large house.

Once he was satisfied, Beyond grabbed the last jug ran around the house joyfully while gasoline spilled around his tracks.

"Kyahaha!" Beyond laughed, reaching into his wet jean's pocket and retrieving a match. He stopped for a moment to take off his gasoline stained gloves; he didn't want to get burnt to death, now did he? Beyond threw the gloves towards the large house and flicked the match a light.

Beyond stared at the flame with a devilish smirk playing on his lips before glancing at the soon to be destroyed house.

"Goodbye old timer." he giggled before throwing the match towards the house and falling backwards as the house immediatley turned a flame in a matter of seconds.

He stared at the burning house for a matter of minutes when he suddently heard a piercing scream coming from inside of it.

"...Goodbye Mum..." he whispered before standing up and running towards he woods just beside his burning house and running, running, and running until his legs gave out.

"I never did like the color of my house..." Beyond chuckled.

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