"Could you give us a minute to talk?" Peter asked the very peeved looking nurse who nodded tersely and left them alone. "Livia, you need to take the pain meds. Your body needs a break from the pain so it can focus on healing and resting."

"They'll make me groggy and if something happens I won't be able to react quickly enough," Olivia was adamant with her arms crossed.

"I'm not leaving your side and once the doctors are finished giving Evan a look over they'll bring her here to stay with us. You need to trust that I can protect you both," Peter gave her a pleading look that softened Olivia's straight mouth to a soft frown.

"You know I trust you, but if you know me at all you know how hard that request is for me to accept," Olivia said softly, sounding as if she was already giving in and just talking for the formality of it.

"I know, sweetheart," Peter sighed, cradling her face in his hand. "Just for today and tomorrow, then you can deny all sorts of medical advice."

Olivia bit her lower lip before nodding unhappily. Peter poked his head out the door for only a few seconds before he returned and the peeved nurse followed him. Olivia felt fortunate that the pain meds would be given intravenously because the look on the nurse's face said she wanted to jab Olivia hard with the needle. The drug took affect fairly quickly and only ten minutes passed before the room began to darken around the edges. For a moment, Olivia blindly threw her arms out as panic took her, but then she felt Peter catch her hand and kiss her cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere," Peter whispered to her as she finally allowed the darkness to swallow her.


Olivia woke to the sounds of Peter talking in a slightly childish voice and when she rolled her head to face him, her heart almost melted on the spot. Peter was cradling Evan who was wrapped in a soft pink blanket with a green colored beanie with cows on it. He appeared to be telling her all about their home and the lab and Evan was enraptured by his every word. They were about to move onto a new topic when Peter glanced up and saw she was awake.

"Hey there," Peter said softly, giving her a happy grin.

"Hi," Olivia responded, her voice a little rough from sleep.

"I think someone is pretty hungry if you're feeling up for it," Peter said, nodding his head down to Evan.

"Of course," Olivia smiled.

"Great," Peter said, standing up and then carefully setting the baby into her arms. "Let's just call the nurse so she can help this first time around."

"Sounds like a good idea," Olivia said, cradling her baby to her, unable to take her eyes from the dark green orbs that stared back at her. "Hi there baby girl."

The baby cooed back and Olivia giggled happily. Their baby was perfection in every sense of the word and she'd never hear a word otherwise.

"I hear someone is ready to give nursing a try," a robust woman entered the room all smiles and sunshine and Olivia was grateful the other nurse wasn't still around.

"Yeah, I think so," Olivia responded.

"Alright, I'll take this gorgeous girl from you so you can undo the buttons on your smock and we'll give it a go," the nurse said, gently lifting Evan from Olivia's arms so she could follow the instructions. Bashfully, Olivia undid the buttons and before she lost her nerve, exposed her left breast to the room and its three other occupants. "K, here she is. Now, just get the baby comfortable and let her mouth brush up against the nipple… and there she goes."

Evan hungrily sucked at her mother and both Peter and Olivia stared at her in awe.

"It feels so weird…" Olivia wrinkled her nose as she stared down at her baby.

"When she fills up we'll let daddy, here, burp her," the nurse said, watching both baby and mother carefully. "Sometimes she'll fall asleep as she's eating and you'll just raise her up to be burped and then let her sleep. She seems to be pretty wide awake at the minute though."

Olivia nodded as she continued to gaze into the wide green eyes that matched her own so well. "I think she has your nose, Peter," Olivia smiled.

"God help her," Peter chuckled. "I was hoping she would be all you. Of course then I have to worry about beating the boys away as she gets older so maybe it would be best if she looked more like me."

Olivia chuckled, accidently loosening her nipple from the baby's mouth. Evan didn't take too kindly to her interruption and latched on with vengeance. "My, she is a hungry girl."

Ten minutes later and Evan finally slowed to a stop, looking sleepy but very happy.

"Alright daddy, your turn," the nurse said, nudging Peter closer to Olivia.

Peter carefully lifted her after throwing a burp cloth over his shoulder and let the nurse walk him through a burping instructional. Evan only spit up once onto the cloth and Olivia tried not to laugh at the grossed out look on Peter's face. Finally the baby was already in and out of sleep as Peter rocked her.

"You two did a very good job," the nurse said honestly. "I believe there were quite a few people out there who are interested in seeing you if you're ready."

Peter looked at Olivia, letting her make the call and she nodded. The nurse smiled and left them alone only for Walter, Astrid, Rachel, and Ella to pile in the room after.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged as they each took their turns with Olivia and Evan, all trying to keep the noises down so the baby could sleep.

"She's absolutely stunning, Olivia," Walter gushed, his eyes tearing up again. "I'm sorry I just can't seem to get over that, but she's so beautiful, just like her mother."

"Thank you, Walter," Olivia blushed.

"She's so small, aunt Liv!" Ella said in awe as she stared wide eyed at the baby.

"You were once that small too," Rachel smiled down at Ella. "How big is she?"

"7lbs 6oz and 21 inches long," Peter answered.

"She's going to be tall like her daddy," Olivia added with a wide smile.

"It's so cute to watch you two do the mushy talk!" Rachel almost squealed, bouncing in her excitement.

Olivia and Peter rolled their eyes but smiled.

"So Peter is the real dad then?" Rachel asked carefully, not wanting to upset her sister.

"Yes," Olivia said easily, her eyes stuck on the sight of Ella cradling Evan. The older girl was talking to the baby and telling her stories from school and Evan seemed to sleep through it pretty well.

"But how?" Rachel trailed off, unsure of how much details to ask about.

"We were both kidnapped by a group of scientist that needed Olivia to be pregnant for their task and so they took some of my… stuff, and now we have Evangeline," Peter explained quietly and quickly.

Rachel nodded, understanding and yet not, but she didn't want to question them too much when this was meant to be a happy day for the couple. Eventually Rachel and Ella filed out to go home, waving sad goodbyes to the remaining group. Ella was especially put out that she wouldn't get to hang out with her new cousin until the next day. Once they were gone, Astrid cleared her throat.

"Broyles has given me a message," Astrid said with a small grin. "He sends his congratulations and demands you take it easy for the next few months – or as well as you can with a newborn. He also has a safe house set aside – "

"No!" Both Peter and Olivia said at once, sharing a nervous glance.

"We've been in hiding for long enough," Peter continued.

"And I just want to go home to raise our baby," Olivia finished. "I'm tired of running and hiding."

"He said you'd say that," Astrid grinned. "To that he said if you are as stubborn as you usually are, then he'll put a set of guards on your place until they can find out who's behind this."

Peter and Olivia nodded that this would be acceptable and they all started talking about plans to go back to Boston.

"Do you think we could live with you and Walter?" Olivia asked after they started to quiet down.

"Of course you can, in fact I was trying to think of way to coerce you into staying with us without having to kidnap you," Peter beamed happily.

"Glad I could make your life that much easier," Olivia laughed.

Their conversation was interrupted when Evan started to fuss and whimper.

"Probably needs a change of diaper by now," Peter commented, his face screwing up in disgusted anticipation. "I'm really looking forward to when you get to help with this part."

Olivia chuckled at him and watched him prepare for the task at hand. For a second she couldn't take her eyes away from father and daughter. He clearly adored the baby before him despite the faces of disgust crossing his features. Olivia couldn't put into words just how lucky she felt and her eyes welled with tears for a few seconds until Astrid broke the silence.

"I'll go tell Broyles he news," Astrid said looking slightly grim. "To be honest I'm happy you won't go into hiding because then I wouldn't get to spend time with that gorgeous baby."

"Thanks Astrid," Olivia smiled warmly at the junior agent.

"So how about we break you out of here or something?" Astrid asked with a grin.

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