Word Count: 427

A/N: I couldn't help doing one for Rodney and Dani's latest chapter helped this idea pop into my head.

Rodney's Resolution

"I don't think I can do this anymore," Rodney pouted as he pulled on his base jacket.

Jennifer laughed as she pulled him in for a quick kiss, "You are doing a good job so far."

"Hardly," he rolled his eyes. "Radek asked me if I was on drugs yesterday. I was this close to letting it all go. Losing it completely."

"But you didn't," she rewarded him with another kiss.

"Remind me of why I am doing this? How you talked me into this?" Rodney acted like a spoiled child.

"You know why," Jennifer reminded him with a gentle look.

The scientist straightened his jacket, "Yes. A new year. A new Rodney McKay. I'll have you know my staff thinks I've gone crazy. They are waiting for me to yell. It's been a whole week and I've not yelled at one person. Do you know that someone nearly cut off my finger yesterday? My finger could have been cut off by that ream of paper."

The physician rolled her eyes, "How far did it fall from you?" She was used to his over dramatics.

"A foot. A whole foot."

"My poor baby," Jennifer patted Rodney's cheek.

"I won't be your baby for long," Rodney said with a smirk before leaving to start his day.

It was another three days before Rodney totally lost his temper when a lab tech dropped a piece on ancient technology on his foot, breaking two toes on the department head's left foot. The frustration of playing nice for a week and half bubbled over and the young tech was on the receiving end of a rant to end all rants. There were enough curses and insults to make even the raunchiest sailor blush.

Ten minutes later Rodney was in the infirmary with his foot propped up and John laughing as he stood next to his friend. "Yeah, laugh it up," he groaned in pain.

Sheppard shook his head, "All this niceness was part of a New Year's resolution you made with your girlfriend? You are so whipped, McKay."

"There is a good reason for it."

"What did she promise you?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter. Jennifer and I had a long talk and thought it would be in everyone's best interest that I learned to control my temper. That if I couldn't deal with the incompetent people in my department, how was I going to deal with messes a baby would make," Rodney said with a sheepish grin.

"Baby?" John tried not to laugh.

"By the end of July."