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Days passed slowly, and Joel couldn't wait any longer. It wasn't like her to be this excited over something so little, but it had been her first date in over five months and she actually might have liked Monte. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday brought Monte and Joel closer together and when Friday finally rolled around, and Joel was extremely excited and in the waitress's quarters changing into the outfit Rae and herself picked out for the night. Monte had left five minutes earlier and it was now Joel's job to meet him at Starbucks. She stumbled down the hallway with her huge high heels on and made it to her silver Punch-buggy. She pulled into the Starbucks parking lot less then two minutes after she left the restaurant. When she got out, Monte was sitting at an outdoor table waiting for her. Joel stumbled over to the table and sat down. Joel hoped that it was Monte behind the coffee menu and not some scary look-alike stranger. She tried to look around the brown, leather menu to see his face, but he kept moving it. He finally put the menu down and showed himself. When he looked, as Rae predicted, his eyes grew wide and a goofy smile spread across his face.

"You look….stunning!" he exclaimed.

"Thank you, that shirt is nice too." she replied.

An awkward silence fell amongst the conversation. Joel noticed Monte's eyes. They were two different shades of blue and each was just amazing in their own way.

"So, what are you going to order?" He asked.

"Hmm…maybe just coffee. What about you?"

"Me too."

After the waiter came and brought the coffee, Monte and Joel continued their deep conversations. Monte asked Joel questions about herself and she thought she was really beginning to like him. They sat at the small table for hours and hours enjoying themselves, it was the perfect first date Joel thought. She thought unfortunately wrong.

"Joel, I want my green card."

She gave him a silly look and gestured to continue what he was saying.

"Your only here because I want my green card. Did you really think I liked you?" he asked.

That was the last straw. Joel stood up and grabbed her purse. She felt taken advantage of and stupid. Joel wanted to say something so bitter that he would cry, but she knew no grown man cried. Joel grabbed her coffee cup and splashed the contents all over Monte, and then she stomped off to her car. It was dark and Joel couldn't see a thing. She was almost to the front of the car, when a hand grabbed her forearm and pulled her forward.

"What was that!" Monte screamed angrily.

Joel pushed away and screamed back. "Get off of me you slimy pig! I guess everyone was right, you just use girls to get what you want! Well, guess what Monte, if that is your real name… I'm not falling for your stupid game. You may think this hurts, but I have been used so many times before this! Sorry you didn't get the reaction you wanted!"

Monte didn't want to get physical, but this girl pushed his buttons like no other. He gently pushed her onto the hood of the car.

"Listen to me," he hissed. "I need money and I need it fast. I can't go back to London because I am caught in the middle of a nasty bet. If I go back, I could be killed! I have a plan and you are going to help me weather you like it or not Miss. Were going to Atlantic City and were going to rob some casinos. Give me your keys, put you hand in this side of the handcuffs, and get in the car!"

Joel tried to wiggle out of his grip, but he held on to her arms tightly. His grip was so tight that she could feel her muscles about to burst.

"I'm not going with you! Get off of me, your hurting me!" she squealed.

Monte let go and Joel ran for Starbucks again. Monte ran up behind her and hoisted her over his shoulder and marched back to the car. He put her right hand in the one end of the handcuff, and locked the other side on the hand rail by the passenger seat window. He rummaged through her purse and pulled out a set of keys and started the car.

"Let's go to A.C.!" he cried happily as he pulled out of the parking lot.

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