Makos Message: This story came about from some random occurrence and a joke from Team Four Stars Dragoball Z Abridged series combining. It will feature things from both the movie and the comic, though I haven't actually read the damn thing yet(I'm working on fixing that), so forgive me if I get some things wrong. Also, this is not intended to be some sort of "prediction" of what will be in the second movie, though, there will be some inspiration from the sequel comic(since I have read the first issue of that. ), and should be considered an alternate universe. That said, please enjoy the story, and feel free to let me know what you like, what you don't, and why.

Life is different now.

Marcus is a great guy and he's doing his best to be a father, but he takes me seriously when I ask for a MovieStar Make-Over Sasha. It's sitting on a shelf by my bed. She looks whore-tastic.

But it's…kinda nice actually. I'm not sore all the time from training five hours a day, I can actually have friends come over, hell, I can have friends. Don't get me wrong, I never really tried to have friends before, I didn't even really like a lot of people. They just seemed so pathetic. Petty concerns and whining over little things while I was taking down mob bosses.

That's over now. We got our revenge, cleaned up the streets a bit and… Okay, I got beat the fuck up that last day. Even when Daddy was chasing me around with a baseball bat to train my reflexes and evasive maneuvers he never hit me more than twice in a row. After that I was ready to hang it up. I mean, mission fucking accomplished, time for me to get my happy ending, right?

I'm not sure I'm happy though. Obviously I still miss daddy, and as unconventional and dangerous as our life was, it was fun. The first week was easy, and I could talk to Dave at school. Yeah, Junior-High and High-School in the same building, who knew? But after that first week I just felt lazy without a few dozen push ups and sit ups under my belt.

Marcus didn't mind, but you could tell he'd rather I was working the TV remote than the speed bag.

I ended up spending a lot of time with Dave. As much as I wanted to try and make some normal friends, I wasn't normal, and Dave was the only person I could relate to anymore. Not having my daddy around anymore made me realize how normal I'm not. Other kids don't talk like I do, other kids can't even take a punch without crying, other kids have an almost idealized view of the world, even the bad ones. They haven't seen the real monsters in this world. Not like I have. I kind of envy them for that.

It just makes me want to sharpen my knives, put on my costume and go looking for muggers.

With Dave.