Mako's Message: So…been awhile huh? Only thing I can say to that is for most of December and the end of November I had a truly horrible cold and was so hopped up on cold medication I didn't know which way was up. And I realize this chapter isn't that long, but there's some fun stuff after it.

Well. Chris may have fucked us all over.

That little stunt of his on New Years Eve has the whole country debating putting New York under martial law.

Guess Dave was right when he was saying that Chris doesn't think about this shit. Bombing Times Square when the whole fucking country is watching it on live TV? What the fuck did he think was going to happen? And it looks like he was right about the government just coming in and bombing the fuck out of wherever Chris was living if he kept this shit up.

Not that I wouldn't mind watching that.

Marcus actually seems happy about this for some reason. Not sure why. I mean, sure, it'd pretty much keep me at home since the military would be just as eager to have me in cuffs as they would the Cunts. (Apparently I'm not that popular with the law and order people outside of New York.) They obviously don't understand the situation. Not like the NYPD do. The few times I've been seen by a cop they didn't seem too eager to slap the cuffs on me.

But aside from that, I don't know why Marcus would be happy about this. It'd mean that this was too big for the cops(which is what I've been telling him for months) and the army had to step in.

I wish I could just focus on hunting Chris down in whatever little hole he's hiding in and emptying a clip into his head. But I've gotta keep up the whole school thing. If nothing else so Marcus doesn't get in trouble. He's really put up with a lot of shit from me so far, and then he goes and gives me a sweet ass car, so the least I can do is make sure he doesn't have people calling him because I'm missing school or my grades tart slipping.

Cheerleading though. Fuck. God I wish I never had gotten into that. Sure, it can be fun, and being able to walk around school on games days in my uniform is nice... Well. It would be if Dave took any notice of it. But it's just another obligation to fill and I really don't need to catch crap from Cameron or Tashaya for skipping practices on top of everything else and I REALLY don't have time for this competition.

So, as always, the only solution is to put Chris in the ground as soon as fucking possible.

Easier said than done apparently.

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Contest: Mindy Vs Bed Rest

In five thousand(5,000) words or less, write a story about Mindy being put on bed rest. This can be for any reason; illness, injury, surgery, pregnancy,whatever you can come up with and can be of any genre. It does not have to have anything to do with Precocious Crush or be posted on . Itmust be submitted by 11:59 EST January31, 2013 via PM containing a link to the story or the story itself to be eligible to win.

The Prize: A fanfic of your choice written by yours truly. It can even be a non-Kick-Ass fic(provided I'm familiar with the source material). The only limit is that it can not spoil the ending of Precocious Crush.

Precocious Crush: The Soundtrack

This has taken some effort to put together and keep to reasonable length. It's not perfect, but If you think about it, some of these can also function as teasers.

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

Faint –Linkin Park

Devour – Shinedown

Into The Night – Santana Feat. Chad Kroeger

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Burn It To The Ground – Nickleback

Away From Me – Puddle of Mudd

Gives You Hell – The All American Rejects

Hot – Avril Lavigne

Sucked In – Jerk

War – Sick Puppies

Going Down – Sick Puppies

Spitfire - The Prodigy

My Happy Ending – Avril Lavigne

Schizophrenic Conversations - Staind

So What – Pink

What The Hell – Avril Lavigne

It's Not Over – Daughtry

Stromata – Charlotte Martin