I am SO FUCKING HAPPY right now... but the more I think about what just happened the weirder it seems. And kinda worrying.

But that can wait for another time because today is the best day ever! Until I finally get to fuck Dave than this will be the SECOND best day ever. Probably. This might still be better. Depends on how good it is. Because I swear I fucking came when I saw Chris's brains splatter on the concrete.

The Bastard in Black is still out there though.

I have no idea what his deal is though. He's obviously had it out for Chris, but who is he working for? Either nobody knows shit about him or none of them are willing to say.

Or we just haven't found the people that do.

I'm worried the whole thing was a set up though.

SOMEONE tipped us off to watch that dock. And while I'm always happy to get a good lead, "Watch the Whitcooper docks," from an unknown source is kinda sketchy.

But we kept our eyes on it and it didn't take long before things started exploding.

One of the boats literally exploded.

I really wish I could find a grappling hook like Batman's. It would make shit like last night so much easier. But everything I've ever found is either too big to carry around or can't pull a person across a street fast enough to be worth anything. I might as well just have a normal grappling hook. Preferably with launcher. I should check with the guy who made the jetpack again, but the last time I asked him about he was all, "Why would you want something like that when you can fly?"

The point is it took way too damn long to get down from our roof and over to where the fight was.

I don't know if Alice would have wanted to do that though. She's fine with fighting people and tying up wounds while bullets are wizzing by her head, but she does NOT like zipplines or even rappeling.

Dr. Gravity would probably be willing to try it since he doesn't handle fire fights well but he still runs into them.

So the four of us went in with me in the lead and Dr. G bringing up the rear. I've gotten so used to beating people down that being in an almost pure gunfight was almost boring. Wait, shoot, move, shoot, shoot, wait, repeat. It was kinda nostalgic too though. Reminds me of when Dad and I would take out mob hideouts and drug deals.

Those only lasted a couple minutes at most though. This went on for what felt like for-ev-er.

It didn't help that I was doing most of the work. Dave only occasionally shot someone, mostly keeping an eye out and spotting guys for me, but he only carries a single load of ammunition and by the end of it even I had to starting taking guns from our enemies so I guess he can get a pass on that. I'm gonna have to make him carry something better than that little revolver and way more ammo from now on. This wasn't why I bought him it.

Alice doesn't carry a gun and has flat out said that she's not going to be more than support and immediate defense. Didn't stop her from taking a guy's gun and shooting another guy with it, but she still insisted it was just self defense.

Donald doesn't have an excuse. I'm not gonna let him leave the clubhuse next time without drilling him on gun handling and maybe even dragging him out to a range.

The only thing that seemed kinda off was that we didn't see any people that looked the usual bunch of cunts. Most of these guys were dressed...normally. Kinda nice even. And also that they were shooting at each other too. So there were at least three sides there. Again.

I mean, there were a few of the usual looking cunts towards the end but there were only a handful.

So, I think somebody finally found where Chris has been hiding himself and launched a full assault on him. I think that person tipped us off to what was going to happen. And I think that person is that grinning fucker in black.

I bet he thought we'd help him take out Chris and his goons and then he'd be able to kill us.

He wasn't entirely wrong either.

We tore through every person there who stood against us. Didn't matter if they had automatics, shotguns, handguns, or fucking two-by-fours. Every one the bastards tried to attack us and they died for it.

And then we found numbers One and Two on my hit list.

And to make it better they were fighting each other.

We couldn't immediately get to them though, because there was a security fence of some sort and a bunch of crates and shipping containers between us. I was going to try and shoot them through it all anyway, but Dave said "Hey, let's catch our breath. Let them kill each other for a bit."

And I didn't want to risk them getting away, but we couldn't chase them if they ran and they might have joined forces against us. So I decided Dave was right and we left Chris and the Bastard to cut pieces out of each other while we found a way around to them.

It didn't take us long to get around to them, but by the time we did the fight was basically over. It probably would have been over long before we got there but it was pretty obvious the bastard was toying with the fucker. He was standing there, maybe a dozen feet from Chris, who looked like he was going to collapse if a breeze came up.

But Chris yelled, "I'm not letting you take this from me!" anyway.

The bastard started chuckling, almost broke into full out laughter but I could tell he pulled himself back, "I don't see you having a say in this."

Chris yelled, "Fuck you!" and charged him.

Bastard just walked up to meet him, did a little twirl step around him and stabbed him with a reverse thrust. It might sound impressive but with the condition Chris was in Angela could have made it look just as easy.

So Bastard just stood, twisted the blade, and then yanked it right back out of him and started casually cleaning the blade off before Chris even hit the ground.

Seeing that made me almost as happy as I've ever been. With some jealousy for not being the one who did it on the side.

We stepped out in the open and I said, "Thanks for taking care of a problem for us."

He bowed and said, "It was a pleasure." Then he looked up at us, smirking, and said, "I see some more problems to take care of though."

I raised my guns and said, "Funny, I only see one."

He stood back and raised his sword, "Do you really think you can hit me before I get to you?"

Dave aimed his gun at him too and said, "One of us will." Then, like she suddenly remembered she had one, Alice took aim too.

Gravity just moved further behind us.

We were both waiting for the other to make the first move, edging towards making it ourselves.

Then Grey Guard came around the corner behind him with his bow at full draw and launched an arrow at the bastard as soon as he saw him. But he hit it out of the air like he had some spider-sense bullshit. But since he wasn't looking at me now I shot him. Or I would have if HE DIDN'T HAVE SOME GODAMN SPIDER-SENSE BULLSHIT!

I mean, as far as reflexes go, I'm the fastest person I know. Except for maybe that amazon bitch, but she's fucking dead now. And The Guardian is pretty fast. The girl chris weaponized was about the same as me. Dave and Angela are also pretty fast and getting faster, but they're still noticeably slower than me. But this guy is fucking FAST. I just could not aim fast enough for him to still be there when I pulled the trigger.

But with the three of us shooting at him, plus Grey Guard's arrows, he wasn't able to do anything but retreat. But he retreated upward. He was able to move up the crates and shelving way too easily. Well, he did most of it behind cover so he didn't need to be stupid fast about it. And I guess I should be happy that the only way he could go was up, even if he did make it into the rafters.

Once he was up there I couldn't get anything remotely close to a clear shot. Maybe if I'd had something with a scope... Anyway, he was up there in the rafters and wires and above the lights so I could barely even see him. I think he noticed we couldn't follow his movements anymore because he stopped moving, and without the sound of his movement he dissapeared almost completely. And when he started talking it echoed so much it sounded like it came from everywhere.

"Well, that was fun. I think-" and then Grey Guard fired an arrow and it clattered and richocheted between beams for a minute and the bastard said, "Excuse me, I was talking." He waited a moment then said, "It's been fun, but I think we'll have to continue this another time."

And then he disappeared through a skylight.

I was about to try and follow him, but then Dave said, "Uh...what happened to Chris?"

And I looked down and, fuck me, Chris is gone. But there was a blood trail to follow so Dave and I followed it.

It went around some crates and down a hall of sorts, then outside and around the side of another building, and that's were we found him collapsed at the bottom of some steps.

"I'm almost impressed you made it this far," Dave said as we walked up.

Chris started trying to crawl up the steps again and said, "Fuck you."

I said, "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" and stomped on his foot.

He whipped his head around and started to talk but just coughed up blood. Then he tried again and said, "Get the fuck off me."

I laughed and said, "No," and stomped down on his foot again.

Then he yelled, "Let me GO!"

"Fuck no. You're not getting away from us ever again."

He started struggling to get away but he couldn't get his foot out from under mine. "It can't END like this!" he said, still trying to pull away, "I'm your" then he coughed up more blood, "Your arch-nemesis! This has to end in a," he choked, "a climactic battle! You can't just...fucking cherry pick me like this!"

Dave and I just looked at each other and he shrugged and said, "We're practical people. We'll take our victories where we can get them,"

Chris just glared at him between coughing fits.

Then I nudged Dave and handed him a gun, and we turned and executed him Boondock Saints style. But without the talking.

And nohing happened.

I mean, his brains splattered everywhere but other than that there was nothing. I don't know why I expected anything special. It just seemed strange we'd finally done it and trumpets didn't sound from the heavens.

Dave must've felt the same way because he looked at me, shrugged and went, "Bababa ba ba buh ba-ba-baa?"

And I started smiling, and then I started thinking that the fact nothing was happening was good. I meant this little shit was an even littler shit than I thought. Not a single fuck was given by the world that he didn't live any more. The silence was actually kind of like saying, "There is peace now".

But I couldn't keep silent for any longer and I screamed in joy and leapt onto dave and kissed him and then hugged his head and squealed like a girl at a Union J concert.

Dave put me down and said, "Whoa, Down girl. I'm happy too, but damn."

And that's when Alice and Dr. G came running over to check on us, but when they saw Chris they stopped and G was like, "Holy shit! Is that The Motherfucker?!"

I grinned and said, "It WAS The Motherfucker. Now it's just a pile of shit."

Then Alice chimed in with, "So it didn't actually change much."

Have I mentioned I love Alice?

And Gravity was like, "I can't believe you finally did it! Fucker had more lives than a cat!"

And Dave said, "Or a squirell"

Then Alice asked what we were going to do with him, and I had what I thought was a pretty good idea though Dave didn't agree with me. Apparently he didn't think walking up and dumping Chris's body on the steps of One Police Plaza like a fucking BOSS wasn't a good idea. And he's right. It was a fucking AWESOME idea.

He liked the idea in theory, but he was sure walking up to the NYPD HQ with the body of someone we killed would end badly for us and he refused to budge on it.

We ended up compromising on it. Basically doing what I wanted to do, but super low key. I let Alice and Gravity take my car back, while we put Chris in one of the abandoned cars around the port and drove it near a police station and then left it there with him still inside for them to find.

For some reason running away after leaving the car was super fun. I feel like it should have been the most boring part of the evening. After the stake out that is. But it was just...fun. I wanted to go up to a rooftop and make out with Dave and... I love it at the time but I hate how giggly I get at times like that looking back on it.

Especially because I feel like if I tried to kiss him he'd let me, but when I'm in those moods I want HIM to come up and kiss me. And like, pin me to the wall. And run his hands up me. And put one of my legs around his hips.

But he didn't, and I didn't try anything either, so it was a big old wasted opportunity. But it was still fun. And I'm SUPER happy about how things went. For the most part.

And now I'm home and trying to sleep but I can't sleep becaumse still so full of energy. I really need to though or I'm not going to be concious of anything that happens at school tomorrow. Today. And Dave said he had an idea for how we could celebrate later. So, here's hoping.

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