I had to step away from that for a week.

If I'm being honest Dave made me step away from it.

I was ready to kill both of them. Or just leave her with her piece of shit husband. I couldn't decide.

After we found that out I just couldn't think clearly. Dave took me out to dinner then we went home and watched action movies all night.

School was a bitch that day since I didn't sleep. But it was nice to have something I could focus on that wasn't…


No stakeouts that night, or patrols. No stake outs or patrols for the whole week actually. Lots of training though.

Cheer practice was a good distraction too. Really helped me put my brain power to something that wasn't… shit I didn't want to be thinking about.

So after some time to do other shit, think about it on my own...and talk to Dave...and Marcus about it I decided I was mad for the right reasons but at the wrong person. People.

So the husband dies.

And I'm going to send the wife a carefully worded letter.

Want to make sure she doesn't take this chance for granted. Cause it's not happening again.

Mako's Message: The delay on the last chapter was because I wasn't sure what to do with Mindy discovering the pregnancy. And after thinking on it for awhile I decided she didn't need to know what to do just then either. Ironically, making that decision made this chapter much easier to write. If you're wondering why I didn't know what to do with that before hand... it's because the scenario of the suicidal wife, abusive husband, and concerned mother was created by Lunabear at TheTaleFoundry. Her story inspired me...by which I mean awoke violent anger towards the husband. So I wrote this. And it wasn't until after I started writing that the similarities to Mindy's own birth hit me, at which point I knew I had to make this good. Hopefully I succeeded.

If you're interested in checking out the story, go to TheTaleFoundry dot com, search for the prompt "None Left", then scroll down till you see the story by Lunabear. There's a lot of great stories there, including one by myself. It's also a public group so you can feel free to submit stories if the group catches your fancy.

Now to figure out what to write next...