Draco Malfoy sat in a corner of the Astronomy tower with his legs hugged tightly to his chest, chin resting upon his knees. He contemplated the day's events.

His father had come up to the school to visit. He had dragged him to the large broom cupboard in the dungeons and cast silencing charms, as he always did.

"Please, don't" Draco remembered begging as his father removed his belt.

Lucius had laughed at his son.

"Sunken as low as to beg now have we Draco?" He had asked before requesting Draco to remove his shirt.

"Father." Draco had pleaded.

"NOW!" Lucius screamed, rage obvious in his eyes.

Trembling, Draco removed his shirt. No sooner had he dropped it to the ground the belt had struck him. He had not been expecting the first whip so soon and had screamed out in pain. His father laughed with satisfaction, whipping Draco with the belt a second time, then a third.

Draco did not recall how many times his father had whipped him, but he did remember when the belt finally stopped striking him. Draco could feel the welts on his back that the belt had left. He remembered his father's words as he left the cupboard, leaving Draco on the ground.

"You will never be good enough to be my son."

These words hit Draco like a slap round the face. He knew his father never considered him as a son, more of an inconvenience, but to hear the words said aloud had hurt.

Draco was now aware of tears running down his cheeks. He swore inwardly to himself for being so weak. He wiped his cheeks dry and reached down beside him, retrieving a kitchen knife. He held it in his hands for a while, staring at it.

"Just do it" He thought.

Draco rolled up the left sleeve of his robe and searched his arm for an area of skin not already covered in scars and cuts. He found some at the base of his wrist and placed the knife there. Pressing down just hard enough to slice the skin he drew the knife along his wrist to form one, long, cut. Dots of blood formed along the thin line, quickly merging into one. The blood began running down Draco's outstretched arm. He stared at it in awe for a minute before he got out his wand and stopped it. He didn't heal the cut, merely stopped the flow of blood. He always let the cuts heal the muggle way so that they would scar. He needed the scars to remind him that, no matter how good his grades were or how well he behaved, he would never be good enough.

He stared at his scar covered arm and became overwhelmed with different knowing what to do, Draco stood up quickly grabbing his hair and pulling it. His breathing was sharp and ragged. Draco's knees buckled from below him and he fell to the flaw in a heap, crying. He brought his hand to his mouth and bit down hard. He pulled his knees back to his chest in the foetal position and closed his eyes.

Hours or minutes later, Draco could not be sure, he heard footsteps climbing the stairs of the tower. Draco stood up quickly and rolled his sleeve down. The door opened.

His head of year stood in the doorway. They stared into each others eyes for a moment before Severus walked towards him.

"I was called to a disturbance up here," Snape said, glaring at Draco, "if you are that disturbance then so help me I will…"

He stopped speaking. Draco looked at the Professor, who was staring at Draco's left arm. Dreading what he was about to see, Draco looked down. The bottom of the sleeve on his robe was covered in dried blood which he had forgotten to clean. Draco felt what little colour in his face leave. Severus took a step towards the boy.

"Please don't hurt me!" Draco whimpered, bracing himself.

Severus paused for a second in shock.

"I'm not going to hurt you Draco." He said before reaching out and taking the boys arm.

Draco didn't struggle, he didn't have the energy. The professor pushed up the sleeve tentatively and looked at the trails of old scars and the overlapping trails of the new ones. He rolled Draco's sleeve back down and stared at the boy, so fragile and vulnerable. Sighing deeply, Severus let the boys arm drop to his side.

"Come with me Draco." He told the boy.

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