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Fake, Fake, Fake!

It was the best prank that Fai has ever thought of…it was also the last prank he will ever do for a long time. However in his opinion…it was well worth it.

It was during spring break in the Horitsuba Academy and Kurogane, the gym teacher was away on vacation (for one reason or another). However that made a very bubbly chemistry Teacher very sad…and bored. So after hours of just watching television, he came up with an idea.

He ran to the home computer and signed up on his account of Facebook.

He heard the door open as Yuui walked into the house with a few bags. "Hello? Brother, are you home?"

"I'm here~!" Fai called out as he was on the screen; checking for friend updates and soon-to-be birthdays. "I'm just on the computer~!" He heard Yuui making a noise of acknowledgement before the sounds of footsteps were heard on the tiles of their kitchen. He then grinned as he clicked on his status. "Now then, let the fun begin."

Fai (SexyKitty66)

Changed his status from "Single" to "In a relationship"

0 seconds ago*Like*Comment

Then the chemistry teacher just sat back and let the internet do the magic.

Sure enough; after just two minutes later….

2 mins ago* 18 likes* comment

He grinned. "My my, It seems that I have friends who care about my status~!" He looked at who wanted to comment on his changed status.

Sakura (PinkPrincess)

Is it true Fai-sensei? You found someone?

Fai could only chuckle at the innocent girl's question. All the more reason to spice it up a bit.

Fai (SexyKitty66)

Yep, it's true~! I found someone to love~!

Then before he knew it more people decided to join.

Syaoran (AsianFighter)

Wow, Fai-sensei! That's good to hear.

Himawari (SunflowerGal)

I'm so happy for you Fai-sensei!

Doumeki (PriestWarrior)


Watanuki (ChefMaster)


And congratulations, Fai-sensei.

Fai had to laugh at that. Watanuki was always on Doumeki's case on his lack of speaking. A man of few words people would call him. Then the latest comment finally asked the question he was waiting for.

Syaoron (Doppelgangerfighter)

That's great Fai-sensei. But who's the lucky person who has swept you off your feet?

At last; to put his plan in place.

Fai (SexyKitty66)



Yuui was confused to say the least when Fai came skipping to the table; humming as he came. "Well you're in a better mood then usual; did something happen?"

Fai happily sat at the table as he helped himself to a bowl of mash potatoes. "Oh nothing~! Just a couple of friends on Facebook. Sakura got a new kitty sweater today~! I'm so happy for her~!"

The younger twin smiled as he nodded. "That's nice. I always thought she was a cat person anyway. Roast beef?"

"Yes please~!"

Yuui chuckled as he sat at the table. "I wonder when Kurogane will come back from his trip." He cut a steamed carrot in half as he took a bite. While he was eating he failed to notice Fai's evil smirk at the other end. When he did notice him, all he saw was a bright smile.

"I wonder too~! It's been so lonely with big doggy around to hang out with~! I do hope he comes back soon~!" On the inside though, he was racking with dark laughter. 'I can't wait to see the look on Kuro's face when school starts again.'

The rest of dinner went without any incident.

[Some time later]

Kurogane entered the front doors of the academy with less of a foul mood than usual. His vacation went without any problems and the best part was that the annoying blonde teacher didn't pester him with constant calls, texts or e-mails. However his guard was up. He found it odd that Fai didn't pester him during his vacation which led him to one conclusion.

The moron has done something bad while he was gone.

He looked around the academy to see if that blonde teacher did anything to the building. After not finding anything out of the ordinary, he then shrugged. He figured since Fai lived with Yuui; it was impossible for the idiot to actually do anything without the younger twin knowing.

With a sigh, he went to his office.

[Later that day]

There was a knock at the door.

Kurogane glanced up from his paperwork and sighed. "Come in." He then blinked in surprise as he saw a huge group of girls with gifts and cards in their hands. He raised an eyebrow. "What's this? It's not my birthday."

One of the girls giggled. "Oh you know."

"Uh…no I don't" Kurogane responded. "So I ask you again; what's this?"

Another girl giggled as she stepped forward and hand him a card. "I think this will refresh your memory~!"

Skeptical, Kurogane took the card and opened it.

Congratulations on your new-found relationship with Fai-sensei~!

In a mere moment; he shut down. He read that sentence over and over again to comprehend the whole thing.

Congratulations on your new-found relationship with Fai-sensei~!

your new-found relationship with Fai-sensei~!

your new-found relationship

new-found relationship


"Re-Re-Relationship?" Kurogane said in an unusually high pitch. This doesn't make sense. He was on vacation. A freaking vacation! How the hell did this happen? Then it clicked. Why Fai hasn't pestered him. He glared at the card.

"Where's Fai-sensei? I want to talk to him about something."

The girls before him shuddered at the cold temperature and the oddly dark voice the gym teacher has taken. They didn't want to answer but if they didn't; they too will feel his wrath.

"Um….h-he's walking to his classroom right now…why do you ask?"

"So that status was fake."

Fai nodded. "Yup~! 100 percent untrue~!" He and Syaoran were walking to the science lab while holding a stack of paper that were graded tests. "I even got some girls to give him gifts and cards to complete it. Isn't that awesome of me~?"

Syaoran nervously chuckled. "I wouldn't call it 'awesome' Fai-sensei but that was a pretty good prank. You had all of us going for a while." He glanced back as the pair continued walking. "But I shudder to know what Kurogane-sensei's going to do when he finds yo—FAI! LOOK OUT!"

Fai turned his head. "Hmm~? What's that Sya—"


Getting hit with a volleyball wasn't what Fai expected from Kurogane; in fact he was expected something worse.

Though as soon he regained consciousness; He promised Yuui (who both helped him to the infirmary and along with other people waited by his bed) not to play pranks on the gym teacher again.

However, his memory seems to have had some issues.

He failed to tell Kurogane that he hacked into his account as well.

Guess who's has a baby with him?


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