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Pairing: Alistair/Lionel friendship

Guy Talk

By LTP-girl

"Hello Li," Alistair beamed as he entered the kitchen. "How's paradise with the lovely lady."

Lionel looked up from his half eaten custard tart. "Reasonably well, thank you," he replied exchanging the exuberant younger man's friendly smile. Well, the friendliest smile he could muster, being Lionel Hardcastle.

Alistair took a seat at the homely oak table across from Lionel. He took a moment to compose himself. "Can I tell you something, Li?"

"Depends what it is Alistair," the sullen older man replied.

"Alright, here it goes," he began. He sighed with slight exasperation. "I have a bit of a problem."

"Oh, what sort of problem?" Lionel enquired, his tone slightly elated with a note of surprise.

Alistair felt safe in divulging to Lionel, finally getting a chance alone with him. Jean and Sandy were blubbing over some god-awful romantic film in the next room, and Judi was upstairs soaking in a bath, washing the grinding drudgery of the day at the office away.

"Well, you see Li..." He paused for a moment. He lowered his voice so that Jean and Sandy, who were sitting in the lounge room, couldn't overhear. "I've been having sexual fantasies about my assistant."

Lionel's eyes widened in response to Alistair's words. He was not surprised by what Alistair had said, but surprised by Alistair coming to him with his concerns. "Are you? Well, I'm probably not the person you should really be confiding in."

"But you're a mate."

"Yes, we've established that time and time again." Lionel's tone was now slightly heated. "I am also very fond of Judi. And let's not forget, I'm married to her mother."

"Yes I know that. I am still very armoured with Judi. And despite us being in a cooling off period in our relationship..." He was referring to the aftermath of her turning down his proposal of marriage. "...I still consider her to be an incredible woman. And as for Jean, she is still a lovely lady," Alistair rambled. "However, I get these little flights of fancy from time to time."

"Oh, alright, go on," Lionel relented. He had to admit, he was somewhat intrigued. "What's this assistant like? Is she attractive?"

Alistair stared down at the table for a moment, not quite sure what to say to Lionel, whom he felt was scrutinising his every move, as he sat their quietly considering the possible outcomes. "Li, he's a guy. And attractive isn't really the word... he's bloody gorgeous!" His voice was serious.

Lionel stared down solemnly at his plate, suddenly turned off his custard tart. "Oh, I see."

At that moment, Jean entered the room.

"Sandy and I were about to watch a courtroom-drama on the television, if you're both interested," she informed them. Her glance moved from Lionel to Alistair, sensing animus tension between the two men sitting at the table. "It's about to start."

Lionel looked back up at Alistair, his terse expression transforming into a warm smile, his glassy eyes harbouring a hint of gentle understanding towards the younger man. He got out of his seat and smiled up at Jean. "Why not?" He pronounced.

"Yes let's," Alistair agreed with a relieved grin, getting out of his chair and following Jean and Lionel into the lounge room.

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