AUTHOR'S NOTE- I was bored and didn't want to start my stories just yet, and my dad was telling me a story about these two brothers and I just have to write it down, I even have a dream about it! I thought for a long time and decided to go with Yami and Bakura. Yami will be the older brother (the good guy) and Bakura the younger brother (the evil guy). I was thinking about Yami and Yugi, but then Yugi is just too innocent like and so does Ryou. I'm not really interested in Duke and Tristan; and Malik and Marik are both psychotic; and Joey and Seto doesn't really fit into the brothers' category; and Mokuba is also too innocent. So I went with Yami and Bakura. Now, you are probably be wondering why I went with them. It is because in the story, Yami and Bakura do get along in the beginning, but then as the truth reveals, the brothers split apart and started to hunt down each other. It's quite a lot like Millennium World; I think that is what you call it. I forgot all about it. Anyway, hope you like it. Oh, I decided to start the story off with Solomon telling Yugi (5 years old) the story.


"Neh, Grandpa," Yugi ask and stare up at the rustling trees. His grandpa, Solomon, and he decide to go hiking after playing two hours of monopoly. Yugi's grandma, Ayako, is out of town to visiting her daughter, Aunt Akemi, leaving the two to themselves, "Didn't grandma said the forest is dangerous?"

"That is true, but that doesn't mean this forest is dangerous. Your grandma and I have walked these very roads since we were small, nothing dangerous of any sort has ever lay hands on us," Solomon laugh and shrug it off.

"But Uncle Yue also said it's dangerous and that monster will come get you if you're not careful," Yugi say frightfully.

"Your uncle is just playing with you. There is nothing worth being scare of out here," Solomon assures him.

"But-" "How about I tell you a story that your Great Grandfather used to tell me?" Solomon suggests.

Yugi quickly nods, at least it will keep his mind occupy for the time being. He didn't want to think about the scary things that might pop out once they let down their guards.

"Then I'll start from hereā€¦"