Things to know before reading: NOT AKARI X OWEN! It's KathyXOwen.

Akari is dating Luke. Has been for about a season and a half.

Chase and Maya are in that awkward we-want-to-date-but-are-too-stubborn-to-admit-it stage

And Candace is married to Julius IMPORTANT!

Akari walked into work her hair pulled back into a very short spikey ponytail and cowboy boots. Maya looked over at her and smiled as she came over to them. Akari would come to fill in for Kathy in cowboy boots.

"nice Akari."

Akari shrugged. "Kathy told me when I went over to her house that if I didn't come in a ponytail and boots she'd get me. She wasn't joking." Akari finished with a sigh. "She also told me to tell she'd be back tomorrow."

"That's good." Chase said with a smile. "Did you let her know she and Hayden don't need to worry cause we can handle this."

"I tried… Hayden said if we burn down the building he will haunt us forever." Akari said with a sigh. "This place is his baby, besides Kathy. How did you manage to convince him to let you run the place?"

Maya smiled, "He asked."

"Really? Woah." Akari looked around. "So what all am I doing?"

Maya smiled, "You and me will be waiting tables and cleaning tables. Chase will be making drinks and cooking! Unless we get packed then-"

"Akari you'll come back here with me." Chase said quickly.

"Why can't I help cook." Maya almost whined.

"Cause you suck at it."

"WHY YOU LITTLE! Urg! Boy do I feel sorry for the idiot who falls for you!" Maya said turning away and crossing her arms.

"I feel bad for the poor sap who asks you out. He'll need to have poison control on speed dial."

Akari giggled and both glared at her. She hastily cleared her throat and smiled nervously. "So are we going to argue or open already?"

"Oh…my…goodness." Akari said flopping down in a seat at the bar. "So many people… and so few I even knew. Who knew this many tourist would come for the Starry night festival. It's ridiculous! And the festival is still two days from now."

Chase nodded and put his head on the bar. Usually we get one or two but that was like 15 all in here at once! And 6 had to get cut off." Chase shook his head. "Which by the way is completely ridiculous. That many people should not have to get cut off."

Maya plopped down next to Akari and smiled sheepishly. "Chase it was seven."

"Even worse!" Chase sighed. "I'm pooped. How long until closing?"

"Half an hour." Akari and Maya said in Unison.

"Urg. That long?" Chase looked up at them his head still on the bar. "great. You two want to come back and help me do dishes?"

"Sure." Akari hopped off her stool and moved back. "I'll wash."

Maya slowly slid out of her seat, "I'll collect. And Chase you dry."

"Kay." The three moved slowly when the door opened.

"Wooooaahhh….It is bright in here."

"Hey owen." Chase said tiredly not even bothering to turn around. "the usual?"

"Uh….woah yeah." Owen turned rather clumsily over to Maya and he had a goofy grin on his face. "Did you know you're really pretty Maya? Cause you are?" Chase turned around and looked at Owen confused.

"What the- Owen don't you like Kathy?"

"I don't know, cause seems she really doesn't like me too much." He said slurring the words something fierce."

Akari came around the bar. "Um, Owen how much have you had tonight already?"

"Wha? OH! I haven't had a drop tonight." Owne said proudly. "Not a bit of Alcohol."

"uh-huh." Maya said looking at him. "Owen why don't you go sit at the bar and I'll go call someone to escort you home?"

"I don't neeeeed anyone to escort me home… I live just over that way." He said brightly.

"No you live all the way over in Ganache Disrtict." Maya sighed. "I think I call Ramsey." She lead Owen over to the bar where he looked at Akari making coffee.

"What are you doin? It is late for cooofffee" Owen said looking at her curiously.

"it's decaf for you."

"But I don't really care for Coffee."

"You do tonight." Akari said simply. Owen looked up and yawned. "It's late."

Chase suddenly turned around, "Owen, how much have you had.? Cause It had to be a lot. Out of all the people on this island you know your limits the best and do your best to not cross them. And if you do it is only a little not this much. What the heck gives!"

"I haven't had any. I only had some coke with some tourists who I gave a tour to earlier. It was different though, than normal… but it was good."

Akari turned around, "We're you drinking from a can, bottle or glass?"

Owne thought for a moment, "GLasss." He smiled at Akari, "I like your hair like that it's pretty…"

Akari ignored him and turned to Chase, "You guys don't really have whiskey here right?"

"Yeah, except hear and usually it's used in dishes and srinks. Why?"

"Owen probably hasn't had it a lot huh?" Akari smiled sheepishly, "Some people put Whiskey in their Coke. The people he was with probably thought he knew what they were doing but in reality-"

"He had no idea." Chase looked at Owen amazed. "Owen, you're drunk on whiskey!"

"Nah! Don't usually drink that stuff." Owen looked at Akari, "Akari do I look like a kissable guy to you?" Akari looked at him confused. "Simple question. Do I look like a kissable guy to you?"

"Um… I don't know?" Akari said awkwardly quickly going back to the coffee pot. "Anyway I don't think I can answer. Since you know, I'm dating Luke."

"How is it… that a moron like Luke can get such a cute girl, but I can't even get Kathy to kiss me after she promised to… since I one the race and all…" Owen trailed off in thought. Chase looked at him bewildered.

"Luke is not a moron!" Akari said getting red. "He is a sweet, caring, wonderful… slightly hyoer guy! Don't call him a moron!" She looked daggers at him.

"But he is a moron. You look cute tonight. Ten polar bears can't look cuter than you do right now even…"

Akari rolled her eyes and Maya came back in. "Ramsey says he's on his way over."

"Maya don't you think Akari looks cute tonight? I do. Cuter than ten hearts!" Owen said h smiling silly.

"Um… okay…" Maya said looking at him concerned.

"Can you believe Kathy won't kiss me?" Owen looked at her, "Do I look like a bad kisser or something? I mean… I'm a good kisser!" He said indignantly.

"I'm sure you are." Maya said soothingly, like a mom trying to calm down a bratty child. Chase looked at her with wide eyes. Maya looked at him and shrugged. "Do you want coffee?"

"Coffee… Akari was making some… Hey Akari?" Owen said as she got a mug out of a near by cabinet. "Do I look like a bad kisser?"

"I don't know what a bad kisser looks like Owen." She said shortly and awkwardly.

"SO do I look like a good one then?"

Akari poured his coffee out slowly, "Owen I don't know. I have no opinion on this subject."

"So you think I'm a bad kisser!" Owen said pointing at her. "I knew it!"

Chase looked at him, "Owen quiet harassing her! She didn't say that!"

"But she did! She implied it!" Akari turned and looked at him, she looked uncomfortable and exasperated.

"Owen, I have no opinion, I can't form one because I. Am. Dating. Luke." She sighed and came forward with his coffee handing it to him. "Okay? I don't think you look like a good or bad kisser!"

Owen looked at her before taking the coffee. Akari turned away but stopped as she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. "What the- " She turned around to look at Owen and the moment she faced him he pulled her forward across the bar, and pull her face to his.

Owen kissed her on the lips.

Akari stood shocked, for a split moment before pulling away. She looked at Owen horrified. He smiled. "See I am not a bad kisser… although that was more of a peck then a kissss." Akari looked at him.


Akari ran out from behind the bar crying. "I'm Go-Going!" She raced out the door with her hand over her mouth. Chase and Maya called out horrified.


"Akari Wait!"

Maya raced forward towards the door and went outside before coming back in. "She's gone… I didn't see her…" She looked at Owen. "WHAT THE HECK POSSECESSED YOU TO KISS HER YOU FREAK!" Maya raced forward pushing her sleeves up her arms, "I AM GOING TO KEEEEEEELLLLL YOU!"

"MAYA!" Chase leapt over the bar and grabbed her around the middle pulling her back. "Maya calm down! It's not worth it!"

"I DON'T CARE! LET ME GO THIS INSTANT CHASE!" Maya said fighting tooth and nail to get free from his grasp. Chase however did not loosen his grip. Owen just looked at them dumbfounded.

"What did I do? I just wanted to prove I can too be a good kisser… whoa my head…" Owen put his head in his hands. "I don't feel so good…." He picked his head up slightly before laying it back down on the bar and falling asleep.

Maya scowled at him. "What a pig! He gets all drunk, comes in here denies it and-"

Chase Turned her around in his arms and looked at her. "Maya he may not have known he was drunk." Chase sighed, "I suppose we should get him upstairs cause I don't think he's going anywhere tonight. Things will look better tomorrow. And I'm sure Akari will get over it… eventually. Luke though…" He shrugged.

Maya shock her head sadly at Chase, "No Akari won't 'get over it' cause… Chase…that was her first kiss."