Luke smiled at Julius as he came over to where Luke was working. Luke saw he looked slightly troubled and wondered if he was having trouble with Candace… Ah well! He yelled over to Julius and asked him to come over. Julius was who he needed advice from today. He actually would of preferred to ask Owen, but he hadn't seen him all day! Julius walked over and still looked troubled but he smiled at Luke.

"Hey Luke how are you?" Julius asked coming over slowly.

"Not bad at all! Hey can you tell me if you think Akari will like this?" Luke smiled and held up a small white box which he then opened. Inside was a bracelet with blue semi-see through glass beads. Julius studied it and noticed that while it did look pretty, it wasn't Mira's usual standards.

"What do you think? I got the glass and Mira helped me make it." Luke beamed at him.

Julius took the bracelet for further examination "You made this? Nice Luke. Yeah, I think Akari will like it a lot. May I ask the occasion?" Julius looked at him curiously, handing back the box.

"No occasion. I just wanted to give her something. I was in the mines with Owen the other day and I kept finding blue glass. I was looking for a sapphire… well I was getting upset but Owen gave me this idea! And it rocks cause she can wear this everyday and not have to worry about ruining it!" Luke smiled bigger, "Is Owen a great bud or what!"

Julius fidgeted. "Yeah?" He couldn't believe Luke was this cool about everything. Candace had told him last night when she got home from helping her family with a loom problem that she had run into a hystical Akari. Candace said that Akari had been crying and confused cause Owen kissed her… Luke must not know cause it was hard to believe he would be this cool with it…

"So… Luke how is Owen doing today?"

"Not a clue haven't seen him today. Yesterday he was giving a tour of the mines to some tourists… but I saw him last night walking home, was kind of tipsy and he was all upset cause of the kiss thing." Luke sighed. Poor Owen, he was sure Kathy hadn't meant any harm. She was probably just worried about another Calvin incident where she kissed and he dumped. And poor Owen not really understanding. He hadn't been here when it happened after all.

Julius looked at Luke surprised. "You know about the kiss?"

"Yeah, Owen's my bud. He kinda told me. And I figured you would know cause of Luna telling Candace, cause I heard Luna was there." Luke shrugged. "Do you think I should give this to her today or tomorrow at the festival… hmm… "

"Umm…" Julius blinked looking at Luke bewildered. "Whichever? … are you really okay with the kiss?"

"Um… why would it matter if I was okay with it? It didn't really concern me…" Luke looked at Julius like he had a third head. What Owen and Kathy did or didn't do wasn't really his area to care about.

"Well… yeah." Julius scrunched his eyebrows. "I mean, you're best friend get's drunk and kisses your girlfriend. How does it NOT concern you."

Luke stood still for a minute... Not moving…. Barely breathing… Julius looked at him and suddenly remembered something. Luna… hadn't told Candace anything… she wouldn't of been at the bar either… because of the Loom… and Ramsey telling him when he had stopped in that Owen had been at the bar last night and ended up staying cause he passed out… Luke would of seen him before the kiss with Akari… Luke must have been talking about Owen and Kathy's falling out. Luke hadn't known about last night.

Finally Luke blinked and moved a little. "Julius… what did you just say?"

Owen looked at Akari's front door and sighed. He knew he had to do this… before something truly bad happened. He wondered if Luke was in there, waiting to kill him… well he had now or never to apologize. Hesitantly he knocked on the door, almost praying for no answer.

There was no answer. Owen blinked a few times and waited…and waited. Finally he knocked again. Nada. Owen fidgeted. This was actually worse than her answering. He sighed and looked at his watch. Akari usually would visit Luke around Lunch, bringing him food and talking. Maybe she was there now… Owen sighed again. Maybe telling both of them he was sorry at once would be easier…

Owen turned aound and looked down the small slope that led to Akari's animals and fields and saw Akari standing there. She had a bunch of Buckwheat in her hands she was putting into the shipping bin and even more on the ground beside her in a basket. Owen walked over to slowly. She saw him coming and stopped what she was doing to look at him.

"Um… want some help?" Owen asked lamely.

"Um… s-sure." Akari said nervously and unsure. Owen came over and helped her with the load in her arms. She was silent as he helped with the basket. He looked at her and every time all he saw was a blank expression.

"Um.. Akari… the reason I'm here… is to tell you I'm sorry… about yesterday…" Owen looked for a sign of recognition but she didn't show any emotion. "I…I had been an idiot about some stuff and drank something I knew didn't taste quiet right and got drunk. I came in and I am so sorry about my actions. It is inexcusable what I did… and I want you to know I am sorry."

Akari looked at him. He noticed her expression turn slightly sad. "Owen… you stole my first kiss… and I… I was saving my kiss for who I was going to marry…" Akari said. "I... it's confusing… I mean… you were drunk, and …"

"Look if it helps I told Kathy and I'll tell Luke. I mean… I am really sorry Akari. I didn't mean anything by the kiss, and I know you didn't feel squat." Akari nodded. "I know… Luke is going to be mad and I know you have every right to be too… and I know things are going to take time before you guys trust me again… but if you could forgive me… it'd be more than I deserve I know, but…"

"Owen… you're right. It is going to be awhile… and it's weird… but." Akari took a deep breath, "I' forgive you on the condition you promise to be smart in the future and… could you help me find an emerald? I want to make Luke a pendant for Christmas… and I can't find one."

Owen smiled, "I think I can live with those things… thanks Akari."

"Don't thank me yet… I still expect you to tell Luke. Cause you should. You screwed up, you need to tell him. I also expect you to understand it will probably take awhile before I trust you…" Owen nodded and Akari looked at him, "So … are you and Kathy… alright?"

"Yeah… we actually ended up becoming closer… which is good… but I wish he had gotten closer another way…"

Akari nodded at him and picked up her basket, "I need to get back to work… see ya Owen…"

"Thanks Akari…"

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER!" Akari dropped her basket and Owen spun around. Behind him was Luke and man did he look pissed! Owen looked at the flames in his eyes and suddenly had a feeling he didn't need to apologize to Luke anymore… he had a feeling it was time to grovel.

"Luke!" Akari looked at Luke and came towards him concerned. "Luke-"

"Akari stay away from that little traitor!" Luke said grabbing Akari's arm and pulling her into his arms, glaring at Owen. Akari stayed there stunned and blushing. Owen looked at Luke and started to open his mouth.

"Don't you DARE speak!" Luke said almost growling. "You stupid traitor!" Owen saw him tighten his grip on Akari abit. "How could you?"

Akari pushed away from Luke slightly and looked at his face. "Luke? Are you okay?"

"Better question is are YOU okay? Julius told me what happened last night." Owen gulped. How had Julius heard? And what had Julius told Luke?

"Luke please listen! I didn't mean to kiss her!"

Luke turned and glared at him, "Yeah, you accidentally kissed her on the lips."

"Luke! I was drunk! I had been hanging out with those tourists and I some Coke that had whiskey in it! Only I had no idea there was whiskey in it!" Owen said coming closer to his friend. "I was thinking clear when I kissed her. I was so drunk I thought she looked like Kathy with her hair up like it was!"

Luke looked at him sternly. "Even drunk you should of known better! Owen… I told you…" Luke let go of Akari and walked closer to Owen, "I told you how I felt about her! Even drunk you should of thought of that and stopped!"

"I couldn't think straight Luke!" Owen cringed. "Look, Luke I was on my way to tell after I finished apologizing to Akari! And I told Kathy about it! I'm sorry Luke! I'm sorry I stole her first kiss or any kiss!"

Luke looked him in the eyes, "It's not about just you kissed her….it's you kissed her knowing…"

"Luke I'm sorry! I was stupid! Idiotic! A Dumbass! Luke I'm sorry! Please Luke… how can I get you to forgive me?" Owen saw it in Luke's eyes. He knew the moment before it happened what Luke was going to do, yet even when he saw his fist coming he didn't move fast enough.

Luke sent him flying backwards with a punch into the gut. Owen fell down winded and looked up at him. Luke had his eyes closed, Akari was running over to him, and finally Luke opened his eyes.

"That is what it felt like when Julius told me… I needed you to understand that." Luke looked at him in the eyes again, "I forgive you… but… Owen, I'm not sure when it will be until I trust you again."

Owen sighed, "You and the rest of the island. I understand the punch too… Luke, I will make this right… I promise."

Luke nodded and came down by Owen and offered his hand to help him up. "You can't make what happened right, it doesn't work like that… however, if you want to start getting trust from me and Akari… you need to undergo a certain punishment."

Owen took Luke's hand and got up. "What kind of punishment?" He saw Luke look at Akari before going over and whispering something in her ear. Akari looked at him and nodded. Owen looked at Julius who shrugged. Finally Luke and Akari looked at him.

"First off." Akari said looking at him, "No more hanging out with tourist just by yourself. You need to have someone with you."

"Second." Luke said looking at him sternly, "no more Alcohol. Or at least, no more than one glass at a time."

Owen looked at them bemused, "Are you guys my friends or parents?"

"Hey," Luke protested, "I am your BEST FRIEND, and you kissed MY girlfriend. I feel completely right in giving you these terms."

"And as I am a friend you stole her FIRST KISS from," Akari said with raised eyebrows, "I feel completely in the right setting these terms… and I am positive Kathy will agree."

"And I am pretty sure Ramsey will agree with us." Luke said nodding. "Face it dude, you have to this."

Owen looked at them stunned. He couldn't believe this! They were going to enforce this! "You got to be kidding…." Owen sighed, "fine."

Akari smiled and Luke just kept looking at him. Owen felt like his stomach was stone. Luke might have forgiven him… but who knew how long it would be before him, or Akari, Kathy and Ramsey for that matter, trusted completely again? He deserved the restriction, but man this stunk.

Akari interrupted his brooding by looking up at Luke. "Hey Luke? What did you mean by 'How I feel about her?'" She looked at him puzzled but also blushing slightly.

"Wha?" Luke looked at her and turned red. Owen guessed he hadn't told her about how he felt yet with thinking 'She's the one'

"Oh y-you know… jus-just that I like you… I mean we… we're dating right. It's natural then to assume like you."

"Then what did you tell Owen."

"You know I went away from work to beat up Owen… I need to get back before pop kills me." Luke backed up before running down the road, "Meet at Alan's tree later and We'll talk!"

Akari watched confused as Luke ran down the path and out of site. "Why Alan's tree? What's so important… Owen you know what's going on?"

"AH… I need to go talk to Ramsey before Luke does… best coming from my mouth or worst Julius… how did he hear… Uh, got to go!"