Harry's eyes shot open and he sucked in a deep breath, silently screaming. Pain coursed from his stomach, ricocheting through his head and reverberating through all of what was him. The pain consumed his every thought and sense, forcing him to know nothing but the harshness of what was happening to him until finally, mercifully, the pain stopped, ending the torture that no other would understand.

"Fuck me sideways," he wheezed, before just lying still on the floor he had ended up on, trying to take in his feelings again. His sweat felt gritty, and he realized it was from his dirty clothing getting wet against his skin. It smelt like mold, city, and decay. He was in an extremely dark room, a basement. Finally, when he had full control of himself and the pain was just a memory, Harry rose shakily from the ground and took stock of his body.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot," he muttered as he looked down on himself. He had traveled from world to word, through each dimension until he had finished with each and every Harry Potter's the boy-who-lived scenario, helping himself defeat the annoying twit he had bested when he was but fourteen in his actual world. That, of course, had not led to his happiness, only downfall, as he had soon after been convicted and "killed" as a Dark Lord, but not before he was able to figure out the ways of the universe and go to another Harry's dimension, then another, and another, until finally he was at the last one. This would be his first world in which he had no pressure of being the boy-who-lived. In fact, his actual self was going to be dying later that day in an alley way. It was a pitiful way to go, sure, but Harry thought that, from what he had seen of the past he had in this Harry's dimension, it was merciful. Let him rest in peace.

"Hmmm…" There was a light coming from the window he had used to enter into his domain for the past year and a half and nimbly, Harry left the basement, ignoring the rat carcasses he knew he had left lying around in the room. He looked around and recognized the street he was on to be Grimauld's Place, a queer twist in fate of this world.

This would be a new experience for him, and he was looking forward to actually living a lifetime here. There was nothing stopping him from being Harry Potter again for real and taking over the destiny of this world. There was so much that could be done, he had so much knowledge from all of his past experiences. Finally having a place to put them all together and see the outcome, stop this world from completely self destructing like most of the others had, undoubtedly, years after his downfall. It only took a peek into their futures once he left and he was thoroughly disappointed. While all of them would have ended sooner rather than later, had he not helped with the Voldemort problem.

"Can I help you, son?" A concerned looking older man asked as Harry looked across the street waiting for the sign to signal him to walk.

"No thanks, sir. I'm just off to the store. How are you today?" Normally, Harry wasn't so nice. He didn't want to truly get to know too many people before the left their world in search for a new one, but since he would be living here from now on, he wouldn't think twice about it. Being nice was something he had always done, after getting over his shyness. It was annoying to have to hide it and he liked allowing himself more room to breathe, anyway.

"Quite well, thank you." The signal changed and they both headed forward. "Say, how would you care for a muffin at the local coffee shop, son? I daresay I could use some youthful company."

"Alright then, sir. Thanks. I'm Harry by the way," he introduced, smiling charmingly at the older man.

"John Kenning. You can call me Johny, Harry. It's a pleasure meeting you."

Harry grinned and looked at the cafe they stopped in front of. "This place looks nice, Johny. It smells like they have some great coffee." And indeed they did. Harry had stumbled across it more than once and it was, in fact, one of his own favorite cafes in the area. It was close enough to Grimauld Place where it wasn't inconvenient and it was within short walking distance of a Diagon Alley entrance.

"It does, it does. Let's have a seat, shall we?" Once they were seated and their coffee and hot chocolate as well as two muffins were being brought over, Johny turned his attentions back toward Harry. "So, Harry, how old are you?"

"Oh, I just turned seven, sir."

"Seven?" he asked, surprised. "Well you hold yourself very nicely, Harry. Very nicely. I would have guessed you were at least nine, though your stature is a bit too small for that age. Do you go to school here in London?"

Harry shook his head. "No, sir. I'm home schooled. We do a lot of traveling in my family, though I might start going to a private school when I turn eleven. My brother wants me to wait until I'm fourteen, though. We'll see what happens."

"Traveling, you say? Where abouts does your family travel? I myself have done a fair bit of traveling as well, though mostly on the continent. I've ventured into the Middle East a time or two... do you know what the Middle East is, Harry?"

"Oh, of course. It's that bit between Asia and Africa, basically. We've been around there loads. Knowing how to speak Arabic and Hebrew help much when you are there." Harry smirked when he saw Johny's eyebrows rise.

"Well I'll say, was that Arabic, Harry?"

"Yes, sir. I can speak quite a few languages fluently. I said that knowing Arabic and Hebrew help when you're there."

"Impressive. Which other languages do you know?"

Harry shrugged. "All of the main ones, I suppose." At the incredulous look on his new acquaintance's face he continued. "But you should meet my brother some time. He's much better with language and knows a lot of the dead languages, too. It's really cool to hear him sing some of the old songs from the times of Pharaohs or Greek Gods or even some of the more local historic Gods."

"Oh, my," he muttered. "You are not just fooling with an old man, Harry?"

They thanked the waitress who had placed their orders on the table and Harry grinned, taking a sip of the hot chocolate he hadn't had in a few years. What was a few years in an eternal life time, anyway? Well, it was still a long time, but he felt more patient now, which made the time go by more smoothly. "No, sir. You can quiz me in anything you know, if you'd like."

And so a brief game began in which Johny asked Harry to translate a sentence into another language. Soon the entire cafe was in on the act and quite a few more people began showing up to try and trick Harry. Two hours past by before Harry realized the time and ended the game. "It's been great meeting you, Johny. Perhaps we can get together for coffee, hot chocolate, and muffins again? I'll be traveling for a little while, but I'll return in a few weeks."

"Oh, that would be lovely, Harry. And I'd like to introduce you to my Marry-Anne. Would you like to take my number and call me when you have time to spare again?"


Harry left the cafe quickly after that, giggling and being the cute boy he knew he was as the waitresses and older woman teased his astounding ability. He had no doubt made a name of himself in the area already, and would be recognized from then on out as Harry, something he was very pleased about.

His time in Diagon Alley was spent speaking with the goblins about business. He was always ruthless in his business ways and liked the way that goblins were just as cutthroat as he was. By the end of the night he had called nearly eighteen different ancient magical laws into act and was the owner of billions of galleons which was promptly taken out of the goblin's bank, though only that which was not touched withing the last seven generations. He had made five main vaults of the thirty-six he was able to lay claim to, or future ownership of, which could no longer be challenged and were, by all right, his to do what he wanted with, so long as he didn't spend more than half of the money before producing an heir. The first vault was the major savings account. He would put only five billion galleons into that one which he signed off to only have access to half of, the other half being "lent" to the goblins, almost like a CD in a muggle bank. It would grow by 30% in ten years, which was okay with Harry.

The second vault was for his personal use. He was allowed to store items, document, money, anything inside of that vault. Already all of the items had been moved out of their previous vaults and into that one, as it was one of the ten most protected vaults in Gringots (of which the other three large ones were part of as well). Some of the things in there he actually hadn't had time to explore in the past, but they would soon be completely looked through. Not only did he have all the time in the world, he knew everything there was to know about time, had mastered the element of it in his third world when he decided to train that world's him into a mean green voldy-fighting machine. He perfected it a few worlds later when he himself wanted some extra time to take advantage of the huge library he had. He spent nearly forty years alone with only his familiars on an island completely removed from the rest of the world's time, just learning and experimenting and being one with himself, his magic, and nature. Every few worlds he took advantage of it again and would spend a while alone before taking out Voldemort, if that world's Voldemort seemed a little too cocky or incompetent.

Vault number three in his registration was his "ancestral" vault. Inside it were different rooms, each was for one of the families which called for a line continuation clause and forced him to have an heir for them if he were to claim their monies and titles. There were eight of those doors as well as another eight doors for families he felt would be necessary to continue in order to evenly spread out his wealth and power to his future families. All of them had such rich histories and were unique, so he didn't want to just end them after laying claim. Nope. He didn't mind sharing, and neither would people in his family. It would be something he installed in all of his future children. Patience, being nice, and sharing. This vault also had all of the deeds and such for each of his lines.

Each of the doors had the same amount of money inside of them, 25 million galleons. It was quite a bit of money, though some of the vaults had lost money to achieve the even number, the Peverel vault being the main example as it had several hundreds of millions of galleons. He would have each of these accounts matched to a muggle account made by him, in one of his ones were going to be able to gain more money so he would start each of them out with 50 million dollars, easily gain from just a few thousand galleons worth of wizarding money in sickle form, melted down and sold to muggles. He would use some of the galleons similarly, though they wouldn't give him as big as a pay out because of how the sickles were larger than the galleons and there were thirteen to a galleon anyway. Basically, money wouldn't be a problem.

Harry's forth vault was going to be for business. There were quite a few doorways already which represented a different business. Inside of the vault was the money sent to his vault from the business and all of the archived papers (in the future he would go over all of his statements and such from businesses and then put the papers away here).

The last vault was for show. It was his spending vault, the one close up to the top of Gringots so that neither he nor the goblins had troubles getting him money from his vault when he needed it, and he had pre-approved amounts of up to 10,000 galleons to be drawn from the teller at the desk, provided the bank get five for the trouble of having to come up with 10 grand on the spot instead of taking him down. This was the one that he had been given when he entered the wizarding world, though the amount of gold had been beefed up a bit.

"May your gold prosper and enemies quiver, Manager Ragnok," Harry easily spoke in the choppy goblin language.

"And may your estates grow and battles be mighty, Lord Harry," the goblin returned, giving Harry a significant bow of approval. Because of his many titles, Harry had requested that he be called Lord Potter, or even Lord Harry as it sounded much more appeasing than tagging on a seemingly endless chain of names. When he did this there was a collective sigh of relief from all of the goblins, there were perhaps seven who made up the group he requested.

He left the bank, looking the same as he had earlier, except for an assortment of tattoo looking jewels on the skin of his right hand, each small unique and intricately designed band representing the much larger ring that was soaked into his skin for eternity. He could pulse some magic into the tattoos and the ring in question would appear on the ring of his choosing, but he preferred the tattoos as they were much less bulky. They had spent an enormous amount of time going over everything and it was now early morning. He didn't need to sleep, it was just one of those things he figured out how to not do when he was in a previous world, but the meals the goblins provided were wearing out and he was becoming hungry again. While he had a lot of things to accomplish today to prepare some of his future further, he wouldn't say no to a nice English breakfast right now.

Yet again Harry found company as he ate his breakfast at the bar of the Leaky Cauldron. Cassy, bartender Tom's daughter, was awake and earning some allowance by helping her dad that morning. "I don't think I've ever seen you around here before," she asked him.

"Nope. I had a lot to do at the bank earlier, but this is really the first time I've been here," he told her, smiling. "Your orange juice is really good, though. Thank you."

"Oh," she blushed and giggled at him, catching her dad's attention. "I made it this morning. Mum let me cast the charm!"

"Really?" Harry asked, using his natural child enthusiasm. "You're lucky. Practically no one gets to use charms before school!"

"Yeah, well, it was an easy charm," she answered, downplaying the feat.

"Don't sell yourself short, Cass," her father chided, making her blush more. "It was a very hard charm for a kid to do." He turned his attention back to Harry while his daughter tried to get herself back to a lighter complexion. "Thomas Smith, at your service. But you can just call me Tom like everyone does."

"Harry, sir," he answered, smiling as he shook that man's large hand. "You don't seem too busy this morning, sir?"

Tom sighed and looked around at the empty bar. "Not too many people tend to stop by for breakfast, sadly. It used to be one of the busiest times of the day, but, not anymore I suppose."

"We get real busy at lunch, though," Cassy added, seeing her father's downtrodden expression. "And we're always busiest at night."

"That's right," Tom agreed, smiling at his daughter. "Cassy, why don't you sit down with Harry here and I'll bring you both out some breakfast. Free of charge, Harry, just don't tell your friends."

Harry grinned at him. "Thank you, sir. Don't worry, I don't have any friends really right now..." he confided bashfully looking at Cassy. "But I was hoping to make at least one..."

Cassy returned Harry's earlier grin and hopped onto the stool next to him. "I'll be your friend, Harry! I don't have many friends either, but I know a bunch of kids who come past here all the time." Tom smiled at them and retreated into the kitchen, floating a pitcher of the Orange juice and a new clean cup for Cassy out to them.

"How old are you, anyway?"

"Just turned seven," he answered.

Cassy smiled. "Oh, good! I'm turning eight in November. If we had classes, we'd be in them together."

"Oh, I don't think I'll be going to Hogwarts."

Cassy frowned. "Why wouldn't you go to Hogwarts? I mean, I know there are lots of people who go to the public schools in Wales, Ireland, England, and Scotland... are you going to go to one of those?"

"No, I think I'm going to go to Beauxbatons. I've seen it a few times and... well, Hogwarts is beautiful also, but there's just more... I don't know. It felt more homey. Are you going to go to Hogwarts?"

Cassy tilted her head. "I was thinking about it. Mum said that I could go to the public school here in London if I wanted to stay home, that's what she did, but Dad wants me to go away to Hogwarts. I've heard of Beauxbatons once or twice though... It's the French school, right?"

Harry smiled. "Yup. But it's made up of mainly Italian and French witches and wizards. They have a leaner policy on allowing witches and wizards with other magical blood go there, like ones with Golbin, Fairy, and Veela for example."

"Wow, and you want to go there? Wouldn't it be bad to go to school with a Veela?"

"Not at all. I know a few veela, they're normal people like anyone else. You just don't want to anger one of them too much... a bit fiery when they're angry."

"How do you know all this, Harry?"

Harry smiled and sipped from his OJ. "I've done a lot of traveling. It's something like my duty to know all of this. I'm actually going to go to France tomorrow- Spain, Portugal, Italy; They're all on the list as well. It's for family business." He shrugged and grinned at her. "It's a lot of fun, though. I love traveling and seeing new places. I could send you a post card or something, if you'd like?"

Cassy grinned at him. "That'd be great, Harry! Thanks!"

Their food came out and they continued talking, though the subject material changed more to English things, like Quidditch and Football (soccer).

"I have to go get some things from Diagon Alley," Harry said when he checked his watch a while after finishing his breakfast.

"Oh," Cassy answered, deflating a little. She perked up a second later when another idea came to mind. "Say, Harry, why don't you stop by for Lunch or Dinner later? Mum likes to have dinner with the family at six every night upstairs? She's always telling Derek to have his friends over; I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I had a friend over."

Harry thought for a second and smiled, agreeing. "Okay, that sounds wonderful. I just have to stop home first before, but I'm sure dinner would be great. Six you say?"

Cassy nodded enthusiastically at him and he grinned before hopping off of this stool. "I'm stop by here then, Cassy." He took her hand and kissed the back of it, bowing chivalrously. "It has been an absolute pleasure dining with you, Miss."

She giggled and he blushed, though smiled as he left the near empty bar.

The day passed steadily for him. When he finally came upon his last stop of the day, he did something he had only a few times before when he thought that he was going to make the world a better place and had time to do so.

"Hello, there," a pretty teenager greeted, smiling at him as she approached. "Are you here with your parents?"

"Oh, hello. No, I'm not. My name's Harry."

"Sally. Short for a name I myself can barely pronounce," she greeted, smiling at him.

Harry took her hand and kissed the back of it. "It's a pleasure then, Sally with a hard name." She laughed at his antics and he blushed, smiling adorably.

"Aren't you a little heart breaker in the making?" she teased, pinching his cheek.

"Look who's talking, Miss Sally. I'm sure you've seen how pretty you are, and I always treat beautiful women nicely." She blushed at his compliments. "Say Miss Sally, what's your favorite outfit here for me? I need some new clothing, see..."

"Oh, but you didn't come along with your parents?" she asked him, wondering what she should do. She obviously wanted to help him, but didn't want to get into any trouble for wasting her time on a young boy who wouldn't be able to pay for any purchases he wanted to make.

"Well, my parents have been dead a while. They were murdered by the Le Stranges and Crouch. But I've just been declared Head of House, so money's not an issue, if that's what you're worried about."

"Oh my God, Harry, I'm sorry. I didn't realize..." she looked at him, biting her lip. "Is it terrible if I want to hug you to make up for it?" she offered, seeming to need a bit of comfort herself.

Harry smiled shyly. "Hugs are nice..."

She wrapped him up in an embrace that startled him slightly with the feeling behind it. He didn't get hugs often, and he promised himself he'd cherish them long ago, so he didn't mind hugging her back with the same intensity and sighing into her shoulder.

"Why don't we get you some nice new robes, then, Harry?" she whispered, rubbing his back.

Harry pulled away and nodded, blushing at her as he smiled. "Okay. Thanks, Miss Sally."

Sally ruffled his hair, giggling. "It's so cute when you call me Miss Sally. Come here then, Harry, and I'll see what I can do for you."

Thirty minutes later Harry was regarding himself in the mirror with a sour expression. "What's wrong?" Sally asked him.

"This is the best you can do? I look like a girl in these things."

She laughed heartily. "Yes, well, unfortunately for you, Harry, those are the 'in style' robes of Wizarding Britain. Were you expecting something more muggle?"

"Well, I was hoping to get something along the lines of a James Bond suit... not a dress." She laughed, a little surprised. "What? Didn't think I'd know about muggle things? My mum was a muggle-born you know, though my dad's pretty much as pure blooded as it gets. The Potter line is supposedly older than the Blacks. It doesn't really matter though, does it? Wizarding robes are gross."

"Unfortunately blood status always seems to matter in the wizarding world. You're lucky, blood wise though, Harry. You have a lot of jobs to choose from when you get older."

"Oh, that's right. I'm sorry, are you a muggle-born."

Sally nodded, looking a little downtrodden. "When I graduate from Hogwarts, if I can still go after this year, it's likely I'll keep this job forever."

"Why wouldn't you go back after this year?"

"Well," she began, going about and taking his robe from him. "I'm going into my fifth year, which means that I'll take OWLs. I don't need any NEWTs to get any of the jobs offered to someone of my status, really, since I didn't take other classes that would get me out from where I am in the wizarding world, and Hogwarts is very expensive. I'm one of five at home, and my parents feel every penny that I need for schooling."

"Oh..." he pretended to think for a second. "Alright, well, I know a way to help you, Miss Sally. I am the head of an Ancient an Noble house, after all. There are many things that I can do, and am supposed to do because of the precedents of my forfathers, that need to be completed. Do you think you could be my stylist of sorts? I will be your sponsor and basically your employer until you're twenty-five. The age is just the requirement my family calls for to make sure that we don't just sponsor people and leave them for dust after a year or two while getting the tax break."

"You... oh my God... you would really do that for me, Harry? You could do that for me? Oh my God. But, you're like seven!"

Harry shrugged. "That doesn't make me any less powerless as far as the papers go. In fact, I need to get several things done within the next few years in order to keep my title. The sponsorship is one of them, so really you would be helping me. But, again because of my family's traditions, you are expected to agree to an adoption by the Potter family and be considered apart of the Potter house. And you'd have to abide by all of the conditions in the contract and stuff. It's a lot of hard work, I've looked over what you need to do and it's not easy by any means. You have to get all E's and O's int he major core subjects and must continue taking all of those as NEWTs or else the funding for your schooling at Hogwarts will be pulled. Alongside that, you are expected to get NEWTs in each of the subjects and continue on with a mastery of two subjects while attending Uni after Hogwarts. While the Uni part is a recent addition, within the last two hundred or so years, it is in there. I'd recomend a school of fashion. And there is a part about knowing another language, but that you can get done in a week or so with a potion we have at Potter manor. Being apart of the family, you'd likely live in Potter manor, though I wouldn't mind if you still slept at your home with your family while you're not at Hogwarts." He smiled at her slack jawed expression. "See? I told you it was a lot."

She shook her head and looked at him for a moment, biting her lip. "You'd really do this for me though, Harry?"

Harry smiled. "Sure, Miss Sally. I tend to be a nice sort of guy. I like doing things like this. Besides, it'd be nice to have another Potter around, you know?"

He was engulfed in a hug by a very emotional teenager. "I'll have the papers ready by later this evening, Miss Sally. I'll meet you at the Leaky Cauldron at around nine and we can go back to your house and explain everything to your mum and dad."

She nodded against his shoulder and they hugged until the manager interrupted their little moment.

"Hey there, Tom," Harry greeted, smiling at the bartender as he walked up to the busy bar.

"Harry! Good to see you, laddie. What's that you have with you?"

"Oh, it's a bit of cake. I was always told it's nice to bring something to dinner and so... Cake!"

Tom smiled at the politely youngster and nodded toward a spot at the end of the bar which was open underneath. "Come over onto this side, Harry, and I'll show you to our home."

Harry did as he was told, listening as Tom gave the other bartender, Bart, a few directions. "This way, Harry."

They went into the kitchen that was being worked by two house elves. "These are our house elves, Dipsy and Clipsy. Clipsy, Dipsy, this is Cassy's newest friend, Harry."

"Pleasure to meet you, sir," they both said, bowing politely.

"It is nice to meet another pair of hard workers," Harry greeted in an elvish language using a house-elf dialect. They were surprised silly and just stared wide-eyed at him as Tom looked at him curiously and ushered him to the back of the kitchen.

"What was that there, Harry?"

"Oh, that was a bit of elvish. I was just saying it was nice to meet them. I always think it's nice when French or Spanish people try to speak English when they first meet an English person."

Tom hummed an approving sort of sound, opening up a back door in the kitchen that led to a homey sort of living room. "This is our entrance of sorts. The dining room is right down the hall, here it is."

"Harry!" Cassy said happily, smiling at her new friend and running over to give him a hug. Harry returned it and blushed cutely, seeing her face do a similar coloring. "You brought cake? It looks awesome! Mum, this is Harry!"

The night was just as eventful as the day had been. Cassy only had one sibling, her older brother, Derek. Derek was a little less than a year older than Cassy and looked as if he could have been her twin, though with a slightly broader male-ish look to him. He had two of his own friends over, Jack and Pat, Irish twins who happened to be squibs. They all started football together two year before and were getting on great with the muggle boys. Jack and Pat were from an Irish family but their mother was kicked out of her family for not abandoning her two youngest boys when they were found to be squibs. Harry decided he would send her a letter later on that night. Though Hedwig was a very young bird now, he was confident that she would be able to find the surprisingly young woman with ease. He had already felt a pull on his magic, notifying him of the string or sorts connecting them as lesser familiars.

They ended up playing a game of poker between dinner and desert and Harry was surprised how fluent each of them were in the game. "It's a family tradition to teach the game young," Martha confided conspiratorially to Harry when they all sat down for the game. "My father taught me how to count with cards when I was three." That led to a very interesting conversation about what exactly Las Vegas was in the States.

Nine rolled around and Harry and the twins were getting ready to leave. "It's been a great night, Cassy, thank you." Again he kissed her hand, causing them both to blush again.

Martha was smiling at the charming young Harry, watching the interaction of him and her youngest. "Won't you stop by soon, Harry? Cassy doesn't get to play much with kids her own age and it's been lovely having you for dinner."

"Of course, Miss Martha. I will be traveling a lot this month, though. I'll keep in contact, but I'm not sure when exactly I'll be back in England."

"Well, whenever you're in. And thank you for telling us about all of those other muggle activities. I'm sure Tom will agree to putting Cassy and Derek into Gymnastics and dance. Balle sounds like a wonderful idea, considering how clumsy Cassy will turn out if she's got half of my genes."

Harry laughed and kissed Martha's hand just as he had Cassy's. "Thank you for such a wonderful dinner, ma'am. I'll be sure to come by soon. Bye!"

As he went back into the bar via the kitchen entrance, Harry stopped and bit the busy house elves goodnight, again in Elvish. While they were pleasantly surprised again, they were aware of his knowledge of the language and bid him a similar parting as well. Sally was at the bar, sipping on a water when Harry finally made his way over. "Are you ready to go, Miss Sally?" he asked, kissing her hand in greeting.

"Yes, and I'm very excited. You have those papers you mentioned with you?"

"Of course." Harry spotted out Tom at the other end of the bar. "Tom! Have a nice night!"

"You too, Harry! I'm going to expect to see you around more often."

"Yes, sir," he agreed, smiling as Sally held his hand and they started toward the door. "Are we going to take the Knight Bus to your house?"

"Yup. While it's not the most pleasant ride in the world, it is one of the quickest. Fortunately, we live downtown so we'll get there in no time."

They went on the Knight Bus and Harry graciously paid for the ride, as well as told the boy who helped them to keep the change of his two galleons. They stopped at a larger apartment, though Harry was unsure how exactly five kids were supposed to be living in the home. "You live in a pretty neighborhood, Miss Sally. I like the flowers," he told her as they passed a tree in the front surrounded by pretty red, yellow, and white flowers.

"Oh, thank you, Harry. Mum will be pleased to hear that." She opened the door and led him inside, taking off her shoes and placing them on a shelf which held quick a few other shoes as well. Harry placed his on the top, where another smaller pair were and followed Sally into what seemed to be the living room. "Mum, this is the young boy I had told you about earlier. Harry, this is my mother, Lisa Wilkes."

"It's lovely to meet you, Harry. My husband Don will be arriving home shortly as well."

Harry took her hand and kissed the back of it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Wilkes. I love your necklace, it's the same color as your eyes," he complimented, noticing the rare shade of blue that sparkled from around her neck.

"Oh." She was surprised and taken aback by his politeness, not having thought anything of Sally's amazement as to how polite he was in the store she worked at. "Thank you very much, Harry." There was a thump upstairs and she frowned, looking up. "If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to see if everyone's alright. My youngest is having her friend stay over for the evening."

Harry nodded and looked back at Sally, smiling at the two other girls in the room. "Harry, these are two of my sisters, Joy and Lea. Joy, Lea, this little heart breaker is Harry."

"It's a pleasure to meet such a lovely family," he said, kissing both of their hands.

"Aw!" The younger one, Joy, who had to be twelve or thirteen purred, thinking he was just about the cutest thing in the world. "Do you think Mum'll let us keep him?" she asked Lea.

Lea rolled her eyes, though smiled at Harry. "He's not a dog, Joy." She grinned at Sally and then turned back to him. "But he is right cute. You're the one who's going to help out Sally, then? I guess I didn't realize how young you were."

Harry shrugged. "In the magical world I've got a few titles and I'm supposed to sponsor a muggle-born if I want to keep my father's title as Lord Potter. Sally seems to be the perfect muggle-born for the job. And, it's kind of funny, but I'll be adopting her in a way, and then you'll all be considered to be part of the Potter House in the magical world, under the family protection and everything."

"You're a Lord?" Joy asked, looking at him incredulously.

"Our laws are different, but, yeah, I'm a Lord. And in your world I'm the seventh to inherit the throne. Funny, huh?" He smiled at the awed expression of the two and grinned at Sally who was just shaking her head.

A young girl came into the room followed closely by Mrs. Wilkes. "Hi," she said, walking up to him. "I'm Stacy, Sally's youngest sister."

"Harry," he greeted, kissing her hand as he had the other's. He blushed with her and smiled when she giggled at her sisters. Looking back up at Mrs. Wilkes, he saw her eyes sparkling a bit and a knowing look in her eyes.

"Scott is upstairs with his friend. They're watching a movie right now, and since this is going to be a conversation about magic, it's appropriate that Scott's friend is entertained. Would you like some tea, Harry?"

"Oh, that would be lovely, thank you."

She smiled and went into the swinging door that undoubtedly led to the kitchen. Everyone began sitting down and Harry saw the sisters smirking at each other and quickly realize why when the only seat left was next to Stacy on a cozy looking love seat.

He blushed and stared at his shoes as he sat next to her, making Sally, Joy, and Lea laugh. "So, Harry, where are those papers?"

Harry looked up and rose for a second, putting his hand into his pocket, pulling out a deck of cards. Upon opening the box, however, there were files inside and not cards. He pulled out a blue folder and closed the card box, placing it back in his pocket as he sat down, looking at the folder. "Enlarge," he told it in Gaelic, watching as the folder began to expand.

"Woah," Stacy breathed next to him. "You just made that bigger!"

Harry looked at her curiously. "Yeah. That's magic for you."

"We haven't seen a lot of magic done around here. Only Lea, Mum, Dad, and Sally of course, really," Joy told him.

"Oh." He looked at Stacy for a moment, frowning as he studied her, making her squirm a little under his scrutiny. "But you're magical."

Stacy's eyebrows shot up and Sally shook her head. "What? No, Harry, she's muggle."

"Just like you were muggle until one of the Hogwarts professors came to tell you you were magical, right?" He looked at Stacy again and nodded to himself. "Nope, she's definitely magical."

"How can you be so sure?" Sally asked.

Harry smiled at her. "I'm fully of surprises, Miss Sally. Watch." He willed one of his more interesting rings to life, the Magavaris line's Head of House ring and pulled it from his thumb, tossing it to Lea. "Try that on, any finger that'll fit."

Lea looked at the amazingly bejeweled ring and placed it on her ring finger, wiggling them around and giggling at her sisters. "Nothing's happening, right?"

"No, I feel normal."

Harry nodded. "Good, you're supposed to. Toss it to Miss Sally and see what happens."

Lea did as he said and gently tossed the sparkling ring to her younger sister and watched with surprise as Sally yelped when the metal touched her skin and got, what seemed to be, an electric shock sent through her which made her hair stand up.

Everyone laughed at her expense as Harry smiled at her. "See? If Miss Stacy's magical, she'll get a shock, too, though I'll hold it in my hand so you won't get as shocked at Miss you like to try it on quickly, Miss Joy? Just to see if you're magical or muggle?"

"Okay!" she agreed, immediately going to the jewel, though pausing slightly before picking it up off the floor. She pulled it onto her ring finger as her older sister had and giggled, wiggling her fingers. "I hope my own ring is as beautiful as this one, one day."

"Oh, don't worry Miss Joy. You'll each get a very pretty necklace marking that you're a part of the Potter House. I could have a pinky ring crafted as well since you're interested. I think my great-great-great grandfather handed out a very nice pinky ring symbolizing 'Potter Protection' because one of the men he sponsored preferred rings to necklaces."

"Harry, thank you that's very generous, but you don't have to do that," Mrs. Wilkes told him, walking into the room with a large tray of tea, cups, and some biscuits (cookies).

"Actually, I do. It's part of my family's tradition. Miss Sally's will be slightly different, but everyone is supposed to wear their piece of jewelery to symbolize the protection you have in the magical world under the house of Potter. There are only a few who still keep with their family tradition of sponsoring a muggle-born and, in doing such, joining their magical family with the muggle family, but I intend to keep with the tradition. It is one of the smarter ones, I think; Magicals should pay more attention to muggles."

"I suppose you are right…" The front door opened and a low voice bellowed out, albeit in a somewhat hushed tone, "I'm home!"

"We're all in here, darling," Mrs. Wilkes called. "Except for Scotty, he's upstairs with Justin."

"Good evening, girls," he greeted, walking inside and loosening his tie. Harry watched with a small smile as Mrs. Wilkes got up and kissed him and smiled as Mr. Wilkes prolonged the kiss, much to the annoyance of their children.

"Jeez, we have company, you know," Joy chided, looking thoroughly disgusted by the small display of her parents. Harry chanced a glance at Stacy who was looking at him with a nearly mortified expression.

"It's okay," he whispered, smiling and taking her hand. "It's nice that your parents are in love. I don't remember much of my parents, but I like to think they were very much in love like yours are."

Stacy nodded, her eyes changing as she looked back at her parents, realizing that she was lucky to have such a strong family in her life.

"Oh, hello there. You must be Harry, our honored guest this evening." He held out his hand for Harry to shake.

"Yes, sir," Harry answered, smiling happily. Mr. Wilkes was a very tall man and obviously very active. If Harry were seeing him for the first time as a seven year old, he likely would have been either intimidated or awed by how big and muscled he was. Mrs. Wilkes was surprisingly tone as well, and obviously looked after her figured. Where Mrs. Wilkes' hair was a beautiful strawberry blonde, grown out and kept long in curls held out of her face by a clip, Mr. Wilkes had short red hair, parted as if he had a comb over all his life and just recently trimmed most of it. His eyes were washed out grey, though had some sparkling flecks of silver around the edges. Overall, this man seemed faintly magical, though not wizard. If Harry had to guess he would say that Mr. Wilkes had a bit of fairy blood in him, not unlikely as he had two magical children. "It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise, Harry. Likewise. Now, Sal said that you wanted to discuss something important with our family?"

Harry returned to his seat and Mr. Wilkes claimed the large armchair Lea had previously occupied.

"Yes, sir. But I was just about to show the girls that Miss Stacy here is every bit as magical as Miss Sally."

"Stacy's a witch?" he asked, surprised.

"She is?" Mrs. Wilkes ventured as well. She handed her husband the cup of tea with what looked to be capped off with Irish Cremer.

"Yes, ma'am. Miss Joy has my ring now, but if it shocks Miss Stacy when she touches it, then she is magical."

"Well what are we waiting for?" Mr. Wilkes asked excitedly.

Harry smiled and opened his hand, waiting for Joy to toss it to him, which she did. "Okay, Miss Stacy. Go on and touch it with your finger," he told her, holding out his hand, ring in the middle.

Stacy took a breath as she eased her hand toward harry and gently grazed the ring with it, pulling back when a jolt was sent through her. "OH!"

Harry chuckled and slid the ring back on, making it become a tattoo again. "See? If you'd like I can sponsor you, also, though I'm not sure if you'll want to be sponsored when you hear how much work it is."

"I'm not lazy," was her reply. Obviously she saw Harry's comment as a challenge of sorts, which made him smile. "If Sal can do it, so can I."

"Alright, alright. Anyway, Mr. Wilkes, I already told Miss Sally a few things she needed to do if she were to become a sponsor of the Potter family, and in doing so become a Potter herself, as far as wizarding law is concerned."

"Would you mind telling me a bit of what it entails? And are those papers about it?"

"Of course, and yes. These are the legal documents drawn up for you and the Mrs. to read and sign, as well as Miss Sally." He handed them to Mr. Wilkes who handed his cup to his wife to hold as she sat on the arm of his chair, draping her arm over the top of the back and leaning his way to look at the papers. "Basically Sally Wilkes will become Sally Potter-Wilkes in the magical world. Your family would become an ally of sorts, though considered to be part of the Potter house in the magical world. What this means is that everything Sally does or needs will be sponsored by the Potter family as far as her academics and sports are concerned. Do you play any sports, Miss Sally?"

Sally shook her head. "No, though I used to dance when I was younger."

"Oh. It's only half way into the summer, I'm sure there are a few more dance camps you can sign up for, completely paid for. If you were in to quidditch, the quidditch gear, camps, and trainers would all be paid for as well. The same could go for football, or anything else, really. I forgot to mention that earlier.

"Anyway, back to the academic side. Miss Sally would is expected to receive nothing below an E in each of her core subjects, meaning Charms, Transfiguration, History, Potions, Herbology, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. On top of that she needs to learn at least two languages proficiently before graduating from Hogwarts. That'll be really easy, though, and you can get that done in the next two week if you'd like, I know a great linguist who wouldn't mind at all teaching you. You don't have to continue your extra subjects, though it is generally expected that you receive Acceptables in each of them. Miss Sally'll have to take all of the core subject in her NEWT year, or she can request tutors for the subjects, as well as any other subjects she wants to take. You have to get a NEWT in each of the classes and then choose two to pursue mastery in.

"After Hogwarts you will be attending University in the muggle world. In the past most of the sponsored Potters went into business, but I know you'd rather follow a career in fashion, so you'll go to any fashion school you would like, so long as they are reputable. You have until you are twenty-four to finish all of your muggle studies and mastery finished by twenty-five; This means that your going to be doing a lot of studying and will be thoroughly ready to get out of school once your done." Every chuckled at Harry and were listening eagerly to everything he said. He with held his amusement when he looked over and saw Stacy taking notes. She was definitely a keeper.

"Should you not rise to the academic expectations then you have to pay back the family in full everything paid for from the family vault in your good interest. Otherwise, it's just a gift everyone in the family gets. If you don't pay back after failing the expectations you are, by law, considered an indentured slave to the house and will pay back by any means deemed necessary. There has never been a case of this in my family, though other families have abused this idea and purposefully picked muggle-borns who were expected to fail and were misled before signing the contracts."

"That sounds a little intense…" Mr. Wilkes said, frowning at Harry's description.

"Yes, but in a world where many pure-bloods like myself are required to wed multiple women before wedding contracts become active, it's not really all that surprising, is it?"

"You have wedding contracts? And you're going to have more than one wife?" Stacy asked, sounding upset.

Harry smiled sadly. "Yes, but there are ways to make sure that I'll be there for everyone I marry. I just hope it all goes well…

"Anyway, like I said earlier, the Wilkes family would be considered a part of the Potter line. They're not considered to be close in a familial sense, as there are more than a few occasions where the sponsor ends up marrying whoever is accepting the sponsorship. It is not viewed as merely a friendship, either and is considered to be a stronger bond than an alliance. The best thing that I can come up with is a non-related cousin. Does that makes sense?" He got no denials and continued. "Since the families are so close, you are also expected to attend any balls held by the family and vise-versa. Any vacations I go on, you will be invited to, expenses paid for of course, and again, expected to show up for at least a little while. When I have to make important decisions that affect the family, you will be notified and your say held dear. If you have a business that is owned by anyone else, my family would purchase it so that you can have more economical protection and hopefully help your profits in the future. If any of your children want to start a business in the future and need funding, they are expected to come to the Head of House, me, and request money of which I would be more than happy to oblige, given it seems like a successful idea and not merely a waste.

"As you can see, there are many expectations in signing this, but they are all at the benefit of your daughter and the rest of your family. You would also be invited to move to the main Potter Castle on the English Estate. Of course, things can be arranged if you would prefer moving into one of the other Estates, though usually sponsored families don't choose to go that route."

The Wilkes all seemed a little shell shocked. "Castle? You... you have a castle, and you're a Prince..."

"Well, if you want to get technical, Miss Stacy, my family found a large group of islands previously undiscovered in the early 1300's in the Pacific and other large sets in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, not to mention the large piece of the North Pole that the Kringle line owned before Kris XXXIV passed away without baring an heir and left the warded land to his daughter's grandson who was a Potter. Basically, I'm the King of those lands."

"You... you're a... Shit," Mr. Wilkes absently said, openly staring at Harry.

"Don!" Mrs. Wilkes chided. "The children." She turned back to Harry, blushing. "Excuse us, your Majesty."

Harry laughed at that and couldn't stop once he started. His laugh was a bit contageous and soon all of the Wilkes were laughing. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilkes, but you really don't have to use such formalities. I mean, I'm hoping that we'll become family after this conversation and having someone as beautiful as you or all of your daughters refer to me as 'Your Majesty'... it's just silly, ma'am."

"Of course, Harry dear. And thank you. I think I can confidently say that Don and I are very grateful for your offer to sponsor Salinda Jo. What do you say, love?" she asked, seeing if Don wanted to go through with Harry's offer.

"It'll be quite a lot of work for you, Sal, but you know we weren't sure if you could continue attending Hogwarts..."

"I can do it, Dad," she answered seriously. "I promise, I can get all of those grades, especially with a pureblood bank account backing me with tutors and such... and I really want to revolutionize the fashion sense in this world, I mean, come on. Robes."

Mr. Wilkes laughed and turned his smile to his wife, leaning to her to peck her with a kiss. "It looks as though we're going to become Potters in the magical world then."

Surprisingly, everyone cheered. Harry was taken aback and laughed after getting his bearings before turning to Stacy. "I'm prepared to offer the same thing to you, Miss Stacy-"

"Yes," she said immediately, grabbing him for a hug and laughing a belly laugh that was infectious. "Daddy, please oh please sign one for me, too!"

"The earlier you sign for her, the more prepared she'll be for her OWLs and NEWTs and undoubtly the less stress she'll be under, sir. Besides, I wouldn't want you to sign outside of my family into another sponsorship, it would make me look very bad."

"You are all too gracious, Harry. And these papers are very clear, I must say. I'm a lawyer for a firm here in London you know," he told him, finishing his overview of the contract.

"You are? That's wonderful, I need a good muggle solicitor. We'll talk business in the fall," Harry told him eagerly.

Mr. Wilkes laughed at the excited young boy while eying the hand his youngest daughter was holding onto. After nudging his wife and nodding at the small scene he turned his attention back to the contract. "Very well, Harry, I'll sign whenever you're ready."

"Sweet. Just hold on a second, you need to use a special blood quill that'll sting a little on the back of your hand, but I'll give you a sweet to make up for it."

Mrs. Wilkes laughed at the sentiment and watched as Harry pulled a fierce looking black quill from his jean pocket and strode over to the small coffee table, motioning for the papers. "I'll sign first so you can see what the blood quill entails."

Harry found the several spots where he had to initial and sign and did so, showing the back of his hand to Mr. & Mrs. Wilkes, as well as Sally so they could see the cut fade away. "Here you go, sir. You just need to sign in these two spots," he said, pointing them out. "And Mrs. Wilkes, you sign right next to him and initial at the end of the document."

They finished and Harry smiled at Sally. "Alright Miss Sally. Sign here, here and here. This is your last chance to back out if you'd like to reconsider. There will be only slight hard feelings on my part."

Sally laughed and hugged him. "Thank you for this, Harry. You're amazing, you know that?"

"Other's have said it before," he admitted. "But none have ever been as beautiful as you."

Everyone laughed again and Sally took the quill from him, hissing a little bit as it cut into her skin with all of the places she needed to sign. "Welcome to the family, Miss Sally!"

A round of hugs commenced and Harry was told to call Mrs. Wilkes Aunt Lisa and Mr. Wilkes Uncle Don if they weren't being too presumptuous, which he was touched by. Stacy stopped to remind him that they weren't actually related when he hugged her last, which made everyone laugh and him blush brilliantly and hug her just a tad tighter than the others had.

"I have an extra set of papers for sponsorship if you'd like to sign some for Stacy, Uncle Don."

Don grinned at him and pulled him in to a one-armed hug. "Alright, Harry. Let's have them."

They signed a second set of papers, and Harry made sure to help his Aunt Lisa in kissing Stacy's hand better after she signed the documents. "I'll have the potions and the tutor come by tomorrow. If you'd like, Aunt Lisa, I could send a few extra vials if you'd like the others to learn French and Latin with Sally and Stacy."

"Oh, that's very generous of you, Harry, thank you. I think we'd like that, wouldn't we girls?" Though they groaned, Harry could tell that they were a little excited at the prospect of doing something slightly magical.

"Uncle Don, I have to head out to the continent once we're done, but if you'd like to consider moving into the Potter Estate here in Britain, I would be honored. Dobby!" he called, startling the other slightly as his personal house elf popped into the room. "Dobby, these are my two new sponsored witches, Stacy and Sally, as well as most of their family, Lisa, Don, Lea, and Joy. Scott, their son, is upstairs with a muggle right now."

"It is nice to meet all of you," Dobby greeted, bowing slightly. "If Harry has adopted you into the family then you are great people!"

"This is my personal house elf, Dobby. We actually just met earlier today, but he's a great elf, I can tell already." Dobby was blushing at Harry's direct praise and the stares that the family were giving him. "Dobby, if you could find another elf in the family who would like to become the personal house elf of the Wilkes branch of the family, that would be very helpful."

"I already know of an elf very willing, sir. Cookie would be more than happy to personally serve any branch or person of the family."

"Very good, thank you. Could you call her for me, please? And I need to have the necklaces at Potter manor for sponsored family members brought over, as well as seven of the rings, please."

"At once, Harry. I will send Cookie with them."

Dobby popped away and Harry smiled at the Wilkes. "That was a house elf. Cookie is going to be your new house elf, she can do loads of things for you guys, though you will treat her with respect. She is not a slave, but a valued member of this family. Okay?"

"We understand, Harry," Don told him. "And I'll make sure that no one is rude to Cookie."

There was a quiet pop and a small, gleeful house elf was in the room, holding a box in her hand. "Oh, Master Harry! I'm so glad you have me working for a family!"

Harry smiled kindly at Cookie and held his hand for the box, taking it gently from her. "It's not a problem, Cookie. Dobby said you would like to help the Wilkes here. Thank you for bringing these."

"Of course."

Harry made the introductions and began preparing to leave. "Well, it's getting late. I'll keep in touch, though. Are you usually out during the day, Aunt Lisa?"

"I'm a house mom, but there's plenty to do, Harry," she told him, smiling kindly.

"Okay, then. Don't be surprised to have a house elf from the family pop up every so often. Cookie here can arrange for you to go to the Estate I mentioned any time you're ready. I'll send a letter every so often and the tutor will show up tomorrow, probably around noon. Is that alright? His name is Mr. McGuire."

"Yes, that is fine, Harry, and sounds perfect. Thank you for everything, truly."

He handed her the box and gave her a hug. "Have a nice night then. Goodbye everyone," he said, getting hugs from everyone. He called for Dobby and had him pop to France just as Lisa opened up the box and gasped.

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