I love Vampire Diaries, I love Facebook, hence...a VDFB story! It's kinda silly, very OC, and each chapter will be based off of a new episode. Let me know what you think in a review!

Elena Gilbert is fine. Thanks.

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Caroline Forbes you know who else is fine? That new kid in the office.

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Bonnie Bennett talk about hot back.

Elena Gilbert and hot face...

Matt Donovan come on, have you seen his forehead?
Someone should tell him to take the brooding down a notch.

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Caroline Forbes someone should tell Matt to take the jealousy down a notch...


Jeremy Gilbert to Vicky Donovan: hey, wanna chill at the party this weekend?

Elena Gilbert Chill, really? More stoner talk Jer?

Vicky Donovan female Gilbert, can you tell your brother to back the fuck off and stop creeping?

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Tyler Lockwood that's my girl, getting rough ;)

Vicky Donovan just for you baby ;)

Jeremy Gilbert ...vomit.

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Elena Gilbert is friends with Stefan Salvatore

Caroline Forbes lucky bitch.

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Stefan Salvatore to Elena Gilbert: I like your shirt :) very sparkly.

Elena Gilbert aweh thanks! I like your shirt too.

Stefan Salvatore how come? It's just a normal shirt.

Elena Gilbert it shows off your muscles ;)

Stefan Salvatore oh...maybe I'll wear it more often then ;)


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Elena Gilbert sorry Care.
Message me Stefan :)

Jeremy Gilbert *facepalm*

Matt Donovan ^^I second that.


Elena Gilbert to Stefan Salvatore: I know I already said this, but thanks for giving my journal back.

Stefan Salvatore it was my pleasure :)
Are you still going to that party tonight?

Elena Gilbert only if you are :)

Caroline Forbes to quote Jeremy...vomit.

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Stefan Salvatore I guess I'll see you there then :)

Jeremy Gilbert Jesus, just get a room already!


Elena Gilbert scary night...Vicky, you're in our thoughts and prayers.

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Matt Donovan thanks Elena, it means a lot.

Elena Gilbert any time Matty.

Caroline Forbes Elenaaaaaaaaaaaa don't be so meannnnnnnnnn to poor Mattyyyyyyyyy.

Elena Gilbert Caroline, you're drunk. Go home.

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Damon Salvatore joined Facebook.

Relationship status: it's complicated.

Birthday: Not even gonna go there.

Interests: Pussy, blood, Katherine, fucking bitches. And ruining Stefan's life, of course.

Religion: Myself.

(no subject)
between Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore Damon.

Damon Salvatore hellloooooo, brother.
Accept my friend request!

Stefan Salvatore you're an ass.

Damon Salvatore never claimed to be anything more.
See you at home, brother!

Stefan Salvatore Religion: Myself? Really?
And don't you think the blood thing is a little obvious?

Damon Salvatore Buzzkill Bob.