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Chapter 1: Pervert?

"Keitaro you pervert," the samurai girl shouted as he blasted off her manager yet again. It has been some time since they returned from Mol-mol and everything has gotten back to normal. And that includes our favorite manager's bad luck.

Keitaro just got back from school and the first thing he saw was the hinata girls in the leaving room in their underwear. He didn't know what happened but he could have guess that it had something to do with one of Kitsune's pranks. But before he could ask anything from the girls he was quickly met meet Motoko's wooden sword.

Keitaro luckily landed at the dorm's stairway meaning Motoko wasn't really that angry since it's his distance that indicated the girl's fury. But he couldn't help but wonder what happened at the place when he was away.

"Kitsune, probably added wine in their drinks or something," he mumbled to himself as he climb the stairs a second time.

Motoko has just launched the manager to the stairway. And for some unknown reason her face was as red as a tomato.

"How can I explain that I did all this," she stuttered as she observed the scene in front of her. She was the reason why the girls were lying on the floor wearing only their underwear. "If only Kitsune didn't find those, this shouldn't have happened."

Keitaro has finally reached the dorm's entrance again. He felt kind of stupid for coming through the front door a second time when the first was just a few minutes ago. He also knew that the budget that month would get a little tight as he thought of the hole on the roof.

But thinking of the matter at hand first he again went in the place he called home. There the girls were gone from the ground and were nowhere to be seen.

"I guess they woke up," he said. "But where are they?"

He tried to find them but it seemed like they were nowhere to be found. They weren't at the kitchen eating nor where they at their rooms. He wasn't even launched by neither Motoko nor Naru when he entered the baths. "Where are they really," he muttered again.

"Good they haven't woke up yet," the kendo girl smiled a devious grin as she looked at the girls. She brought them to her room and hid at one of those secret passages of the place.

After deciding that the coast was clear, she came out from hiding. She was hiding something in her hand and was determined not to let anyone else see them. She was smiling evilly as she observed the things in her hands.

"Now to hide these before he gets here," she chuckled and went outside but to her dismay there he was standing in front of her.

Keitaro has looked all over the inn and to his dismay couldn't find anyone. "Did I did something wrong again," he asked himself. But thinking about it, he hasn't done anything yet so why would they hide from him.

Deciding that they couldn't have gone far, he decided to try their rooms again. But again they were all empty. But when he entered Motoko's he felt like someone was there. But decided it was just his own imagination and left. But to his surprise the door quickly opened when he went out and there stood one of his tenants.

"Oh Motoko," Keitaro greeted the one who just launched him earlier. "Have you seen the others? They seemed to have woken up."

"Uhm," the girl stuttered. "Sorry, no, well got to go."

"Are you feeling okay," Keitaro stopped the girl. "You seem to be acting really weird today. Got any problem? I don't mind helping you out."

"No I'm feeling fine," Motoko replied. "I'm in a hurry and… well see you later Urashima."

"Wait," Keitaro again stopped the girl. "Mind asking what those things are? They look like books."

"They're none of your business," the girl shouted angrily as she headed down the stairs. But because of the rush she missed of the steps and fell down.

Keitarou quickly went to help her out, but to his surprise the girl stood up and hurriedly ran for the exit. "Really, what's wrong with her?"

"Finally," Motko sighed. "Now to burn the evidence."

She took the books away from her hands and placed them on top of the bench. The covers were pretty worn out but the title was still visible. "Love of the Magical Girls," was written on the one on the top.

"Now where should be a good place to burn these," She asked while surveying the area. She decided the trashcan on the west was the best place. But after lighting the fire on the can, she hesitated before throwing the books into it.

"It such a waste to throw these away," she said to her self. "But this is a dishonor to my family."

She continued to battle with her self before deciding on the worst choice to make during those times. "Maybe, reading them once more isn't going to hurt," she muttered to herself and started to browse through the pages. Inside there were things a normal girl wouldn't even consider to read nor see. She was reading some really adult themed doujinshis and she was loving every second off it.

But her fun wasn't going to last long as a familiar sound shouted from behind her.

"Hey Motoko," Kaitaro shouted as he watched the black haired girl reading near the trash. "What are you doing there?"

Motoko didn't know what to do, there were still a lot of the books left and none where in the trashcan. "Stay away Urashima," she shouted trying to scare away the manager but failed to do so. Her embarrassment was getting to her and the threats she was throwing just made they guy more worried.

"You don't sound too well," he shouted worriedly. "Wait there!"

"Oh no," Motoko panicked. "He's going to see these, what will he think? He's the one who shouldn't find this out the most."

"Moto-," Keitaro tried to call out before he could finish he was met with a strong ki attack. "What are you doing?" Kaitaro panicked with tears running down his cheeks.

"Stay away," Motoko whispered but repeated again as a shout. "I said stay away!"

"Fine," he replied. "But what are you hiding anyway?"

"It's none of your business," she shouted. "Just go back, the girls might have returned."

"But you're acting weird," Keitaro pointed out. "And why won't you talk about it?" He was really worried of the girl. He decided to move forward a little but that turned out to be a bad decision. Motoko quickly unleashed a fury of ki attacks and all of them were aimed at him. But to his surprise something hard landed on his head.

"Oh no," Motoko panicked. "One of them got mixed up with the attacks. Please don't read it!"

"Is this a doujin," Keitaro stuttered. He has opened the book and started to browse through the content. He didn't hear the girl's request as he read through the book.

"He's reading it," Motoko said. She was about to cry thinking that the person he was calling a pervert all this time was reading something really perverted and it belonged to her. "What will he think of me now?"

"This is actually kind of good," Keitaro commented. "If you like manga I don't mind but you should really avoid those for adults."

This really surprised her. She didn't expect that kind of reaction from him. He didn't shout some really stupid thing nor did he get angry with her.

"Well, the other's might be waiting," keitaro said and walked away. "Don't worry liking these kind of stuff isn't that bad. But I see you don't like the others seeing it so I'll keep it a secret."

Motoko couldn't believe what she just heard. He didn't just ignore the fact he read an adult doujin that belonged to her. But he even said it was normal. But the fact that most of the ones she owned were mature never crossed her mind. But for now she decided it was for the best.

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