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---===(| Digimon 00: An Old Hope (Prologue) |)===---

A sharp wind blew outside of a condo in uptown Tokyo. Some shades closed, lights off, and the only sound was the occasional hyperactive dog barking at some unseen trespasser and the crickets. Everyone was asleep, a long day's work behind them, resting for a new day. Or trying to.
Tai snapped upright in his bed, the loud noise waking him from his normally-dreamless slumber. It took him only a millisecond to remember who and where he was. And what the noise was. A phone call. Not the first one that night. Being the ambassador to another world can do that at times. He often wished that the job would be passed along to someone else like Davis or Matt, someone who might stand all the pressure. Or at least find a way to get around it. But he knew he wouldn't give up his job for the world. Too many perks, and probably the only thing he could really do, since he was guaranteed the job right after high school. Besides, he had fun a lot more often than not, too. But. Maybe something in politics...
Oh, yeah, the phone. "Hello?" Tai asked after picking it up. He hooked the earpiece over his earlobe, maneuvering the microphone to be closer to his mouth. He hated it when people moved the mic around. "Oh, hi, Joe," he said, listening to the voice on the other end. "Wait, wait. Say that again, only this time slow down and stop sniffling every other word." A pause. "Oh..." Tai looked out his open window into the night, a small frown on his face. Not good news. "Are you sure?" Another pause. "Okay. I'll deal with it in the morning, but right now I'm beat." Tai listened some more. "Yeah... Okay, you do that. I'll get back to you in the morning. Talk to you then, bye."
Tai clicked a small button near the earpiece, and set the phone back down on the bed stand. He rubbed his temples, sighing. Always the hard stuff. "Computer," he said, then heard a chime indicating response. "Set wake up call one hour earlier. And change my breakfast to something with carbohydrates or something that will wake me up." Tai hated coffee. Maybe some tea. With extra sugar. He let gravity take him back to his bed, and was fast asleep within minutes.

Wha...? Joe? Tai asked himself with the sound of the ringing. He looked at his phone, then at the clock, and realized it was just his wake up call. He chided to himself that he should look into financing some cloning project so that he could sleep in while a duplicate worked for him. But that would be later. Now he needed to get ready for the day. He went into the bathroom, and decided to have a normal, H20 shower. He got dressed, and went downstairs, kissing his wife as he left the room. Breakfast was waiting for him, as normal. Pancakes, extra carbs, just as he asked. At least his computer knew his personality. He pulled out one of his wife's bottled teas that she liked to import from the US, and put a few extra scoops of sugar in, before sitting down to eat.
He grabbed the PEN (Phireside Electronic Newspaper) pad on the counter and read up on the recent news, both foreign and local. When he was done, he noted certain stories, and then downloaded them into his MEA (MonoElectronic Assistant), just as his wife walked down the stairs.
"Is T.J. up yet?" she asked him, looking around. A loud sound from T.J.'s room upstairs confirmed that he was well awake. Tai just smiled, hooking his MEA into a small slot in the wall under the TV. After a few seconds, it beeped, and he sat back down, reading the current reports from Prime Digimon, Inc., the company that owns and runs all of the two current Digital Portals in the world. Tai worked with them in conjunction with the governments of Japan and the US, the homes of the two ports. Tourism was up, and there were some contracts up with some small businesses moving to the Digital World. They also reported that some on-their-own businesses were still on schedule with their own Digiports. PDi always kept track of that, both for the financial and humane safety.
"So who was that on the phone last night?" Mrs. Kamiya asked her husband, coming over to kiss him.
"Oh, did I wake you?" Tai asked, and she nodded slightly, arms wrapped about him. "Sorry about that, June."
"No, that's okay," she replied, going over to the computer and choosing her own breakfast. She didn't like to have the computer make the same thing every morning as Tai did. "So who was it?"
"Joe. Apparently, Gennai died yesterday. At least, that's what Joe's initial analysis was. But he said Gennai could have been dead for a month, which was the last time Joe knew of anyone talking to him, because they're still examining the effects of dying in the digital world," he replied, scrolling down on his MEA.
"Oh...," June tried to fake a sad look, but failed. She had never known Gennai at all, so the loss wasn't as big to her. "Who was... Nevermind. So why did he call you about it?" She brushed some of her red hair away from her face.
"Well, though many of the textbooks omit it, mainly because they focus more on us Digidestined, Gennai was a big part of being able to defeat Venom- and MaloMyotismon. I can't believe that he died, though. I mean, when we fought the Dark Masters, he was this old dude. Then, when we had our little bit with having to take care of Digimon around the world, he appeared again, but he was much, much younger. I thought he would have lived for much longer than that."
"Maybe human DNA in the Digital World actual works backwards from what it does here..." June thought aloud, taking a sip from her cup.
"That's one thing they're looking into over there. There has been speculation," Tai said, finishing his breakfast and setting down his fork. He walked over to a mirror and fixed his tie. "Anyway, besides Gennai being a personal friend, he had the sort of hero figure. And, I being the ambassador to the digital world and all, well, you know." The computer flashed a note across the mirror, alerting Tai that his driver was here. He had called in earlier while getting dressed. "I have to go. I'll see you later tonight." He kissed his wife and ran out the door.
"One... two... three," June said, and Tai came back in through the door, grabbed his MEA, and ran back out, but not without kissing his wife again. June smiled at the closed door as she heard the hum of his corporate vehicle drive off. Then another noise came upstairs, and she walked back up to make sure T.J. hadn't broken anything. Item or bone.

"Mr. Kido is here, Mr. Kamiya," Tai's secretary informed him over the two-way com speaker. Tai looked at the ceiling of his office, which he often thought was as big as his own home. The roof towered over 15 feet above him, while the mellow tan walls conveyed his favorite paintings, as well as artist's renditions of his journeys as a kid. He didn't have many pieces of furniture in his office, going for the minimalist approach. He wouldn't be able to enjoy it much with his paperwork, anyway.
"All right. Send him in," Tai responded, and stood up as Joe entered. "Heya, Joe. Nice to see a friendly face in this pack of hounds," Tai said, shaking Joe's hands and waving his other at the mass of papers on his desk. "I don't know what I'm signing half the time. Care for a Pepsi or something?" he asked, walking over to the mini fridge in his office. Another perk.
"But you sign them anyway, huh? I'll have a root beer, if you have any," Joe replied, sitting down on the couch against one wall. His mind skimmed the duties he was shirking, passed to someone else, for this event. Still a workaholic, Tai was trying to get him to see a therapist to get him off his work fetish. Joe shoved the thoughts from his mind, concentrating on the task at hand. Tai walked over, handing him the soda, and plopped down beside him on the couch, leaning his head against the wall. "So... What are we going to do?" Joe asked Tai, and took a drink from the can.
"Why are you asking me?" Tai said, turning his head. Joe just gave him a crazy look. Tai sighed. "Yeah, yeah... Well, first, where's his body?"
"One of the three hospitals in the Digital world. The doctors there wanted to examine him, but I made them stay back for now.  You never know what they might find.  If I let them open him up, they might want to keep him in a jar or something.  And, doctor though I may be, that just doesn't seem right." Tai nodded, taking another drink from his soda, and looked out the window. "Odd thing, though."
"What's that?" Tai asked, as Joe took a drink from his can.
"His body shows absolutely no sign of decay. I mean, even people who come over here from the real world decay, albeit slower, when they die. Gennai shows no signs of decay. None. Zip. Zilch. Na-"
"I get the point," Tai said, interrupting Joe.
"So how are you going to handle this?" Joe asked, waving his can around a little bit.
Tai thought for a minute before answering. "Well... I'm gonna call Cody. I'm sure Gennai has a will, so Cody can control that," he said, slouching forward and staring at his shoes and the red carpet. "Izzy, too. Gennai collected a lot of data on Digimon, and I'm sure he would have wanted to share. Izzy could crack anything"
"Probably in his will. The Digimatoligsts would get a kick out of that," Joe said. Digimontology was a recently-created field of scientific study. Even during the DigiDestined's escapades and for years afterwards, people studied Digimon, but there really was no field. Within the last ten years, interest really perked up over studying Digimon instead of just training, and a new field was created to accommodate this. Many considered Joe the head of Digimontology, since he mainly doctored Digimon, but he didn't.
"Mmmm.... T.K. will probably want to put this into some new novel or other he's writing. He may or may not come, though. We won't be able to keep Davis away. Everyone knows and loves him, and there's no way we could hide something like this from him. Is it the hospital in Port Prime?" Joe nodded. Tai stood up, took his can and Joe's empty one and put them in the recycling chute. "Alright then. I'll make some calls myself. My secretary works hard enough as is," Tai said to Joe, smiling, and shook Joe's hand as he stood up as well. "I'll see you later. Try to keep this underwraps for now. Don't know what freak might think Gennai was some pagan saint and try to cremate him or something."
"Okay," Joe replied, as Tai walked him to the door. "I'll try to sector off that wing or something. I'm sure there won't be a problem." Tai opened the door and let Joe walk out. He waved to Joe as Joe walked out the door opposite of his.
"Mrs. Kanzaki? Try to cancel my appointments for this afternoon. Something important has come up." His secretary nodded in response, talking to someone on the phone. Tai could never just cancel anything- his position was just too prominent and important for that. He just had to try to shove things. He walked back into his office, shutting the door, and stood by the window, looking at the buzzing activity down below and, in the far distance, the giant multicolor circle which was the link between the real world and the Digital one. He rubbed his temples before picking up the phone and dialing Cody's number.


He was right. Davis did hear about it before Tai could call him, and he did want to come. T.K. couldn't come, though, because he and Kari were on a cruise. Tai smirked at the thought. It was still slightly funny, being related to your best friend. Izzy was ready and willing, as always. Cody could make it, but they had to wait a week, because he had some big court case to get through.
Which brought them to today. Tai, Cody, Davis, Joe, and Izzy stood over Gennai's body, which was covered with a white sheet. As Joe had promised, that wing of the hospital was zoned off, though it didn't hurt the hospital at all. They didn't get many human patients. They had been there, silent, for a good half hour. No one knew what to say. What to do.
It was Davis who finally broke the silence. "Can we remove the cover?" he asked no one in particular.
"Why?" Joe responded, looking up at him and cocking an eye.
"I haven't seen him for 20 years. I've talked to him off and on, but he and I were never as close as your original group was. I don't think he even got involved with the third group," Davis replied, fumbling with his hands.
"I would like to see him also. I didn't talk to him much, just like Davis," Cody added, his briefcase in his hands. The trial had gone well. No one had really won, but it had set an important precedent of the treatment of Digimon in Japan. Mostly, they had been regarded with some respect, though many feared them for what the likes of Myotismon had done. They had some freedoms now, and, with the court case, if humans attacked Digimon, they could be charged with the same crimes as if they had attacked a human.
"Actually, he did help out quite a bit with the third group, but only a handful of people know the whole story. It was too bad that they didn't make it," Tai said. He didn't have to explain who 'they' were.
"I don't think there should be a problem with taking a gander. I mean, he's not decomposing or anything," Joe said, shrugging off Tai's words. He didn't like to think much of the third group. Too many bad memories. He grabbed the top portion of the sheet covering Gennai's head and brought it away, down to his waist. Davis gasped, and Cody held a blank stare.
"He's... He's still young!" Davis exclaimed.
"Actually, he might be rather old according to digital standards. There's some talk of human development working backwards, but no real basis yet. Not to mention that he's probably more digital than the rest of us could be, so that might be part of it," Joe said, putting the tarp back over Gennai.
"So are we going to have a funeral for him publicly or privately?" Izzy asked Tai.
"We're thinking privately. A small handful of people, including the Digidestined. I doubt we'll see any big media coverage, even if it was public" Tai responded, and started walking out of the room. "You wanna see the techno junk, Izzy?" Izzy nodded, and followed Tai out. Joe and the others trailed behind a second later.
"We have it stored back here for easy reach, and so anyone that might stumble upon his house won't try to take it for memorabilia or something," Joe explained as he caught up to Izzy and Tai. Davis and Cody lagged behind. Izzy nodded.
"What about the will?" Cody asked as they continued walking.
"Um... we don't exactly have that. We believe there is one, but all of his junk is labeled in Binary code, and neither Tai nor me know how to read it that well. We could have called in someone else, but we decided it was better to just wait until Izzy came." They approached a locked room reading 'storage', and walked inside. The far wall was stuffed with toiletries and extra sheets. But either sides of the room were cluttered with electric gizmos and all sorts of storage devices.
"Have at it," Tai said to Izzy, waving at all the stuff. Izzy's eyes lit up like it was Christmas. A lot of the stuff was old school, hard drives with only 20 gigabytes, CD drives, towers, and the like. Whatever he couldn't or didn't use could most certainly be sold for quite a sum, either to a museum or some private collector. He dove in, peering at each binary label for a second before moving on.
"Found it!" he exclaimed as he neared the other end of the room. He walked back, holding a CD with 1's and 0's all over the top, binary code.
"How do you know that's the will?" Davis asked, giving a skeptical look.
"Because it reads 'Gennai's Will,'" Izzy responded, smiling. He handed it to Cody, who looked the thing over.
"I haven't used a CD in ages. I don't think I even have anything that can read these anymore. And I know they don't sell them. I think the firm might have one, just for events like this, but..."
"I have a CD drive on my laptop, back at the hotel," Izzy said, interrupting Cody. He looked around the room, and went about moving things into more of an organized system. "I think we should leave this here until Cody gets through with the will." The others nodded in response."All this gloom is giving me the willies. I say a dip in the pool is in order."
Tai looked up at Izzy, smiling. "Prodigious idea, Izzy," he said, and walked out of the room.
"Hey! That's my word!" Izzy complained as he followed Tai out. The others chuckled as they left themselves.


"You know, I could use one of these at home...," Cody said to Izzy. Cody stood over Izzy's shoulder watching as Izzy decoded and transferred the document that held the will to a format and storage device that Cody could use. It had taken Izzy a good part of the day to change the file from one format to another. Now it was just a bit before it was transferred.
"Say no more," Izzy said as the computer made a beeping sound. "I can get you a system close to this so you can read old data devices. I might have to do a little digging for a free one, though. Maybe I can put one together from all of Gennai's leftover stuff...," he said as an afterthought, and handed Cody the small device that now held the will.
"That'll depend on what the will says," Cody replied as he put the device in his briefcase.
"So what are you going to do? Stay here in Port Prime and do that, or go home?" Izzy asked. He snapped his fingers, and the computer shut off.
"Probably go home. I have some after-court stuff still to do, and I can work better in my own study. But first, I thought a little R and R is called for, what with all this, so I'm having my wife and Yukio come down. I was able to get ahold of Armadillomon, so we are going to visit later," he patted his briefcase. "I may just fiddle with the will during then. Depends on how things go." Cody stood and turned to walk out the door. As he was about to open it, a knock came from without, and he swung the door open without hesitation.
"Hey, guys," Tai said, standing in 'civilian' clothes, jeans and a gray T-shirt."Any luck on the will yet?"
"Izzy just got it into something I can use," Cody replied, waving the briefcase a little bit. "With all this court stuff and such, I decided I'll take some vacation time with my family, and then work on it after that. Only a day or two, but heaven knows I need it."
Tai frowned a bit, scuffing his shoe on the carpet. "Do you think you might be able to postpone that vacation a bit? Joe's informed me that people have been snooping around the hospital. Davis has gone there to try to ward people off, under the cover of visiting what kids they have there, which he does a lot anyway. I want to get Gennai and his stuff out of there ASAP, but I don't want to do it until we read the will," he said, looking back up at Cody. "In other words, I need that now."
"I was looking forward to my vacation," Cody replied, sighing.
"I can always get another lawyer to look it over," he offered. "Though, I don't know anyone else as versed in Digital Law as you do."
"No, no, that's okay," Cody said. He looked to the ground, then back to Tai with a smile. "Maybe I can still have a little get away. I would never be able to work on it 24/7, and Yukio can have fun by himself or with Debbie. And Yukio just adores Armadillomon."
"I have no qualms with that," Tai replied, smiling back at Cody. Izzy sat in his chair, listening into all of this, not having much of an option.
"Okay, then. I better go call Debbie and let her know what's going on. Excuse me," Cody said to Tai, and Tai moved out of his way to let him make the call. He watched as Cody entered his own room, then Tai entered Izzy's room, closing the door.
"He really could have used some time off," he said to Tai, standing up. "I saw the proceedings for the court trial, and it was a b-"
"Yeah, well, this is important, too" Tai said, interrupting Izzy. "I know he needs the free time, but if I can't make some firm decisions soon, this could explode in my face. Not in a big way, but large enough that I really don't want it to happen."
"So this is selfishness?" Izzy asked, cocking an eye.
"No," Tai said defensively, then paused for a moment. "Okay, maybe a little. But there can still be repercussions to other people and so forth. You don't want Gennai's body being stolen away by some Digi-religon freak, do you?" This got a shy look from Izzy. He looked away.
"Of course not," Izzy said, looking back. He stretched his arms out into the air. "I guess I don't think a whole lot about politics. I'm just a geek, after all," he said, smiling.
"You always have been," Tai said as he left, leaving Izzy to his thoughts.


Two days passed quickly. Cody spent more time than he meant to on the will, but that didn't mean he didn't have fun. He even surprised himself by going over most of the will in brief in the two days. He made some very interesting discoveries about the items Gennai had left behind, and was talking with Izzy and Tai about it.
"Mostly, it's data on Digimon and the Digital World. Some of it is about his botany hobbies. Letters from friends- get this: there were many more humans in the digital world before you came. From what I've read, there may have even been a small city of people like Gennai- human, but not digital. Only checking the disks can tell," Cody said to Izzy, looking over a print out of indexed items so far. His family's bags were stacked over by the door. He was planning to head home tonight. Izzy took a sip from his drink as he followed along on his own copy. Tai just sat and listened in, deep in thought. Or just spacing out. "Speaking of which, he doesn't really leave anything to anyone in particular, so you can probably decide the best way to use them. There's a few personal items for us Digidestined and so forth, but that's it."
"Burial?" Tai asked, still holding the same thoughtful position.
"Doesn't say, either. I would go with a plain casket-in-the-ground burial here in digi firma. Either way, remember that I just kind of went through it quickly to look for stuff like that, so we can't legally do anything without my first doing a detailed transcript. Shouldn't take more than a week. I'd say go ahead with some funeral for now. I don't see any reason for legal trouble."
"That should take care of it, then," Tai said, and stood up, stretching. Izzy took another drink from his glass and set it back down along with his copy of the will. "I have some calls to make, so I'm going to head back to my room."
"Ditto," Izzy said.
"Hang on a second," Cody said, standing up as well, and turned to another page of the will. "There's an important item that concerns all of us Digidestined. One that may be of particular interest to others, as well. The paragraph on it reads 'To the guardians of the Digital World, I bequeath history. A prominent, important history which I want to be known. Alpha 004.' He only labeled five things with regular lettering. This was one of them," Cody said, holding up a small CD-like object no bigger than a wrist watch, reading 'Alpha 004'. While he went through the will, Cody had all of Gennai's stuff transferred from the hospital to an adjacent room which connected to his. He took stock of everything as he went through the will. "Izzy, I'd like you to start looking through this to see what's on it, then tell me when you can. For some reason, my laptop won't accept it, though it seems to fit into the Inverse Drive."
Izzy took the object from Cody and examined it, flipping it over many times. "And it is an Inverse Disk. Odd," he mumbled, and pocketed the object. "Anyway, I have a semiannual conference here in two days with other lead computer/Digimon related engineers, so I'm just going to stay here until then."
Tai nodded. "I'm going to ship out tomorrow, but only because I like sleeping, and could do with a late wake-up call. Izzy, I want you to call me as well when you get something from that. I have a hunch it's more than any of us expect," he said, then waved good-bye and walked out, Izzy following soon after.


Tai had turned out to be quite the diplomat, much better than anyone expected. He had successfully incorporated laws to aid Digimon's rights in the real world, and helping the Digimon set up their own government to kind of look over the Digital world, which was going quite well. No one knew if it was the disposition of the Digimon, or if those appointed for Digital office were that good, but their own form of Democracy was like a magical wave, and most Digimon were complying very well. For that matter, they had more freedom than humans in the Digital world, who were governed by a subsection of the Digital Democracy. That was an idea of the Prime Minister of the Digital world, none other than T.K.'s Patamon, now Digivolved to Angemon.
Through some studies, humans found out how to write code that could allow certain Digimon to digivolve and devolve at will. The Digidestined's Digimon were the first to have it, and they liked being in their rookie forms (except Gatomon) when in the real world, even some times in the Digital one. Armadillomon frequently went Digmon to help construct new towns for both Digimon and Humans, though the Digital Democracy was doing it's best to try to keep construction to a minimal.
For the moment, though Armadillomon was back in the real world, watching Cody as he went through the will more thoroughly. "Ya found anything interestin' yet?" Cody shook his head.
"No", he replied. It had been about 3 days since he came back to the Digital World, only to be surprised that his partners in law had done most of the filing and such for him on his case. This left him more time then he thought to get the will read. He was right in his earlier observation- Gennai had left little to anyone specific. He was still waiting for the call from Izzy on that disk. He thought it best not to call Izzy to disturb him, especially since he might be at that conference. Besides, whatever was on it probably wasn't all that important, anyway.
Pure coincidence rang the phone at the time Cody was thinking about it. "Hello?" he asked as he arranged his headset.
Tai surprised everyone with his diplomatic skills. Half the time, it was because his hunches were right.
"No way," Cody said, totally uncharacteristic. He listened for a few more minutes as Izzy rambled. "Wait, wa- no. Can you use layman's terms, please? And I just want to know what's on it, not how you created a program to read it." He paused, listening. "Have you called Tai? Okay. I'll be there tomorrow. Bye," he said, and pressed a button on the headset to turn off the phone. He swiveled on his chair to face Armadillomon, who was lying in another chair next to him. "Now we found something interesting," he said as he got up to go get something to eat.
"What's it?" Armadillomon asked, but Cody brushed his question aside.
"Later," he said. He dug through the fridge to see if there was any prune juice.


"So this is basically an account of the very first team of Digidestined?" Tai asked.
"Yup," Izzy replied, typing away as the screen scrolled with indecipherable characters. During his stay at the hotel, he had modified his Inverse Drive to accept the disk, built a program with which to decode the highly sensitive security protocol on the disk, and written 'Ghostbusters III'. "Though I think I could have done that better."
"No kidding," said Cody, looking at the manuscript. "It's five pages long." Cody and Tai stood behind Izzy, watching his computer work. They had arrived earlier that morning, and had brunch with some other friends before heading up to Izzy's hotel room.
"So I need to work on it. Anyway, the disk has a messload of information and all of it is behind a lockout command, so this program has to work slowly to decode it. I've gotten a bit here. Luckily, it's doing it in order instead of jumping around, it seems. Here, take a look at this," Izzy said, and turned the screen for all three to see. A cursor flashed as Izzy pressed a button, and then it was zooming across the screen, leaving letters in it's wake.

Hello, there! If my will was followed to a T, and I hope it was, only the Digidestined could read this. Of course, only they could, since I put a lockout on this that only Izzy could crack, the little scamp. I knew you could do it, Izzy- having let you study on my computers wasn't such a bad idea, eh?

Anyway, the purpose of this lockout was not to keep people from seeing it, but to let those who should see it first, well, see it first. Meaning the Digidestined. They should know how this got started. I wasn't able to include any images because this was back in the day, so you'll have to go by imagination. What follows is 'chapters' of the adventures of the original Digidestined, as accounted by them. Actually, more like their Digimon, or what Digimon were left at the end.

Obviously, if you're reading this, I am indeed dead. Don't cry for me- I was long past due. Just remember the fun times, and it'll be all good. I hope you learn a lot about reading this!

- Gennai (PS Izzy, most of those disks have info on Digimon, which I'm sure you and Joe might find useful in your modern-day jobs. Good luck!)

"Gennai...," Tai said, brushing away a tear. There was awkward silence for a moment, as if they had just spoken to the dead. Of course, in a sense, they just had.
"So," Cody said, breaking the silence and tilting his head away from the screen, "do you have any of the story decrypted?"
"Not enough to be worth reading right now," Izzy replied, pressing a few keys to make the words disappear. "He said it was divided up into chapters, so I guess it would be best to just wait until I decode one, then another, and so forth. Less tension, then."
"So I guess we let this thing do it's thing," Tai said, poking the computer.
Izzy nodded. "Yup. Oh, and I'm going to need to keep this hotel room for a while. I don't want to turn the computer off because I'm afraid the program might be lost. I made it rather quickly, so it doesn't have many functions aside from this base one."
"I'll take care of that," Tai said. He waved goodbye and headed outside of the room. After closing the door, he looked up and stared at the ceiling, wondering what they would find in this archive.He thoughts were broken by the door opening again. He turned his head to look at Cody, who walked out and closed the door behind him. The two stared at each other for a minute. The conservative and the outgoing.
"This should be interesting," Cody said, and walked on down to the lobby, leaving Tai in his thoughts once again. Everyone said Tai was a good ambassador. And a good leader. He was wondering how he would compare with the very first leader.


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