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Annabeth put her bag on the armrest as she came back from the restaurant. Percy had gone to help Alex to take a bath, and she continued reading on.

Dear Diary,

As I expected, Percy Jackson was given a quest! I expected this, sure. Chiron had informed me of that and confirmed about my suspicion. I am going to hide in Chiron's office, so when he received the request of this quest, I would be there to join in his quest before anybody else did.

Wish me luck, if I did succeed in getting myself in the quest, it would be the first time in five years that I ever get to go to the outside world. That is the only place you can see if you are any good at all. I wouldn't be able to bring anything other than the necessary things like food. So goodbye for now.

Yours truly,


Annabeth smiled at the first mention of the first quest she was going to attend, this ought to be fun. She skipped the entry about her quest, and braced herself.


I cannot believe this. Luke betrayed us all. I was so worried about Percy that I couldn't bare to leave him and investigate who did this, nor write my diary. But I can now. He woke up earlier, a few hours ago, and told us all about this.

It was Luke.

It was Luke who stole the Lightning Bolt and the Helm of Darkness. It was Luke who poisoned Percy with scorpions. It was Luke who betrayed us all.

It was all Luke.

And I was simply heart-broken.

By now, Annabeth was in tears—she couldn't bare to read about Luke. About his betrayal, how she had looked up to him all those years when she was younger. She couldn't read this all again.

Stiffly, she turned a few more pages. Over the pages about monster attacking her and escaping to seek Percy, how Luke poisoned Thalia's tree, sneaking out of camp to save camp, and coming back in victory. How she moved to San Francisco, how she was so glad and happy Thalia finally 'came back', and also what she thought after the whole Atlas thing. She stopped at one particular entry, entitled, Mount St. Helens. The most crispy page of all in the entire booklet.

Mount St. Helens

I can't believe this. The prophecy was coming true. "And lose a love worse than death…" This CAN'T be happening. Especially not after… No, he will be fine. I just know. Like all the other things that I knew. I know he is still somewhere, not dead, not yet. He can't. Not after all the things we've been through. Not after... After… After I kissed him.

Yes, that' was true. I like him, maybe a bit more than a friend now. I know he will be fine.

I just knew.


Annabeth C.

Dear Diary,

It's been a week already. Everyone is starting to think that he was really already… Dead. No, I said to everyone, that is not true.

When I was kidnapped, he was so sure that I was alright, and sneaked out of camp to save me, risking his own life, and despite what the prophecy said, went on his own way and saved me. Same thing here, I knew he was alright. At least he was still in one piece.


Dear Diary,

I don't know what to say… Two weeks had been passed since that day—the day Mt. St. Helens exploded behind my trail. Chiron had given in, and gave up hope. But I have not. Chiron tried to convince me into thinking as he did, but I believe in myself, I believed in him.

His 'funeral' is tomorrow, and we would be burning his shroud. Maybe he really wasn't coming back… Shut up. He will come back once and for all.

Dear, dear, dear, dear Diary,

Guess WHAT? Yeah, that's right, he came back! Yeah, except being the Seaweed Brain he was, he had to come back when I said he was the bravest person ever. Bah! That's just pretty speech, not what I thought of him—

Anyways, he was always Rachel this and Rachel that. This was my quest, mine and mine only. I would not let some puny mortal girl lead the way. No, No, NO! And he said he got lost… Lost huh? More like staying on a five star island resort with Calypso. Huh. Not that I minded or anything…


Annabeth laughed at the last entry. She would never, ever admit, but yes, she was indeed a tad bit jealous. Just a tad bit.

She shuffled through the pages, until she reached one of the last pages that she wrote after Apollo cured her after she fainted, right after Luke died in front of her eyes.

18th of August, 2009 Around dawn…

Dear Diary,

Luke… died.

He had served as a brother to me so many years, saving me, fighting monsters along side me. I even thought I loved him once, but I was so young that time, I didn't understand love.

Then when he betrayed us… I remembered how hard it was for me to believe, especially when I didn't want to. It was even harder for me to break it to Thalia, she had given up to join the hunters for him! Yet he turned his back on us due to the bitterness he had for the Olympians…

When he died—I cried for the first time in years. Not even when I thought Percy was dead could compare to this. He was there all the time, not recently, but he would be a shadow forever in my heart.

Now his gone, I don't know who to turn to… Who would actually love me…

A pair of arms wrapped around Annabeth. She turned back, startled, and saw the one and only—Perseus Jackson.

"I would, Annabeth, I would forever, and ever look after you."

"Forever is a big word, Seaweed Brain."

"I know. I gave up forever for you, didn't I?"

They smiled at each other, and left to fetch Alex out of the water.

A breeze blew by, and the diary turned to the last page.

But I know, someone would always be there for me. My Seaweed Brain—Perseus Jackson. Forever and ever.


Annabeth Chase, his Wise Girl