Welcome to the first chapter of Welcome to Mystery! It'll be a short one, just letting you know. Basically, the idea for this story came from The Plain White T's song, "Welcome to Mystery". (Gee, I wonder where I got my title from.) If you don't get the familiarity between this story and the song, I'm regretfully sorry and I hope that you'll still read on. :) Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of Alice In Wonderland NOR of this song.

. . . . .

"Ugh! Why must everything and everyone here be so trivial?"

Alice groaned and smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. She had just finished another argument about her future with her mother, who was currently walking away with a rather red-looking face. She was standing in the middle of yet another party, set for a possible engagement for Helen Kingsleigh's youngest daughter. As if Alice had unexpectedly changed her mind about marriage overnight!

She'd only been back from China for a month and everyone acted as if she had never left. They also attempted to ignore the fact that Alice was a well-ranked business woman. Everyone was still a bit taken aback at her uncommon behavior as a lady, but alas, Alice did not care.

She saw Hamish striding towards her with a grin on his unsightly face, parting through the sea of a dancing crowd. Oh no.

Immediately, Alice turned and quickly walked past all the other party-lovers. Well, to give them some credit, they've never been to a Mad Tea Party. So how would they truly know a good time if they ever saw one?

"Alice, wait! Stop!" Alice heard Hamish call for her. She was running to the trees now; she knew precisely where she was going. She hadn't thought much of when, exactly, she'd return to Wonderland, but she supposed there was never a better time to go than the present.

In the forest, Alice still happened to knew where to go. She turned around a large shrub when she heard Hamish shout for her again. He sounded rather frenzied and he didn't seem to be too far behind. "Stop, Alice! Marry me! Marry me! Stop!" What a charming way to propose. Chasing down your girl through a forest, screaming like a lady, and sounding pretty much like an extremely desperate man while doing it. Although, it was very likely that he was.

Alice never broke out of her run, not even when she was finally standing in front of a rabbit hole. And not just any rabbit hole- it was The Rabbit Hole. Her ticket into Wonderland. She dived right in, hearing one more cry of, "Alice!"

The matchless woman was immediately engulfed in complete and utter darkness. Something was definitely off, indeed. She couldn't hear a piano playing, nor did she feel any objects whizzing past her ears. She was in a tunnel of complete black and for that she was frightened. What if something had gone wrong in Wonderland? What if she wasn't falling into Wonderland at all? What if she was too late and she wasn't about to enter the Round Hall? What if she was taking a plunge to her death, instead?

She visualized her ideal Wonderland, aching for the calm it would bring her. She pictured the colorful flowers and their womanly features, their perfect and elegant petals. She pictured the sky in a million different shades, for that was how many it had. She could just taste the crisp air and how it felt to breath it in. She could hear all the foreign noises of strange and unique creatures that resided in Wonderland. A squawk from a bird with glasses. . . a whinny from a nearby swine. . . a roar from a frumious Bandersnatch. Alice smiled.

The Champion continued to imagine and think about her Wonderland until she looked down below her once again. Whatever she saw seemed brighter and more colorful than it ought to have been. . . She finally realized what it was that had come into view, but it certainly wasn't what she had been expecting at all.

. . . . .

Insanity: Very short, but you had said that at the beginning.

Rachel: Or was it you?

Insanity: You what?

Rachel: Not me, you. You could've said it.

Insanity: Said what?

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