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. . . . .

Alice strode through the house's gate quickly, wanting to be rid of the memory of her speaking with that cannibalistic Duchess and her shrill, little leaches of friends. They didn't act none too ladylike, oreven mildly polite for that manner!

With clenched fists at her sides, Alice sighed, passing a gnarled tree and entering a crooked-looking forest. All she wanted was to see a familiar (and kind) face to cheer her up. She didn't even remember ever being in these dark woods! Perhaps this was where she had first met Tweedledee and Tweedledum. . . ? No, no, those woods and trees had been more scattered. Here, you wouldn't be able to tell left from right if you wandered too far from the narrow trail of dirt.

Alice heard the crunch of a snapped twig and quickly turned around, seeing no one there. Very curious. . . she thought.

She looked forward and continued to walk. Walking to whom or what she did not know.

Another sickening snap caused Alice to turn her head. She could've sworn she had heard a low chuckle.

Becoming a bit paranoid, presumably, Alice turned and broke into a light run, just wanting to get away from her current location. If she was able to get out of these woods, she could see more of the surrounding area and see more clearly-

"Hee hee, look at her!"

Alice gasped and looked at her left, yet seeing nothing. She leaped into a full-on sprint, her fear coming about. She ran and jumped over a fallen log, stumbling a bit on the landing. A whole jeering of giggles and maniacal laughter let loose on her as Alice steadied herself and continued to run.

She looked behind her, at both her sides, and even squinted to see far ahead, but she couldn't find the ones who taunted her! Another low laugh erupted from directly behind her, raising the hairs on the back of her neck.

Alice sprinted forward, dashing behind a tree for a moment to catch her breath. She rested there for a moment, closing her eyes and reveling in the silence. She leaned against the rough bark and placed her hands on her knees, rasping for air. She wiped some sweat off from above her brow and let out a mouthful of air, opening her eyes.

She was face to face with a large-beaked bird with red eyeglasses. Alice screamed and hit the back of her head against the tree. "Ow!" She rubbed the sore spot on her head and narrowed her eyes as the bird laughed in her face. "That's not funny! Not at all!"

"Oh, I believe it is!" He squawked. Alice stood up, trying to regain her confidence.

"Were you chasing me?"

The bird's laughter finally died down as he raised an eyebrow at her. "Me? No, not one of the many following you. But I must say, I was one of the even many more who were enjoying the show."

Alice narrowed her eyes even further. "Well, could you tell them all to leave me alone? I'm trying to get. . . somewhere."

"Oh, well you're sure to achieve that as long as you walk along far enough." The bird suddenly grinned, showing off his many sharp, red-tinged teeth. "As long as you live long enough."

Alice gasped and tried to step back, forgetting the tree that sat behind her. "What?" she breathed. She edged along the trunk of the tree until she was standing in the center of the trail once again. The bird followed her.

"Run, little girl," he commanded. "Run."

Dreamlike, Alice nodded before breaking into her sprint once again. As soon as her foot took the first step, the fanatical laughing and wicked taunts begun again.

"Odd girl, always doing the different," one rasped.

"Only to be different," one hissed menacingly.

"Stupid girl!" another scoffed.

"Stop it!" Alice placed her hands over her ears, but it didn't help one bit. The voices seemed to be in her head! She couldn't get them out! She wanted them out! No matter how familiar they sounded!

"Whine, whine, whine! Whine, whine, whine!"

"Step up, girl! Be a Champion!"

"Come find us! Come to us!" one urged.

"Be true and find us again!"

Alice pulled her hands away and ran faster than she ever had before. She saw light! She finally found a lightened opening at the end of the forest! She imagined that as soon as she parted from this dark forest, the voices would disappear with it. "Almost there now, Alice! Got to keep moving!" she told herself.

"Come back to us, Alice!"


Alice shook her head, trying to clear it. She wouldn't listen to them! They were tricking her!

"She can't possibly be the Alice! She continues to run, the foolish thing!" a voice squeaked.

"She is, I know it," one lisped.

Alice gasped and her running stopped, just short of the exit of the woods. She looked around her, wide-eyed with realization. Those familiar yet harsh-sounding voices. . . No matter how rash the words they uttered were, the voices themselves were known to her.

They were the voices of her friends.

"Oh, stop running! You're going the wrong way!" a voice purred.

"She's notAlice!" another shrieked.

Alice sobbed once and tried to run from the voices again, but her imperceptible attempt just caused her to trip on a rock and fall onto her side. She curled into a ball as the certain voices of her friends swarmed her, demanding for her attention. "Not real," she whispered. "Not real, not real. . ."

"Stand up!" a voice yelled at her. Alice wound her arms around her chest more tightly.

"Come on, now! Up!" Alice shook her head.

"Get up!" "Get up!" "Get up!"

"I can't. . ." Alice whimpered. "I'm stuck."

All the voices ceased at once, except for one. One voice, in the saddest tone of all, spoke to her. "Well then. . . " it said. "Fairfarren."

"NO!" Alice sat up straight as everything around her vanished.

"Alice, dear, calm down! I swear, you were sleeping like the dead! I would've thought you were if you hadn't been screaming and thrashing about in your sleep!"

Alice blinked once, confused, and finally looked around her.

She was lying down. On a soft blue couch. In her den in London. Her mother was standing behind her with a mixed expression of concern, amusement, and scorn. "Really, Alice, we have to leave for the Ascots' party soon. You've gotten wrinkles all over your dress!" Her mother sighed.

"We're going to the Ascots?" Alice asked.

"Yes, Alice, we're going." Her mother looked at her strangely. "Are you feeling alright?"

Slowly, Alice smiled. "I will be soon, mother," She stood up and made way for the door. "I will be."

. . . . .

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