Chapter 1: Prologue

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Eyes Like Mine


To Naruto, the war had ended somewhat abruptly and had been a bit anticlimactic. However, that didn't mean that it didn't have devastating consequences and lasting affects on the entire mass of land known as the elemental countries. Tobi, being as insane as Naruto had always thought he was, believed he had the power to become a jinchuuriki, and, ignoring the fact that jinchuuriki could only be made with newborns who's chakra coils were still undeveloped unless you were a member of the Uzumaki Clan, he wanted to be the jinchuuriki of the Juubi, a creature with so much power that not even the Rikudou Sennin could hope to hold it forever. The fact that he believed he had more power than the founder of modern ninjutsu itself was laughable to Naruto.

While powerful in his own right, he seriously doubted that Tobi could possibly contain something so powerful in his body. The thing that made Naruto know for certain that he was completely out of his mind, was the fact that he wanted to use the power to project his Mangekyo Sharingan onto the moon, which just happened to contain the original body of the Juubi, to cover the world in an infinite Tsukuyomi to create a world in which he had infinite control and no war or crime ever occurred.

Again, it had to be the most ridiculous thing Naruto had ever heard. The problem was that while completely out of his mind, Tobi was still dangerously powerful, not to mention extremely cunning and manipulative. Not to mention the white army of Zetsu clones and living dead shinobi he had at his disposal thanks to Kabuto, who's modified version of the Edo Tensei was even more difficult to handle than the previous.

Though the Allied Shinobi Forces had started strong, bit by little bit they had been picked apart by the seemingly endless army of Zetsu clones. At the time, Naruto had been trying to master a powerful technique exclusive to only jinchuuriki and the bijuu themselves, but when the war was brought to him, he had no choice but to forget the training and head straight to the front lines, no matter how many people tried to stop him, it was just who he was. He really didn't know what war was, none of his friends did, so when things started going south he had to grow up in a hurry. In reality, Naruto realized very quickly, he didn't have that many techniques.

Aside from the basic henge and kawarimi, all he had were kage bushin, rasengan and it's various forms, summoning, and the bijuu bomb attack, and those cost so much chakra he could only do them a few times before being completely drained of chakra. While he did have senjutsu and the cloak of chakra from the kyuubi, what else did he really have? Looking at the various influences in his life, one would think that he would've known at least a few fuuton style jutsu. With people like Kakashi and the Sandaime, who knew over one thousand jutsu, and others like Jiraiya and the Yondaime who also used the rasengan and summoning jutsu but also had things that made them stand out like the Hiraishin and Fuuinjutsu mastery's, what did Naruto really have?

This was the question he began to ask himself as the war continued to drag on, completely ravaging the country side and tearing families apart. Then Killer Bee was captured, and it completely changed the tide of the war. It had been his fault that it happened. He had, of course, gotten cocky in the middle of battle, a deadly mistake, and had been surprised when Tobi had shown himself in person. Up until that point, they hadn't seen a sign of him, having no idea what he had been doing.

The fact that they had no clue as to what type of power he had besides time space ninjutsu, and with the new eye he seemed to have gained, he completely devastated any type of resistance that they had put up. They had started out against him strongly. When Kakashi and Gai had shown up to help he couldn't help but feel confident. Then, making use of the undead jinchuuriki he brought, not to mention the statue that contained the bijuu, they found themselves hopelessly outclassed. Not even Kurama's powerful chakra and attacks could stop them for long. He was out of chakra and completely exhausted when Tobi himself joined in. The battle was too hazy to remember.

When he found out that the team that had saved him had also been killed with Killer Bee as a captive, he had been devastated. Not only had a friend of his sacrificed themselves for him, he had lost Kakashi, again. It also meant that he was now alone. The last of the jinchuuriki. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, he wasn't the only one to realize that little fact, and before he knew it, he was put into hiding, again.

Although it gave him time to reflect and train as much as possible, it hadn't mattered in the end. Tobi tore through the allies and found him, captured him and proceeded to extract Kurama out of his body. At least, that's what he tried to do. While attempting to extract the Kurama with the help of Kabuto, and the various Zetsu clones, they triggered one last function of the shiki fuujin. When Naruto had locked the Kurama away in his mind scape, earning the chakra cloak, he locked it away from everyone, including those trying to pull it out of the seal by force.

What the seal then proceeded to do was disable the jutsu while echoing the effect of the extraction sending it back to the original point of origin, powered by the death god himself, the statue that contained the spirit and energy of all the tailed beasts, excluding the Kurama. It didn't turn out well.

In a blinding explosion that took out everything for miles, including Madara and his cohorts, the Zetsu clones and the shinobi summoned by the Edo Tensei jutsu. Unfortunately, it also took a a significant portion of the shinobi alliance in the process. It took a while, but while searching through the rubble for anything left over from the explosion, not that there was much there, the remaining shinobi found the battered body of one Uzumaki Naruto, unconscious and in critical condition.

Rushed to the medical bay, Tsunade, Sakura, and Shizune personally oversaw his various operations and recovery themselves.

It had taken six months for him to wake up, the explosion and unconscious use of the Kurama's chakra that he used to save himself along with the stubborn will to survive that he had inherited from his mother being the only things that had saved him.

He woke up to silence. Utter silence. His muscles, atrophied from disuse keeping him to the bed for an extra two days, before he had enough strength to sit up and walk out of his hospital room. The sight he found caused him to be sick. Bodies everywhere, as if they had just dropped where they stood, all rotting and decaying.

He slowly made his way out into the horror that had awaited him, the door to the hospital he recognized as one of the rebuilt buildings in Konoha. He sped up as much as his body would allow to find that it wasn't just the hospital that had suffered. It seemed to be that every single person had just dropped dead where they stood. Everywhere he turned he saw someone he knew or something that cause his heart to break into little pieces.

He didn't know when he dropped to his knees, he didn't know when he started crying or how long it had been until he stopped, but eventually, he stood and turned to the restructured hokage tower. If it was one thing he need now was information, and the first place to look would be the one place that held even more secrets than anything he could find in the library.

It turned out to be a good idea, the information he was looking for in the one place he hoped to be someday. It also turned out to be one of the hardest things he'd ever done, for there, sitting in the chair he wished to one day be, was the body of Godaime herself, and in front of her, sitting innocently on the table was a note addressed to him.


If I know you, and trust me I do, you'll be waking up soon. Unfortunately none of us will be there to greet you and it's one of my many regrets. I guess I should explain what's happening to the world before I say anything else. No one found out until it was too late to do anything about it but when Tobi tried to extract the Kyuubi from you, causing the explosion, the residue chakra from the Bijuu trapped inside the sealing statute spread across the lands, and as you know, the chakra of the Bijuu is poisonous to humans.

It wouldn't have even spread so far so fast if it hadn't been for the explosion. It took everyone by surprise and by the time we could even think to do anything about it, it was too late. People dropped left and right, their bodies decaying at rapid rates thanks to the exposure from the chakra.

You, however, being exposed to chakra from the Kyuubi all your life, and the fact that you still have it sealed in you only helped to protect you from the effects that everyone else suffered from. The only thing that's keeping you down is the injuries you suffered from in that last altercation with Tobi and Kabuto. We're not sure what happened to Sauske. I'm sorry you weren't able to save him. I guess he was just too far gone.

I only have a few more things to say before I run out of strength. I'm sorry, so sorry that we're leaving you alone. It's the last thing I would wish on someone, least of all you. You were like a son to me, Jiraiya as well, even if we never said it, we loved you. All of your friends loved you, the village loved you in the end. They all believed in you and will continue to believe in you even after they depart from this world. I've set up your hospital room with all the things you'll need if you sleep longer than a few months.

You'll live, I know for sure because you never give up, no matter what. This isn't the end, because you still live on. You'll inherit everyone's will of fire. You'll survive, I know that. When you wake up, as a last order from your Hokage, don't end your life. Hopefully someone survived this and you won't be alone again. It's my last hope for you. As I sit here, I can only think that I'm glad that I had the chance to know you. You saved me from myself. You did that for a lot of people. Now I'm gonna have one last drink before I close my eyes for a brief nap. Hopefully it'll turn out that it was all just a horrible dream but, if not, then who knows maybe I'll see all my friends and family again. My last words to you Naruto, this isn't the end. I'll see you again one day, it's a promise of a lifetime after all right?

It had been 4 years since that day that had changed Naruto's world forever. He had read the note over and over while hoping with all of his being that it wasn't true. The first thing he had done when he gained enough strength was summon as many kage bushin as possible and gave everyone in the village a proper burial. It had taken longer than he would've liked to do it, even with all of the clones helping him. He had to steel himself throughout the whole thing or else he would broken down while collecting all of the bodies. His mind almost shattered at the images that invaded his mind when the clones finished their work and popped out of existence.

All of the bodies of his friends and comrades, every single one, gone. It hadn't really hit him until then that he was alone. It had taken him days to do more than just carry himself to the bathroom or force food down his throat to stave off the hunger. Because he was who he was, it hadn't taken much longer after that until he could focus on something to do beside sit and mope about. It just wasn't who he was and it wasn't who he was going to be.

He thought back on everything that had led up to this, everything from his first days in the academy to the extraction process with Tobi. He realized that above all things, he'd been incredibly lucky not to die on his first mission out of the village or on all of the other missions he'd been on that involved all of the S-rank and other missing nin he seemed to be attracted to. So, even though there may be no one left to fight, that didn't mean he still couldn't learn more techniques and other things that could be useful in the long run.

So he headed to the library. With all of his experiences, he had gained more patience than he'd ever had as a child. He also had the ultimate study technique. With the massive group of clones and everything at his disposal, he raided the library for all it had. There were many things he already knew, as in the location of the major villages and the minor ones surrounding them. The library, being public, hadn't contained many of the higher level ninjutsu, but it contain many useful C to E rank. Being a Wind element user, the first place he headed was the section that contained wind ninjutsu. Unfortunately, being that this was fire country, they didn't have all that many fuuton jutsu so he went to the largest section, which contained katon jutsu, of course.

Some of those he'd seen being performed were categorized in the library, and many he didn't know existed. He decided to try out the fire jutsu while his clones checked out the rest of what was in the library. Finding the closest training field, he decided to try out the first fire jutsu he found. It was a simple fireball, the Endan (Fireball) seemed easy enough but when he tried it out, he burned his throat, his mouth, and choked on the smoke from the failed attempt of a jutsu. Before he could gain his bearings, his clones, in what had to be a completely idiotic move, popped at the same time, causing him to curse his clones for being so stupid before blacking out.

He had learned more about chakra than he ever thought possible in the years he spent training his body and mind than he ever had before. While he knew that it was possible to change chakra into more than one element but he didn't know the mechanics of it or all of the reasoning behind why some were weaker or stronger than others.

While Kakashi had tried to tell him all of this during the training to modify his rasengan, most of it went right over his head, and at the time, he hadn't really cared to know how it was done so long as he could do it. It had taken him a long time to understand that while he was a wind element user, he was in no way a master. He figured he could get the information from Suna as they had many wind user, Temari being a perfect example.

But before he did that, he tried to learn as much as he could about the knowledge he had on hand before heading out of the village. He did the many exercises required to master the element of fire. Even with the kage bushin method, it had taken him a little over a year to become proficient in the art of fire. It wasn't he only thing he practiced.

He also had the clones learn the other jutsu in the library. While he wasn't a master, he had them down to some degree and figured that it was all come with experience as he mastered the other elements. He also had a group of clones doing as much chakra control training as possible. He wanted to get at least the basics of genjutsu down because it had been a major weakness of his. And while he knew he would never be on the level of Tsunade or even Sakura with his crappy control and lack of a teacher, he learned as much about medicine as he could. If something had happened to him, he thought one day, the who would be able to care for him? He had his clones study those books with a passion. He knew that Kurama's chakra would heal him of pretty much any wound, but what would it do to poisons or sicknesses? He didn't know and he didn't want to find out without at least being prepared.

While he turned his attention to the jutsu that were contained in the forbidden scroll. It had just what he was looking for. All the jutsu past the kage bushin were all high chakra level, and were either very destructive or took an incredible amount of skill to use. It only took him a few months to get most of the destructive ones down, excluding the genjutsu and the jutsu that required a bloodline to perform.

To his surprise it contained more than just jutsu, it also contained knowledge on the Bijuu, sealing techniques, and bloodlines. Of course he knew much more about the Bijuu than anyone else had besides the Rikudou Sennin. He knew that he could probably never master all of these things without someone around but he did his best with what he had.

When he learned as much as he could from the hidden leaf, including a rather detailed list of jutsu that Kakashi had copied with his Sharingan over the years, he took his journey to the other hidden villages, learning their secrets and picking them apart bit by bit. It was a bit sad how easy it was to break into each of the villages and learn their secrets but maybe that was due to the fact that they were all dead. A bit morbid, but Naruto had steeled his heart long ago, so it hadn't affected him as much as it should've.

He also took the time to practice his Bijuu mode. It was a lot more difficult than he thought, but in the end, he managed quite nicely.

He also managed to learn more about he elements from each village he visited, each one of course, specializing in their own type of techniques. He learned more than ninja techniques though. Having to take care of himself he learned how to repair and how to cook something besides instant ramen. He learned to play the flute, although it took so long without anyone to teach him, he hadn't bothered to learn anything else.

Besides, he had only learned it to break the silence that constantly surrounded him. If it wasn't for Kurama's growling conversations he probably would've gone insane a long time ago.

He'd thought about summoning the toads, more than once, but the notion was immediately squashed with the thought of what had happened the last time he tried to.

Within the first few days of waking up he tried to summon Gamakichi, only to find that whenever he tried to summon something, the summoning matrix, overloaded with the amount of chakra left over from the bijuu destabilized and turned completely in on itself causing a large explosion.

However, one day, after spending years in solitude he ended up being summoned himself to Mount Myoboku where he was drawn into a group hug that nearly crushed him. He wouldn't have minded if it did. They, apparently, had known that he was still alive, his name having still been on the contract, but hadn't been able to contact him in any way.

He'd broken down when he saw them, realizing that he didn't have to spend anymore time in the solitude. He had been without contact with another life form other than Kurama for years and it took him some time to get used to being around others again. After a few weeks, he spent time learning things about the sage arts he hadn't had a chance to learn before and polishing his rough sealing techniques.

While in sennin mode, he could harness the energy around him using it as an extension of himself like when he was in, what he called, Kyuubi mode. Naruto had known this, and used this information to his advantage in his fight with Pein.

What he didn't know was that once a person masters the sage transformation to perfection, he contained a connection to nature itself, and using that power, he was able to use what could be called a form of telekinesis seeing as how he could move things with his mind now, as long as he had a bit of natural chakra to draw on.

He'd been so excited when he figured out how to do it, when he jumped in the air in celebration of his achievement, he stayed there. It had been pretty funny to Gamakichi and Gamatatsu, who had been with him at the time, when he fell after floating for who knows how long. He was still getting teased for that. He was still trying to get his skill down to where it was second nature to him.

His sealing skills had managed to increase with Fukasaku's knowledge and skill in the art, and after some time was able to call himself a master of the skill after passing Fukasaku's test, albeit, barely. Even after all these years, he still sucked at taking a test, but it was better than failing.

While it was nice to be around others, he couldn't help but wonder how it was that they had escaped the plague that had ravaged the entire country. When he finally asked Fukasaku why, he had been surprised to learn that Mount Myoboku was in another dimension entirely. It was a thought that stuck with him for a while until it was eventually all he could think about.

He asked Shima, Fukasaku, and the Great Toad Sage how it was possible that they could travel between dimensions, he learned that it was the combination of nature chakra and regular chakra, blood, and an extremely complicated set of seals that had been written just after the time of the Rikudou Sennin. Ironically by the Uzumaki clan. They left him with his thoughts while giving him a copy of the seals that had been engraved around the area. He left without seeing the knowing look on the Great Toads face.

Three months after he gained the copy, he managed to find a to alter the effects of the of summoning aspect of the seals. Instead of summoning from just this plane to the elemental countries, he planned to reverse summon himself to another plane altogether.

While he loved the toads, he knew he couldn't live with them forever, and he couldn't go back to the elemental countries either, it was too hard. He still had a hard time trying to come to grips with the reality that all of his friends were gone at times, no matter how much he hardened his heart.

He checked, and checked, and, once he let the other toads know what had taken all his time, had the ones who knew the most about it, the ones being Shima and Fukasaku and the Great Toad Sage, before he decided to test it out.

He didn't know anything about where he was going to be, if he even wanted to stay where he would end up, but he had a feeling that it'd be alright, if that smile from the Sage wasn't of a confirmation he didn't know what was. They had made back up plans to summon him right back to the mountain if he found himself in over his head. At least he would be able to summon the toads where he was going with this.

After he had set the seal array, making sure he had all he needed and being fussed over by Shima, he applied the blood and a small amount of chakra and nature chakra to activate the seals, hoping it would send him someplace where he could make a difference, in a poof of smoke he disappeared from the Mountain.

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