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DTAE STARTED: 12/26/10

"Daddy," a little boy came running into the kitchen.

"Yeah," Soul began as he knelt down. "What's wrong?"

"Kitty!" the little boy screamed and jumped into Soul's arms.

"Huh?" Soul's eyes bugged out. "What about the kitty, Ghost?"

"Kitty gone, Daddy!" Ghost exclaimed.

"That's all?" Soul let a sigh of relief fly out as he lifted his child onto the counter. "She's at work."

"Oh," Ghost replied. "Well, where's Mommy?"

"She should be home with food soon." Soul answered as he glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Daddy…" Ghost began. "What was it like while I was in Mommy's 'tomach?"

"Uh…" his father looked at his son.

Ghost watched with a smile on his face. His father was thinking. This caused the little boy to wave his legs back and forth. Soul looked at his son for a minute longer, just sinking in what his son's features looked like. He had bleach blonde, messy, spiky hair with green eyes like Maka's, but the same shape as his. He had Maka's head shape and mouth, but Soul's teeth. The eldest Evans finally grinned and picked up his son.

"We're going to take a look at Mama's old journal." Soul stated and set his son on the couch. "Now hold on, Ghost."

"Yes sir," Ghost nodded his head.

Soul smirked and walked into his and Maka's room. It used to be just Soul's room, but then the two got married and Maka moved into his room with him. After Ghost was born, he got Maka's room. Crona ended up moving in with Dr. Stein and Marie. As for Blair, she still lived with Maka and Soul, but stopped being so revealing and giving Soul nosebleeds once he and Maka got together.

As Soul pulled out the top drawer on Maka's side, he skimmed through all the books she kept inside of it. There were just too many books that girl read! Finally, he found her old pregnancy journal underneath a stack of fictional books that she would make Soul listen to whenever she got bored. He beamed and walked back into the living room. There, Ghost was waiting as patiently as he could on the couch. Soul sat on the sofa with him and set him in his lap.

"What's this, Daddy?" Ghost queried.

"Well, this was the journal Mommy wrote in every few days per month she was pregnant with you." Soul explained. "She made me write in it too, along with Blair and Crona and a few other friends. Mommy normally wrote about how she felt with you inside of her and how active you would be. There are a lot of baby names in here."

"Really?" Ghost asked in shock.

"Really," he nodded. "So, I guess we'll start in the first month, eh?"

"Ok, but Daddy…?"


"How many months was I in Mommy?"

"Nine months, buddy." He answered.

"Oh," he smiled.

Month One

Dear Baby,

Omigosh, I'm so happy and no one can make me think otherwise! I'm super excited, shocked and so full of glee that you're inside of me! I don't know your name yet, or what you look like, but I love you already! I wish I could hug you, but I don't think you're formed enough for that yet. Anyway, hi Baby! I'm going to be your mommy! My name is Maka Evans.

My maiden name is Albarn, but I married your Papa, so your name and mine are now Evans. Of course, yours always has been! Right now, I'm eighteen, but I should be around turning nineteen once you're born. I wonder if you'll turn out a meister or not. I bet you'll be a meister just like me! Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love you already and am looking forward to seeing you!


Dear Kid,

No, not Death the Kid, but…my kid? That sounds a little weird. I'll get used to it. I promise I will. We're having a little trouble deciding on a name right now. Well, I have to find out your gender first. I mean, we just found out you were inside of Maka (AKA, your mother), so….yeah. Hey, I promise I won't let your mother give you an uncool name.

Alright, so here's a little something about myself. I'm Soul Eater Evans. You'll probably end up calling me dad, or papa, or daddy…something along those lines. I swear I won't force music on you! No way! Maka may want you to learn though. You know, your mother. She wrote that, didn't she? Eh, she must have. She's all organize-y like that.

Well, I want you to know that I love you. I'm going to hug you every night that you're in your mother. Trust me; I've been doing it before you were even in there. Ok, well that's about it. I'll write more, I swear! Crona and Blair should write some in here at some point.


"Daddy, are you going to skip at all?" Ghost asked.

"Actually," Soul began as he closed the journal. "I think we should get a quick nap before supper so that we wake up hungry when your mommy comes home, ya know?"

"Ok," Ghost nodded with a yawn.

Soul smiled gently and grabbed the quilt that Maka kept on the chair next to the couch. Ghost cuddled up to his father and Soul hugged his son to his chest after settling the blanket on top of them. It was like she was almost on cue. The second the two boys fell asleep, Maka entered the house. She got started on making some spaghetti for everyone. It wasn't until after she was finished making dinner that she saw Soul and Ghost on the couch.

Maka leaned beside the couch and looked at Soul. She smiled so happily and sweetly at him. She ran her fingers through his messy hair and kissed his forehead. Soul's eyes squinted tighter, and then fluttered open. Maka frowned and put her hand on his cheek.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"It's fine." he smiled at her. "I needed to wake up."

"Oh," she giggled quietly and looked at the coffee table.

She picked up her old journal and flipped through the pages. Soul glanced at a few pages with his smile still plastered across his face.

"I forgot about this thing." Maka stated. "What were you doing with it?"

"Ghost wanted to see what it was like being in your stomach. This was all I could think of to tell him." Soul whispered.

"We should start making these his bed time stories." Maka giggled.

Soul chuckled along with her. "That was a nice Christmas though."

"Shh, shh!" Maka tried to stifle her giggling.

Soul only smirked. He loved that Christmas. He loved it much more than he could ever describe to Maka.

"Well, we should probably just wake him up and eat." Soul stated as he grazed his son's hair lightly. "After that, do you mind if we all just go to bed?"

"I don't mind at all." Maka replied. "I'm so tired."

"Mhm," Soul grunted and poked his son's shoulder. "Ay, Ghost. Wake up."

"Hmm?" Ghost moaned and let his eyes unlock. "Why, Daddy?"

"Dinner time~" Soul sang.

Ghost's eyes widened as he looked around. He saw his mother right next to him. His mouth became a gap and both his parents wore identical smirks. Soul threw the quilt off and shoved his son's shirt up, blowing a raspberry in it. Maka burst out laughing as Ghost's undying guffaws dashed out of the gap in his mouth. Soul stopped and snickered, helping his son up.

"You ready for dinner now?" Maka asked him.

"Uh huh!" he nodded with a grin spread across his face.

The three walked over to the dinner table. Maka laid out some plates, napkins and silverware. Soul was gathering phone books and other novels for Ghost to sit on. He heaved his son up on the chair and sat in one himself. After Maka was done serving, the two boys dug in. Maka didn't get how they could finish before her. Amazingly, they all finished at the same rate for once. Maka put Ghost in bed that night as Soul went on to their bedroom.

"Hey Mommy," Ghost said.

"Yes?" Maka asked. "What's wrong?"

"What was it like inside your tummy while I was there?" he queried. "And how did I get there?"

"Uh…" Maka bored her eyes into his. "I'll tell you some other day about how you got there, but you made me so happy, baby."

"Oh, ok." Ghost yawned. "Night Mommy; I love you."

"I love you too, sweetie." She smiled as she kissed his forehead.

Maka flicked off the light and made her way down the hall to her and Soul's room. She sighed and dressed into her pajamas right before sitting on the bed with her hair buns. Soul chuckled as she tried to shove her hair into the holders and tie them at the same time. He came behind her and began attempts at tying the string together.

"Why don't you just braid it?" he inquired. "It's the same as this, isn't it?"

"Almost," she giggled. "When you braid it, your hair comes out curly and wavy."

"You could straighten it and brush really hard." He teased her. "Or do you just want to get to your book too bad?"

"Soul…" she droned out his name with a whiney smile on her face.

After he was done tying her hair, he gave her a hug from behind and snuggled his nose into her neck. She giggled and shoved him away.

"Soul, there's a child in the room across the hall. Blair should be home any minute now, too." She explained without saying what lemon-filled scene he wanted.

"So? I doubt Blair would mind. She'd just smirk and go to bed." He stated, putting his bare chest against her PJ-clad back.

"Come on, stop." She smirked back and turned around, grabbing his arms. "You don't want to be holding my hair for morning sickness again, do you?"

"Maybe," he mocked.

"Well, I don't want all of that throw up again." she said, ending their dispute. "Good night."

"Say what?" he queried.

"You said you were tired earlier. Don't you want to sleep?" Maka inquired as she shoved her blankets down.

"Hey, I just wanted to know if we could get to bed after dinner." Soul answered as he settled atop of her. "I said nothing about being tired."

"Whatever," she smirked.

"Fine, but you owe me." he grunted childishly and kicked himself underneath the covers.

"Night," she smiled and kissed his nose.

"Night," he smirked and turned on his side, one arm hugging her.

Maka fell asleep that night by giggling. Soul's face had a smirk still plastered across it. She swirled onto her side to face Soul in her sleep. It was like their brains were fused together that night. They each had the same dream of their past. One that Maka was excited over and one that Soul was just as worried over.


Maka was standing at the kitchen counter while eating some M&Ms. She felt a little jerk at her stomach and held herself up to the best of her ability. When she looked down, she smiled slightly. Soul had grabbed her waist with a smirk. Maka giggled while trying to hold in her lunch. He frowned and stood up at her level, clutching his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey Maka, you feel alright?" he asked with concern dripping in his voice.

"Yeah, just a little sick." She replied.

"Are you sure?" he queried and placed his hand on her forehead. "You look like you could puke any second, but you don't feel warm."

"Well, now that you mention it, I have been throwing up a lot for the past few days." Maka stated.

"Come on," he grabbed her hand and the keys. "Blair, Maka and I'll be at the school infirmary!"

"Huh?" Blair inquired as she hopped on the counter. "Why? What's wrong with her?"

"She doesn't feel good." Soul replied.

"We should be back home soon." Maka stated, trying to calm Blair down.

"Ok, be safe." Blair responded. "Wait…you're taking a motorcycle?"

"Bye!" they exclaimed as they walked out the door.

The entire time they were on the bike, Maka was telling herself not to throw up. Soul was completely focused on getting to the school on time. Once they got to the big building and got a room, their old Professor Stein went to see them. He smirked as he did a quick analysis of Maka's problem. He snickered as he came to his conclusion.

"Honestly, I'd expect my top student to figure this out on her own." Stein smirked.

"What do you mean?" Maka asked with a raised brow.

"It's amazingly obvious." Stein snickered again.

"Would you just spit it out already?" Soul growled, losing all of his patience.

"To make it blunt…Maka's pregnant." Stein stated.

Soul's mouth dropped to the floor, and then locked his jaw when he heard a squeaky scream. He covered his ears as the shrill screech continued. It only lasted about five seconds, but it could make a def kid hear again it was so loud! After she was done, a wide grin spread across her face, causing Soul to smile as well.

"I take it your happy about this?" Stein asked.

"Heck yes!" Maka yelled, hugging Soul. "A ba-a-a-a-a-by!"

"I heard, Maka." Soul chuckled. "I'm excited, just too cool to show it."

"Of course you are." Stein chimed in. "Wait until Spirit finds out."

That shut the two up. Soul and Maka thanked Stein and ran out to their motorcycle. The older man just chuckled as the couple ran out. By the time they came home, Maka began a search. Soul looked at her with a cocked brow.

"What are you doing?" he queried. "Don't move around so much. Something might jack with the baby."

"Baby…? Since when did you two have a baby?" Blair inquired.

"Maka's pregnant." Soul answered with a warm smile.

"Really?" Blair gasped and grinned ear-to-ear.

"I found it!" Maka exclaimed.

"You found what?" Soul questioned.

"A journal," Maka said bluntly. "I'm going to write in it at least twice every month."

"Can I write in it too?" Blair asked ecstatically.

"Sure," Maka nodded. "I'll get Crona to write in it, and Tsubaki, and Black*Star, and Liz, Patty, and Kid! I'm so excited!"

"I can tell," Soul snickered.

Maka immediately sat at the counter and began writing her first entry. Oh, this was going to be fun! Soul smirked and walked over to the couch, placing the pillow and quilt across it, as if it were a bed. He sat on it and Blair hopped onto his lap with some purring. She was definitely sharing the same excitement Maka was. Soul wouldn't admit it, but he was pretty eager to see his baby. Honestly, he had some worry in him at the same time.

Maka came over to the couch and set the journal on the coffee table along with the red pen she used. She sat on the sofa and laid her head against her husband's shoulder. Blair sat between them, making herself comfortable. Maka giggled and pet the cat's head. Soul pet Maka's stomach instead of the cat. He pulled his wife closer to him and kissed her forehead sweetly.

"When are we calling Crona?" Maka asked.

"We could call him tomorrow if you want." Soul replied.

"Yes please." She smiled. "I wonder how he'll react."

"Well, he's our friend, almost like our brother. He'll be happy for us." He pointed out.

"Yeah, I bet he will." She agreed.

Soul smiled back at her. As soon as she fell asleep, he wrote his own entry into the journal. He looked over his writing to make sure that he didn't spell anything wrong, but fell asleep as soon as he stopped checking. The next morning, Soul called Crona. Maka was sleeping in hers and Soul's bedroom with Blair cuddled up with her. Crona had moved in with Marie and Stein just a few months ago.

"Hey Crona," Soul began.

"Hi Soul," Crona replied happily. "How's Maka?"

"She's fine. Actually, you're going to be an uncle, buddy." Soul smirked.

"What do you mean?" Crona questioned.

"Maka's pregnant. And since you're like a brother to us, we'd thought you'd be the baby's uncle. If you're fine with being looked at as an uncle, you know." He replied with a happy tone.

"That's amazing," he stated. "Would it be ok if I come over later?"

"It'd be great!" he responded. "We'd love to have you over! Maka's been dying to see you, too."

"Good, I'll be there around three, i-if that's ok."

"'Course it is! I'll see you soon."



Blair hopped onto the table with a smile spread across her face. Soul gave her a serious look and crossed his arms. Blair giggled and zipped her lip. He smiled and ruffled Blair's fur on top of her head. She walked over to the journal and flipped it open. Smirking, she transformed back into a human and wrote a letter. For once, she was in some normal clothes. I mean, the shirt was tight and she wore skinny jeans. At least the shirt covered her body, same with her jeans.

Dear Kitten,

You aren't mine, but I know I'll be a good auntie! I just know it! You'll be a good little child, won't you? I live with you and your mama and papa. You'll love them, I know you will! And you can come to me with any problems, ok? I help people out all the time at work! Don't worry about boys and girls with your parents. I can handle that!

Oh, by the way, my name is Blair! I'm a kitty cat with a ridiculous amount of magic. I used to make your mama angry by hopping onto your papa's bed, but I don't do that anymore. Anyway, I hope you grow up safe! I'll be there to help you out anytime you need me! For anything! Ok, good bye, kitten!


"Soul, can you check my spelling?" the cat queried.

Soul checked it over, fixing a few mistakes and smiled. He gave it back and pet Blair's head for a while. Maka had gotten dressed and come into the den, untying her hair-bun holders. Soul saw that she was having trouble, so he began to untie them for her. She giggled, thanking him with a hug and kiss.

"I have a present for you, Maka." He smirked. "It won't be here for a while, though."

"Well, how come?" Maka asked.

"It's a secret." Soul snickered.

Crona came by just on time. Maka ran up to give him a hug, smiling and happily telling him about it. Soul grinned as he sat on the counter, putting his arms around Maka's waist. After talking for an hour or so, Crona said he'd have to go. Maka frowned, but then remembered the journal. She gave him a blue pen and the journal, smiling with hope.

"What's this?" Crona questioned.

"It's pregnancy journal; I'm trying to write in it every month and getting people to write in it, too." Maka answered happily.

"So, I get to write in it?" Crona asked with a grin.

"Yep," Soul replied, smiling.

Crona received the items from Maka and wrote down in the journal happily.

Dear Infant,

Hello. My name is Crona. I'm your new uncle. I hope you'll be happy with me. Your mom and dad are very great people. They took me in and taught me right from wrong. My old mother was bad to me, but I won't be a bad uncle to you. I hope you'll put faith in me as an uncle. That's all I can think of. Sorry.


Crona closed the journal and said his goodbyes. Maka gave him the longest hug that she could. She loved seeing him again! She barley got to see him anymore, so it made her glad as ever.

At least a month later, Tsubaki and Black*Star came to visit. They told them all about Maka's stomach. Of course, they were going to before anything happened, but Black*Star was being a bit rude about Maka's stomach. She wasn't supposed to grow until her third month, but it was nearing the end of the second month.

"Wow, Maka! Someone gained a few pounds since the last time I saw her!" Black*Star laughed.

"Maka-a-a-a-a…" the ash-blonde began to raise her book.

"Black*Star…" Soul growled with rage echoing from his gullet.

"What? It's true! I bet you get nothing in bed from that stomach!" Black*Star teased. "I mean, her tits are already smaller than an average woman's!"

"Black*Star!" Tsubaki screamed.

"What? I'm just preaching to the choir here, Tsubaki! We all know it's true!"

"SHUT UP!" Soul screamed. "She's pregnant, stupid!"

"Oh, well…I guess that makes sense." Black*Star stated. "But how'd you get anything from a flat-chested woman like Maka? Seriously, you'd think she'd at least grow a bit."

"CHOP!" Maka screamed as her nine-hundred paged, hard back, Harry Potter book collided with Black*Star's skull.

"MOTHER!" the blue-haired boy yelped and fell to the floor as blood gushed from his head.

"Exactly," Maka winked. "I'll be a mother."

Tsubaki squealed happily and hugged Maka with all her might, which the soon-to-be mother hugged back to. Soul smirked and held out a hand to Black*Star, who greatly accepted it. After heaving Black*Star up, Soul gave him the journal.

"Here, write something in it to the kid." Soul commanded.

"Why would I write to a kid that will probably end up beating me?" Black*Star asked angrily.

"Well, you could have another Maka-Chop instead…"

"Mmk, so what should I write?" Black*Star swiped the journal and pen.

Dear Mini-Maka or Mini-Soul,

Hey! My name's Black*Star, AKA, the most awesome man to ever exist! Yeah, I know, I'm awesome. Well, you should never Maka-Chop me or whatever it is you'll call it. I hate that crap. Whatever. Ok, bye.


"Wow," Soul said as he read over Black*Star's shoulder. "Wait a second; you said crap to my kid?"

"Yeah; does that matter?" he asked.

"A little…to Maka anyway," he replied.

Maka and Tsubaki caught up the entire time. Tsubaki was more than excited to write to the child. It made her feel happy.

Dear Baby,

Hello! My name is Tsubaki! I'll get to be your aunt. I promise that you will be a very adorable child and love your parents to death! They're so nice and friendly. Just do me a favor…if I ever have a girl, be sweet to her. I know for a fact that you two will be great friends! The same goes for if I had a boy.

Anyway, I love you already!


"What do you mean about the girl and boy thing, Tsubaki?" Maka asked.

"Oh, well…" Tsubaki giggled. "I'm pregnant too. We found out just this morning."

"That's awesome!" Maka exclaimed, trapping Tsubaki in a hug.

"Well, I knew all that excitement would go somewhere." Soul told Black*Star.

"I bet you know where, eh?" Black*Star laughed.

During Maka's third month, Liz, Patty and Kid all came to visit. Patty screamed almost as loud as Maka had when she found out she was pregnant.

Dear Child,

Symmetry is very important. I hope you know that. My name is Death the Kid. That would be all. BE SYMMETRICAL!


Dear Cutie,



Dear Baby,

Sorry about my sister's craziness…and Kid's craziness. My name is Liz Thompson. I hope you turn out normal. Well, I'm sure you will. You'll probably try Maka-Chopping and your teeth may come in as jagged as ever, but we'll all love you!


Liz actually wrote "jagged as hell", but crossed it out. They said their goodbyes and things were quiet for the next few months. They didn't really have anyone over. Maka called everyone each time something came up. At one point, she felt the baby kick, so she kept talking for hours on the phone.

The only person she didn't call was her father. He had heard that he'd be having a grandson, but just looked through the windows every now and then, trying not to stress Maka out.

Maka didn't forget about her mother. She called Kami just about everyday to keep her up to date. She almost begged for Kami to write in the journal once, but Kami said she would once the baby was born. Soul came up to Maka one day and smirked at her.

"What?" she asked with a smile.

"Well, I was thinking…since it's your seventh month and all…" Soul smirked.

"Yeah…?" Maka queried.

"Can we go see if it's a boy or a girl?" he inquired.

"Well, I would want to know what my child's going to be." She said. "Yeah,"

"Awesome!" Soul yelled and took the keys. "Blair, we'll be gone for a while! Bye!"

"Well?" Maka asked.

"The answer's going to make you happy." Stein said, looking a little more at Soul than Maka. "It's a boy."

Maka squealed, holding her stomach. Soul joined her and touching her belly bump.

"You hear that, baby? You're a boy!" Maka giggled.

"I suppose now you'd like a list of names?" Stein asked with a smirk.

"Sure," Soul replied.

Stein handed him a book of baby names. It was thick. It was very thick. Soul let a gap form in that space between his cheeks, above his chin, and underneath his nose. It would take a lot.

Dear Son,

Hey, I think I might name you Light. Your mother wanted to name you Heart, but I told her now way was I having a son named after an organ. She thought it'd be cute because of that song on the piano. You know? "Heart and Soul, I fell in love with you…" that song. I admit, I thought it was pretty clever. I play the piano and my name's Soul, but I told her we'd need a girl to name her Heart.

Whatever; all that is on my mind at the moment is you and your mother. I really hope you like whatever name we give you. I promise you won't end up with a girly name. Just…if you get a sister, get used to the name Angel or Tenshi or Heart…something along those lines. I promise, though, you and your name is all I care about right now…and your mother. I love her too.


Dear Sweetie,

Your father won't let me name you Heart. Your name is a little harder to come up with. I wanted your name to be something a little spiritual or something that everyone needs. I have a husband named Soul, a father named Spirit and a mother named Kami. I sort of wanted that little pattern to go on. Papa agrees with me. He wants something that people need too.

What about Psyche? It's cool sounding, right? I don't know! I need your father's help. I'm just the crazy bookworm. Well, let me think…Flare? Flame, Psyche, Heart…I don't know, baby! Maybe I should just call you that. Ah well…I love you. I'll try my hardest to make your name amazing.


Dear Boy,

Hey. I think I have a name for you…Seraph. Ok no. I guess not, eh? Cherubim; nope, I guess not that either. I'm trying, son, I really am! Soul Jr., are you ok with that? I guess you wouldn't be. I feel bad. Mind…nah, not that.

You know what Patty told me earlier? She said I should name you giraffe…GIRAFFE! Your aunts and uncles aren't all that useful. Tsubaki and Black*Star already have their names figured out. If they have a girl, Tsubaki says her name will be Osaka. It means "center", so Black*Star picked that one. Tsubaki said she'd pick the boy's name if he picked the girl's, so apparently, they want the boy's name to be Blue*Star.

They have stuff to work with. We need something spiritual, so your mother's given up on the baby book. So far, all she's found is stuff like Angel, Saint, Holy, Bless, and Divine. Can someone tell me why all the names in her family sound girly except for her father's? Let me tell you something. Your grandfather is a bad man. At least, he is in mine, Mommy's and Grandma's opinion. Yet, even though he's bad, he has the best name on his side of the family!

His name is Spirit. Honestly, I don't want you hanging out with him all that much. He's pretty…weird. Let's put it that way. Your Grandma, she's actually pretty great. She acts a lot like Mommy. Or, I guess you'd word it "Mommy acts a lot like her." Right; I guess I'm right. Well, I'm looking through the baby names, setting up your crib and writing to you all at once. I guess it's about time to hand the journal over to your mother, huh?


Dear Baby,

This is so hard! Baby names are so easy for people to work with when you have some sort of meaning you want to give them. I have to look through the history of my family's names while your father looks through a baby book. Blair's helping as much as possible. She keeps looking up spiritual names online. They haven't been much help. All they say are "Spirit, Angel, Soul and Tenshi."

I need to think look through your grandma's family tree and give up on grandpa's. Here's something about your grandpa…HE STOLE THE ONLY GOOD NAME! I almost wanted to name you Cross, but your father said no. Don't even let me get started on what he said when I wanted to name you Blood. I thought about Obi for a while, you know, because it means "heart", but Papa said they'd make fun of the name.

I'm looking through Grandma's family tree right now. The names are better, I have to admit. They're much more spiritual than Grandpa's side. Grandma's name means "God" after all. I know that sounds crazy, but that's your family. You have a family that doesn't talk to their family. You have an uncle named Wes. He plays the violin, but Papa said he isn't much use besides that.

Anyway, Grandma's got better names. There's Kami, Tenshi, Heart, Mind, Psyche, Light, Dark, Depth, Angel, Cross, Moon, Sun, Star, and a billion others! I think your dad and I should find something that we agree on by tonight. Right now, I'm going to go paint your room. I hope you like the color blue!


The next day, Maka showed Soul the family tree from her mother's side. He loved the names. He found Soul numerous times, too. Amazingly, nobody named their child Spirit. They came across a name that they thought was brilliant beyond belief. They each agreed on it, saying it was cute, cool, clever, creepy and crazy all at once! It was perfect.

They finished the nursery at about one in the morning, so Soul let Maka sleep in. Clair had jumped into the crib frequent times, but Soul eventually remembered to close the door after removing her.

Soon, the ninth month happened, and the baby came just two weeks before it was planned. Soul told Blair to call everyone and tell them that they would be at the school's infirmary. No one said they would have to miss being there. Stein told Marie and Crona ahead of time and they went with him.

The stupidest thing Soul ever did was drive a motorcycle to a school infirmary…while his wife was in labor. Soon, they made it and Maka was placed on the bed. The contractions came closer and closer together, causing Soul to put his worried face on. Eventually, Maka gave birth to a healthy, baby boy. Everyone came in once it was clear that Maka was done.

"He's so cute!" Patty chirped.

"His symmetry is correct. Good job." Kid commented.

"Adorable," Tsubaki gushed.

"He's so little, but he'll be big and awesome soon. Don't worry." Black*Star "calmed them down".

"Very sweet," Marie giggled.

"He has Maka's eyes, Soul's eye shape." Crona stated happily.

"A very nice body, too." Stein observed. "He would make an excellent dissection project."

"Ah…no." Maka sheepishly said.

"He has your nose, Soul. Nya!" Blair squeaked at his cuteness.

"Yeah, but I think he has Maka's skin tone." Soul agreed, smiling at his wife.

"He's just flat out adorable!" Liz commented.

Kami and Spirit came in soon, looking over their grandson. Maka frowned at Spirit, as did Soul, but they were all smiles for Kami. Kami was the one that got to hold him in her arms, while Spirit only got to look at him.

"What's his name, Maka?" Kami asked her child.

"I bet his name is from my side of the family." Spirit waged.

"Sure…" Kami rolled her eyes.

"Well?" both parents asked.

"His name's actually on Mama's side." Maka smiled.

This caused Soul to smirk. He knew she was trying to torture her father. Who wouldn't, though? The guy was a cheating creep.

"What's his name?" everyone tried to yell as loud as they could without waking up the newborn.

"Ghost," Soul answered.

"What?" Spirit asked flatly.

"Ghost Evans." Maka repeated.

"As in Maka's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather; Ghost is his name." Soul added. "I liked the name, she liked the name, and there was no way his name would be Heart."

"I liked the name, ok?" Maka giggled. "It was sweet sounding."

Everyone found this as a given right to tease the new father. "Like, heart and soul, I fell in love with you-"

"Quit it!" Soul covered his ears. "I hate piano."

"We know you do," Black*Star smirked. "That's why we sang the dumb song."

"Brilliant." Soul replied sarcastically as he rolled his eyes, which caused his wife to giggle.

"Hey Mama," Maka called, quitting her giggle-fit. "Did you get a chance to write in the journal yet?"

"Mhm," Kami nodded with a smile.

"What journal?" Spirit asked with a raised brow. "It's a pregnancy journal, right?

"No, it's a period journal for me." Soul sarcastically replied. "Lately, I've had some PMS problems and-"

He couldn't go any farther without laughing his butt off. Spirit only gave him the evil eye. Maka thought it was funny, everybody thought it was funny! Spirit, on the other hand, did not think it was funny. He hated Soul's personality. Why did THAT marry my daughter? WHY? He'd yell in his mind.

"Ok, I think I'm done." Soul sniffled happily. "Kami-San, do you mind if I hold my kid?"

"Well, he is your kid." Kami stated.

She gave Ghost over to Soul, who held him as gently as possible. Stein told everyone it was about time to get out. Of course, Soul got to stay with his wife and child. He smiled down at Ghost with a grin that could match the brightness of the sun in the sky. He looked up at Maka, who looked like she wanted her turn. He chuckled.

"You want to hold him, don't you?" Soul queried.

"You don't mind?" she asked.

"Nah, I mean, he's your kid too." He replied, handing him over to his mother.

"Hey Ghost," Maka smiled. "I love you."

"I love you." Soul said.


Soul woke up with a yawn. Maka did the same once she felt some movement on the bed. Soul smirked and untied her hair-bun holders, setting them aside and kissing her forehead.

"Good morning." He quietly said.

"Good morning to you too." She smiled.

"I had a dream of the nine months you were pregnant." Soul said.

"Really? So did I." Maka stated.

"Creepy…" Soul added.

"Mommy, Daddy!" Ghost called as he ran into their room.

"Yeah, what's wrong, baby?" Maka asked as he hopped on the bed.

"Can I go see if Osaka and Blue*Star (Tsubaki had TWINS) want to go play?" Ghost queried.

"Uh," Soul looked at the clock.

It read 9:30 AM.

"Maybe around two, buddy." He answered. "They're probably still asleep."

"Oh, ok." Ghost replied. "What did you guys dream about?"

"You," they said in unison as they kissed their son's forehead.

"I dreamt about you guys, too." He replied, kissing their cheeks. "And I looked in the journal this morning. There was a lot of writing in it!"

"Did you want us to read you one?" Maka asked.

"Can you?" Ghost inquired.

"Sure," Soul smirked and ruffled his son's hair. "Maka, do you have the journal with you?"

"Yeah," Maka smiled and picked it up.

She flipped through it and found an entry she had never read. With wide eyes, she showed Soul the entry. He went wide-eyed and glanced at it. She smiled and held it between her and Soul, where it was right in front of Ghost.

Dear Grandson,

I haven't felt you kick yet, I haven't learned your name, I haven't heard you speak, but I have heard you cry. I can hear it right now outside of the hospital room that you're in right now. You don't know my name yet, so I'll tell you. I am Kami Albarn. I'm your grandmother and I already love you. I know that your father is a brilliant, closet pianist and your mother is a smart, bookworm, and I know that you will grow into a handsome boy.

I can assure you that you will make mistakes, but I know you'll fix them and be great! I don't know if you'll be a meister or weapon, but you may just end up being both. Either way, you're family and friends will love you. I know I already love you. I know that your mother and father love you just by looking back at their entries. Your father promised he'd hug you every night that you were inside your mother, and I bet he did.

I know you're brilliant. I love you.


"I never knew Mama wrote this." Maka said happily as she laid her head against Soul's bare shoulder.

"That was sweet of her." Soul smiled.

"It sounded like a poem almost." Ghost commented. "I loved it."

"I loved it too." Maka agreed, hugging her child.

"Same here," Soul added, hugging both of them.

"Hello!" Blair barged in. "Do you mind if I take Ghost to the park and then for breakfast?"

"Can I go, Mommy, Daddy?" Ghost asked as he looked at each parent.

Soul rubbed Maka's arm, then her shoulder, then her back, and then her lower back, keeping it there for a while.

"Yeah, you can go." Soul said, smirking at Maka.

"As long as Blair doesn't take her witch's hat, I'm fine with it, too." Maka said as she drew circles on Soul's back.

"Oh, I see~" Blair giggled and held out her hand to Ghost. "How about you get dressed and then we can go, ok kitten?"

"Ok," Ghost nodded with a smile and rushed into his room to get dressed.

In a matter of minutes, he was dressed in a pair of green jeans and a white T-shirt. Blair smirked and winked at the couple.

"Bye guys; behave." She teased. "We'll be back in about two hours."

"Bye, Mama, bye Papa!" Ghost yelled as he ran out the door.

Blair closed the door and Soul and Maka were silent for a moment. The second they heard the door shut and lock, Soul ran up to their own door and locked it. When he got back, pinned Maka down and smirked.

"Hello," he mocked. "How are you?"

"Amazing," she answered as she kissed Soul on the lips.

"Are you sure about this?" Soul asked as he nuzzled his nose into her neck.

"Mhm," she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I still need a little girl that I can name Heart."

"Or Angel." He put out.

"Or both," she giggled.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." He smirked and kissed her forehead. "I'm not as wild as Black*Star."

"True," she giggled. "I love you anyway."

I SUCK at making good endings. XD Anyway, this was like…21 pages? For a ONESHOT. If I get reviews, you might see a story of Tsubaki, Black*Star, Soul and Maka's kids when they get a little older.