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Soul walked out of the closet with his old keyboard. He gently set it on the floor and flipped the switch on. He smiled and settles himself on the floor. As long as Maka wasn't home, she couldn't get all fanatic about anyone being taught the instrument's ways.

"Hey, Ghost!" he called out to his son.

"I'm coming!" Ghost exclaimed and dashed into the den. He stopped and stared at the instrument. "What's that thing?"

"A keyboard; it's like a piano, but smaller," Soul explained as he set the child on his lap. "I think your mom would like it if I taught you a song."

After saying that sentence, his eyes bugged out. He hadn't meant to bring Maka into that. Now Ghost would go berserk and say what a wonderful time he'd had playing an instrument with his daddy! He would never hear the end of it! That flippin' keyboard would be played all day long. Ghost would always play, but Maka would randomly walk in and go, "Oh, you're so good at that instrument, cookie! Play the song again, please! Just one more time!" But it would never be just one more time. It'd be all day long!

"Just don't tell her." he quickly added.

"Why not?" Ghost queried.

"Just cause,"

Ghost seemed to shake it all off in an instant. Soul knew he wouldn't tell anyone. To that little thought, he smiled.

"Daddy, I'm only three!" the boy complained. "I don't think I can do it!"

Soul smirked, "You may just be three; that's true, but this song can be incredibly easy."


"Yeah, but two people have parts in it, so I'll show you both," he began, "just in case you want to play with someone when you're a little older."

"Cool!" Ghost shouted with a colossal grin.

Soul had to think about a happy song. All he could muster was Heart and Soul. He sighed as his fingertips rolled over the keys. Ghost looked upward and saw that his eyes were closed. He had concentration plastered all across his complexion. After what seemed like hours, Soul smiled, followed by his eyes fluttering open.

"Ok, I think I've got it." he stated.

He grabbed Ghost's hands and played the easier part with him. His smaller hands were placed under Soul's bigger ones. They went over each and every key, listening to the melodious noise scattering across the wind as it went on. The fun part was watching each and every identical key have a fraternal noise. They had played like that—no talking whatsoever—for about fifteen minutes. After which, Ghost finally got the keys right. They played together, making every note correct, for about thirty minutes. This caused Ghost to get bored.

"Does this have words to it?" Ghost inquired.

"Yeah, but all I can remember is 'Heart and soul…I fell in love with you...'. the rest is a blank." Soul shrugged.

"Can I add words?" The youngest Evans asked. "I think Mommy taught me some."


"Heart and soul…I fell in love with you…heart and soul…just like a fool would do…" Ghost fell mute.

"What's wrong?"

"There's supposed to be a name of someone you like, but I don't know anyone."

"What about that one girl…? I can't think of her name. Uhm…I think her name means center." Soul recalled.

Ghost's head shot up like a bullet. "Osaka, you mean?"

"Yeah," Soul smiled, "use the first two syllables of her name."

Ghost nodded as he continued the song and piano keys exactly where he left off.

"O-sa…and I will love you to the end, the end, the very, very end!" Ghost beamed.

Soul smiled. "I guess we can learn the second part now."


Tenshi sat on a chair, waving her legs back and forth at individual paces. She watched her brother rummage through a box of objects that he lugged down from the attic. She sighed deeply and glanced over at the insides of the box. Tenshi decided to waltz over and help. Flattening out her yellow blouse and blue-laid dress, she strutted over toward her elder siblings and sat next to him.

"Ghost, what are you doing?" she queried.

"I'm looking for sheet music," he muttered out as he glanced at numerous papers.

"Why," she inquired curiously.

"Osaka's coming over for her piano lessons, but Dad isn't here, so I get stuck with the teaching." he explained as he dug deeper into the box.

Tenshi put her facts together and decided to tease her older brother. He was a marvelous big brother, but she was bored beyond belief! A smirk crept across her face as she stood up and giggled, causing him to look at her with a confused expression.

"What?" he questioned her simply.

"Don't you like Osaka?" she taunted. "Id that why you're going through all this trouble just to find sheet music for her?"

Ghost flushed and pouted menacingly at his baby sister.

"No," he grimaced as he turned away from her. "I already gave my reason. You should just believe what I tell you."

She giggled at his answer and sat back-to-back with him.

"You know," she began, "Mama told me that when you were my age, you got married to Osaka."

Crimson exploded onto Ghost's face. His arms and hands quit moving. He was completely frozen. Tenshi got up and looked at her icicle of a brother. Ghost looked at a memory placed in his mind when he told a little girl named Franny that he would play 'Marry.' He was the groom and Osaka was to be his bride. They were both four years old—Tenshi's current age—and went through with that awful fake wedding, making themselves the stars of the stupid game. Tenshi had just been born; therefore, she had the role of their spawn the next day.

"Don't talk about that!" Ghost exclaimed, coming out of his frozen state. "I'm eight now!"

"Ok, ok! Sheesh," Tenshi laughed. "I'm sorry I brought it up."

Ghost's anger receded before he looked through the remains of the box. He smiled when he saw a certain journal. He tapped Tenshi's shoulder, completely grabbing her attention. She flicked her head around with a curious face masked on. She crawled up at her brother's side to find what was so interesting. After seeing the journal, she looked at him with a raised brow as he opened it and chuckled.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Mom had pregnancy journals instead of baby books." he explained as he handed it over to her. "This one's yours, Tenshi."

"Really?" she beamed as she cracked the tome open.

"You know how to read, right?" he queried.

"Mhm…" she muttered as she began reading the letters addressed to her.

Ghost grinned. As soon as he saw her journal, an idea hatched in his brain. He rushed to his parents' bedroom and opened up the top drawer in their night-stand. He grabbed his own journal and flipped through the pages. A smirked immediately formed. Of course only Maka Evans would stick sheet music in her son's journal!

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Ghost grabbed the music sheets and rushed toward the aperture. Osaka was standing there politely with a smile. He gestured her to walk in, so she did.

"Hi Ghost," she said.

"Hey," he greeted her as they made their way over to the keyboard. They sat on the couch as Ghost settled the sheets on their proper stand. "So, what's my dad been teaching you?"

"Nothing really," she replied, "we've just been working on keys and notes."

"Well, I only know a few songs," he confessed sheepishly. "Did you want to play one?"

She smiled, nodding vigorously. He beamed, picking up her fingers and placing them over the correct keys. He began to teach her the easier part (the second part) of Heart and Soul. It was a bit easier than she had expected it to be. Ghost enjoyed watching her try to move her fingers swiftly enough. When she had gotten the rhythm down, he told her they'd begin to play together. He'd give her the sign to begin. His fingers rolled over the keys as a smile began to form.

"Now," he said, and she began to play.

It sounded a bit dull on her part, but she did well for an amateur. He began to sing the song absentmindedly.

"Heart and soul…I fell in love with you…heart and soul…just like a fool would do…" he muttered her name almost inaudibly (which she didn't catch) with a slight shade of pink covering his cheeks. "And I will love you to the end, the end, the very, very end."

"That's a very pretty song," Osaka commented sweetly.

"I love piano," Ghost smirked.

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