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2 Years Later.

Hermione ran as fast as she could down the dark cobblestone hallway towards the large oak doors at the end. She was late, and the dark lord did not like it when she was late. Her wavy brown hair a mess under the hood of her cloak she nearly tripped before stopping herself right before the doors. The girl tried to catch her breath and counted to 10 slowly. She knew she would be making a scene by walking in late, and hopefully the dark lord wasn't speaking. God knows what would happen if she interrupted him…

The oak doors swung open slowly in front of her. Shit…. Hermione walked into the large room, her head bowed. The crowd of masked figures turned to face her and she moved her way through the group towards the front. At the head of the room a pale man sat on a large throne, he cold eyes making contact with hers, he frowned. "Hermione, so glad you could make it," his voice drawled. Even after two years it still sent shivers up her spine.

"I apologise my lord, it won't happen again."

"We will discuss your punctuality later," he motioned to the spot on his right. Her stomach turned as she walked up and stood in the place of the right hand man, beside him, facing the crowd.

It didn't take long for Hermione to join the Dark Lord on his offer. It took longer to convince the Order of the Pheonix that this was the right decision. With Severus gone, there was nobody on the inside. Hermione had plans of her own, but she needed the back-up of the order to keep her safe. Even though that didn't help Severus in the end… She had opted to stay at hogwarts an extra 2 years, partially as a cover for her work for the order and to help her purpose of the death eaters having an "inside" at hogwarts.

Voldemort was more than willing to have the golden boy's best friend at his side. Her pain, she told him, gave her power. And Albus Dumbledore was her sworn enemy for everything he did, and didn't do, to her love. She easily convinced him of her allegiance to the cause and the Dark Lord himself.

Two years she stood at the dark lord's side, biding her time. Two years she did unspeakable things, losing her humanity, mourning her love. Every day she had to stare at the spot where she killed the only man she loved. All because of Voldemort.

She looked on into the crowd, assessing the death eaters before her, as the Dark Lord spoke. He finished his final address and one by one they disapparated in clouds of smoke. She waited patiently for the man to speak, and when he motioned for her to kneel before him she obliged.

The stone floors were cool on her knees, that were bare. Her skirt only nearly brushed the floor where she knelt and her socks were not high enough. She didn't have time to change out of her school uniform before she got the call, normally she wouldn't be dressed so…

Voldemort reached out and cupped her chin, lifting her gaze to meet his own. "Hermione… my child." She fought the urge to recoil. "Do you provoke my punishment on purpose?"

"No, my lord," she stared defiant. "I…"

"Then why must you always defy me, especially in front of my men. I have taken a risk on you, as a muggle-born and a woman, having taken the position of my right hand man. And you are normally so well behaved," he motioned her to rise and pulled her in closer with a hand on the small of her back. He waved a hand and her cloak fell, her breath hitched and her stomach turn.

"I'm sorry my lord, I was in class and it isn't always easy to get away from Hogwarts unnoticed." She fought her voice to not waver.

His hand was cold even through her clothes, and she tried to ignore his fingers caressing her thigh. "I am not interested in your excuses Hermione, I want you to be better. I want followers who are useful to me, in whatever way I require. I want to be obeyed." She nodded as his hand raised to the button of her shirt. She looked to the ceiling, and shut her eyes. Her only saving grace was focus on her mission, and her love she swore to avenge. Severus Snape.

The dark haired man awoke with a start, gasping in air and trying to calm his racing heart. He'd had a nightmare, surely, but it took him a moment to remember where he was. He rolled from the bed and put on his trousers, brushed his shaggy black hair back from his face, and walked to the kitchen. "Good morning, do you need any help?"

Jeffrey stood at the sink washing the dishes and he turned to see the man awaiting instruction in the doorway. "Yes, actually. Do you mind chopping wood for the breakfast fire Talbot? Since we are going hunting later I want to have something filling to eat."

The man walked out of the cabin and towards the chopping block. The warm spring sun shining down on his bare chest, he began to chop. His muscled growing stronger over the months from labour were now firm and defined throughout his body.

This was Severus Snape's life now. It had been two years since he lost Hermione, and two years without his powers. After he awoke and began to walk, he came upon a hunter in the forest. When Severus explained he had a canoeing accident and awoke on the shoreline, the man named Jeffrey invited him back to his cabin and gave him food. Without magic Severus was useless, and where they were civilization was days away. Jeffrey lived off the land, a hermit in the forest, and after a few days of helping and surviving Severus decided to just stay. And so he became Talbot, and he was happy.

He had never forgotten Hermione. He thought about her every day and vowed that when he got his magic back, he would rescue her. If she were still alive. The thought burned him to his core that she was harmed in any way.

His black hair was shorter, but still shaggy and uneven. He just lopped off bits when it got too long. A small beard had grown over time (which he trimmed every now and then), and his normally pale body was nicely tanned. His time with Jeffrey was peaceful, and calming. A welcome change to his past hectic life. But today was unsettling. His dream was unnerving. He could see Hermione, sad, and scared. He couldn't tell what was happening but he could feel that she needed him. Severus knew it was in fact just a dream, but that couldn't stop him from wondering what had become of his love.

He brought the chopped wood into the two bedroom cabin and the men were soon sat down for breakfast. Jeffrey was an older man, in his late 50s. A chiselled face, and greying hair who was healthier than anyone Snape had met in a long time. He was a muggle of course, and a calm man. He moved to the forest after his wife and young son had died in a car accident twenty years prior, and never went back.

As they sat quietly eating, Jeffrey watched Severus closely. "Thinking about her again?" Severus looked up from his food briefly before returning his gaze to his plate. "Tell me about her Talbot. You never talk about her."

He bit his cheek to hold back his emotion and swallowed his food. 'She was beautiful, and smart. Smartest woman I've known. She was kind, gentle, and always cared for others. Never selfish…" he stopped and sighed deeply. Jeffrey smiled knowingly, and they continued to eat in silence. Eventually cleaning up their plates and heading out for their hunt. It wasn't that Severus didn't want to talk about Hermione. It just hurt him that he could only speak of her as the past.

The hunt went as it normally did, in silence and peace. They would wait in the bush for a deer to walk by and Severus would draw his handmade bow for a precise and deadly shot. About 100 feet over Jeffrey would be in a tree shooting partridge that landed or flew by. He had taught Severus how to hunt and what he once saw as a muggle past time, he deeply enjoyed.

Just as the sun began to set, Severus started to pack up his things when he heard a deep growl in the bush and froze. He could see through the branches a grizzly bear approaching the tree that Jeffrey was perched, and before he could shout to warn, the bear hit the tree with a great force. Jeffrey's scream split the air, and Severus watched him fall to the forest below. Snape ran as fast as he could towards the bear who was towering menacingly over his friend. He began to scream, and shout, waving his arms wildly as Jeffrey had taught him to do. The animal reared on him and Snape stepped back pushing his hands in front of him. A blue light flashed from his palms and startled the creature who turned and ran into the brush.

Severus stopped and stared at his hands. Had he seen correctly? Was his magic back?

He ran to Jeffrey's side, who was still breathing but just unconcious, and after a few attempts successfully apparated the pair back to cabin.

Once Jeffrey had been tended to, Snape stepped outside of the cabin to collect his thoughts. He had been waiting for this moment for 2 years. To have his powers, and his way home. However, now he was unsure… nervous even… Could he just return to the wizarding world so easily? He was supposed to be dead… Would Hermione forgive him for staying away for so long? Was she even alive?

All these questions ran through his head, and as grateful he was to Jeffrey he knew he had to leave. His dream couldn't have been a coincidence that morning. Hermione needed him and he needed to find her… but where to start?