Author's Note Changes

First of all, I want to thank all of my readers for their continuous support through the two years of work this fan fiction took. All of your reviews and positive feedback gave me the push it took to actually finish this.

Anyways, I'm making this author's note to inform you all that there WILL now NOT be a sequel to this story. I will be entirely honest, the last chapter in this story will change. This isn't how i wanted it to end at all, and i got a very honest review from a reader that made me realize that.

I PROMISE , however, that you will still be seeing more of my work soon!

As well there will be a totally different fan fiction that I am going to write with a juicy plot, and lots of smut ;)

So hold tight everybody and wait to be mind blown! :)

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As well, I will be looking for a reliable beta-reader, so if you may be interested, PM me and we can figure it out.

Once again, thank you everybody for your support.

As well, this fanfiction will be undergoing renovations is the editing and grammar department. Thanks for you support once again.