It was a normal day here at the Cullens house hold, everyone was doing what every they wanted. And it was really quite untill...

"Bella!" came Alice voice yelling. I look over to my sister-inlaw.

"What Alice?"

"I just had a vison!" she was boucning up and down.

"And this was about?" I ask her.

"Me. You. Dollar store. Pony ride!" I look at her with my eyebrow rise. "You know those horse you can ride that's only the head and a stick?" I nodded, she smiled a big smiled.

".Gosh! Can we?" I stood up, she nodded. We jumped up and down for joy that we was going to ride the ponies!

"Whats with all the jumping?" Edward ask us, we look at him and screamed to the top of how lungs, Nessie and Jacob look at us like we lost it when they walk in the door.

"We're going to ride ponies!" me and Alice yelled running out the door to Edwards volvo, Emmett cam running out of the house yelling for us to wait on him. Emmett got in the back with a video camera in his hand, we all smiled and drove off.

At the Dollar store the workers and shopers look at us and watch us as we walk by to the toys because we are so awsome and beautiful! Emmett had the camera going as Alice and I pick out our horses to ride, Emmett stood in the toy aisle.

"Action!" Emmett said as Alice and me horse walk back and forth, then we cam at Emmett togather with Emmett running from us but with the camera still one us. We got stares from every one there, we rode them all around the store even with the workers chasing us. Emmett got him a horse and rode around with us.

"Stop!" yelled a worker, Emmett was behind us and we was running in the aisle were the toilet paper was, so Emmett push every pack of toilet paper off the shelves as we ran by. Thats one worker down.

"Go faster!" Emmett yelled, Alice and I picked up the paste and ran faster but still at human speed. "You'll never get us coppers!" he yelled but was stop by my dad. He gave me a look like he was disappointed in me, I smiled at him has he reach out his hand. We gave him our ponies with Emmett still recording.

"Bella what are you doing acting like a three year old! Your married with a child." my dad said, Emmett and Alice was laughing. "What will Carlisle say about you two?" they stop laughing.


"Theres no 'buts' Isabella." ouch the full name. "That was uncouse for! Now go pick up those packs and you two too." we did as he said, Emmett was still recording.

"Wait untill this goes on YouTube!" Emmett said punching the air with is fist along with Alice and I, my dad look at us and we stop and got back to work.

On the way home we was laughing so hard over our little Dollar store trip, but when we pulled in there was Esme and Carlisle on the front porch with a very very mad face. We got out of the car and walk very slow to them, when we got there Carlisle cleard his throat and we look up. Esme shook her head with her hand held out, us three knew what that ment. No camera for a month. We gave her the camera and she walk in the house, we followed Carlisle into the living room. Jasper, Jacob, Edward, Rosalie and my baby girl was all standing there. Rosalie look disappointed in Emmett, Jasper look shock that Alice will something like that, and Edward look well I don't what. Jacob was trying to hold in a laugh, my baby girl was looking at us with a confuse face.

"You three, should no better! You went in a store and disturbed the employees and the shopers! Had Charlie come down there and for him to see his daughter and her in-laws actting like three year olds!" Esme said pacing back and forth infront of us. We look at each other and tryed not to smile or laugh.

"I thought this would come from Emmett but not Bella and Alice." Jacob said laughing alittle.

"Shut up Jake! Like wouldn't of gone down there with us and did the same!" I yelled at him, he stop laughing and look at me. "Thats what I thought."

"Bella, sit." Carlisle said.

"Yes daddy." I said and sat down next to Alice and Emmett. The yelling went on forever and ever, we promise we would never do that again but hey we're vampires. Plus Edward can't read our thoughts because I block him! Mawhahaha!


It has been a day since that happen and we are so bored! Esme is not home nor Carlisle, Edward went some were, Jasper is out hunting, Rosalie went and took Nessie shopping so it's just me Alice and Emmett at the house. I look over at them and the smiled a big smiled.

"Party!" we all screamed. Alice and me went into the kitchen to make cookies, Emmett went to get the camera. Once Alice and mine cookies was done we took them and glued them to the windows, mess up Rosalies clothes, rip some. Emmett went and put nothing but emo music in jaspers CD cases, mess place his war books and his civil war uniform out some where in the woods. Alice made more cokkies as I glue then to the walls, windows and the ceiling, some on the out side of the house. Painted Edwards volvo pink and spray painted "the pack rules!" signed the packs names to it, put "Jacob was here" on Rosalies BMW, and made a note for Jacob to find in the woods on the line saying that "Nessie was kidnap by Jane and Alec!". Rip some of Carlisles books, destory the house. When me and Alice was done with everything, Emmett got the camera where ever Esme hide it and we tape everything we did to the house where things was. Then we hid so no one knew where we are.

Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, Rose and Nessie just got home.

"What the heck happen here?" Esme ask walking around. There was a scream come from the garage, and we knew that Rose saw her BMW.

"I'm going to kill that mutt."
"Who think your going to kill one mutt, I'm going to kill them all!" Edward yelled walking into the house, then there was a wet dog smell-Jacob.

"Wheres Nessie?" he yelled busting into the house and taking the door off as he did so. "There was note left saying she was kidnap by those Italy bloodsucker! Why are you standing here!" he yelled.

"I'm right here Jakie." Nessie said.

"Esme! some one rip up all of the clothes!" Rose yelled from her and Emmetts room.

"Wheres my uniform? And why is my music filled with emo CDs?" Jasper ask coming down the stairs.

"My books and rip and some burn." Carlisle said to everyone from up stiars.

"Why are there cookies glued every where? And my house!" Esme yelled walking over the place, by then we started to laugh really loud. Then every one was standing over us.

"Huh oh." was all we said.

"Huh oh is right." they said back to us, we took off flying into the woods, before we left I heard Nessie ask.

"Why is mommy, Aunt Alice and Uncle Emmett acting like my age?"