This was wrong…it was immoral and wrong. How had he come to this of all things; the bride…the bride to a demon? He was a boy after all, and so was the other. But…was it because the two girls were older than him and where already engaged to other's and living with them? When he was told he would have to be the "wife" of this man…he cried. He cried, kicked, screamed, and fought it with all he could. It had done nothing, and his father locked him back up into his room for the whole time of it.

So he was now sitting in the carriage to the transition point. He had said good bye to his mother and father that morning and was now alone with the person who would guide him through the whole process. "Please try to relax Raivis." Toris assured him. "Trust me…it isn't that bad living here." He said as he placed a hand on top of the boys. "I…I don't want to marry a demon though…" he said, fear on his whole face. Toris felt bad for the boy.

Raivis was only 15 and Ivan was…well he was a good hundred years older than him…though he looked about 18 or so. He smiled weakly. "Look on the bright side…there's a large 3 story library." He said and this perked him up. "Really?" he asked. When he nodded the boy changed completely. "M-Maybe…maybe he's into reading like I am." He said, hopeful. "That's the spirit Raivis." He said as he stroked the boy's cheek.

When the carriage stopped Toris got out of the cart. "Stay here." He said as he closed it. Raivis looked down as he opened up the small picture frame he had been given. Both the human and the demon had been given a picture of each other to know what to expect. Ivan was very handsome…light purple eyes, silver hair, curled horns…a slightly large nose. Things would be good…he hoped. He looked frightening. He looked up when Toris came back, with a nervous smile. "So…apparently we are picking up the Braginski family…" he said and Raivis dropped the small picture. "W-What!' he yelled, trying to quickly gather himself, his body shaking. "Don't worry Raivis…h-he…he will behave…" he said as he gently kissed the child's cheek. Raivis whimpered and looked up at him, clinging to him. "Don't go…" he whimpered and Toris gave him a regretful look. "I have to Raivis…they…they want you to bond with Ivan. "He told him as he closed the door again.

Raivis heard voices outside the carriage and shut his eyes tightly. This was it…the moment he had dreaded. This was when he met Ivan…the demon he was to marry…his heart was going so fast! "So you are little Raivis…da?" he asked with a smirk and the boy immediately looked up. "…L-Lord…Ivan…?" he stuttered, making the silver haired man smirk. "Da." He said as he sat across from him. Ivan couldn't suppress the smirk. The child was shaking with fear. His eye's held in unshed tears, and the fear was so evident in those light purple eyes like his own. Yes…this child was going to make a FINE wife…though…humans don't last forever…but he had a plan to fix this little detail.

Ivan smiled at him. "Your picture doesn't do you justice…you're more feminine in person." He said and watched as those cheeks turn deep red in response. "Y-You shouldn't say those things…"

"Why? Am I not allowed to flatter my fiancé? Beside's it is true, da? Even your father said you looked like a girl more than a boy." He stated, smirking when the boy became redder. Ivan decided to test his limits a little bit more. "Raivis, you should wear dresses."

"What!" he yelled in response, his face red. Ivan nodded with a smile. "Da! I would love to see what your legs look like." He said as he reached over and placed his hand on the boy's knee before sliding it onto his thigh. "And beside's…I would love to see what they will look like when I spread them under me…" he said before he was smacked across the face. Raivis curled up against the seat. "D-Don't touch me like that!" he yelled.

He knew he was in trouble when Ivan let out a loud growl. "How dare you!" he yelled as he grabbed the boy by his wrist and pinned him to the wall of the cart. "You you behave like a good little wife and obey me. Even if that means spreading your legs and giving me pleasure. Understand?" he snarled, claws tearing into the child's wrists. Raivis nodded as tears came to his eyes. "Y-Yes…" Ivan smirked. "Good boy." He said as he leaned back into the seat, Raivis doing the same.

That was how the rest of the trip went. In complete and utter silence. Raivis had nothing to say to the man…and Ivan was completely bored. They both wished the ride would be over soon.

It was around sunset when the carriage's arrived at their final destination. The castle was huge and had beautiful landscape. Raivis couldn't stop staring as he looked out the window. "Like it?" Ivan asked and Raivis nodded. Why…why did his voice sound so close to his ear? Raivis looked over his shoulder and was met with his nose touching Ivan's, and this made the child freak. "W-Why are you so close?" he yelled. Ivan snickered. "Can I not hold my fiancé?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around the child's waist. Raivis pushed against him. "L-Let me go…" he whimpered as Ivan kissed the corner of his mouth.

"What if I don't want to?" he whispered into the boy's ear. Raivis shivered. The handle turned and the door to the carriage opened, reveling Toris. Raivis had never been happier to see him in all his time knowing him. "Um…W-We have arrived." He said and Ivan gave an annoyed look. "Brilliant observation…" he said as he let go of the boy. As soon as he did the child ran over to Toris and clung to him, shaking.

"I-Ivan what did you do!" Toris exclaimed. Ivan smirked. "Nothing…yet." He said as he climbed out of the carriage and walked inside his home. Toris sighed and looked down at the child he cradled in his arms. "The least he could do is show you to your new room." He brunette said with a sigh. "D-Do I have to share with him?" Raivis asked.

"Yes…you do sadly." He said. Raivis whimpered loudly in response. Toris smiled and took the boys hand in his. "Relax…he won't touch you until you're married." He said as he walked the boy inside.