Harder to Breath; Chapter 1

It was Ichigo's first day of college and he was moving into the dorms. He pulled into the college parking lot and saw a driver pulling out of a parking space that was close to his dorm. "Score," he smiled. He waited patiently as the car backed out and drove off. He was about to pull in when a blue sports car pulled in front of him and took his space.

"What the fuck?" he cried out angrily. He rolled down his window and called out to the driver who was getting out of the car. "Hey! Asshole! I was clearly waiting for that space."

The driver gazed over boredly with his piercing blue eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry. Here, let me move for you." He shut the door to his car and locked it then started walking towards the college.

"Hey!" Ichigo called after him. The blue haired guy continued walking and ignored Ichigo's angry cries. "Urgh, jerk," Ichigo sighed and drove off to find a different parking space.

Luckily Ichigo had delivered most of his belongings to his room earlier so he only had one more box left to carry up to his room. Ichigo walked up the stairs to his dorm and mumbled angrily to himself, "I can't believe that jerk…taking my space like that…stupid fucking cock sucker…" He sighed. He decided it would probably be best if he moved on. He was about to meet his roommate and didn't want to be in a bad attitude. He reached his dorm room and noticed the door was already open. His roommate must have arrived before him.

Ichigo smiled as he entered the room, "Hey roomie, I'm—." Ichigo about dropped his stuff when he saw the blue haired driver laying on one of the beds in his dorm room. "What the hell?" he shouted.

The blue haired man looked up from texting on his cell phone and grinned as he stared at Ichigo with his blue eyes. "Yo, you must be my roommate. I'm Grimmjow, it's nice to meet you."

Ichigo glared at Grimmjow, "You're sitting on my bed."

Grimmjow glanced down at the bed and smiled, "Well, so I am. Sorry about that." Ichigo grit his teeth as Grimmjow continued his texting and didn't budge from his spot.

"Listen here," he said trying to stay calm as he set down his box, "if we're gonna be roommates then you're gonna have to respect my space."

Grimmjow lowered his cell phone and stood up and walked over to Ichigo. He got close to Ichigo's face and grinned, "You mean like this?"

Ichigo glared, "You know what I mean."

Grimmjow laughed and held up his hands and feigned innocence, "You're right. I'm sorry." He walked over to his own bed and flopped down on it. "I was just messing with ya man. I didn't mean anything by it. We're gonna be roommates. We need to get along."

Ichigo glared at him for a bit then sighed out his anger, "You're right… I'm sorry too. I'm Ichigo by the way." He turned to his box and started unpacking it. He felt a presence behind him and turned his head to find Grimmjow looking over his shoulder into the box. He cried out and jumped away from him.

Grimmjow grinned, "Ah, sorry. I was just curious."

Ichigo frowned and grabbed his chest to try and slow his beating heart, "…I…it's just some games for my computer and PS3."

Grimmjow smiled excitedly, "You have a PS3?"

Ichigo nodded slowly, "Uh…yeah…" He stared at the excited Grimmjow. The image of a begging puppy flashed across his mind. He sighed, "you can um…use it occasionally…if you want."

Grimmjow cheered, "Cool man, you're the best! You can totally use my mini fridge and microwave if you want."

Ichigo smiled, "Ah, thanks…" Ichigo was starting to think that Grimmjow might not be so bad after all. Those thoughts were quickly destroyed after living with him for a couple of days. Ichigo glared at the filth from Grimmjow's side of the room that was slowly crawling towards his side. "Grimmjow…could you please clean up after yourself."

Grimmjow waved him off lazily as he lay on his bed in his boxers and read a magazine. "Yeah, I'll get to it on laundry day…"

Ichigo sighed, "When is that?"

"February 30th," he replied.

Ichigo glared and pulled away the magazine, "There is no such day!"

Grimmjow grinned, "Now you understand. Can I have my porn mag back?"

Ichigo looked at the magazine disgusted and threw it at him, "You're reading porn?"

Grimmjow smirked, "Yeah, and you jack off in the middle of the night."

Ichigo blushed and looked away from him, "I…I do not!"

Grimmjow's grin grew wider and he crawled on the bed closer to where Ichigo was standing next to it. He stood on his knees and hooked his finger over Ichigo's pants and pulled him closer. "You know…if you ever want help you could just ask me."

Ichigo looked at Grimmjow shocked, "I…no thanks!" He frowned and slapped away Grimmjow's hand and stomped over to his side of the room. "Now stop distracting me! I need to study."

"Oh," Grimmjow purred, "I didn't realize I was such a distraction to you."

Ichigo frowned and a blush tinted his cheeks, "You aren't! Now be quiet so I can study."

That night, Ichigo glanced over from his bed at Grimmjow's side of the room. He waited till he saw the signs that Grimmjow had fallen asleep. He faced away from him and reached his hands between his legs. He closed his eyes as his hand wrapped around his cock and he pumped it. He thought about what Grimmjow had jokingly offered him. Well, at least he was pretty sure it was a joke.

Ichigo thought what it would be like if he took Grimmjow up on his offer. Grimmjow's long fingers wrapped around his cock…. Grimmjow's piercing blue eyes watching him as he pumped him to orgasm. Grimmjow's grunts as he grabbed his own cock and rubbed himself along with Ichigo. Ichigo's eyes snapped open when he felt the hot cum spilled over his hand. "Shit!" he whispered a little too loud. 'I did not just jack off while thinking of Grimmjow!' he thought in disbelief. He smothered his face in his pillow. This was not happening.