Chapter Twenty: Bring on the Thunder

"Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors, I don't ever wanna love another

You'll always be my thunder, so bring on the rain

And bring on the thunder."

Five years.

Sixty months.

Two-hundred and forty weeks.

One-thousand and eight-hundred and twenty five days.

A butt-load of hours and minutes, and seconds that felt like a lifetime.

That's how long it has been; that's the amount of time that has passed by with the breeze, with the ever constant changing and repeating seasons of time. Five years of so many changes, of so many new things, and things that were defined as forever the same.

And in those five years of changes, in those months of renewal and adjusting, in those weeks of watching carefully, in those hours of feeling something he couldn't really define, Steven Hyde had come to realize that he hadn't stepped foot inside Point Place's General Hospital ever since that one heartbreaking day of loss. And in a way, he was immensely grateful for that; it wasn't something he really couldn't complain about. It meant no more pain, no more suffering, no more agony.

It was impossible not to feel like his life had been shoved into the doors of that hospital to await every day with the need to see what would come next from one of the mouths of those doctors; of those people he depended on to make things like they were before he waited in those metallic-chairs. But now he was free—he'd been freed so long ago. Even though it tore him apart, even though it shattered him and changed his life forever, but free he was.

But with freedom that was deserved by nature, he found that that liberty was corrupted like everything he was so skeptical about. Being free of the prison of the hospital's walls did not mean his mind was. Because even though he had avoided it for five years, the memories of that cold, cold place were going to be forever clear and there was nothing he could do about it.

Because it had been there where he found out that Mrs. Forman—that compassionate lady that had offered him her home after Edna ran off on him; that he just couldn't help but to love—fell into a comatose state. Where the doctors had given her no hope of reviving, of ever waking from her critical state. Where he spent days and days sitting in the waiting room, his eyes staring at nothing as he secretly prayed and hoped to find some kind of faith for her sake. Because Mrs. Forman needed to be okay, she needed to wake and he was willing to call upon the power of the stars if it got her to come back to them. Because Steven Hyde, even if life hadn't granted him a blood-tie, needed his mother.

And then by another tragic fate, one caused by destiny and life, Jacqueline Burkhart came back to Point Place when he had assumed—and strongly believed and wanted—that she would never return to her hometown. But she had, holy Zeppelin she had. Jacqueline Burkhart came back with a bag of surprises; not necessarily the ones Steven Hyde liked.

Nope, instead of giving him something to get rid of the edge of her arrival, she brought her husband and their child, Aidan Taylor. A five year-old little boy with wavy, dirty-blonde hair and piercing crystal-blue eyes. An appearance that he hadn't quite matched on the spot that seemed to have changed Hyde's life forever. All because Jacqueline Burkhart left Point Place years ago with Hyde's child in her womb.

Her returned had ignited his affection for her once more, those feelings that he tried burying when she had left him; left all of them without any answers or explanations. And it was because of that mystery, of that sudden disappearing act that there were so many questions that he needed answers for— all which carried a twist of fate that no one expected. One of the many being that Jacqueline Burkhart was married to a psychopathic man that abused her and her child.

Which comes back full-circle and leads him back to the waiting room of Point Place's General Hospital. The place were after three days of her surprises, of her mysteries, of her lies, and her visit to her hometown for the first time in years, that Jacqueline Burkhart lost her life. Where she slipped away in front of the eyes of the people who loved her more than they could have ever explained to her.

They had all watched her with excruciating screams and blinding tears leave earth forever, five years ago.

"—Listen here, dumbass," Red Forman's voice—oh, yes he was very much still alive after these passing angry years—shook Hyde from his haunting memories with his yell. "I have put up with a lot of your crap over the years, and there is a lot, but I will not have this nonsense inside my house!" Looking practically the same, but with his hair-line even thinner than it had ever been, Mister Forman turned an intense red as he glared at the always handsome Michael Kelso. "Now, you butter your waffles and eat it, or get the hell out of my house!"

Kelso's eyes widened, looking up at Hyde and at the elderly lady by the stove. "….Do I have to?" He asked the woman like a small child being told to eat his vegetables.

Mrs. Forman shrugged, smiling apologetically. "His house, his rules, dear." She said gently, in the way that was accustomed as she smoothed out her hair. The blonde curly locks that had taken her a whole year to re-grow again.

And thinking about that, Kitty frowned to herself as she headed to the sink to leave a dirty pan there. The cancer had taken time away from her life—time that she could have enjoyed and cherished with her family, but one thing that infuriated Kitty the most was that the damned disease had taken her curls. Her trademark. (God was going to have a talking-to when it was actually her moment to go. No one touches the hair, no one.)

Kelso groaned. "The things I do for your waffles, Mrs. Forman," he said as he smoothed butter over his warm breakfast.

Red glared again, observing that Kelso did what he was told before he actually continued on with his own breakfast. "Jelly on waffles," he scoffed, "the things you potheads come up with."

Hyde leaned back on his chair, smirking at his father and said, "you never change, old man."

"Keep it up," Mister Forman leered in return as his adoptive-son removed his glasses and smirked at him, "and my foot will be up your ass." He stabbed his eggs with that famous threatening gaze on his face.

Hyde raised his eyebrow and didn't dare to respond to Red Forman. He was almost thirty years-old and he really would love to actually get there. (Because, really, there was no more pride than being the first Hyde to be free, clean, alive, and not working at a gas station past the age of eighteen.)

Mister Forman continued to glare, waiting.

Hyde cleared his throat and turned to look at the man putting butter resentfully on his waffles. "Why are you even here, Kelso?" Red nodded in approval and began to eat. "Doesn't Brooke ever feed you?"

"I wish," Kelso responded with a full mouth, "but she's been at Donna's before I even woke up. And I couldn't find the milk or the cereal, so I came here." He grinned at them.

And maybe due to a mixture of things, mainly Kelso's stupid grin, his talking, and his mention of that redhead, Red started frowning all over again. "You would think that when your children get married and move out, they would do it away from you—miles away. Where it takes at least a good freaking hour to get there. Not across the garage!"

Scrubbing a pan squeaky clean, Mrs. Forman heaved a sigh as she stopped for a moment to scowl up at her husband. "Oh, Red," she shook her curls at him, "it's a good thing Eric and Donna decided to stay close by. That way if they ever needed anything, if we ever need anything it wont be a hassle. And not to mention I can make sure my baby boy is being fed."

Red frowned even more, and Kelso and Hyde exchanged amused expressions.

"You never know what kind of mess Donna will be feeding him," Kitty continued, sounding genuinely concerned. Hyde and Kelso laughed at her statement. "He has had at least three food-poisonings in the last two months," she said unbelievably, "and that is not even counting the ones from their first three years of marriage."

"Burn!" Kelso shouted with an open mouth full of food; laughing loudly as Red and Kitty looked at him wildly. " I love your classy burns, Mrs. Forman. Very nice."

But just Kitty was about to say something in response, the sliding-door of her kitchen slid open erratically, and in came a shrill voice that exclaimed, "— you're such a pain, Aidan Hyde!"

Aidan Hyde— a new version of the vanished and deserted Aidan Taylor—entered through the Formans kitchen door, rolling his blue eyes in a way that imitated his father's usually annoyed expression. Making it even more apparent that he was indeed Steven Hyde's son if he could pull it off so easily and effortlessly. "Give it a rest, Betsy," the now eleven year-old boy said to the girl screaming her way in.

"You would like that, but no," Betsy laughed mockingly, scowling deeply.

Aidan rolled his eyes once more. "Fine, then. Just shut up then."

The brunette girl frowned more, looking appalled by his words and his apparent annoyance. "You just can't apologize, can you?" Her face shined with anger, seeping in through her beautiful features as she crossed her arms.

"Whatever," Aidan snorted.

"Aidan!" His response added to her anger. (Damn him and his freaking Zen-practices with his father!)

Hyde tried not to laugh as he watched smugly from his seat.(It was not a complete day unless a Hyde irritated a Kelso.) But by the disapproving expression on Mrs. Forman's face, Hyde cleared his throat and said, "Aidan, what did you do to Betsy?" Because apparently he had to be the responsible parent before he could applaud his son's ease. ( Now not only did he enjoy teasing the father, but he got to watch his son tease the daughter. It was the great circle of life.)

Aidan scoffed, "nothing."


"Aidan," Mrs. Forman called her grandson as Betsy started shouting again, "what happened?"

Her grandson sighed again, trying to collect himself before he could talk back to his grandmother and get a talking-to from his grandfather. "I was playing some basketball with my friends a while ago," he began, but not before secretly rolling his eyes, "when we saw Pauline Miller trying to pull Betsy behind some bushes." He looked away from his grandmother as soon as her brows shot up, and looked at Hyde. "He said something about finding second base, so I kicked him in the gut." He shrugged.

In a quick second, Kelso and Mrs. Forman's jaw dropped; Hyde smirked; Red rolled his eyes; Betsy glared; and Aidan shrugged again.

But catching the last part as he was about to enter the kitchen, Eric Forman stood by the doorway and hissed, "Mitch." He could picture the damned redheaded midget that tried to steal Donna away years ago. "Like father, like son," he snapped, also envisioning Pauline trying to get frisky with Betsy at such a young age.

"Betsy!" Kelso bellowed aghast, not paying attention to Eric. "How could you have let Pauline Miller lay his midget hands on you?" His face was twisted in fury and repulsion.

"I didn't!" Betsy shouted back, now looking even more upset and offended. "Honestly, dad, I'm not stupid. I might be eleven, but I knew what he was trying to do!"

And then a much greater fear pierced Kelso. "You do?" (Had she heard him and Brooke…? Oh, God. He was such a bad father.)

The girl nodded at her father. "I've heard Aidan's friends talking about bases before," she then turned to the boy with the blue eyes and smirked as his Grandmother Forman looked ready to pick her jaw off the floor, "and that Henderson kid said that Aidan's already gotten past first."

Mrs. Forman looked appalled as she coughed on the air she was choking on. "W-What?" She gaped.

Aidan scowled at Betsy, not even bothering to assure his grandmother that no such thing has ever happened.

"…They are so young and already," Kitty paused herself, daring not to go on and think that she had to deal with that. (She had suffered enough with Laurie, she didn't need a repeat.)

Looking at Betsy with a disapproving manner too, Red shook his balding head at her. "Just like her father," he scoffed. "You wait until she is older, you're going to have a lot of hormonal boys rampaging your basement." He glared at Kelso.

"Yeah," Eric retorted as he stepped into his kitchen, "Kelso, you should ask dad for advice. After all, he knew how to handle Laurie's boy phase." He went to kiss his mother on the cheek. "When did that start, dad? Like when she was seven, give or take?" He smirked at his father, feeling like the chosen, golden boy. (Oh, how he was glad that he had a whore as a sister. Nothing pleased him more than knowing that Red knew that Laurie's life ambition was to be someone's mistress.)

"Shut it," Mister Forman growled.

"—Hello, family!" Entering the same sliding-door, Fez entered animatedly into the kitchen as a blonde followed his pursuit inside.

"Morning," the blonde woman said to all of them, holding on to Fez's hand with a gigantic smile.

Red frowned more to himself, shoving a fork full of waffles so he couldn't say something so crude that any woman must never hear.

"Mmm, waffles," Fez cheered loudly as Mrs. Forman extended him a plate with a bright smile. "Where's the jelly?" He asked as he kissed her lightly on the forehead, eager to eat his usual Saturday feast.

Red groaned loudly. (Damn potheads!)

Laughing lightly as Fez released her hand and took a seat on the already-packed table, Becky—oh, that's right, Becky the bitchy nurse that Fez hated so much— turned to Mrs. Forman with a warm smile. "Mrs. Forman, how're you doing today?" She asked with a caring tone, but also with her medical degree backing her up.

"I'm doing fine, darling." Mrs. Kitty smiled at her; almost reassuringly and warmly. It had been easy for Mrs. Forman to accept Becky into the fast growing family when Fez had announced that he was in a very serious relationship. Of course no one had believed him, especially when he said he had purposed to this alleged girlfriend. But, of course, all of those lies they were sure he was saying were thrown out the window when he brought Becky home with a sparkling ring on her finger. (The next conversation that followed that surprise was Red asking Fez were he stole the ring from, but nonetheless everyone was pretty happy for the young foreigner..)

"Are you sure?" Becky asked warily. "Because if there's something I can do for you, Mrs. Forman, please let me know."

Kitty shook her head causally. "No, no, dear." She repeated in her reassuring tone. "How about I get you a plate of breakfast? The baby must be starving."

"But I'm already eating." Fez interjected. "Get it?" He then added as the others looked at him blankly. "…Oh, I'm hysterical." He laughed to himself.

And being that love turns you into a complete mush, Becky laughed along with her fiancée like he indeed was the funniest man on the planet. "That's okay, Mrs. Forman," she quickly answered the woman, "but I actually ate before coming. I'm only three months pregnant, but this baby loves food and loves it early."

"If that baby's going to eat as much as you, Pele, you might want to consider getting a real job." Red told Fez seriously, yanking away the mug of coffee before he could get it. "Because you're not bringing that kid to eat here."

Fez blinked his dark eyes, looking very confused. "I own a beauty salon, Mister Red."

"That's not a business."

"I own a chain of beauty salons," Fez added, even more confused as Mister Forman scoffed at him.

But before Red could say something that could get him in trouble by the already-frowning Kitty, her eyes caught sight of that famous redhead entering inside the kitchen. "Donna!" Mrs. Forman exclaimed, a very happy expression on her face. "How is he?" She asked almost immediately as she spotted the little bundle she was cradling in her arms. "How's my little Nathaniel?"

"He woke up not that long ago, but he's doing good," Donna responded cheerfully, still cradling the baby in her arms gently. "Brooke was trying to help me take care of him while I made his breakfast and packed his diaper bag." Donna's emerald eyes peered down at the two year-old sleeping peacefully. "He can be a little fussy, but I'm really do think we chose the right baby when he's asleep like this."

At the pride in her voice, Eric walked towards his redheaded wife. "Of course we did," he told her as he put an arm around her shoulder. "I knew it the first moment I saw him wrapped in that Star Wars blanket."

Donna rolled her green eyes. "Yeah, Eric," she started sarcastically, "that's why we adopted him."

After the chaotic mess that had happened all around them, after the pain had subsided and things were trying to go back to normal, Eric returned to work with the underprivileged kids and became a very active member in many programs to help with their education. (Though Africa was definitely not in the question when Donna and his mother gave him the angriest facial expression when he had brought it up once.) And it was through so many projects with these tragic cases that Eric found himself teaching regularly in one of Wisconsin's main orphanages; teaching the older students that had not been adopted yet everything they would learn in a regular high school. And through those teachings one day, Eric had decided to bring Donna around to get to know his students when the idea of adoption began growing inside the redhead's head when she was introduced into that orphanage.

They had been married for four years then, but things were still coming along for both of them. Separately and together. There was just so much that they both needed to handle and adjust to, that the idea of actually having children had yet not popped up; nor did they choose to bring the subject up either. When it happened, it would happen, and they were okay with that. But it wasn't until Donna had taken a detour in the orphanage when she had spotted all the babies that something crashed inside her chest.

The idea of a baby now seemed possible, but Donna didn't want to conceive one for pure selfless reasons. She wanted to help all those children, she wanted to give one of them all the love in the world. (Because although she had her father, Donna knew the pain of being left by a mother. And when she looked at those little creatures she loathed that fact that one day they would grew and realize their mothers had left them too.)

Her decision had been made and she laid it down for Eric as simply as she could; even having backup ideas and persuasive reasons on how adopting one of the children would be beneficial for them. But to Donna's surprise, it had not take more than three minutes for Eric to accept. It had shocked Mister and Mrs. Forman, however, but Eric was quick to tell them that he was going to grant his wife's wishes.

And soon, after a year of waiting for papers to be filed and processed, Nathaniel Robert Forman joined the clan.

"Look at him, Michael," Brooke sighed lovingly as she looked at the baby boy with adoring and glittering eyes, "he's so adorable."

"Well, you know what is not?" He asked loudly, starling her as he shouted and stood quickly from his chair. "Betsy sneaking off into bushes with that son of a midget, Pauline Miller!"

Brooke's brown eyes shot open, quickly forgetting about the baby to stare incredulously at her eleven year-old daughter. "What?" She practically shrieked.

"…Thanks a lot, Aidan," Betsy hissed under her breath, nudging him hard on the ribs.

"My pleasure," Aidan said with a giant smirk, not flinching once from her hit. "Maybe now you've learned your lesson, and next time you won't mess with me."

Brooke began mumbling something indignantly at Kelso about leaving Betsy to be babysat by his, quote on quote 'creepily, dirty, womanizer older brother,' and that next time she knew that Casey Kelso was in her daughter's life, she would leave him in a heartbeat.

"Please," Betsy snorted quietly at Aidan. "You know that the real reason why you hate Pauline is because you like me." Her angelic voice was extra smug as she spoke. "You love me, Aidan Hyde. Admit it."

The boy glared. "I do not."

"Do too," Betsy sang happily as the kitchen erupted into mindless chatter about little Nathaniel and the things you must always put jelly on. (Much to Red's anger and irritation.)





"Dad," turning away from the girl's annoyingly mocking face, Aidan huffed at his father as he no longer wanted to play childish games with a Kelso, "can we go now?"

And as blue eyes met blue eyes, Hyde nodded in agreement. "Yeah. It's too crowded." Hyde stood from his chair. And without saying a word to his parents, brother, or his friends, Hyde put a hand on Aidan's shoulder and began to lead him to the swinging-door.

"….I hate her." Aidan mumbled underneath his breath angrily. "Why couldn't Uncle Kelso have accepted that job in Oregon when he had the chance?"

Hyde smirked as he caught his little comment. "So, you like Betsy, huh?"

"No!" Aidan snapped instantly, looking bewildered and offended by that accusation. "How can I like her? She's the world's most—"The eleven year-old boy suddenly stopped in his rant of defense as he noticed a pair of amused eyes that landed on him.

And noticing that pair of eyes as well, Hyde felt something inside his chest ignite in fire; his blue eyes shining wildly as he gaped into the mismatched eyes of the love of his life.

There on that old yellow couch sat his wife. A beautiful woman with the most alluring presence he had ever encountered; with the power to bewitch him with just a blink of those dazzling eyes that he was in enthralled with. He watched her smile, her teeth glowing a sparkly-white as she looked absolutely happy to have some company in the living room.

"You two surely took your time," the woman spoke with a teasing scolding voice, "I was getting really bored waiting for you. Did you know that Mrs. Forman has magazines from the seventies? Who does that?"

"…Waffles," was what Hyde managed to reply in a sheepish manner as he continued to watch her smile.

Rolling his eyes at his father, Aidan looked at the woman nonchalantly as he walked over to her. "You were the one who chowed down the breakfast like Godzilla before the rest of us could even sit down at the table."

"Aidan," the woman scowled instantly, "how many times do I have to tell you not to compare my eating habits with your Aunt Donna's? I'm not fat, alright."

The boy laughed as he gave the woman a gracious and caring one-armed hug. "Of course not," he said as he let her go, "you're just incredibly rounded." And looking at the giant bump that was exploding out of her abdomen, Aidan patted the little undeveloped life that lived there. "How many pounds have you gained? Like ten, twenty?"

The woman with those mismatched bright eyes gaped shockingly at the boy. "Jackie Burkhart does not gain weight, Aidan!"

"No, but Jackie Hyde does," Aidan retorted at his mother, patting her six-month pregnant belly. "That's a good brother, little Hyde. You make our momma eat more doughnuts. She loves them."

Frowning, Aidan's mother turned in an angle away from him. "It's not even a boy, Aidan."

"It's not even a girl, either, so does it matter?" Aidan said cheekily. "Grandma Kitty says it's a girl, and the rest of us think it's a boy, so right now it doesn't matter what we call it."

"It matters to me."

Aidan shrugged. "Maybe, but I don't care because whatever it is, you promised to name it Zeppelin."

Watching the interaction between his wife and his son, Hyde couldn't help but to feel something extraordinary burning inside of him as he watched Jackie give Aidan a playful shove; her presence radiating all around the room was so much power and so much life. And it was in these moments when he watched her, when he watched her breathe, blink, laugh, talk—when he watched her do anything that he thought how none of what she did existed before her rebirth.

Because in that hospital five years ago, in the most heartbreaking and agonizing way, Jacqueline Burkhart, the one who had been abused and humiliated for four years, did in fact die. That Jacqueline Burkhart was ripped and stripped away from the torturous life she had been living by the spirit of the long-forgotten and hidden Jackie Burkhart; that girl that was all that Hyde ever loved in the world. She came back yelling for her revival, begging that Jacqueline died so she could lurked back into her petite body and live once more in the way they had all known her for.

And she did, she really did. After the most horrifying five minutes of his life—of all their lives—those beautiful eyes blinked back to life as the doctor fought to get the haunting beeps from echoing around the room. Jackie Burkhart came back to him, to their son, to their family, to life and it was like she had never left. She looked at all of them like she was finally home; like she had let death wash away the horror and nightmares while she was Jacqueline Burkhart, Andrew Taylor's wife, and she came back to life as the girl they loved and saw grow.

But now, now after those traumatic events, after her fast recovery, she left all that to transform into Jackie Hyde. And there was nothing else in the world that was more beautiful to his ears than that sound of that.


He blinked, distracted away from his thoughts as he heard her call him. (And maybe he had lied there. There was some exceptions that were more awesome than the sound of his last name attached to her first name.) "Erm, what?"

Jackie crossed her arms over her swollen belly, tapping her foot impatiently. "I asked if it was crowded in there, pudding-pop."

"Don't be calling me that, Jackie," Hyde grunted as he walked to her. "Brooke's contemplating on trying to bring another Kelso into the world, you know, and if Kelso starts calling me pudding-pop again I'm going to make sure he never reproduces again." He threw an arm around her tiny waist. "And it's going to be all your fault."

Jackie scowled, but said nothing as he pulled her to him a little tighter. Pressing a feather-like kiss on top of her brown waves.

And almost like his ears had been burning, Kelso busted through the swinging-door. "—Hey!" He shouted with a waffled drenched in jelly waving high in the air. "Where you leaving without us?"

"You son of a bitch," Fez entered after Kelso, glaring at Hyde, "you promised you'd wait for us!"

And then the swinging-door swung open again. "Guys, guys, relax." Eric strolled in casually. "Obviously they weren't leaving yet. All of you seem to be forgetting that Hyde can't forget the most important person in his life—me."

Hyde rolled his eyes at his brother.

"No, no, no." Entering the living room together, Becky and Mrs. Forman shook their heads disapprovingly at the boys. "Absolutely not. All of you can not go into the ultrasound room."

"Or into the hospital in general for that matter," Becky added, "you three seem to be forgetting you were practically banned from entering the building after the line of wheelchairs you managed to destroy."

Pushing the door open for her mother and her Aunt Donna, Betsy said, "I'll stay in the waiting room with Aidan, Godmother Jackie." She leered at the boy. "Since kids aren't allowed inside the ultrasound room."

"No." Aidan snapped. "I rather wait in the car."

Cradling her two year-old, Donna looked at Eric firmly. "You and Kelso are staying outside with the kids, Eric."

"What—why?" Eric retorted at his wife. "How come you get to go in?"

"Yeah," Kelso huffed, "what makes you so damn special, big Red? I'm the ex-boyfriend."

Donna glared, balancing Nathaniel on her arms. "I'm the best friend, dillhole. And you don't matter in this story, so beat it."

Becky sighed, shaking her head. "Well, all of you are going to have to decide who goes in because the limit is five. And that's counting Jackie and Hyde."

"Well, I'm the mother, so I'm automatically in." Mrs. Forman said.

Fez stopped his foot in a pre-tantrum way. "I'm your fiancée, Becks, don't I get to go in?"

"You already did, Fez. That's why she's pregnant."

"Burn!" Kelso shouted at Eric's comment.

Entering his living room with his jacket and keys in his hands at the ready, Red rolled his eyes and grunted, "dumbasses," as he headed for the door. (They could waste their time debating about who was going to go into that room, but he already knew he was going to be there. There was no way he was missing the discovery of what his next grandchild was going to be.)

Beaming at the obvious love and adoration all those people had for her, Jackie couldn't help but to feel in total harmony. Because this had to be heaven, she was sure of it. Because there was nothing much more closer to nirvana than that feeling of watching, living, breathing in every person that compiled her enormous, happy family. Because she was in the place she wanted to be in.

Because even though she had a few scars tainting her skin, she had been set free forever from all her past horrors. Because Andrew Taylor had been mistaken when he jabbed that knife into her chest—because when she closed her eyes at night when she allowed sleep to wash over her, she didn't see his face. She didn't see him, she didn't feel the blows he had given her time and time again.


She saw her family, she saw all of them. She saw Aidan, she saw Steven.

Breathing in once, feeling the light kick of her second child inside of her, Jackie blinked up to stare at her husband. And to her lack of surprise, he was already staring at her too.

She smiled at him. "I love you, pudding-pop."

Hyde rolled his eyes, but leaned down towards her; capturing her lips in a quick peck that he would have loved to extend into a moment that lasted forever. "Yeah, I know," he told her as he turned her and Aidan away from the group as soon as Kelso had jumped on top of Fez to try and win his spot into the ultrasound room, "I love you too, Jackie."

And he knew that even though he was as filled with conspiracies and the same crap as ever, that loving her and the children she's given him, there was nothing truer than that.


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