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This story is dedicated to my mum for always losing the house keys.

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*muttering* I...do...not...own...Sonny...With...A...Chance...Grr

Sonny POV

"Okay honey, i'm leaving" Connie Monroe yelled from her bedroom. I jumped up off the living room couch, running over the give my mum a big hug.

"I'm going to miss you so much, mom!" I exlaimed.

"Woah, Sonny, I'll only be gone for 3 days" she said.

"Yeah but that means I have to spend 2 nights alone" I whined. Mum kissed me on the forehead.

"See you soon, Sonny" she said as she walked out the door, suitcase trailing behind her. I sighed. I quickly changed into my clothes that I had gotten ready for work, and put on my light make-up and did my hair, just leaving it out and natural. It smelt like my delicious smelling shampoo because I washed it last night.

I locked the door of my apartment and went downstairs by the elevator because I was too tired to use the stairs. I got into my car and drove to work. As I got out of the car, I dropped my handbag, all the contents spilling out. I groaned and knelt to the ground, starting to collect my stuff. Suddenly a head of golden hair was blocking my vision. I stood up, studying the figure that was bent over, picking up my things and carefully eplacing them back into the bag. When the 'greatest actor of our generation' straightened up, he gave me a smirk and handed me my handbag.

"Oh Sonny, I know you want my attention, but there is no need to be dropping your bag to get it. I'll talk to you anyway" he said, grinning. I rolled my eyes. I'm really not in the mood for this.

"Chad, out of all the eyes in Hollywood, I had to stare into yours" I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm, quoting that stupid movie of his. Luckily I convinced him to take that line out of the script.

"I knew it" he smirked.

"It's called 'sarcasm', Chad" I said icily paired with a sarcastic grin. I walked past him, banging into his shoulder purposefully. I felt the electricity course through me as our shoulders touched. I ignored it, just like I ignore my feelings for him. I felt him follow me as I walked into the studio. He followed me all the way to my dressing room. This was too much for me to handle. When I got inside my dressing room, I swung around, blocking him from entering my (and Tawni's) dressing room.

"What do you want, Chad?" I asked angrily at his surprised face.

"I just wanted to ask how my favourite random is doing" he said, placing a hand over his heart, pretending to be hurt.

"Im fine, now leave Chad" I snapped. I sometimes get really cranky with Chad because I work so hard not to show my true feelings for him. I always instantly felt bad afterwards.

"Whatever, Monroe" he said "See you later, Monroe" he added secretly and winked before he left. What was with that wink? It's like he knows something was going to happen later...

Chad POV

I have her keys!, I thought as I walked out of Sonny's dressing room, smiling form ear to ear. I have Sonny's key chain containing all her keys. When she dropped her purse and I was picking everything up, I saw them and thought about it for a second.

If Sonny couldnt get inside her house, she'd need to stay at somebody else's house. I could be that somebody else. Then tonight I could charm her into admitting her true feelings for me.

I know she loves me. And so I feel the same way, so what?

It'll be perfect, becuase my parents are always away on buisness trips. So when Sonny wasnt looking, I had stashed them away in my jeans pocket, and she didnt suspect a thing.

As I walked onto the set of Mackezie Falls with a big grin on my face, everyone looked at me weirdly. They were avoiding me, trying not to bump and annoy me, like treading on eggshells. See, i'm not usually a morning person. Whenever I come onto set in the morning, i'm always grumpy and mean. They're so used to it, that now they're scared I was going to blow up at any mintue.

But Sonny had lightened up my mood today already, so I was floating on cloud 9, amazed by my awesome plan. Well, I am Chad Dylan Cooper, known for my good looks and awesome acting skills. And now I am an awesome plan-creator. Hmm, I should add that to my resume. Not like I need it or anything.

This was going to be so great.

Sonny POV

After a long day of rehearsals and fillming, I couldnt wait to get home and take a long, hot bath. When I got to my car, I reached into my handbag for my keys, bit I couldnt find them. I sighed and emptied my bag onto the roof of my car, searching for the keys. I almost screamed in frustration when I couldnt find them. Where are they? They were obviously not here. They could be anywhere! I have a spare set of keys at home, and I obviously couldnt get inside until my mum got home. Which is in two days!

Devistated, I got out my phone and was about to call Tawni to see if I could stay over her place when I saw the one and only Chad Dylan Cooper standing beside me. Damn his quietness.

"Sonething wrong, Monroe?" he asked, smirking.


"No, nothing's wrong, Chad" I replied. I didnt want him to know about my embarrasing situation.

"Really, Sonny, really?" He asked as I rolled my eyes. I'll just have to tell him.

"Um, well I lost my keys and now I cant get into my car or apartment" I explained.

"Well, why dont you come over my house then?" Chad asked. Psht, yeah right!

"Thanks but no thanks. I think i'm just going to call Tawni" I said. A frown formed upon his face.

"Sonny, be serious. Wouldnt you rather stay with the Greatest Actor of His Generation" he asked, his ego overflowing. I shook my head and dialed Tawni's number, hoping he would leave. But he stayed right in his place, watching me make my phone call. But all I got was Tawni's answering machine.

"Dang it" I muttered. Chad opened the passenger door of his car - which was right near my car - and held it open for me to get into. I hesitated in hopes of Tawni calling back.

No luck.

"You coming?" he murmered.

"Ugh, sure" I said and hopped into the passenger seat as Chad closed the door behind me.

This was going to be a bumpy ride.

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