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Alpha and Omega: New Territory

The sun was beginning to make its usual decent from the sky as a lone wolf made her way across the plain, sneaking her way through the tall grass, hoping she wouldn't be seen. Silver, a silver coloured wolf was leaving her home after her father, Sike, the leader of her pack was trying to force her to marry Nika, an obnoxious, big headed Omega that wanted Silver so that he could take over the pack when Sike stepped down. Due to Silvers firm objections of the proposal she was separated from the pack and attacked by two of the stronger wolves earlier that day. Orders from her strict and slightly eccentric father. And since her mother died when she was a cub there was no one there to stop him.

Silver stood at the top of a hill over-looking her home which was bathed in the setting sun. She took one last look into the valley, turned and walked on hoping to lead a new life for herself. Silver hadn't taken 20 paces when a loud howl rang through the air which made Silver's blood turn cold. Her father knew she was missing. As the fear of what he would do to her when he caught up ran through her veins, she ran away from the howl, ignoring the searing pain running through her body from her open wounds.

Suddenly she heard growls sounding from behind her. She turned her head and saw about 5-6 wolves chasing her. She picked up the pace, fearing for her life, as she ran blindly not knowing where she was going. All she knew was that she had to get somewhere safe...and fast!

Ahead of her she heard a strange sort of whistling. She looked and saw a train rushing by with an open car. Hoping that she could jump aboard she started to make chase, the small pack following.

After a while, Silver could feel herself slowing, her muscles started to ache and tire and her wounds were making it unbearable for her to continue.

She heard the barking and the growling gradually getting closer as her body moved slower and slower. Suddenly, with the last ounce of energy Silver had, she urged her body forward running faster and faster until the cart became in sight. She jumped and rolled over painfully as her body hit the floor of the cart. Catching her breath she limped to the edge and looked out to see the small pack gradually slowing down until they came to a stop, turned and left. Running back to the valley they came from, tail in between their legs.

Silver made her way to the centre of the cart where she carefully laid down, laid her head on her paws and welcomed the darkness off sleep that took her.

Hours later, Silver was awakened by howling. Not the howling of her pack chasing her, but a more beautiful and calming howl. She opened her eyes and saw it was night. The full moon high in the sky. She stood and walked to the edge and saw a valley. Nothing like the valley she grew up in, this valley was beautiful. Water running down the mountain sides glistening in the moonlight, blades of glass shimmering from the slight breeze moving through the air. The Valley seemed perfect. Hoping to get some help from the wolves there, Silver jumped from the cart, ignoring the pain from the sudden jolt of her landing and ran towards the Valley.

It seemed like forever when she reached the entrance to the Valley, but she finally made it. As she paused to catch her breath she looked around and saw wolves all over either howling, playing or watching over their home.

A smile formed on Silver's lips as she took a few steps into the Valley but yelped when her legs gave way underneath her. As she laid there unable to move she heard someone calling. She looked up and saw a dark blue coloured wolf, white face and yellow eyes running towards her.

"Are you ok? What happened?" he asked as he approached the female.

"I...I was attacked..." Silver managed to say.

The wolf looked over her body and saw the silver fur matted together with the blood. "Can you stand?" He asked worriedly.

Silver tried to stand, managing to stand on her front paw before they gave way again. "I'm too weak to get up. I'm sorry."

"There's no need to be sorry. We'll get you some help. Don't worry."

At that moment a voice called out, "Hutch! What's wrong?" I looked up and saw a small wolf run up.

"Candu, go get Winston hurry!" The wolf called Hutch said. The other wolf, nodded and ran back the way he came.

Hutch laid beside Silver as he noticed she was shivering. "I'm going to stay with you until help arrives." He said soothingly trying to calm the frightened wolf. She just slowly nodded as darkness overcame her.


"I'm going to stay with you until help arrives." Were the last thing the male had said to the newcomer before she had passed out.

Hutch took this opportunity to look over the many wounds which covered her body. 'What has this girl had to endure?' He thought to himself grimly as he saw the malicious looking cuts. "What happened to you?" He said out loud to himself.

"Hutch!" He heard Winston's voice call out a moment later. He looked up and saw him and Candu running towards them. "What happened?" He asked as he saw the girl's limp body laying next to him.

"I just found her collapsed here. She told me she was attacked before she passed out." Hutch explained to the Alpha.

Winston took a few seconds to look over her before saying, "Let's get her to the den."

Hutch nodded, stood, managed to get her light and frail body on his back and carefully made their way towards the den.

When they made it to the den, a female wolf was waiting outside. Eve, Winston's mate. "What happened?" She asked as she saw the wolf on the back of her mate's second in command.

"We don't know. All we know is she's been attacked." Winston explained to her.

"Bring her inside." Eve said as she walked into the den.

Hutch followed her inside where he saw two pups laid together sleeping, Kate and Lily. Hutch carefully placed the wolf by Eve and was ushered outside with Winston while she started to clean her wounds.

Hutch and Winston sat outside nervously, hoping that they weren't too late to save her. A while later, Eve walked out of the den towards them.

"Will she be ok?" Hutch asked as he stood with Winston.

"I've done all that I can to save her. The rest is up to her." Eve said with a hint of sorrow in her eyes.

Hutch nodded, hoping that she would be alright.

Winston looked to his second in command. He saw in his eyes sadness and hope as he looked towards the den. "Hutch. Go get some rest. I will let you know of any changes."

Hutch nodded at his leader. "Yes sir." He looked at the den once more and left.


Winston watched as his friend walking away from the den. He sighed to himself as his mate joined him.

"Looks like she's stolen his heart." Eve said as she nuzzled her mate.

Winston nodded in agreement. "Yes. Let's just hope she manages to pull through."

Eve sighed as her and Winston went into the den and laid with their pups and the newcomer where they slept.

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