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Alpha and Omega: Nightmares and Proposals

Silver ran as fast as her paws could go as she was running along the edge of a cliff. As she looked behind her, she saw Sike running after her. As she was running, she looked ahead of her and saw Hutch and her whole family stood watching, calling to her. Silver gathered more speed to try to reach them before Sike caught up to her. However, as she was running, she lost her footing and ended up falling from the cliff, luckily she was able to cling onto it tightly. As she tried to pull herself up, Sike was stood above her leering down at her.

"After all this time, I finally have you right where I want you." Sike said cruelly to her as he watched her struggle.

"Father, please, don't do this." Silver begged, but Sike didn't listen. He lent down and bit both her paws causing her to let go and fall...

Silver bolted up with a yell as she started breathing heavily. It had been 3 months since Silver had been captured by Sike. Silver was laid in the den at her home Jasper Park. She looked around and saw that she hadn't disturbed her parents and the girls.

She looked outside and saw that the stars were still out and the moon was beginning to make its decent, ready for when the sun would rise. Silver stood and walked out of the den, knowing she wouldn't be able to go to sleep again after that nightmare. "Haven't had that one in a while." Silver said to herself as she stood outside her home.

The wolf looked into the den watching her family sleep. The pups were growing fast. They were now reaching Silver's chest in height and she knew soon that Kate would attend Alpha School next winter. But for now she was just enjoying her puppy years with her little sister Lily.

Her father, Winston, was now even more protective of Silver as he had been before she was taken. He knew that no harm would come to her again by him, but he was still afraid for her safety. No matter how many times she told him she'd be fine, he would always make sure she didn't roam too far from the pack.

Eve, her mother, was always there for her to reassure her after the death of her friend Blaze. She would be there to give her some comfort every time she was saddened or reminded of the sacrifice he made so that Silver could live. Silver often wished that she had listened to her parents and stayed behind when Winston and the pack went to rescue Hutch. But she also knew that if she hadn't gone, then Hutch would've been dead instead of Blaze. That gave her some reassurance at least, it maybe cruel, but she knew that if she didn't give herself in, then her love would've been killed. And she knew that she wouldn't have been able to survive without him.

After a while more of watching her family, Silver left the den and walked to Howling Rock where she laid where her and Hutch first started to howl together.

She started to think about her future with Hutch. When she returned home, she often thought about her and Hutch marrying. They had been together for almost 6 months, and Silver now knew that she was ready to become his mate. Hopefully he was also.

Silver laid there until the stars started to vanish and the sun started to begin its ascend, the sky being filled with orange, pink and purple colours. The wolf smiled as she watched the sunrise. It was then she heard a voice from behind her. "Silver?"

She looked behind her and saw Hutch stood there. She smiled. "Good morning."

Hutch walked over to her and nuzzled her. "Have you been here all night?"

Silver nuzzled him. "Not all night. About a few hours before sunrise."

Hutch laid beside her. "Winston and Eve are worrying about you."

Silver smiled slightly. "I'm fine. I just had another nightmare and I had to come out here to get some air."

Hutch sighed. "Again with the nightmares?" Hutch nuzzled her again. "Sike's dead now. There's no need for you to fear him now."

"I don't fear him anymore. I guess...I guess I just have a few mental scars that I need to deal with." Silver said reassuring her love.

Hutch nodded. "Which one was it?"

"That one where I'm running along the cliff side. Running from him to you."

Hutch sighed again. "You haven't had that one in a while."

Silver nodded as she laid her head on her paws. "I know."

After a while of laying in silence with each other, Hutch stood. "Lets head back before you're parents mount a full search party." Silver chuckled slightly and followed him back to the den where her parents were instantly by her side.

"Oh thank goodness. We were so worried." Eve breathed in relief as she nuzzled her daughter.

"Where were you?" Winston asked as he nuzzled her next.

"I was at Howling Rock. I had another nightmare and I wanted to get some air."

Winston nodded. "Ok my dear. Let us know next time ok."

Silver smiled. "You were asleep. I didn't want to disturb you."

Winston smiled and nuzzled her, which she replied. "I don't care. Wake me next time just to let me know where you are. I still worry about you."

"I know dad. I'm sorry for worrying you."

"Its ok. Don't worry about it now. You and Hutch go and have fun to take your mind of the nightmares."

"But, wont you need us on duty?"

Winston shook his head. "You're not well enough to go on duty. You haven't had a decent sleep for nearly 2 months. No, you and Hutch go and have fun."

Silver smiled and nuzzled him. "Thanks dad." Winston nuzzled her back. "Your welcome my dear."

When they pulled apart from each other, Winston turned to Hutch. "Take care of her."

Hutch nodded. "Always sir."

Winston nodded and let them go, watching as the pair walked away and into the forest.


Winston stood at the top of the high rock watching as his daughter walked into the forest with his second in command, worrying slightly about her as his mate joined him.

"Will she be ok?" Eve asked as she sat beside Winston who in turn sighed.

"I don't know my love. I hope so, for her sake. I don't want these nightmares to start to drive her insane."

"I hope she pulls through and forgets about Sike and the nightmares for good."

"So do I. If anything, I know one wolf that will help her to forget about everything she's been through and help her to move on."

Eve nodded in agreement as she knew he was talking about Hutch. She saw that whenever her daughter was around him that she could completely forget about about her sorrows and become herself.

The two adults nuzzled each other before going back inside the den.


Silver and Hutch had made there way to a new clearing that they had found. Since the other clearing held the awful bad memory, they both agreed not to go there again.

About a few weeks after her return, when she was fit enough to leave the den, they had settled on a small clearing which had trees encircling it, tall grass and a river running through it. Silver and Hutch laid together beside the river talking and enjoying each others company.

After a while of being in a comfortable silence with each other. Hutch finally spoke, "Silver, there's something important I want to talk to you about."

Silver sat up and looked at him. "What is it?" She asked with curiosity.

"Well...for the past few months I've been thinking about what happened with Sike and everything and its made me realise that I want to be with you every minute of every day. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is...Silver...will you marry me?" Hutch said as he looked to her.

Silver looked to him completely surprised and taken aback for a moment, before pure joy filled her heart. The love of her life had just asked her to be his mate.

Silver smiled wide as she looked to Hutch. "Yes. Yes Hutch, I will."

Hutch smiled just as wide and nuzzled Silver who nuzzled him back. "You don't understand how happy you've made me feel Hutch." Silver said softly to him.

"Oh I think I do." Hutch replied just as softly.

The two lovers pulled apart and stared lovingly into each others eyes. "After everything that has happened the past 3 months...this is going to be making me forget about everything. About Sike, Nika and about Blaze and just to help me move on and look forward to the future. I'm glad I chose this park all those months ago." Silver finished with a smile to which Hutch chuckled. "So am I."

Silver and Hutch stayed there for a few more hours until dinner where Hutch walked Silver home. "What will you say to Winston?" Hutch asked Silver while they were walking.

"Just tell him we want to marry." He nodded and asked when.

"I'll tell him tonight. We usually have a walk the two of us once a week." Hutch nodded and wished her luck.

When they reached the den, Hutch nuzzled Silver goodnight and went to his den. Silver walked up the path at the side of the den and into the cave where her family where. The pups were playing and Winston and Eve were laid together talking who, together, looked to Silver as she walked in.

"How are you feeling?" Winston asked as Silver laid with them.

"I'm feeling a lot better now thank you." Silver replied with a smile.

Winston and Eve also smiled. "We are glad. I knew Hutch would be able to help you forget about it all."

Silver smiled again and thought, 'Boy don't I know about it.'

A short while later, the family started to eat dinner, which was filled with talking and laughter.

Later that night as the moon rose, Silver and Winston left for their nightly walks leaving Eve and the sleeping pups behind.

Silver and Winston walked across fields, through forests and swam through rivers together, enjoying the time that they had together. Silver and Winston laid in the clearing that Hutch and her were laid in earlier in the day and they just laid there on their backs looking at the stars and talking. It took a while for Silver to gather up the courage to talk to her father, but after a while, she pulled her self together as she sat up. "Dad, can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course you can. What is it?" Winston replied as he also sat up looking at his daughter curiously.

"Actually. It's sort of more a request." Silver replied nervously. Winston nodded to her, giving her the sign to continue wondering what was wrong.

"Erm...would...would Hutch and I be able to have yours and mothers blessings?" Silver asked looking her father in the eye.

"Excuse me?" Winston asked not sure whether he heard what he think he just heard.

"Hutch and I are wanting to become mates, and we want to know if we can have yours and mothers blessing."

After a while, Winston smiled and nuzzled his daughter. "Of course you have our blessings."

Silver pulled away from him. "What, really? We can?"

Winston chuckled as he could sense the excitement growing within his adoptive daughter. "Of course you do. Silver, nothing in the world can make me more happy than to give you our blessing and to give you the chance to move on from the terrible ordeal that you've had to endure the past months. If you and Hutch feel that strongly about each other than I am definitely not going to get in the way of your happiness."

Silver smiled wide and tackled her father who laughed. "Thank you dad! Thank you

Thank you Thank you!"

When Winston was able to finally get up on all four paws, he nuzzled his daughter and held her close. "It's quite alright my dear. I'm just happy that you've found someone you can truly trust with your heart."

Silver smiled as she nuzzled her father happily.

That night when they returned, Winston asked Silver to fetch Hutch and bring him to the den so he could congratulate them together. Silver was only too happy to comply with his request as she bolted for his set and ran inside looking for him.

After finding him in his sleeping chamber fast asleep, Silver tackled him, rolled over a couple of times and stopped with Silver on top of a very shocked Hutch staring at Silver with wide eyes. "Silver! What's wrong?" He asked as Silver got off him.

"Father wants to see you." Silver replied as calm as she could.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing. Father just wants to congratulate us together!" Silver replied with a wide smile.

Hutch looked at her in surprise for a moment. "What...he...he said yes?"

Silver nodded. "He said yes. He's given us his blessing."

Hutch smiled wide and nuzzled Silver who nuzzled him back. "Oh Silver. This is great news! Come on. Lets go."

With that they both left Hutch's set and made there way to the den where Winston was waiting with Eve who was smiling from ear to ear.

Winston smiled as he saw them enter. "Ah there you are. I suppose Silver has told you?"

Hutch nodded. "Yes sir. I just want to say thank you, thank you every so much."

Winston smiled as he place his paw on his first command and future son-in-laws shoulder. "Don't mention it my boy. I'm just glad that you've made Silver happier than she has been in months."

Hutch smiled and looked to Silver who was nuzzling Eve and talking excitedly. The pups soon woke up from the commotion and when they were told what was happening, they happily jumped on Hutch, managing to get him on the ground and jumping on him in excitement while the Winston, Eve and Silver laughed.

After a small celebration between the family, Hutch was offered to spend the night in the den, who accepted and laid with Silver at one end of the cave, while Winston, Eve and the pups laid at the other side. Silver laid her head on Hutch's paws, as he laid his head on top of hers. And for the first time in 3 months, Silver slept peacefully throughout the night, without any nightmares, beside the wolf that made her feel safe, happy and warm. Hutch.

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