Summary: Then it hit him. His roommate was not in the next room over, sleeping, the alleyway had happened, and he didn't own any black sheets.

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WARNING. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE STARTING: This story contains graphic descriptions and depictions of gory activities and actions (I.e. Disembowelment, dismemberment, blood uses and murder)

It also contains physical and emotional depictions and descriptions of RAPE. Yaoi, Hentai and Yuri (along with erotica) fans: This does NOT mean hard-core sex. This is the kind of thing that causes victims to commit suicide and women and men in certain situations be forced to do awful things to avoid it. It is not something to be taken lightly.

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"And once more, tragedy has struck our city of Midgar. Yet another body has been found, being identified as the reported teenager who went missing just over a week ago. This crime marks the fifteenth attack by the serial rapist and murderer who has haunted the streets for the past five months. Police have asked that all civilians not go out alone and to stay in constantly crowded areas."

The news anchor switched screens and began to talk about the abnormally cold weather the metal metropolis was experiencing.

Cloud sighed from behind the counter of the small coffee shop he worked at. Reaching under the small cash register in front of him, he flicked a switch, replacing the news channel with a scrolling menu. The few customers in the small seating area turned back to their beverages at the loss of their entertainment, instead turning to each other to discuss the most recent incident.

The young man looked down at the newspaper in front of him, before grimacing when he was met with a picture of a young teenaged girl lying on the banks of a half frozen river, her blue lips grey in the black and white picture. The words over the picture made him scowl in disgust, shaking his head. "We've still got hope…" he whispered to no one.

Shuddering, cloud tossed the paper into the recycling bin next to his stool, and went back to staring out the front windows at the grey frozen rain that fell down on the equally grey pavement.

A chuckle rang out behind him, and Cloud glanced behind to him to see the large black barista leaning against one of the coffee grinders. "What's so funny?" Barret chuckled some more and shook his head. "News freaking you out, Spikey?"

Cloud scowled again and turned back to the windows. A large hand clapped him on the shoulder and shook him. "C'mon, you're letting some killer scare you?" Barret laughed loudly and a few of the patrons gave him some strange looks.

The door to the staff room swung open and a young woman walked in. She looked at the two before placing her hands lightly on her hips. "It's not something to joke about Barret. You should be scared too." He snorted and shook his head. "No serial anything would go after a big man like me Teef." At that moment another young woman bounded through the door. Jumping onto the large man's back, she snatched up his wallet and waved around the small picture of a teenaged girl.

"Watch our Barret. If the crazy guy hears you bad mouthing him he'll go off and steal your little girl!" She cackled loudly and ran back through to the staff area, with Barret chasing after her quickly.

Tifa sighed and turned back to Cloud, who frowned.

"Can you wait for Yuffie and walk home together? I know she says she can handle anything, but it would be safer." She laughed lightly when a the other woman looked out from the door. "Oh come on! I could beat up that fucker any time!"

She stuck out her tongue before ducking back into the staff room. Cloud smiled slightly and looked apologetically at the rather disturbed customers before turning back to his female friend, nodding his head.

The short woman skipped out the back entrance of the shop, shivering at the cold air while Cloud followed after.

Yuffie spun around and faced him before grabbing his hands and pulling him down the small side alley. The two walked onto the main boulevard and merged into the afternoon crowd. She groaned at the slow pace that the people around them walked, all in no rush to be separated from the safety of numbers.

"Aw man, Tifa didn't have to worry about nothin'. No one would try anything with this many witnesses around." She skipped slightly ahead of him, jerking his arm every time she bounced. She suddenly stopped and turned back to him, dropping his hand and pointing at him. "But even in a dark empty alleyway, the fucker would forever regret the day he crossed path with the ultimate bad-ass fighter Yuffie Kisaragi!" She did a mock fist pump before running ahead of him.

Cloud sighed and sped up to catch up with her, finally catching one of her swinging arms. The two stood against the traffic and the ice cold rain spraying against their frozen faces and hands. His teeth chattered as he bent over next to her ear.

"This guy's been at large for such a long time and the police haven't even seen him. Even the ultimate bad-ass fighter should be careful." He warned her quietly, his voice barely audible over the chatter of those around them.

He glanced around quickly, shuddering at the fact that anyone could have the blood of fifteen people on their hands. Yuffie made a rather pathetic scared face and stuck her tongue out at him, before she grabbed his hands and pulled him along the street with her towards the large apartment complex. Letting go of him, she bounded off towards the nearest building, jumping onto the low stone wall.

She turned towards him and waved, laughing. "I'd be more worried about you Cloudykins! If I were the kidnapper I'd definably go after your cute ass!" Cloud scowled again when she laughed and ran into her building, shaking his head and heading into his own.

The greying apartment door creaked open in protest to the cold air and the sudden movement of its hinges. Dropping his bag on the floor by a small shoe rack, Cloud walked across the entranceway into a small sitting area where a younger man sat watching a news report.

"Once more, we request that civilians do not take this situation lightly, no matter what age, gender or race one may be. The victims so far have been men and women from the Northern Continent, Wutai area, Junon area, Mideel area and Midgar area. They have been aged twelve to fifty-seven. Our on scene reporter is with the head of police to bring you some more details…"

The screen changed to an older man standing next to a uniformed officer with long silver hair. The officer stared at the camera with seriousness and spoke in a commanding voice.

"We the police force are working our hardest to find the criminal. We ask that any information pertaining to any of the incidents or any unreported disappearances be given to the force either through our secure phone number or in person at one of the stations. Should anyone have any information, please allow us to use it to end this."

A remote clicked and the screen blanked out. The man on the sofa stretched his arms and yawned, sighing. "Victims so far?... Aw jeeze."

Turning towards Cloud, he let a lazy hand push through spiked dirty blond hair. "Hey. How was work?"

Cloud sighed and let himself drop down onto the couch next to him, his head falling back against the back. "This rape and murder business is really freaking people out. Less and less are leaving their houses to come out, even onto the main road to get a coffee."

Shaking his head, his roommate ruffled his hair before smiling brightly to him. "Don't worry about it Cloud. The police will catch whoever it is and then everything will be back to normal. Captain Sephiroth hasn't had a crime he couldn't stop, and the detective agency from central has gotten them into it as well."

Cloud glanced down at his friend's uniform, the gold police badge reminding him that Denzel knew more about this than he did. "Whatever you say. Have you told Marlene you're on this case yet?"

Denzel groaned and pointed at a dark patch on his arm. "Yeah, and you can imagine how happy she was about that."

He chuckled and the two sat in silence, before Cloud spoke up. "I can understand why she'd be so worried. Though it's funny how she and her dad have completely different reactions to this whole thing. He acts like the entire thing is a joke."

"That sounds like Barret to me." Denzel laughed before making a face. "I bet he hopes that the killer will get me so that he can have her all to himself again."

Cloud shook his head and sighed, closing his eyes. The clash of the rain against the old windows of their apartment drowned out his thoughts. "Murders, rapes, kidnapping, robberies… this city used to be so safe!" He groaned. A hand ruffled his hair and Denzel chuckled. "Bet you wished you stayed back up in Niebelheim, eh?" He snorted and stared at the younger man incredulously. "Oh sure. There, you get raped and you can't tell anyone because chances are you're related to them. That goes really well with the rest of the town."

They laughed and turned back towards to black screen. A small frown graced Cloud's expression and he glanced over and his friend.

"Be careful, okay?"

Denzel looked over at him and smiled sadly. He wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him into a brief hug. "I will." He stopped for a second, before barking out a laugh. "Besides, I'm on the captain's team. The guy's a monster. If that rapist went after me then he would find himself on his ass in jail with the green eyed demon staring at him with a gun at his head before he even pulled his fly down." They both laughed at that and the mood lightened considerably.

"Anyway, if I died, Marlene would drag me back just so that she could give me another a bruise."

-To be continued.

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