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Chapter one- retail therapy

There was a knock on the door. "It's open." Kurt answered in between sobs." The door slowly opened and Kurt heard Blaine's voice "Hey Kurt. I was just wondering if... hey, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?" Kurt didn't know how to answer; he looked Blaine in the eyes. Blaine looked around the room for clues; he noticed a picture album on the bed. He picked it up and flicked through the photos. There were photos of Kurt with his dad, photos of Carole and Finn and pictures of the 'New Directions'. "Feeling homesick?" Blaine asked his friend. Kurt slowly sat up in his bed, wiped his nose with the navy sleeve of his Dalton Academy blazer and gently nodded.

"I miss them all so much." Kurt began. "I mean don't get me wrong I love it here at Dalton, and I love the Warblers. But it's all so different. I worked so hard to buy all my stylish clothes and I only get to wear them twice a week. I don't know anyone in any of my classes and..." Blaine just looked deep into his friend's eyes. He had known that Kurt was a bit homesick but he never expected him to be so open about it. I know what will make you feel better. "What?" Kurt eagerly replied whilst grabbing a tissue from his bedside table. "We've got to go shopping. That always cheers you up. Anyway, I need some new shirts and you are the fashion expert. Seriously you should see what I come back with when I go shopping with Wes and David." Kurt smiled. Blaine loved Kurt's smile and it made him smile to see it. "Your smile is contagious you know." Blaine joked. "I try" Kurt laughed.

"Blaine" Kurt said as they both edged towards Blaine's car. "Yeah?" Blaine replied. "I was wondering if we could go to Lima shopping. The shops here are pretty rubbish."Kurt laughed at his own comment. "Of course, if that's what you want." Blaine smiled at the fact that Kurt had the courage again to try and take the lead of their friendship.

It was a long drive to Lima but Blaine didn't mind the drive as he had Kurt with him. The pair talked about the warblers and Blaine's obsession with Katy Perry and before they knew it they were in Lima parking lot. Blaine jumped out the car and ran over to the passenger's side where he opened the door for Kurt and, as a joke bowed. Kurt laughed, took Blaine wrist and almost dragged him to the city centre. "Right." Kurt said. "We need to go this way if you want to find good shirts, there's this really great shop that sells designer clothes cheap." "Great" Blaine replied actually sounding interested in Kurt's knowledge of the shops. "Well I need to use the little boy's room so I'll meet you in Starbucks. Okay?" "Okay" agreed Kurt, "as long as you're not going to run away. "Like I would ever do that to you." Blaine joked.

A couple of minutes later, Blaine was trying to find Starbucks and had to ask someone. "Excuse me," Blaine tapped a rather big teenager on the shoulder. As the teen turned round Blaine's heart sank. "Well well well, If it isn't Kurt's boyfriend" Blaine started to shake, as he was standing there he realised that this teen he was talking to was Dave Karofsky. Shit. Blaine heard a slight whimper from around the corner, as he raced to who he hoped wasn't Kurt, tears fell from his eyes. Please don't be Kurt, please don't be Kurt. "Kurt? I am so sorry I brought you here. Where's your phone, I'm going to call your dad. I should never have left you Kurt I'm so sorry." Blaine looked at Kurt, a boy he'd been in love with since they first met. Blaine wanted to tell Kurt so much how he felt but know was not the time and he was pretty sure that Kurt didn't feel the same way...

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