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Fifteen year old Bella is left in the care of her step brother Edward Cullen after their parents pass away? The problem? Is that he is obsessed with her, and he will do anything to make her his! Watch as she falls deeper into his grasps and pretty soon she is losing control over her own life, as he demands obedience from her, and what Edward wants he gets!

Warning: contains violence, spanking and a dark twisted Edward and a young naïve Bella.

Neither Rosalie or Jasper will be in this story but there will be some Emmett/Alice.

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I can't believe this is actually happening to me, it wasn't supposed to, my mom was not supposed to die and neither was Carlisle; I had grown to think of him as my father, and now they are both gone. And on top of it all, I now have to make the call, I have to tell him, the one person I really didn't want to speak to. I have to call Edward.

Taking a deep breath, I stand and walk over to the phone, picking it up and dialling the damned number.

"Edward Cullen speaking, what can I do for you" a gruff voice answers, and I take a deep breath, I have to do this, no I can do this. "Hello? Who the fuck is this?" he asks, and I finally realise that I have not yet spoken.

"Edward…" I whimper softly.

"Isabella" he stammers, and I guess he has reason to be a bit hesitant, I haven't spoken to him since our parents wedding, a whole five years ago!

"Yes it's me" I whisper, suddenly feeling rather timid.

"Isabella, what do you want" he begins tiredly "you completely blank me for almost five years, and now you have the fucking audacity to phone me up, well explain yourself little girl" he roars, his voice suddenly angry, making me wince.

"They're dead" I whisper quietly, and all of a sudden, I feel the hot tears start to prickle in my eyes, "You have to come Edward, I don't know what to do" I add.

He remains quiet, and it's really starting to make me nervous, I don't like the silence "who's dead?" he asks simply.

"Mom and Dad" I pant, sniffling the tears up.

I hear his deep sigh, "love calm yourself" he orders calmly, as I continue to wipe the tears away. "I'll be home tomorrow okay? Now who are you staying with tonight?" he questions, taking charge of the situation instantly.

"Erm I was just going to stay at home… I mean Alice will be here too" I inform him.

"She is only sixteen and you are only fifteen, you will not be staying alone" he snaps at me, and I bite back a retort, there is no point in arguing with him, he will always win.

"Well what do you expect us to do?" I ask him, I mean it's not like he can get here any quicker and there is no other option.

"I have a friend, he lives near you" he says, with a weary sigh, he will be over in about ten minutes Isabella, you are to let him in, and not leave the house, until I arrive tomorrow, are we clear?" he asks me.

"Yes" I say simply. "Goodnight Edward" I whisper, hanging up the phone.

I walk into the living room, flopping down on the sofa and closing my eyes, I still cannot believe that Edward will be home tomorrow, half of me is really excited to see him again, but the other half is afraid, I mean he was so scary last time I saw him, I really don't understand it, but surely he has changed now? He's a twenty-nine year old man; surely he has grown up a little bit?

"Knock knock knock" a loud sound comes from the door, slowly I open my tired eyes, and sigh, pushing myself up off of the sofa, I walk over to the door, opening it, and peering around the side.

"Hi there, I'm Emmett" a large man says, and I look up at him in confusion "I'm Edwards friend" he adds quickly, and I just nod, opening the door and allowing it to swing open.

"I'm Bella" I answer shyly. He steps past me quickly, I watch as he looks around the house.

"Yes Edward told me all about you" he answers, a funny look on his face.

"Bells who was at the door?" Alice yells, before I have time to question the way he was looking at me.

I smile over at my sister, who appears at the door "Alice this is Emmett, he's Edward's friend" I tell her and see her roll her eyes.

"What the hell did you call that dick for?" she asks.

"Little girls shouldn't cuss, it's not proper" Emmett scolds, and I raise my eyebrows at him.

"Well I'm going to bed, night Alice, love ya" I whisper as I walk past her, hugging her close, then pulling back, and heading upstairs.

Quickly changing into my pyjamas, I crawl into bed and close my eyes.

"Bells wake up" a soft voice calls, as I feel myself being shaken. Opening my eyes slowly, I peer up, seeing Alice sat just above me, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Ali, what's wrong?" I ask softly, as my arms wrap around her small frame, pulling her close to me.

"He's taking you away from me" she cries, and I pull back, looking into her eyes in confusion, just what an earth is she talking about?

"Who's taking me away?" I question softly, as I keep one arm wrapped around her "who Alice?" I ask again.

"Edward, he's downstairs now! He says that he can't take both of us so he's just taking you, the papers have already been signed and everything" she whispers quietly, and I gasp, no this cannot be happening, he is not moving me away from my sister, I won't allow it.

"But… what is going to happen to you?" I ask, "I mean surely he has more than enough money to take the both of us in, just what the hell is going on in his idiotic little mind?" I question "urgh I hate him so much!" I rant, I have never in my entire life been as angry as this, I honestly do detest him.

"Well Isabella it's nice to know how you feel" an angry voice calls from the hallway, I spin around quickly, and find myself face to face with Edward, and boy does he look mad.

"Pack the necessities we will be leaving in half an hour" he states, turning away to walk out of the door "oh and don't worry your little head over Alice, I know that Emmett will take good care of her" he says, before exiting the room. I stare after him in shock, well at least he did one good thing, he found Alice a home.

"Are you going to be okay with this?" I ask, looking back at her.

"Sure Bells, It's not like I have a choice and besides Emmett seems like an okay guy! I'm really going to miss you though!"

"I'm going to miss you too, make sure you call me alright?" I say as I hug her again, before running out of the room, and hurriedly throwing some clothes and underwear into my suitcase, along with my charger and a couple of books.

"ISABELLA" Edward roars from downstairs "it has now been thirty-one minutes, let's get going" he continues, and I just roll my eyes, wow living with him is going to be so much fun!

"Coming" I shout back as I grab my suitcase and bag in one hand, and make my way downstairs, seeing Edward pacing back and forth impatiently, as soon as I get to the last step, his head snaps up, and he quickly grabs the bags from my hands, walking over towards the door.

I really want to go and say goodbye again to Alice, but I'm too nervous to ask Edward, besides surely we will see each other again soon, with him and Emmett being such good friends. Sighing I walk out to the car, seeing Edward holding out the door for me, I go over, carefully sliding into the car, leaning back on the cold leather seat, as he closes the door behind me.

He gets into the driver side and pulls away from the house, and already I feel trapped.

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