Now, that Breanna and I aint friends anymore I'm dedicating this story to Mimi. Why? Because she rocks! Beauty and the beast everyone!

Sam was reading her favorite romance novel and smile. It was a story of a ghost that had to fall in true love. Then when it's confirm true she has to kiss her human lover to make herself a human. So they could together forever. Sam wish it could've been her.

"I wish I was to find that perfect one for me. Like in this story. Find a handsome prince that love me." Her eyes flutter closed.

She was laying on a marveled floor. She got up to be grace in comfortable silver hills with small diamond jeweled bows in the center of each hill. She was in a beautiful purple dress. The dress had straps on the shoulders near her for-arm, the straps was cutted in half showing her beautiful ivory soft skin. The dress cupped her breast gently and was sparkly that show her small form. Right above her belly-buttion was where it fluffed out. Her arms was graced with purple gloves that was designed pressure was on her head, a tiara! A small princess like crown with amethyst jewels. Her hair was free, it dipped into the back and stop above her butt.

"Samantha darling?" A male voice startle her from the behind.

She turn around and gasped. It was a ghost prince or a very well dress noble! He had long snowy white hair and,seemingly, glowing jaded eyes. His nose in a small arch like hers. She notice his m=body was built. Built good from her point of veiw. He has on a tuxedo with a purple shirt that matched her dress. His feet was graced by shining back church shoes.

"May I have this dance?" He bowed with his hand in hers and the back of his hand on his cold forehead.

"Yes. I'd love to." He got up an place his arms around her small waist. He lean down looking into her eyes. His lips hovered over her, his hand sliding up her back to her upper back. He pulled her closer so now, chest to chest, he turn his head to whispter in her ear,

"May I?" Sam blushed and nodded as his lips guided down to her slowly. She felt his lips against her and ran her fingures in his locks, since her arms were already around his neck.


"AHHHHHH!" Sam scream waking up with a shock. She was in a cage! Like an animial. Oh cruel fate hates her guts. She sleep walked herself into a cage. Glowing green eyes watched her.

"I got a beautiful catch today." He grinned

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