Note To Self: Do not Drink Any Beer at Naruto's Summer Party

A.N. Okay, my longest story so far! Hope you laugh! HOORAY FOR HUMOR FICS! They save you when you have writer's block! This story takes place in an A.U.(basically our world, not the Naruto world) Rated T for the bad language/jokes and some of the sexual content in later chapters but nothing too descriptive! Oh, and alcohol reference, yeah, its even in the title!

Well, it didnt really go as planned. We were all hyper at my friend Naruto's summer party! It must have been at least 90 degrees out because within 4 minutes of the party we were all sweating. Everyone refused to go inside too, Naruto didn't have air conditioning! So we all sat around on the lawn in our bathing suits, a huge bowl of corn chips in the middle of us and sodas in our hands. It was the usual crowd there, Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Neji, Tenten and Lee. Temari, Kankuro and Gaara were on their way at the time. And my team was busy with something better than a rockin' party, I didn't mind, they were never party people anyways. All this got everyone to act like they just inhaled a shit load of crack soaked in beer, screaming at passing cars and setting caterpillars on fire. Poor Sai got taped to the driveway by Sakura, it took me, Shikamaru and Naruto 10 minutes to cut him free. He wasnt smiling after that, he grabbed his bike and left.
Gaara, Temari and Kankuro arrived after that. Just when the sun was setting. Temari was extremely good at getting parties interesting, as if this one wasn't already! Kankuro was just the kinda guy who was there to drink beer and make something sexual happen, he kinda bullies me yet we are still good friends. He likes my dog, so that gives him a good reason to still be around after all the gay jokes he's used on me.

Speak of the devil, Kankuro sat down next to me and slugged me in the arm super hard "WAZZZAAAP!"he shouted

"Ow, c'mon dude, that kinda hurt!" I growled

"A hello could have worked!" Kankuro shrugged

"Well fine, hellooooooo KANKURO!" I snorted

Kankuro smiled and waved "Hiya Kiba!"

I turned away "dipshit" I mumbled underneath my breath.

Kankuro heard me, but ignored the insult. Akamaru rolled over on top of his leg, snoring as loud as possible. That earned a pat on the big fluffy head.

I looked over to the rest of the crowd. Gaara was talking softly to Naruto, who seemed to be ignoring Gaara by blabbering about turkeys. Choji dove for another chip, or two, or a handful. Ino was checking her makeup and Sakura was sucking down another soda. Shikamaru was lying on his back, watching the sunset. Rock Lee was playing with a caterpillar, Neji took out a lighter and threatened to set fire to it(for the 3rd time) Tenten was cheering Neji on, headphones in her ears.

Then Temari jumped up, "hey guys! we should totally play TRUTH OR DARE!" she squealed
Shikamaru was first to speak "Hell to the no!"
Neji sighed and flicked the lighter on and off, making Lee scream and throw his caterpillar into the woods.
Then Naruto outbursted "HEY GUYS! WE SHOULD TOTALLY PLAY SUCK MY BALLS" and then he fell over.

That earned him a few laughs, even from me. Sakura just went over to him with the duct tape and put a huge piece on his bare chest. Good luck getting that off, Naruto. "I'm serious guys, this party is boring" Temari complained

Naruto sat up from the ground, "y'know" he mumbled "we could go back in the pool!"

Choji smiled "Cannonball contest for the win!"

Naruto shook his head "Nah"

Rock Lee stood up and began bouncing up and down 'I say we should back in the youthful pool of YOUUUTHH!" Lee tore off his shirt Incredible Hulk style and then sped down to the pool dock, diving in headfirst. "Dumb FUCK" Neji snarled. Tenten giggled at Neji's remark.
Gaara sighed in relief "Good thing he's outta here!"
Naruto crossed his arms "Well, I say we follow him! Its either the pool or sex!"
Kankuro had to say something "Or sex in the pool" he chuckled demonically
Naruto laughed "YES!"

Sakura got up and kicked them both in the balls.

Then I stood up and challenged Naruto "Well, I say we stay here and play truth or dare!"

Naruto scowled "No, Kiba, you dumbass" he began to wobble a bit, I think he did have a beer or two "we havent been in the pool all day'

"Naruto, your the dumbass!" I growled "we went in the pool 8 times! You cant even handle a half beer!"

Then Ino got up and adjusted her bikini "boys, stop being douche bags for one day! We should play Truth or Dare in the pool, does that make everyone happy?"

Temari smiled "Great idea Ino! Who's in!"

Everyone raised their hand, except Shikamaru. Temari went next to him and put his lazy hand up for him. Shikamaru sighed at his girlfriend's eagerness. I pulled off my red shirt and snatched my towel off a rock, where it had dried 8 times.

We all sprinted down the hill, Rock Lee was already in the water pretending to get eaten by sharks. Naruto dove in the minute his sun-burnt feet hit the concrete deck surrounding the pool. Choji violently followed him screaming "CANNONBALL!" and making the biggest splash possible. I heard Kankuro chuckle from behind me "Free Willy!"
Ino and Sakura sat on the edge of the pool, feet in the water and eyes glued on all the guys except for Naruto, Choji and Lee(either they werent that good looking or they were complete retards) They laughed when Naruto attempted to go down the waterside and got stuck halfway! I was kinda nervous walking by Kankuro, figuring he'd probably pull down my swim shorts in front of everyone. But he didnt, he probably was planning something. I made my way over to the diving board and Akamaru leaped in first, the huge dog made an even huger splash. But nothing could top Choji's cannonball. I got on top of the board and jumped as high as poissible, I did a few backflips and then crashed into the water. I squinted my eyes and saw Rock Lee floating right in front of me, his big eyes peering at mine. It sure scared the shit out of me, I made my way to the surface as fast as possible.

I swam over to where everyone else was, the shallower end. They were all standing in a circle, probably waiting for everyone to figure out they were ready to start playing Truth or Dare. Naruto was sitting on a inflatable rubber duck, a dumb grin on his face. Akamaru was sitting by Ino, on the concrete, licking his white chest fur. I joined by him and Ino, shaking the hair out of my eyes. Kankuro of course had a beer in his hand and his bathing suit was pulled a little lower than usual (is that his way of seducing?)

Temari raised both her hands "Alright, shall we start?"

Sakura smiled "Sure, I'll go first!"

Everyone nodded in agreement

Sakura put a finger on her chin "hmmmmm, Shikamaru! Truth or dare?"

Shikamaru groaned "Damn" He was not to thrilled with all of this nonsense(probably because he didnt want any beer) "Truth, I guess" he sighed

Sakura smiled and evily she asked "Who-"


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