Today was the day.

She could feel it in her bones.

Hell she felt it everywhere.

Although, feeling, when he was around was completely inevitable. She didn't have control over any of her senses when it came to him. She was completely vulnerable to him, and she was perfectly okay with this. It didn't bother her in the least.

That's why she knew that today was the day.

It was going to happen.

Because she didn't think it would, she felt that it would.

So when he showed up at her door, wearing a nice shirt and that insane grin of his she knew that what she felt wasn't wrong. It couldn't be wrong. Not now, not after everything.

Walking into the restaurant with her arm linked through his made her feel like she was floating, and not just because she had to stand on her tip toes most of the time, it's just the way he made her feel.

They didn't say much, and she was okay with that, words weren't really necessary, not anymore, not for them.

It was when the dessert came and he still hadn't said much that she was starting to get a little worried.

"Finn?" The timid sound of her voice brought out that ridiculous grin, because he knew what she felt and he wasn't about to ease her mind, or heart, without at least a little more anticipation.

"Yeah Rach?"

"So, um, why did you choose this place?" She was covering and he knew it, and if he wasn't at least a little nervous himself he would've laughed at the whole thing.

But he was nervous.

Even though he knew the answer that didn't stop him from feeling at all.

"Because you deserve something special."

"Oh." He could hear the disappointment dripping off her voice, and he inwardly smiled to himself, because this is exactly where he wanted her.

"Rach?" He looked at her, and those eyes that he could just get lost in, met with his and his heart clenched at the thought of what he was about to do.

"Yeah?" She almost sounded scared, and he knew that after everything they'd been through that she kind of had a reason to be.

"Marry me?" It didn't need to be overly thought out, it didn't need to be showy or flashy.

It was simple, like them.

Because despite what people though, Rachel berry didn't need to be showered with expensive gifts, or lavish plans. She just needed honesty, she needed the emotions.

And she definitely got them.

He simply placed the velvet box on the table and watched as she reached for it with trembling hands. He heard the distinctive creak of the box opening. And when he heard her small gasp he knew he had done good.

"Finn! It's beautiful! Its absolutely beautiful!" She had tears escaping as she tried to get her words out. He simply reached across and took the ring out of the box to slide it on her dainty finger.

"I love you Rachel."

"I love you too Finn." She smiled at him as he kissed the hand her ring was on.

She knew in that moment that everything they'd had to deal with, every up and every down was worth it.

And in that moment Rachel finally got it.


Time was all it took to get them here.


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