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Chapter 8

Akiza was so tired. Her body ached from being carried over someone's shoulder for a few hours, and her injured arm had gone numb almost half an hour ago. She hoped she would still be able to use it when she was released. The sun had started going down and she knew it would get completely dark in an hour or two.

She hadn't opened her mouth or moved a muscle since she had screamed, hoping to save all of her energy for when she needed it.

She gasped when she was suddenly dropped on the ground. She glared up at Ian and said, "You could have set me down nicely!"

Ian grinned as he shrugged his massive shoulders, then walked away as he chuckled to himself. Akiza started wiggling her fingers from the hand of her injured arm, hoping that she could get the blood to circulate so she could feel it. As she wiggled her fingers, the man in charge crouched down in front of her and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.

He grinned as he tilted her head to each side, gazing hungrily at her fair features. "My but you're a pretty thing. What's your name?"

Akiza's eyes narrowed as she jerked her chin out of his grip and growled, "I am the Black Rose Witch! Release me now!"

The man stood up as he chuckled, obviously finding amusement in what she said. "You a witch, that's rich! The Enforcers sure did find a feisty one, didn't they Ian?"

Akiza watched the leader walk over to sit down as he continued talking to Ian, not even sparing her a second glance. Akiza knew that now was her chance.

Now they would pay for their foolish ignorance.

Moving slowly, she reached behind her neck and untied the sling. It took her a while to get the knots to come loose, but it soon fell to the floor as her injured arm dropped into her lap. She was surprised when it didn't hurt as much as she expected and figured that it was probably still somewhat numb. She quickly glanced up at the two guys, making sure that they weren't paying any attention to her.

She felt relieved when she saw that they were still engrossed in their conversation, both of their backs turned away from her. She slid her injured arm over to where her deck was attached to her belt and slowly pulled it out of the pouch, careful to not make any kind of sound to draw their attention. She moved her duel disk closer so that she wouldn't have to lift her bad arm much to slide her deck into place. She carefully placed her deck into the slot and watched as her duel disk lit up and opened.

She glanced up when she heard the leader suddenly shout, "What are you doing? You think you can take us? Bring it on girl, you can't defeat us!"

Akiza jumped to her feet and, ignoring the pain and weakness, pulled out a card from her deck. "I can, and I will."

And with that, she placed the card on her duel disk and watched as Rose Tentacles appeared. "Rose Tentacles, get them!"

Both of their eyes widened when Rose Tentacles tightly wrapped its vines around their bodies, roughly squeezing them to silence their surprised shouts of horror.

The leader winced when the vines constricted and gasped, "What is this? How is this possible?"

Akiza glared at them as she said, "Your first mistake was kidnapping me. Your second mistake was letting me keep my duel disk and deck. And your last, and final mistake, was thinking that I was a helpless little girl! Nobody bullies me around anymore! Now Rose Tentacles, show them my power!"

Both men yelled in pain as Rose Tentacles squeezed their bodies. After a few seconds, Rose Tentacles then threw them against the brick wall, and Akiza watched as they collapsed to the floor unconscious. Several broken bricks fell from the crumbling wall as a cloud of dust rose from their fallen bodies. Taking a deep breath to calm the fury she felt, she lifted Rose Tentacles from her duel disk, but kept her deck in place. She turned around and headed out the way that they had entered, never giving the men who had kidnapped her a second glance.

After the team got their duel disks from the shack, the all headed for the district that Magical Mayhem had once owned.

Kalin was furious that they had successfully taken Akiza when he had been only a few yards away.

How dare they?

They would pay for trying to ruin his plans and stealing his newest weapon.

Crow had grown attached to the beautiful girl and was starting to get real worried. Jack had also grown fond of the lovely Akiza and hoped that she wasn't hurt and scared.

But no one's worry was greater than Yusei's. Yusei kept seeing her scared face every time he thought about what had happened.

He had never been so scared before, or angry.

The anger surprised him more than anything. He had always been protective over his friends, and he would have been angry if it had happened to any one of them, but he couldn't explain the kind of rage he was feeling right now.

He couldn't believe that they had taken an innocent person just to get back at The Enforcers! She didn't even know who they were! She was probably confused and scared.

Yusei was going to enjoy beating them all over again.

Kalin held up his hand to make the rest of the gang stop. He turned around and said, "Alright guys, we're almost there. They only have two members now that they have broken apart, so the first two that sees them snags and duels them, the other two find Akiza."

Everyone nodded in understanding. Satisfied that they understood the plan, Kalin turned around and rounded the corner.

As soon as the team had rounded the corner, they all stopped in shock. Akiza was right there, walking out of the little cave!

Yusei ran towards her as he yelled, "Akiza!"

Akiza felt panic as she heard someone yelling her name, so she grabbed a card from her deck and spun around. She froze when she recognized the people running towards her.

Yusei watched as she whirled around with panic on her face. She had a card gripped in her hand, but stopped right before she summoned her monster.

Akiza felt her eyes water up as she whispered in a small voice, "Yusei?"

Yusei stopped a few feet away from her, not wanting to scare her. "Yes Akiza, it's me. You don't have to be scared anymore."

Akiza slid her card back into her deck and ran to Yusei as she cried, "Yusei!"

Akiza threw herself into his arms and felt protected when his arms wrapped around her. She buried her face into his chest as the immense relief flooded her body.

A sob escaped her mouth as she said, "Yusei, these two guys kidnapped me! One of them carried me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes!"

Yusei patted her back as Kalin and Jack walked into the cave, going to find the two men that had taken her.

Yusei pulled back enough so that he could see her face. "Did they hurt you Akiza? Where are they?"

Akiza choked back the sobs that wanted to escape as she said, "My arm was hurt when that ape man carried me, and I'll probably have a few more bruises from where he threw me on the ground, but other than that I'm fine. And don't worry, they won't be getting away."

Akiza pulled herself out of his embrace and turned around so that he was looking at her back. She felt shame as she said, "I used my powers Yusei. I knew I wouldn't get away unless I did, and I was glad that I hurt them."

Akiza turned her head so that he could see her pained expression. "I wanted to hurt them Yusei. I didn't even feel bad for what I did!"

Akiza lowered her gaze to the ground as she said in a quiet voice, "Maybe I am a monster after all."

Yusei felt his heart breaking when he stared into her horrified face. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder and slowly spun her around until she was facing him again.

He waited until she was looking up at him when he said, "You're not a monster Akiza, you did what anyone would have done if they were in your position. And I'm glad you hurt them, because we would have hurt them for you if you hadn't."

Akiza stopped holding back the sobs and covered her face with her good hand. She felt Yusei wrapping his arms around her and was glad that she could use his strength. She leaned against his chest, weary from the emotional day.

As Yusei looked over Akiza's head, he saw Jack and Kalin exit the cave. Jack saw the silent question on Yusei's face and gave a small nod.

Yusei understood what Jack was telling him. He was saying that Magical Mayhem had been taken care of.

Akiza felt someone pat her shoulder and looked up to see Crow's face.

He gave her a small smile as he said, "I wish I could've seen you beat those jokesters. Trust me when I say that it would've made my day seeing that buff guy getting pulverized by a flower."

Akiza's sob sounded more like a laugh when she heard what Crow said. He had said that to cheer her up and tell her that he understood why she had used her powers.

Yusei frowned as he looked down and saw her injured arm dangling lifelessly by her side. "Where's your sling?"

Akiza looked down at her numb arm and lightly shrugged. "I don't know. I must've left it on the ground where I took it off."

Jack sighed as he pulled the sling out of his back pocket and said, "Yeah, I found it. What am I, a nanny?"

Akiza smiled, knowing that he was just kidding even though he looked serious. Yusei reached out and grabbed the sling from Jack.

As he began to tie it into a knot again, he said, "Your arm is never gonna heal at this rate. This is the third time that I've fixed this sling."

Akiza lowered her gaze as she whispered, "Sorry."

As he placed the sling around her neck and placed her arm in it, he said, "Don't worry about it. Just try to keep it on this time, okay?"

Akiza nodded as her arm rested once again in the homemade sling.

Seeing that everything was settled, Kalin said, "Alright, it'll get dark soon. Let's head on back. Be on the watch everyone, a lot of gangs come out at night."

Akiza nodded again and followed Kalin. She noticed that Yusei and Crow were standing on either side of her, and that Jack was behind her. She felt a warm glow as she realized that they were trying to protect her.

And they had come after her. Yusei had said that they would be her family, that they would protect her. And they had.

Akiza felt her heart glow as she realized that this is what it must feel like to have a family, a real family that cared about you.

Everyone kept a watchful eye out as the sun began to set. They were still a good ways from the shack. They usually wouldn't be worried about getting to the shack before, but that was when it had just been the four of them. Now they had Akiza, and everyone had grown fond of her and didn't want anything else to happen to her.

Yusei saw her head slowly lowering as she fought to keep her eyes open. He knew she must be tired. She had probably traveled all night to get here, and she had been through a lot since she's been here. Yusei grabbed Kalin's shoulder to make him stop when he saw her steps slowing.

When Kalin had stopped, Yusei turned to Akiza and said, "Take off your duel disk."

Akiza's eyes popped open when she heard what he had said. She looked down at her duel disk in indecision. It was her only defense, and with it gone she was useless.

She snapped her gaze back to Yusei's when he said, "Trust me Akiza, you'll be okay."

Akiza hesitated, then nodded as she held out her arm to Yusei. She couldn't take it off by herself since her arm was in a sling, so she made a silent request for him to take it off for her.

Yusei pulled off her duel disk and handed it to Crow. Then he walked in front of her, turned around, and crouched down low on the ground.

He looked behind him as he said, "Here, climb up on my back and wrap your good arm around my neck."

He saw Akiza's hesitation, so he said, "I know you're tired Akiza. There's no way you'll be able to walk all the way back to the hideout without falling asleep on your feet. We won't let anything happen to you, I promise."

Akiza nodded and stepped up to him. Unsure of what to do, she wrapped her arm around his neck. She jumped in surprise when she felt his arms wrap around her legs to hold her in place. She gasped as he slowly stood, her feet leaving the ground.

She panicked as she said, "I'm too heavy! I'll hurt your back!"

Yusei bounced her up a little further, getting a better grip on her as he said, "Your fine. Go to sleep."

Yusei nodded at Kalin, letting him know that he was ready to go. Akiza tightened her arm as he started walking again.

Never in her entire life had she ever been carried before!

When all the panic finally subsided, she actually enjoyed the sensation of being carried. She didn't like feeling weak, but it felt good knowing that someone was willing to carry her when she wasn't able to go on.

Akiza yawned as the stress of today finally took a toll on her body. She rested her head on his back as her eyes drifted closed.

The last thought she had before she fell asleep was that she couldn't remember the last time she had fallen asleep without being scared.

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