okay, just so you know, this takes place before Eon and Lady Dela and Rilla find out that the Mirror Dragon is female. i got that part. so don't start barking me up a tree for it.

DISCLAIMER: i don't own Eon. i wish i did, it is brilliance, but i don't. ;_;

The Mirror Dragon was ignoring me. He… he just wouldn't come near. I entered the spirit world, but all I could ever find was the Rat Dragon, and Ido. Neither of which I was exactly thrilled to see. But my dragon, the Mirror Dragon, was always hiding from me, like I had done something wrong. The ghost-maker's tea and the sun-drug were supposed to make him closer my subduing the female inside me. I needed him.

But what I needed, he didn't care. He just stayed away.

The dragons were supposed to bring peace to the world, especially the Mirror Dragon. My dragon. The one that had disappeared five-hundred years ago. And now he was gone again.

The relationships between dragons and their dragoneyes are actually mutual. The dragoneye gives up his hua, but the dragon gives back power beyond belief. It's truly amazing what the connections can do. The strength, the endurance, and the power. But then the weakness, the crushing, and the abandonment by everyone else.

And now, without knowing my dragon's name, I can't be able to help with the king monsoon. Being a dragoneye was everything I've ever lived for. Master kept me strong by making me suppress the moon inside me. But it seemed like the more I took the drugs, the harder it was to focus on my dragon.

Maybe I'm not supposed to be a dragoneye, after all. I can't summon my dragon. When I go into the spirit world, all there is to find is two beings that I don't want.

Maybe being a dragoneye wasn't right for me.