"I assume you've completed your task." A scruff voice said as a dark figure entered the room.

The masked boy nodded. "Of course I did," He removed his mask and tucked it under his arm. "I would never dare disobey my master's orders: Unversed in every world."

"Very good, Vanitas,"

Vanitas made his way over to his black throne that had been created just for him. He set the helmet down on the floor next to it and slumped down into the glorified chair. Running a hand through his black spiked hair he groaned, "I'm beat."

"Hm, if you cannot unleash your demons in the worlds without tiring yourself out, then you need more training."

"I still don't quite understand your plan, master." Vanitas sighed. "I mean, what's so important about this 'kye'-blade anyway?"

"It is something that I have been searching to complete for a good portion of my life. Creating the keyblade would mean answering the most unanswerable of questions."

"And you need me to do it."

Xehanort nodded. "Correct. A few years back, before your creation, the first chance of creating the blade appeared: darkness took refuge in Ventus's heart. Seeing as he did not wish for the blackness to consume his body and soul; and create the keyblade, I extracted the darkness from him. His heart was completely stripped of it." He turned towards the boy. "And you were created."

"So, I came from Ventus."

Xehanort walked towards the boy and put a hand on his shoulder. "Yes, and you are the most important part of this master plan."

"But not the only part,"

"Now you are starting to see the bigger picture." Xehanort grinned. "The creatures you released will make Ventus strong enough to fulfill his purpose: creating the keyblade. Then, you two will fight; pure light against pure darkness and the ultimate key will be forged."

A Flood scampered into the room and jumped onto Vanitas's lap. It rubbed its head on his abs, purring contentedly. Vanitas smiled warmly, petted the creature on the head and under its chin. The unversed then settled and curled up in his lap. "I still don't understand," He frowned, continuing to pet and stroke the Flood's sleek, shiny blue coat. "Why do Ventus and I have to fight? Isn't it just easier for us to rejoin, for me to return to his heart and consume it?"

"That is the basic idea. When you two are locked in combat, you'll have the chance to join your body with his body and your heart with his heart, and complete your task."

"Dumb question, but what'll happen to me afterwards?"

"It is hard to say. As your master, I believe in telling you the truth." Xehanort told the boy. "Get as much rest as possible. There is much more to be done in preparation for the making of the keyblade and the battles and trials that lie ahead."

Even after Xehanort left, Vanitas thought about everything he was told. It was a lot to take in. He still wondered what would happen to him. Would the body he had now perish and be destroyed forever? When he merged with Ventus, would their bodies become one, mixing and combining different features of the both of them? With a sigh, he gently woke the Flood that was sleeping on his lap. It stretched out and then jumped off. Vanitas stood, aware of where the Flood was so as not to step on it. He grabbed his helmet and walked to him room, the small blue unversed not far behind.

Vanitas placed his helmet on his bedpost. The Flood jumped up onto the bed and quickly made itself comfortable. Vanitas pulled back the covers, climbed in, and pulled them over his shoulders. The Flood crawled up to Vanitas and snuggled up beside him. Vanitas lay in his bed, wide awake. The questions were still running through his head and they were keeping him up.

"I can't go through with this, not without knowing everything." Vanitas said to himself. "First thing tomorrow, I'm getting some answers…even if it means disobeying orders."

Chapter 1!

This was very interesting to write. My favorite aspect of this chapter is the unversed that Vanitas was petting. Isn't it just cute? My theory is, unversed (especially small ones) are like kittens or cats. Since Floods are small and cute like shadows, I made it act like a kitty. ^^